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Progressive overload for newbies


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Many of us suffer with some sort of mental health problems, be it ANXIETY, DEPRESSION or even ADHD
The sad part is for those who dont suffer expect many of us to be 100% fine. When reality its a daily struggle for many.

Not every condition is visible and many of us pretend to fit into society. We dont always want attention and we don't always want to show it so people dont look at us in a different way.
If you are suffering with it, its okay not to be okay. Its okay not to always want to talk about it. If someone keeps pressing you to speak up about it, it becomes devastating and a trigger point for many.

As silly as it may sound, always ask if they want to talk about it. If they dont want to, the best thing you can do is be a good friend. Change the topic or sit there in absolute but comfortable silence. You dont always need to have a solution for them. In many cases you won't.

When I started my journey as a Coach, all I wanted was to beast people with hard training. As I got more and more successful, many of my clients are the ones that suffer. In addition my fiancé @_sa.rii.ta_ suffers with a handful.

All of you guys INSPIRE me to have better understanding of what goes on in our heads when we are like that. There are things that you can implement to try and get better. What are they?

In my honest opinion the most important part of being healthier mentally is creating a routine so you never lose control in life.

GOALS - if they scare you, if they make you want to quit. They are worth it! (Creating a routine will keep you on track)
EXERCISE - regularly to promote the release of endorphins. Each time you exercise you SHOULD apply progressive overloading in order to keep reaching new heights
HEALTHY DIET - we need to promote hormonal balance and this can be supported by a balanced diet. If you want to take it even further get a specialised blood test to see your deficiency
GOOD CIRCLE- if your friends are rubbish and all they do is drink and drugs, eat sh*t and do nothing of personal growth it will rub off on you

There's much more to mental health and 1 size doesnt fit all.

Thank you to my fiancé and clients for this growth


Congratulations to Shaun! You have nailed everything over the last 4 months

We have lost 12kg of fat, the proportions have rearranged and strength just keeps going up!

Keep at it Brother, keep proving to yourself that you can do it!

Toast to the progress and much more!


It has been about 4 years now since I started the fitness journey which has revolutionised my live.

My body looks the best it has ever did and the strongest too. This results in insane amount of confidence and making me more humble to appreciate hard work ethics.

I always believed that cardio was the devil spawn, i have become wiser and strayed away from the typical indoctrination your typical gym have. I started loving education for my personal growth.

My Nutrition became the most valuable thing in my day to day. Its not hard to eat super healthy. Its hard feeling sh*t and not chasing your goals. I find it hard to ever give up on anything. I welcome the stress as its a privilege on my own journey.

Mind, body and heart and all 3 components that require synergy to achieve being healthy.

I want to thank all of my clients for believing in me, listening to me and changing their own lives while learning how to take care of themselves and their loved ones!

This being said, i am so far from being where I want to be. However I'd never imagined I'd here where I am so quick. Hard work pays off.

So now lets declare something very very challenging so I cant go back on it.

In the next 4 years I will dominate the world, no matter if its a holiday, or some sort of a small flu. I will never stop self improving, because as soon as I do that, in my opinion my life will end.

Current physique update. Proportions are shaping nicely and along all of my clients I will be peaking with them so we can celebrate as a team!

I tagged everyone who has Instagram!

I always forget to smile when i try to pose 👀

Photos from Sematriux's post 09/08/2021

Wow, that's a difference! Pete has absolutely nailed the training over the last 3 months

A lot of fat shredded, muscle put on, strength throughout the roof!

Everyone gets what they put in and I couldn't be more proud of Pete!

"Adam has this very rare ability to not only push you more than you thought you could, he treats you like a mate and is able to help you put things in perspective. I'm the thinnest I've ever been and I doubt I would have gotten there so quickly on my own. Thanks for treating me like an equal but never sugar coating anything. As long as you're accountable, you can achieve whatever your goals are." @ Pure Gym Southampton Central


To get where you want to be you need to be uncomfortable. This is what SUCESS requires and when it comes to getting healthier and stronger, hard sets are essential

An example

When performing 3 sets of 12-15
Find your 15 rep max, meaning if its 70kg on a squat and you did 15 and had 0 left in a tank, you are in the right place.

Take this weight (70kg) and now try to perfom it for 3 sets

3rd set being a intensifier, such as a dropset in the video
190kg x 7
160kg x 2
120kg x 6
80kg x 6


Pump post chest and arms
The proportions are really growing well, strength is definitely going up each week

Back into a small deficit now to get leaner

Dm for enquires about Online Coaching, 1-2-1 Coaching, One off meal prep, One off personalised programme

Photos from Sematriux's post 05/07/2021

Congratulations Milly
You are one powerful gal and I love it! Many of my clients look up to you and praise you. Your hard work shows and I couldn't be anymore prouder

Milly has been my 1-2-1 client since after the first lock down

So we didnt actually get 3 months of training in one go on the gym floor until now.

Shes done incredibly well, listened to everything I told her to do. She's the definition of accountability and awesomness

Currently lost over 10kg of fat
Sitting on 63kg and her strength has constantly been going up

Top sets from current programme
Bench 55kg x 3
Deadlift 100kg x 3

We havent squatted but we hack squat
We did a filthy drop set to 40 reps from 175kg... absolute animal, and she enjoyed it, she says 🤣🤣🤣

Top right pic on the first slide is from
September 2020

Last 3 pics are current physique

@ Pure Gym Southampton Central


Things that not enough people train are either forearms or calves

In this short clip im demonstrating forearm flexing and extending using a straight bar on the cable machine

Take a step back to add resistance from the front
Hold the straight bar by the handles and twist your wrists up and down.
From extentended position (wrist up) to flexed (wrist down)

Perform this at the end of your workout

3 sets of 20 turns per arm (40 per set)


Are you looking for a new exercise to add into your routine at PG Southampton Central?

Here's a set up to mimick t-bar row machine.

By laying down we are subtracting the lower back involvement and isolating the mid to upper back (depending where you set up the handles)

In the video the handles are low and im pulling elbows into hips to engage my lats at iliac origin

In addition because we are laying on a bench (Incline 3) and we are laying fairly straight the gravity goes straight through our back, meaning we are working extra hard

If you havent changed a decent amount in 3 months clearly theres something wrong with either your nutrition and/or programme.

Online coaching available
Starting price is £100 p/m

Looking for people who want to feel insane and look good to prove it, ideally aspiring bodybuilders

Limited spaces


Shoulders and chest are growing really nicely

Will put more emphasis on my back thickness

1 more week before moving onto my next phase of programming

From intensive hypertrophy into powerbuilding

82kg (goal is 86kg at 4%)
Aiming for 3k cals per day at this moment

Strength is definitely climbing and im really looking forward to bring Strength sets back

My strength movements atm are as follow

Bench 110 x 5 (3s ect, 3s pause)
Deadlift is at 200 x 5 (at the end of legs)
Hack squat 220 x 6

Training 6 days a week
3 hours of cardio per week

I never stopped, even during lockdown i didnt let my passion die out even tho my social media presence disappeared for a bit.

We are fully back, stronger, better, sexier and more hungry than ever.

And to finish this off, to MOST of my clients, you know who you are...
Insane results, it only pushes me further to be a better coach. To the ones that still refuse to be accountable. Take your life in your hands, and get out of that comfort zone. We are all born equal, we arent special. We are given what we work for not what we deserve.

And thus this is the end of the description.

Time to level up beyond imaginable.

Coach Adam


Current Upper Body physique update after a shoulder session.
•Nutrition is being absolutely nailed
•No skipping on sleep
•Drinking plenty of water
•Supplementing with vitamins that I cant get from my Nutrition, such as omega 3s
•Started loading creatine again
What do I think had the biggest impact on my strength and size?

Three things, not in order

1. Mobility work, allowing me to feel more comfortable while exercising, allowing me to maximise rom

2. Progressive overload. Each time I perform an exercise, i try to PR even if its a single forced rep or a full controlled. Progress is progress. The stronger I get the bigger and better I feel. So start recording what you do at the gym

3. Nutrition, enough deficit to start leaning out while not handicapping my workouts. Get my protein for muscle building, fats for my vitamins and carbs for energy.

P.s yes you can build muscle in a deficit. You think 110kg obese man can't build muscle while in a deficit? Of course he can. On the other hand if you are super super lean, then it would be very hard to do so if you dont nail just enough cals in order to make sure your proteinsynthesis is working good


Here we go people, beastly leg day

Save it, try it and tag me in it 👀
Careful, legs wont work it you arent used to training this hard, so take it slow at first!

Warm up(light to moderate weight)
Leg ext 4x 12-15 32kg
(3s con and ect movement, 5s isometric)

Work Out (everything as heavy as possible 💪)
Tempo : 3s down, explode up

1.Hack squat
4x 6-8 reps

2.Split Squat
3x 10-15

3.Leg press
4x 12-15

4. Smith squat
1x 12-15
1x cluster set to 30 (20s rest max)

5.Hip Abduction
3x 12-15

6.Lying Hamstring curls
3x 12-15

7.Romanian banded deads
3x 10/8/6


Quicker shoulder finisher

Grab a small pair of dumbells and rep out 15 to 20 reps

Lead with your elbows and as you go down, relax your shoulders for maximum stretch 💪


Are you interested in getting in shape, looking and feeling good?

Want more info?

Get in contact with me for coaching.

Plans for 2021 is to go into classic bodybuilding 💪


Me and my client are pushing past our limits while our competition isn't coming close to our effort.

If you are interested in sky rocketing your physique to whole new level, online coaching and 1-2-1 are available!

DM me your number so I can reach you on whatssap

Or whatssap me on my number which can be found on my profile.

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