Dad Fitness UK

Dad Fitness UK


Absolutely buzzing 🤩 after tonight’s double…. Yes double… Hiitstep session 👊🏼

Can’t thank Dad Fitness UK
enough for letting me take over his session tonight and for all his members making me feel so welcome 💖

Extra thank you to Sophie Warbey & Amy Warbey for supporting me 🔥💖

The HIIT Company Michelle Breeze
I’m so excited!! I have been invited to take over one of Kieran Mazur - Dad Fitness UK classes tomorrow!!! So if you fancy giving Hiitstep a go
- Send me a message 🤩

Free taster session either 7pm or 7.30pm at Custom Fitness Woolston!!

Can’t wait to see you all!!

Personal fitness training offered in small groups or one to one. Based in Southampton I can offer training sessions outdoors or at your home.

All equipment will be sanitised before use.

Operating as usual


The joy of spending a Friday evening with my son.

Love his passion.


What a great session. Really hot sweaty session. Love training with this lots.


Wow what a sweaty session. Great to have and back.

They, and I, worked through the heat and smashed out an hour long session.

Sessions run Tuesday & Thursday at 7pm. Beginner session runs on Saturday at 10:30am


Morning bootcamp. Change of venue today but it was amazing to see them workout in the sunshine.


. An amazing transformation.


What an awesome night with

She certainly put us through our paces.


This is going to be great fun.


Never let the lack of a gym stop you from working out. These bands are great for complete body workout.

Today, I used them for Tricep push downs. Starting with the thickest band and working until I couldn’t do anymore.

Then drop to the next and so forth.


Very honoured to coach .whatsnext & James.

Saturday sessions are personal and focused on form and technique. They work so hard at bootcamps in the week so it’s nice to slow the tempo down at the weekend.

I offer is that personal and focused to your goals.

We run fun bootcamp that allow you time to exercise with a great bunch.

If you’re interested then just drop me a message.


So excited to be joined by at our bootcamp.

On Tuesday 5th we’ll be running a HiiTStep taster session.

Our weekly bootcamp sessions contain a mix of cardio and weights based workout that gives you a full body workout.

Now we’re adding a cardio step class to help you smash your fitness goals.

Now is the perfect time to join in. Drop me a message if you’d like a free trial session.


To end June we’re inviting you to a free taster session on either Tuesday, Thursday at 7pm or Saturday at 10:30am.

Message me for details.


After a morning of coaching I used this afternoon to work on me.

Mixed upper body session today as I’ve a rotator cuff injury.


Hot sweaty session. Bootcamp runs Tuesday & Thursday at 7pm, and again on Saturday at 10:30am.


Sweaty kettlebell session tonight. Small group but they put in the effort.

How’s the perfect time to join. We run sessions Tuesday, Thursday at 7pm and a new session at 10:30am Saturday.


Had the pleasure of training my son tonight.

This is why I started personal training because seeing him tonight made my day.

Glad I had chance to inspire him tonight.


Great team spirit and lots of banter. Bootcamp at Custom Fitness is always fun.

If you’re stuck in a rut or if you want to try something new then come give us a go.

We run resistance and body weight cardio classes three times a week at Custom Fitness Woolston SO19.


Wonderful session with this lot. So happy to be running the Saturday session. I’m sure familiar faces will pop up. If you’re interested in starting then this session runs at 10:30am.

Mixture of cardio and weights.


Small group last night due to it being a bank holiday but this four put in the work.

* 6 Deadlifts
* 3 Pedley Rows
* 6 Bent over Row
* 3 Burpees

5,4,3,2,1 I Go You Go
* Devil Press
* Butterfly Sit-ups
* DB Thrusters
* Butterfly Sit-ups
* Hand Release Press Ups
* Butterfly Sit-ups
Swap Partners after each round


Starting this Saturday I’m adding a Saturday bootcamp at 10:30am.

Get in touch for a free taster session

Custom Fitness Woolston


Starting in June I’m launching a Saturday bootcamp at Custom Fitness in Woolston.

Sessions are £7 each.


Photos from Dad Fitness UK's post 24/04/2022

Home workout done. First time I’ve not coughed or wheezed through a session since I caught covid.

Shoulder / Rotator cuff injury seems to be on the mend but I’m taking it steady.

As frustrating as it is, you do have to listen to your body. I’m starting again but I know I will get stronger again in no time.

Morale of the story, is don’t beat yourself up. Take time out and come back fighting.

I’ll post my progress over the next six weeks.


Bootcamp done.

This group pushed themselves so hard tonight.


March Bootcamp Complete.

This group put everything in this month as we increased the intensity with MetCon and CrossFit style workouts.

In April we return to strength based training so if you’re keen to join now is the time.

Well done .2miles .wilson.84


versus scores are in.

Brilliant effort by all and recorded a higher number of reps on average.

Great fun had by all and there will be more challenges to come.


Last week the team repeated their fitness test.

They simply smashed it.


Sessions available on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. I don’t open up slots very often because I keep clients numbers low so I can focus on their progress.

Now I’m taking on new clients that want to get in shape for the summer.

Drop me a message if you’re interested.


Chris working hard as always. Me on the other hand I struggled to count to four today.

Well done sir.


March marks the beginning of our MetCon sessions.

Metabolic Conditional Sessions are where we combine traditional resistance training with high intensity body weight movements.

Three spaces available on both days so now is the perfect time to join. One day a week is £25 per month and both days are £45 per month.



Week three done of our strength program.

Group pushed through a upper-body session where weight increased each round.


What an awesome month. January has seen the team work on their cardio vascular fitness. Roll on February and they’ll be ready for their fitness test.

Taking bookings for February. Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm in Custom Fitness Woolston.

£25 for once a week/£45 for both nights.


Strength sessions continued tonight. When one member challenges me to a 30kg OH Tricep Extension I couldn’t decline.

They run each Tuesday & Thursday at 7pm in Custom Fitness Woolston.


If you’re looking for a challenging session then these workouts are for you. I’ve include the boards so you can see the exercises behind the videos.

Look at their faces though. Everyone of them is smiling.

Photos from Dad Fitness UK's post 12/02/2022

If you’re looking for a challenging session then these workouts are for you. I’ve include the boards so you can see the exercises behind the videos.

Look at their faces though. Everyone of them is smiling.


Week three of bootcamp done with a fun little running finisher.

These guys forgive me my blunders and give me stick but they work so hard.

Workouts are getting longer as their fitness grows. Group sessions make workouts fun. Still space on Thursday at 7pm in Custom Fitness Woolston.

Photos from Dad Fitness UK's post 13/01/2022

Another week of bootcamp.
Week Two of their six week plan. Cardio increased and longer workouts. I’m getting them ready for their fitness test in a few weeks.

8 minute body weight AMRAP
* 10 Squats
* 10 Press-ups
* 10 Superman’s
* 20 Sit-ups

Straight into weighted EMOM
M1 Clean & Press
M2 Lateral box jumps
M3 Bent over row
M4 Fast box steps
M5 Box Dips (45s)
M6 Plank (45s)
Repeat three times no rest between rounds


Week Two of their six week challenge. First test last week was quickly forgotten when they had to push through a met con workout and two rounds of a 6 station EMOM.

Awesome work and everyone worked their socks off.


Short on time? Very simple chest and back workout.

Flat Bench DB Press 4x12
Into Bent over Row. 4x12

Incline Bench Press 4x12 into
Bench Supported DB Row 4x12

Finish with DB Low Flyes 2x12
Into DB underhand rotations.

Gym sessions don’t have to last hours. This was done in 45 mins (well it is when I’m not videoing it).


Our Bootcamp returns on the 4th January at Custom Fitness in Woolston.

We’re kicking off January with our reset program which includes two workouts each week and personal nutritional targets and weekly check-ins.
You’ll be training in a small group with plenty of banter and laughter.

Two sessions a week for just £45 a month, which now includes nutritional targets and weekly tracking check-ins.

Photos from Dad Fitness UK's post 27/12/2021

Time to burn off the wine and cheese. First day back to training with delts and traps worked followed by a quick cardio finisher.


What a strange 12 months. We started the year in lockdown with zoom and 1-2-1s. That didn’t stop us though and outdoor sessions returned in March.

New members joined and some moved away but we’ve had a blast along the way.

Team have pushed on through rain, sun, mosquitoes and even snow.

Now we’ve found a new home at Custom Fitness in Woolston. Luke, Beth and Royston have made us feel so welcome. The new gym is awesome and now the team can push themselves even harder (no excuses now guys).

Fair to say I’m lucky to have such cooperative, focused and sensible set of members. Sorry, who am I kidding, they take the mickey, the mess about and generally give me grief. I love them all though.

Thank you all for making Tuesdays and Thursdays so much fun.

Special thanks for covering me whilst I was self isolating.

I can’t wait to push you all through the new January program

.baker_ .wilson.84 , .critchley


What an awesome group. Imagine trying to workout with me in these leggings.


Cracking night of fitness and fun. Great to have both my son, son join us.

Very sweaty session but it’s great for my kids to feel inspired by fitness.

My classes are family friendly so don’t let childcare issues stop you coming.

Photos from Dad Fitness UK's post 09/12/2021

Awesome effort tonight from these few. They pushed themselves through not one but two intense workouts.

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