Waterside Goju Ryu Karate

Master the art of Japanese Goju Ryu Karate. The original Okinawan Karate form founded by the real Mr

Class Details
Room 13, Hythe
Saturday: 11.00am-12.00 Teens and Adults
Wednesday: 5.30pm-6.30pm Kids and Teens

Applemore Leisure centre, Dibden
Tuesdays: 5.00pm-6.00pm Kids and teens
Thursday: 5.00pm-6.00pm Kids
Thursday: 6.00pm-7.00pm Teens and Adults
Sunday: 11.30am-12.30 Mixed

Gangwarily Recreation centre, Fawley
Monday: 5.15pm-6.15pm Mixed

Operating as usual


Room 13
Saturdays: 11.00am-12.00 noon
All on as normal

Wednesdays: 5.30pm-6.30pm
All on as normal other than 28th Dec.

Applemore Leisure centre
Thursdays: 5.00pm-6.00pm
Thursdays: 6.00pm-7.00pm
All on as normal other than Thursday 29th Dec.

Tuesdays: 5.00pm-6.00pm
All on as normal other than Tuesday 27th Dec. Start up again on Tuesday 3rd Jan.

Sundays: 11.30am-12.30 noon
All on as normal other than Sunday 25th Dec and Sunday 1st Jan.

Gangwarily recreation centre
Mondays: 5.15pm-6.15pm
26th Dec and 2nd Jan sessions not on as Bank holidays.

Students need not stick to their usual sessions,
turn up to any session that suits.

Photos from Waterside Goju Ryu Karate's post 30/11/2022

Grading undertaken over several sessions. Kain Nicholson was awarded his 2nd kyu grade (Brown two stripe belt). Kain demonstrated good understanding of his kata and the associated applications. In addition Kain showed great fighting spirit when up against older and higher grade students and respectful control when up against lower grade students. Very well done and congratulations Kain.


Due to family commitments Saturday 20th August class, Room13 is cancelled.
Due to the Bank holiday Monday 29th August class, Gangwarily is cancelled.
All other classes are running.


Due to the hot weather many of the Applemore Leisure centre sessions are being held in Studio 1 (air conditioned) So if you turn up a little late and we are not in the usual place, we are in Studio 1.

Photos from Waterside Goju Ryu Karate's post 19/06/2022

Grading weekend, taking place both at Room13 Hythe and Applemore Leisure Centre. At Room13 Rob Wappet graded to 2nd Dan Black belt. At Applemore; Tom Flood, now sensei Tom graded to 3rd Dan Black belt. Graham Cozens graded to 1st Dan Black belt. Niamh Cozens, Charlie Williams, Adam Bocock, Ian Milham and Joseph Wallington all graded to 1st Kyu Brown belt. David Field graded to 2nd Kyu Brown two stripe belt. Well done to all, some who graded on the one day and others who graded over a number of sessions. Substantial amounts of sweat and a little bit of blood has gone into these gradings and the journeys prior to the grading days. Congratulation.


This coming Thursday, 2nd June has been designated a Bank Holiday. As Applemore Leisure Centre will be open, the Thursday Karate classes, kids followed by seniors will run as normal.


Saturday morning grading at Room 13. Congratulations to Kain Nicholson who graded to Brown one stripe belt (3rd kyu), Casey Bull who graded to Green belt and Dom Sendal who graded to Orange belt. All three fought with good spirit and showed good technical understanding of their new belts requirement. Kain, Casey and Dom can be seen in the photograph with sensei Justin and Ben and other members of the Waterside club.


Easter break Class schedule: Other than Bank holiday Monday 18th April (Gangwarily) all other classes will run as per normal.


Due to the ever-increasing costs associated with running the Waterside Karate classes, from the 1st March 2022 class cost will rise from the current: £5 to £6.
This rise applies to all venues. We will endeavour to keep an ample supply of change, for those who pay by cash.
The current price has been in place for over 6 years.


COBRA KAI, new series, available tomorrow. Miyagi Do karate, better know as Goju Ryu karate available this evening at Applemore. It all kicks off again.

Photos from Waterside Goju Ryu Karate's post 29/12/2021

A number of gradings took place over the month of December. Junior graders were Miller Corps and India Corps who both graded to Yellow/white belt and Jenna Cozens who graded to Brown 2 stripe belt (Second kyu). Senior graders Cassie Lewis graded to Brown 1 stripe (third kyu), Joseph Wallington, Adam Bocock and Ian Milham graded to Brown 2 stripe. Ashlyn McCaffery graded to Brown belt (first kyu). Very well done to all those who worked hard through the year and were awarded their new belt.


Senior grading at Room 13. Congratulations to Kain Nicholson who graded to Purple belt and Dom Sendal who graded to yellow belt. Both fought with good spirit against more senior grades. Kain and Dom can be seen in the photograph with sensei Martin, Justin and other members of the Waterside club.


Waterside Goju Ryu Karate training sessions over the upcoming Christmas and New Years holiday period are as follows:
Monday Gangwarily sessions, 5.15 till 6.15: Last session 20th Dec. back 3rd Jan. No session on 27th Dec.

Tuesday Applemore sessions 5.00 till 6.00: No session on 28th Dec.

Wednesday Room 13 sessions, 5.30 till 6.30: No session on 29th Dec.

Thursday Applemore sessions 5 till 7: All on as normal.

Saturday Room 13 sessions 11 till 12 noon: No session on 25th Dec. and 1st Jan.

Sunday Applemore sessions, 11.30 till 12.30: No session on 26th Dec. Note: 2nd Jan. session will be running.

If your usual session is not available or you cannot attend, come along to one of the other sessions.

Photos from Waterside Goju Ryu Karate's post 18/09/2021

Over the last few months, a number of 1st Kyu brown belts have stepped up their training in order to take their First dan black belt grading. Only those who are ready, take this all important step. Congratulations to the following who have successfully made the climb to base camp and are now black belts. Jessie Convel, Clare Buckler, Ben Case, Alan Wilkins, and Shaun Lynch. The grading focused on kata and the application of techniques from kata, whilst expecting a high level of fighting spirit during the sparring. All impressed the four sensei who were carrying out the grading. The grading was conducted by sensei Liz, Martin, Ben and Justin. Onwards and upwards.


Good luck to those taking their 1st Dan grades today!


Sunday 15th August Karate session is to be held in the Studio. Go through the main reception. Usual time 11.30 till 12.30.


Tuesday grading at Applemore leisure Centre by sensei Justin. Graham Cozens graded to Brown belt (First kyu). Chloe Matthews graded to Brown two stripe belt (second kyu) Jenna Cozens, Simeon Case and Archie Eldridge graded to Brown one stripe belt (third kyu). Very well done to all who passed, all having worked hard, despite lockdowns, to achieved their new grades. All demonstrated good technical ability and understanding in their applications and kata.


Post lockdown grading at Applemore. 3 students, Miller Corps, India Corps and Hallie Davison graded to Red/white belt. In addition Albie Bennett graded to Red belt. Congratulations to all those who graded, all four worked hard to achieve their new belts. Students are seen in the photo with sensei Justin


Due to the election tomorrow (6th May) the Applemore 5pm kids' class will be held in Studio3. Meet at reception as a group so we all go in together.


Just a reminder to students, Gangwarily is open today, so the usual 5.15 class is running. Gangwarily no longer shut Bank holiday afternoon/evenings. Hopefully see some of you there.


Applemore return starting Tuesday 20th April

Tuesday 5 till 6 main hall Kids/Teens session

Thursday 5 till 6 main hall Kids session

Thursday 6 till 7 studio 3 Teens session

Sunday 11.30 till 12.30 main hall Kids/Teens

The only adults allowed are instructors and assistant instructors.


We have hit a speed bump on route to Applemore. We cannot return until Tuesday 20th April. Just waiting for Applemore class times to be confirmed.



It is anticipated indoor classes will resume on Monday 12th April.

Gangwarily Monday 12th April: 5.15 -6.15 Kids and instructors only
Applemore Tuesday 13th April 4.45 -5.45 Kids and instructors only
Room 13 Wednesday 14th April 5.30 -6.30 Kids and instructors only
Applemore: Thursday 15th April 5 till 6 Kids and instructors only
7 till 8 Teens and instructors only
Room 13 Saturday 17th April 11-12 seniors’ Open Mat
Applemore Sunday 18th April 11.30 -12.30 Kids and instructors only
Notes: Applemore needs to be confirmed
Class times are subject to change

The 3 weekly Zoom sessions are to continue until Thursday 9th April.

The pre-booked One on Ones in the park will continue up to and including 28th March
Group sessions (For those who are not already booked in, message me, if interested)
Saturdays 3rd and 10th April
10am Mixed
10.45am seniors
3pm Kids/teens
Sundays 4th and 11th April
10.15am Mixed
11am Mixed

Once centres are open, only two week-end park sessions will continue until centres are open to all seniors.
Saturday: 10am Mixed
Sunday: 10.15am Mixed


We intend to continue with the 4.45pm Tuesday, 5pm Wednesday, 5pm Thursday Zoom sessions and the one-to-one park sessions, until indoor training resumes. Also, for those currently training in the park, if the weather is unsuitable Zoom is always an available option (at an agreed suitable time). If there is any further interest for those that are not currently participating, please let me know.


Until we move into tier4 or full lockdown, karate Classes will continue to run for kids and teens at all 3 venues. The only adults (over 18) who can attend indoor classes are teachers and assistant teachers. There is an exception where: a one on one can occur indoors. Additional outdoor classes can be arranged to accommodate adults who wish to continue training. Outdoors, the rule of 6 applies.


During the Christmas and New Years celebrations classes will run unless the venue is closed.
Cancelled classes:
At Applemore: Thursday 24th and Thursday 31st December
At Room13: Saturday 26th December
All other classes, baring further lockdowns, are running.

Photos from Waterside Goju Ryu Karate's post 05/09/2020

Senior Black belt grade held both at the park and Room 13. Ben Holloway graded to First dan, Ali Bull and Luke Bentley graded to Second dan and Ben Baddour graded to Third dan. Due to social distancing requirements the grading very much concentrated on physical fitness and strength and the technical aspects of the syllabus. All have in the past showed great spirit in karate sparring and a willingness to commit to physical engagement . Well done to all four graders who showed good understanding of the applications found within the kata. All four are well deserving of their new dan grades.


Anyone else do this?


Following a wet first Saturday morning session in the park, it was great to have an indoor session in the dry. There was a great turn out at Room 13. Onward and Upwards.


In this Strange New World, the first indoor session is to take place Saturday morning 11am at Room 13 (25th July). This is a senior's session. This replaces the 11am session that has been held to date in the Park. The second indoor session (Room 13) is a kids' session to take place Wednesday 29th July.,This is by invite only in order to comply with social distancing requirements. The hope is to be back at Applemore mid. August and gradually get back to some normality.

Photos from Waterside Goju Ryu Karate's post 18/05/2020

Congratulations to Kain Nicholson who becomes the first male student to grade during the lockdown. Throughout the lockdown, Kain has worked to improve his karate. The grade is awarded in recognition of this work and the high standard he sets for himself.


Congratulations to Jenna Cozens who becomes the first student to grade during the lockdown. This was an unplanned grading. The grade was awarded in recognition of the continued effort put in by Jenna to improve and enhance her karate.


Here's something to practice.....


This is so true.....


Set some time aside at least once a week and practise what you already know. If you need some guidance in what to practise, PM me, I will help the best I can. If you do nothing else at least do basic exercises and stretches. Habits take time to form but very little time to lose.

Photos from Waterside Goju Ryu Karate's post 27/03/2020

Making the best of the opportunity of the club’s pause, whilst following government guidelines, doing only one form of exercise every day, KARATE.
Sensei Justin working with sensei Ben in the Forest, bringing him up towards 3rd dan level and preparing him for his fast approaching grading.



Here's some home exercises to help you to improve your karate techniques. Why dont you post some videos of yourselves practicing? ☹





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