Andres Fitness - Personal Trainer

Andres Fitness - Personal Trainer


Guapo mi nieto
Te quiero nieto querido y predilecto

Eres mi corazón ❤️❤️
Hard work pays off⭐️

Today I deadlifted 100kg and I’m honestly so pleased and proud of myself.
The reason why I’m a little emotional is because prior to lock down I had nerve damage in my lower back, that actually prevented me from even doing simple things like getting up out of bed.
It really knocked my confidence in the gym and I thought I’d never be able to lift anything like that again.

But I have done so much adapting during then, Iv needed a lot of patience with myself and consistency, looking after my body, focusing on the strength through my lats, upper body and focusing on form and of course the help of the programme I have been following the last couple of weeks building up my strength and confidence.

Thankyou to my hype men Andres Fitness - Personal Trainer , I was doing deadlifts with wrist straps and a belt before , now I’m strong enough to do them without.

Put your mind to things, stay consistent with your goals and remain positive , anything’s possible 😀

Andres is not only a genuine, down to earth person he is a brilliant PT. In our first meeting, he spent time getting to know me, my lifestyle, habits and what I want to achieve.

Andres isn’t a PT who only pushes you to the max in the gym, he makes sure you have good form and educates you on your diet and how to achieve your goals. He was always available at the end of the phone I had questions. Similarly he would check in on me to make sure I’m sticking to our plan.

Through training with Andres, I learnt a lot and gained the confidence to be able to go to the gym and train by myself without feeling like I have no idea what I’m doing.
Guapo mi amor cariño mío deseando abrazarte y besarte
Guapo nieto querido y muy querido besos abuela
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Operating as usual


Why should you care about what I eat in a day?

You shouldn’t, that’s my point.

I get there’s many online trends different industries currently follow, and I post them too don’t get me wrong, engagement, outreach and that.

But the one I can’t get on top of is showing you lot what I eat in a day.

Because it’s not really an accurate representation of what is actually occurring behind closed doors.

I could show you what I eat in a week, MEAL BY MEAL, that’s probably a lot more representative but you’d stop viewing all my stories by day 2 because you’re sick and tired of seeing me post about food.

Plus you don’t actually care, let’s be honest.

I could show you my commute to work and back every day too.
I could show you my shower routine.
I could show you my procrastination routine too, why not?

If I showed you what I ate in a day you’d likely pick faults.

I’m going to take a wild guess and say that what you’re currently eating in day is actually mostly alright. We all have a diet already, but for most of us it’s just not best suited to our goals.

So next time you see someone post their avocado and eggs, protein oats and banana, chicken breast and asparagus, don’t feel like you need to be eating that in order to get closer to your goals.

I’ve dropped 10kg in the last year and still eat pizzas, chocolate and ice creams as well as lean meats, plenty of carbs and veg. So pretty much the same foods I’ve had for the last 6-8 years.

The thing I think happens when you see what someone else eats in a day is one of two things.

You either feel guilty for not eating as “healthy” as that person does (but in reality they’re showing you what they want you to see rather than their binges and “off plan” failings).


You feel hopeless because you’re eating similar foods but not achieving similar results.

What you’re not addressing is your overall relationship with food.

That’s where the key lies.

What do you think? Do you care about what others eat?

Comment below👇🏽


Shoutout to @themetfit team for another class of sweat and laughter 👏🏽

Great job tonight TEAM!


I have one spot for 1-2-1 personal training from March onwards at 6pm every Wednesday.

Prime time for you.

If you’re 100% in it for fat loss then this is directly aimed at you. I want to take someone on who wants to reach their goals and do so by the summer.

And coaching with me goes deeper than what meets the eye;

- Training plans are made for YOU. None of this 6 days a week/2 hours a day plans, I train real people with busy schedules.
- Multiple accountability hoops throughout the week to ensure you stay on track.
- Powerful teaching and education so you can learn how to correctly lift weights at the gym and build the confidence to come in and train.
- Included access to my MetFit classes every Wednesday and Friday.
- Exclusive access to the Andres Fitness app.

If you’re serious about reaching your weight goals before the summer, drop me a DM with the words FAT LOSS and I’ll come to your rescue 👊🏽


Let’s me know what you think is harder. I’ll share my opinion after I’ve read yours!



And I’m offering to help you at NO COST. Hear me out.

I’m looking for 5 people to help out at ZERO cost to you. There’s a couple of requirements though.

You must be actively looking to drop body weight.

You must be willing to commit to 10 minutes of walking per day.

You must be ready to follow my advice (of which none involve strict meal plans or anything extreme)

That’s all.

You’d be mad to turn down an opportunity like that.

Jumping to the opportunity?

Check the link in my bio.


First there was the covid jab (which is legit, I’m not anti vax), and now there’s this absolute peach.

The weight loss jab.

Unsurprising it’s happened, people love a shortcut. People LOVE the easy route.

Why start becoming active, being mindful of nutrition and prioritising sleep when you can just get a swift jab and be done with it?

Next there will be a get rich jab. Earn extra income simply with a prick.

NHS think the jab is a solution to an ever growing problem, obesity.

The reality is, a jab is simply running your burnt hand under cold water. Temporary relief.

How do we fix this?

Enjoy being more active. Find ways to be out and about and expend calories. Dancing, hiking, Wii fit, cycling, etc. Give people incentives to be active.

Educate yourself in nutrition. So many people still don’t know what foods are high in protein and why you should eat more of it. They don’t know how to calorie control and where calories are sneaking in from. Offer people free learning content. TV adverts, school syllabus, etc.

Mental health is a big one. Depression and anxiety are huge factors in binge and secret eating, whilst social media and reality TV heavily influence the younger population to need to look a certain way, which brings on eating disorders such as bulimia.

Identify the root of the problem. Instead of prescribing anti depressants, GP’s should be prescribing exercise and good nutrition as well as offering opportunities that would solve someone’s cause of depression.

I’m not a a conspiracy theorist, but hear me out briefly.

Educating the nation and giving more incentives to lose weight is easy. Educative TV adverts, GP’s prescribing exercise, widespread Vitamin D supplementation (can be added to drinking water) - They’re all things that could quite easily be implemented but aren’t.



Cost VS value

I wrote in an email yesterday about cost vs value

£4000 on a TV and sound system for someone who barely watches is a waste. But for someone who uses it daily and is into cinematic experiences, then it’s going to be worth it.

£3000 on dental work may seem costly to some, but for others it buys them a huge boost of confidence.

£200 a month for PT may sound a lot for some again, but for others 6 months in and they’re 2 stone down, full of confidence and their mood is permanently on a high.

Cost is what you pay
Value is what you get

Spend wisely


I aim to provide the best value to all of those who invest into their health.

When are you signing up to PRO6RESS which starts in March?

Link in my bio or check out


I’m going to put this very simply.

If you had a fat dog what would you do?

Stop feeding it after 7?
Give it unlimited banana?
Put it on a keto diet?

Or would you simply feed it a little less every day and walk it a little more?

Us humans work the same way, biologically. It’s called the law of thermodynamics.

Energy in vs energy out.

You can’t defy science, as special as you may feel or your mumma always told you.

(Yes some females have PCOS, which yes can make weight loss harder, but it doesn’t mean you can’t lose weight, it just means you drew a short straw and have to put extra effort into dieting and thus consume (unfortunately) even lower calories than your non PCOS counterpart).

There’s a condition called Lipedema. Unfortunately fat formed by Lipedema CANNOT be lost through a calorie deficit. Only surgically removed. Stats show it affects around 11% and the majority are women.

The ONLY other reason why you can’t lose fat is because you simply aren’t adhering to the law of thermodynamics, calories in vs calories out.

You’re not in a calorie deficit.

(No you don’t have a slow metabolism, and no you can’t kickstart it either, it’s not a motorbike).


Slimming world/weight watchers;

Now, I know SOME people get results out of this, but it’s normally down to the weekly accountability and not the method. Also, a numbers game. SW and WE attract MILLIONS of people, there’s bound to be people that are successful.

Syns/Free foods.

I’m sorry but the logic of free foods is moronic.

Chicken and rice with a banana for dessert is a “free” meal.

Is it though❓

Eat that enough times a day and you won’t lose weight. Why?


300 calories is 300 calories regardless of whether it comes from chocolate, fruit, meat, sugar or wine. It’s 300 calories.

Much like £100 is £100 regardless of if it’s in pennies or notes.

Saying to someone who’s trying to lose weight that they can pig out on low fat yoghurt, fruit, cod or new potatoes is not really useful.

Sure, it’s better than saying you can pig out on Terry’s chocolate orange… but it comes down to how much can you fill up with as few calories as possible.

I’ve had clients over the years who tried and tested WW and SW, and they ultimately came to me because they had been unsuccessful. With what I taught them and how I guided them they’ve all lost weight in a sustainable manner in a way which never felt restrictive or like they were hard dieting.

Our Story

After a very sedentary teenage and body confidence issues, I started my passion for fitness in my early 20's.
After being given the opportunity to work in a small leisure club gym as a level 2 gym instructor, I set about becoming a level 3 personal trainer.

The first few years I learned through trial and error, plenty of studying and a lot of networking, before I finally created Andres Lopez Fitness.

Helping people become fit, healthy, happy and comfortable in their own skin, my mission is to spread as much knowledge and passion as possible.

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