Fitskool Pilates, Back Health & Women's Wellness

Fitskool Pilates, Back Health & Women's Wellness

Pilates & Wellness Studio in North Baddesley. Fully equipped Pilates and Yoga studio with Pilates machines, small mat classes - private appointments workshops and events.

Remedial massage therapy & treatments for injury, back pain or general aches. Movement therapy programmes - easing back pain, improving core conditioning clinical and rehabilitation with Pilates and Foundation Training. Apparatus & mat repertoire. Women's Health coaching from Menopause and beyond. Events & workshops, one to one, semi-private or small classes. Health is wealth - movement is medicine!

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 15/01/2022

New gentle Pilates class for beginners - new class -

Photos from Dr Chatterjee's post 08/01/2022

Wonderful tips espespecially on these dark dreary days 🙂

Timeline photos 29/12/2021

Hello from Fitskool -
Welcome to 2022


Wonderful thoughts & great advice from Dr Chatterjee 🙏


I have decided to take a full social media break until the end of the year. I am lucky to have a loving family around me and I am keen to spend quality undistracted time with them in the final weeks of the year.

This is the first year in 5 years that I do not have a new book coming out between Xmas and New Year and I want to take advantage of this and fully switch off. i appreciate this is not for everyone but, for me, it really helps.

There is a lot of fear in the world at the moment. Fear hijacks our rational brain and allows our emotional brain to run the show. Many people are falling out with the people close to them at the moment because of different views on a variety of different topics.

Many in society seem to be losing the ability to respectfully disagree with others but it is a very important skill. Progress only happens in a meaningful way when we are able to listen to others, make a genuine attempt to hear their perspective, and move on regardless of whether they share the same opinion or not. This is a skill we should all be looking to cultivate.

Fear, hatred and distrust are not going to be helpful in the long run. It will only create more bitterness and division. The only meaningful way forward is with love, compassion and respect.

Have a wonderful end to the year however you choose to spend it. And, for those of you who feel lonely, especially at this time of year, I am sending you lots of love.

See you in 2022 🙏🏾

Timeline photos 05/12/2021

Gift cards - give the gift of well being -

Photos from Fitskool Pilates, Back Health & Women's Wellness's post 25/11/2021

Pull up on the Cadillac demonstrated perfectly by Alison @unravel_yoga - In our Pilates space we never allow the mind to prevent the body from achieving everything it is capable of - and more 😊. Here we see a whole body movement assisted by breath-work: spinal mobility, hip extension/flexion, glute/hamstring activation & release, shoulder stability, upper body and back strength and a great deal of mind/body confidence! Brilliant 👏🏼👏🏼

Photos from Fitskool Pilates, Back Health & Women's Wellness's post 13/11/2021

Fabulous spinal extension from our girls in today’s Tower class - as always making this exercise; that challenges spinal mobility, postural control and upper back, shoulder and hip mobility look so easy 👀 👏🏼💪😍

Photos from Fitskool Pilates, Back Health & Women's Wellness's post 25/10/2021

Beautiful Autumnal scenes at 😄

100 Squats a day in November 24/10/2021

100 Squats a day in November

What a great challenge- a great functional exercise you can do anywhere while supporting vital research 💪😊

100 Squats a day in November


Good for the soul: the beautiful Devon countryside and what better way to explore this stunning region brimming with nature’s gifts, than on a bicycle? peaceful except for birdsong, sheep’s baas and a breeze tickling the leaves, the air is fresh, the grass so green, the sky so blue the sunshine so warm. There are indeed lots of ups and downs and winding tracks to challenge the body, thus building stamina, strength and cardiovascular health. With any exercise or training plan it’s good to stop and rest every now and then - in fact, it’s essential. Recovery and a change of scene provides time to clear the mind too and this is as vital as the movement itself. Getting into nature is perfect for building health and as Florence Nightingale asserted “Nature alone heals“😊.

Photos from Fitskool Pilates, Back Health & Women's Wellness's post 24/08/2021

Our studio on a sunny morning-we are proud of the space we created 😊and environment really matters as Florence Nightingale said: brilliance of colour, light and form among other essentials that nature provides: sunshine! These things not only affect the mind but also the body - so we are more than movement; we connect and support people in all manner of ways which helps us all keep healthy in mind and body ❤️


Cracking examples of how to make a challenging exercise look easy! We need this: spinal control & abdominal strength, hip extension, hamstring strength and shoulder mobility, strong girls utilising the brilliant push thru bars with spring resistance on our Pilates vertical frames - FABULOUS!


When your rear body is strong and powerful you will look and FEEL even more amazing from all angles! How to utilise Pilates to strengthen the back body, build spinal health, pain free posture and engage the posterior chain of muscles that help hold us upright and power everyday functional movement. Here pulling ropes on our high quality @merrithew Reformers, these girls are FABULOUS making it look sooo easy 👏🏼🔥


Amazing girls 💪💪💪control & balance on our super class reformers on a REALLY LIGHT SPRING 👏🏼🔥🔥🔥 fabulous!

Timeline photos 03/08/2021

Amaze yourself on the Pilates Tower -


My happy place, and an absolutely stunning day for a ride from Lymore past Keyhaven and into Milford for a sea swim 😊 there is no where quite this - how lucky we are to be here Lawn -break &r -air


Exploring what the body CAN and DOES do is vital for all of us after many months of pandemic powerlessness - we must BREATH and MOVE and facilitate the body to continue its natural, healing mission. Here improving the strength of the entire back body; those muscles and structures that hold us up all day and facilitate pain free, functional movement. This “Anchored back extension” from @foundationtraining does it perfectly as always, on the mat with no props required - while utilising light resistance performing on the long box, additionally highlights to me the genius of the exercise and it feels great! 💪 - one really needs to experience the power of the postures taught in detail - find a qualified instructor and look up @foundationtraining to learn more 👍


The spine houses and protects the central nervous system - it’s no wonder persistent stress emotional turbulence, anxiety and uncertainty often present in combination with back pain, joint pain and tense musculature. Pilates on the half Cadillac/tower from facilitates this delicious mobilising, lengthening & creation of space between the joints - nourishing the entire system inside and out and moreover, is achievable and vital at any age 💪😉We look forward to class tomorrow 19th June @fitskooluk


Fitskool online intro

What's on in Fitskool Online Members area

Timeline photos 11/05/2021

Amaze yourself! -

Vertical Frame (V2 Max™ Plus · Rehab V2 Max™ Plus) | Merrithew™ 09/05/2021

Vertical Frame (V2 Max™ Plus · Rehab V2 Max™ Plus) | Merrithew™

Excited to be adding these beauties to benefit our group sessions on the Reformers - arrivng next week

Vertical Frame (V2 Max™ Plus · Rehab V2 Max™ Plus) | Merrithew™ Add a Vertical Frame and perform most Cadillac/Trapeze Table exercises on your STOTT PILATES V2 Max Plus or Rehab V2 Max Plus Reformer. Shop now


Stability Arc Pilates at Fitskool

Using the stability arc for support and to challenge your body - classes start from 17th May

Link now working! Supple & Strong 21/04/2021

Link now working! Supple & Strong

Link now working! Supple & Strong -

Link now working! Supple & Strong

Consistent inactivity more than doubles odds of Covid hospitalisation, study suggests 14/04/2021

Consistent inactivity more than doubles odds of Covid hospitalisation, study suggests

We know what to do.....💪

Consistent inactivity more than doubles odds of Covid hospitalisation, study suggests Odds of death from coronavirus 2.49 times greater compared to people who took 150 minutes of exercise a week, US researchers found

Photos from Fitskool Pilates, Back Health & Women's Wellness's post 06/04/2021

Welcome back to Fitskool time to recover your strength & energy, restore back health and deal with lockdown pounds


This woman is proving that age is just a number

Many years of training and exercise remaining then! Absolutely fantastic 😊👏


Pilates Stability Barrel classes coming in May!

Take your Pilates to the next level while enjoying support to allow most people to accomplish the more challenging exercises! The gentle curve of the lightweight Stability Barrel is perfect for improving core strength, spinal mobility, balance and posture


FAST FITNESS - Whole body tone in 30 minutes

Got 30 minutes to tone up your whole body? Fast Fitness whole body strength on the members area now -mixed levels - with the Hilda Ogden look!


Silent Pilates Class

"Deafness can be a very isolating disability"
we want the benefits of Pilates and all of our movement programmes to be available to everyone. So we have made a new video especially for those with hearing difficulties.
We can also accommodate hearing dogs at the studio and with any guide dog when we re-open. They are a vital lifeline for so many people 😍.

" A hearing dog can give a deaf person a newfound sense of independence and confidence now they have a loyal companion and a true friend by their side."

This class has modifications and subtitiles

Read more about hearing dogs:

Harvard Professor Reveals How Exercise Affects Our Immunity and How We Age: Daniel Lieberman 17/02/2021

Harvard Professor Reveals How Exercise Affects Our Immunity and How We Age: Daniel Lieberman

Great inspiration 👏👏💪🏼

Harvard Professor Reveals How Exercise Affects Our Immunity and How We Age: Daniel Lieberman How does physical activity play a role in the immune system and how does exercise affect how we age?This Bitesize clip is from episode 128 of the podcast wit...

Our Story

Movement is therapy! Health is wealth! We are a supportive team offering well-being and health educational programmes in our fabulous boutique studio in North Baddesley and locally in Romsey, Southampton and New Forest, Hampshire UK. Our services include clinical Pilates, apparatus & mat repertoire and restorative Yoga for all levels and abilities. The Foundation Training programme is a unique exercise method for pain free performance and back health. We have Women’s Wellness programmes to help with back, bone and pelvic floor issues, for diet, lifestyle and weight management strategies and hormone help for women in for all life phases. Book a deep tissue massage in our private studio to restore and of course, please join one of our freindly and supportive classes, workshops or private sessions.

Health is wealth - movement is medicine!

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Pilates classes, Yoga classes, Meditation, Fitness, Pilates apparatus. Massage Therapy, Private Appointments, Workshops, events - in house and corporate


Unit 3 St John's Centre
SO52 9NH

General information

Holistic fitness and health - for back health, strength, posture, flexibility, weight control and pain management.

Opening Hours

Monday 8:30am - 8:30pm
Tuesday 8:30am - 8:30pm
Wednesday 8:30am - 8:30pm
Thursday 8:30am - 8:30pm
Friday 8:30am - 8:30pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm

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