Pilates with Priya

Small Pilates Studio, offering Pilates classes taught by highly trained instructors. Priya is a pre/postnatal specialist with a real passion for pelvic floors!

Mat-Based Pilates, Ante-Natal and Post-Natal Classe, Reformer 1:1's and Sports Massage. Current Classes: (all paid monthly)

9.30-10.15 Low level recovery class for all ages including older adults and postnatal mums and post-menopausal women.

18:30-19:15 Intermed/Advanced class with Priya. You need plenty of Pilates experience for this class. Tuesday
18:15-19:00 Pregnancy Pilates with Priy

Operating as usual


This is how Pilates should be…

Small moves, done with precision and lots of teaching points. See how much I’m talking and pointing. I actually am pretty sure I don’t stop talking when I teach classes. Because in Pilates there is so much to check in with…

- how’s your set up position
- now breathe
- what muscles are you meant to feel working
- have you got control
- where are your shoulders (often tense)
- your pelvis, should it be neutral?
- are your arms pressing into the mat
- how’s your foot connection
- legs are they reaching
- breath again

This is why you need to be taught as someone talking you through, looking at you and correcting, being hands on, it’s essential.

Want to join our classes?

DM me or comment “Classes” and I’ll DM you.


Building a strong body post baby and through mid life and beyond needs to include some resistance training.

This is going to help with muscle strength and bone loading too. Those weights don’t need to be heavy. These exercises were for a session with a lady who is rehabbing her diastasis recti.

For me it’s all about technique, breathing and finding the appropriate load for your body.

Adding weights to Pilates and combining it with functional training is such a great combo. Pilates for me is always the best foundation.

Like and follow as I share more.


When travelling I still make sure I fit my Pilates in, even in the airport!

I love how you can fit movement and Pilates into your day wherever, whenever! After a flight my body needed to move, to stretch, to release.

Try this sequence and let me know….


What does Pilates means for you?

For me it is:
- Building strength for everyday life
- Building muscle mass as I age
- Building confidence in my body
- Building community with those I teach
- Building a strong core but not a six pack
- Building others up
- Building my mental health and restoring calm

Our classes are usually fun (some may argue with me after last nights hard class!), usually challenging and always come with smiles but also reality. You can come and be you.

DM me to sign up.


So often we go for the big moves in life and forget how the body starts with the feet. If we don’t work on our foot connection and our balance then we aren’t hey to get very far 😅

Exercises that work on one leg balance, hips and alignment are all ones that we all need in our life as we age. Think about walking and climbing stairs… you balance on one leg and move the other.

Ps this lesson plan is from last weeks classes where we had a hip focus. It led to such a glorious opening in my hips.

If you are in our community you can catch up via the Facebook group.


As someone now in her 40’s I’ve been teaching group exercise for over 20yrs now. Starting with aerobics, spin, body conditioning, step. Ive loved running for a season and gym sessions.

The best exercise is always the one you love the most. The one that brings you joy and that can change from season to season.

However I do think Pilates is one form of exercise we all need throughout life. It keeps you strong for the more “jumpy” exercise, it builds your foundation and it helps your focus too.

Now over 40 Pilates is my main form of exercise. It raises my heart rate, it challenges me, it adds resistance for strength training and it calms my nervous system.

Come try Pilates with me online or in studio.


Our Fri 9.30am postnatal class is such a great way to rehabilitate after you’ve had a baby. Baby E here loves the studio and likes to help teach!

I’ve had 3 babies and now have 6 kids in my home so I know how life can be and how hard it can be to prioritise your own needs. But also how important it is to do so!

You can come with baby, without baby or over zoom so that baby can be asleep or playing nearby to you.

It’s also a great class to learn Pilates and really perfect your technique.

Come join the fun.


This stretch is one you need in your life if you ever get tight to neck and shoulders.

I love to add some moves like these into classes when people tell me they feel stiff.

👉🏼Simply take your right ear to your right shoulder, reach your left shoulder away towards the floor and feel the start of the stretch.
👉🏼Now bring your right hand and place it on the side of your head.
👉🏼Using a tiny bit of pressure push your head into your hand and your hand into your head and feel the stretch increasing.
👉🏼Release and move your head, so you look down to the floor and up towards the ceiling to find another place to enjoy that stretch.
👉🏼Finish with some shoulder rolls and don’t forget to do both sides.

Come join our classes. Email [email protected]


I love adding weight to Pilates. It helps with bone loading, muscle building and keep strong throughout life. Resistance training like this is vital as you get into your midlife years.

Plus adding props can add variety, a little spice and help you feel the work in a different way.

Want to try? We’ve spaces in our Wed 7.30pm and Sun 9.15 classes and our Thurs 7pm slightly fasted paced class too.



One of my fav Pilates sequences for you today! I love starting my week with Pilates! In my classes we love a bit of functional work, some core and some strength work.

DM me if you want to come join us!

Current spaces Wed 7.30pm.



Standing work is one of the fundamentals in our Pilates classes. I almost always start with a standing warm up.


We need to train the body in the way we use it in everyday life.
- For walking, lifting, twisting, reaching, bending, balancing.

So here’s a standing warm up for you that gets progressively harder. Using balance, arms and legs. Plus of course that centre.

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DM me to sign up for classes. We’ve space on zoom most evenings and space in person Monday 6.45pm, Wed 7.30pm and Thurs 7pm.


Movement changes my mood and helps me so often.

I can go into a class in a right grump and come out all zen like.

Anyways. Here’s some moves I actually filmed for a 1-1 client who is working on healing her diastasis recti (abdominal separation). All of these have been tailored to her specifically.

We also have weights and lots of standing exercises. Because as a mum that’s what she does!

In my experience there is no one method or one set of exercises that will necessarily work. It’s finding the right ones for the right person and having variety. Plus testing, checking in and connecting to the body and breath.

Need help this year?

Get in touch. We can work 1-1 or via my classes. Online or in person.


The studio reopens tonight!!

We can’t wait to get back to classes.

Week 1 is always our back to basics class so do not fear if you feel a bit broken or out of practice. We have you covered.

If you want to work that bit harder I promise the basics of Pilates deliver that too!


Here it is guys. The short version of the 12 days of Pilates Christmas class for you…

Join me for my favourite class of the year!

Start with move 1, the bauble then it’s 2 reps of move 2, double knee fold followed by the bauble… keep going till move 12 when you get to do the whole routine!

1️⃣ A bauble in a Christmas tree (rolling like a ball)
2️⃣ Double knee folds
3️⃣ Roll ups
4️⃣ Side Bends
5️⃣ Turkey Wings
6️⃣ Legs a Stretching
7️⃣ Swans a Swimming
8️⃣ Oysters Opening
9️⃣ Double Leg Stretch
🔟 Arms a Beating (the Hundred)
1️⃣1️⃣ Spines a Curling
1️⃣2️⃣ Side Kicks Kicking

Hope you enjoy!

Looking to start Pilates in 2024? I’d love you to join our Pilates community. Our classes are a mix of normal people who are out for functional bodies that keep us strong for life!

Remember our classes are in person and online too.

DM me for more and enjoy Christmas # # #

Photos from Pilates with Priya's post 15/12/2023

A very festive class has been filmed for our members 😂 up in our private group. Enjoy!

Photos from Pilates with Priya's post 31/10/2023

Pilates with pumpkins anyone? Couldn’t help but share that first pic as my little one got in on the action ♥️

It must be said pumpkins make excellent weights.

Back to sharing Pilates exercises ASAP!

Sending pumpkin love ❤️


Try this flow. You’ll feel the benefits.

Doing Pilates once a week is fabulous but adding in daily movement on top to release and strengthen the body is WAY better. It doesn’t have to be 45 mins a day. Just some short movement breaks will make the difference.

Try it out.

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Pilates spot the difference time!

So often people think they are doing Pilates but their technique shows it’s really not quite there. Which is why having a small class with an attentive teacher really accounts.

I’m continually working on my technique and was definitely doing a lot wrong to start with so we are all works in progress!!

Love you to join us online or in person for classes.

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You really don’t need posh equipment to do some Pilates at home!

Here’s a little series I like to do on my stairs between clients and desk working jobs.

Small movement breaks though the day can really help your body and your productivity too.

Have a go (this is sped up 2x).

Want to see more like this? Comment below.

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Pilates continually astounds me.

I came from a background of hating PE lessons. Then i trained as a group exercise teacher. Teaching step aerobics, aerobics, legs bums and tums and spin.

Pilates seemed like a load of rubbish. Who wants to lie down and go slowly when you can jump and go fast?

How wrong I was. I was pretty much forced to train, as the gym needed a teacher. It changed me!

If you think Pilates is not for you then i challenge you to try a session with a really good teacher who will refine your technique. It result is all in the technique.

I’ve 2 spaces left on our 6 week beginners course. Tuesdays 6.15pm. Email [email protected] to book on.


Adding a simple Pilates soft ball ⚽️ between the knees helps you:

- work the inner thighs
- stabilise the hips and pelvis
- work the core more

Give it a try!

These are from one of our gentler classes for postnatal, rehab, pelvic floor and menopause but they still work the body hard. It’s all about finding the work in the moves.

You can join our beginners class Tues 6.15pm in September or online at our other classes too.


Functional moves you need to do everyday.

Part of Pilates is training your body to be strong to do the things you need to do daily.

If we don’t train for these moves then we can get pain, restricted movement and lose the ability.

Try these moves out every day and see if they help. They will keep you strong for life!

Remember the technique of neutral spine, core engaged and alignment!

Joining with for their theme.

Need help? Get in touch we’ve a brand new beginners course starting Tuesday 12th Sept at 6.15pm with 2 spaces left. Or you can join our zoom classes too.


Try these moves out for shoulder and mid back pain.

Part of the joy of teaching Pilates is helping to fix and strengthen other people’s bodies. Seeing the changes that come over time with consistency.

However it does mean I can forget what my body needs and these are some of the moves that help me!

I’m using a lighter resistance band and it’s looped around my foot.
1. PULL leading with the elbow. Keep the shoulder down and core engaged.
2. ROTATE keeping a slight pull on the elbow too. Rotate from your mid back (bra strap area)
3. REACH keeping that band pulled and both shoulders down. Lengthen through the waist.

Like and follow for more 👍🏼



Pilates is my not so secret addiction. I love how it works me hard, it targets all parts of my body and mind, it chillis me out and it is forever still challenging.

What do you love about Pilates?

I’ve got a brand new beginners course starting Tues 6.15pm in Sept. Love you to join us!

Email me [email protected]


You really don’t need lots of posh equipment to do Pilates! Here’s some moves from my pregnancy classes using a wall. But they feel good for all bodies.

We love to mobilise and strengthen in our prenatal sessions. To help the body stay moving and strong throughout.

Love to hear how you find these.

DM me to sign up for a space on the mat (Sat 9am is our pregnancy class) or online.


Think Pilates is a bit “vanilla” I challenge you to try it again.

Here’s one of our classes in action? In our classes you get a full. It’s workout, mobility work, strength and of course core work. Plus a sneaky lie down too which helps reset the nervous system.

If you have never tried Pilates before I think you will be surprised. Or if you have tried it and found it a bit “vanilla” you probably weren’t doing it quite right… that was me years ago.

We’ve got a brand new beginners course starting Tuesdays 6.15pm in September. DM me or email me for more!


Excited to say we have a brand new 6 week beginners class launching in September.

I’ve been getting a lot of new enquiries and our in person classes are pretty full!

So if you are new or want to start Pilates come join us to learn right from the start in a small class with lots of expert support from my team of teachers.

Email [email protected] to book on.

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This is how Pilates should be…Small moves, done with precision and lots of teaching points. See how much I’m talking and...
This is how Pilates should be…
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One of my fav Pilates sequences for you today! I love starting my week with Pilates! In my  classes we love a bit of fun...
Standing work is one of the fundamentals in our Pilates classes. I almost always start with a standing warm up. Why? We ...
Movement changes my mood and helps me so often. I can go into a class in a right grump and come out all zen like. Anyway...





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