Pilates with Priya

Pilates with Priya


Abdominal Scar Massage Therapy.

If you have had abdominal surgery for C-Section, Hysterectomy, Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP), or numerous other procedures this offering is for you.

Newly healed or old established scars can cause adhesions that you can see on the surface but also ones that you can't see, deeper under the skin which can cause pain, lack of sensation and inhibit movement.

In these sessions I focus on the whole body, not just the scar.

Massage can improve the appearance, the sensation and the function of the scar and the surrounding tissue.

The treatments are gentle and reduce pain and tightness and encourage healing.

60 minute Scar Treatment £60
90 minute Scar Treatment £90
3 session package (1 x 90 mins & 2 x 60 mins) £180

Alternatively if you are looking for a full body massage, whether it's to ease tension and aches or to work on a ni**le in your body, then I offer these in various single sessions or packages.

To book http://bit.ly/BlueberriesBooking

Photo credit: Pilates with Priya
You're amazing Priya! Thank you for the massage - it did hurt, but I can feel you've unknotted some real problem areas and balanced me out ###
I love Priya. I first did antenatal pilates with her, then post-natal. She's also been incredibly helpful when I had a neck issue, sorting it out initially and then giving me ongoing exercises which completely resolved it. Her clinical knowledge is excellent and she is highly skilled. I would highly recommend her for both pilates and for sports massage therapy.
Hello Priya, I’ve just been diagnosed (over the phone with my gp) with sciatica. I’ve never had problems with lower back etc. I exercise daily for the last 4 years. I do suffer from injuries quite often. Would you suggest your Pilates classes to help with sciatica and keep fit? I’ll be having physio tomorrow. I’m devastated about not being to workout and petrified about putting on weight as I’m already overweight. Thank you x
Thanks for the lovely card and chocolate I scoffed it after Mandie's class last week. Happy Christmas guys x🎅🏻🎄☃️
❤️ My gift to you ❤️

Whether you’re expecting, have just given birth, gave birth months or years ago, are a mother, father and/or work in the birthing world my gift to you this festive season is to introduce you to these wonderful small and local businesses in Hampshire.

Just like each one of you is unique, so is each and every person who supports birthing people, their birth partners and families and we all share the same passion and goal: to be there for you at this pivotal time in your life.

Take a look at what these wonderful humans are all about on their pages & websites and do get in touch with them to find out more, I’m positive they’ll be happy to help in any way they can.

Have a lovely Christmas despite it being fairly different this year and reach out if you need to ❤️

Liz Knowles: Women’s Health & Fitness Physio
Vanessa Ayres
Pilates with Priya
The Natural Health Hub
Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists RCOG
Home-Start UK

🥘 🍽
Rhi Hepple Naturopath
Priya Tew, Dietitian UK

🤰🏼 👶🏻
Southampton Maternity Service
Spinning Babies
Sally Carter
Solent Parenting

Younique Baby

Positive Birthing & Parenting
Birth and Postnatal Doula Service
Hampshire Doulas

Bump & Boo

HexNex Jewellery


📸: Thank you PhillWilliams.co Photo taken 2 weeks before our first born arrived 💙

******er ******er
Online is the 'new normal'.

Being part of a community of HCR ® Coaches has meant we all regularly support each other with advice on ways to tweek and improve the online experience for our clients and ourselves.
This week Pilates with Priya who's up the M27 from me in Southampton, raised her game as the tech guru with her 2 screens and web cam for online clients plus space set up for live classes... when we are allowed to starting operating indoors again.

Laptops, phones, tablets, webcams, monitors, mics, music, recording, editing, lighting... We've all made an investment to keep going and keep supporting existing and future clients.

Wherever you are on this planet, if you need so Core and Pelvic Floor TLC, we've got you!

There's me near Chichester,
Priya at in Southampton,
Julia Willmott Fitness in Petersfield
Liz at in Wi******er
Jo at in Sevenoaks
Rebecca at in Brighton
Erica at in Shoreham
Adele in Walton on Thames
Denise in Eastbourne
Karen in Horsham
Sian at in Epsom
Sam in Littlehampton.

Find a Coach here: https://www.holisticcorerestore.com/will-these-programmes-help-you/find-holistic-core-restore-coach-near/

Hi Priya
Hope you and your 3 are staying healthy and happy in lockdown?
I’m working from home with my 3 so have no time and an ever worsening back. I can sort of remember a few of the stretches but could you possibly recommend a couple I could do 2/3 times a day to help with my lower back pain?
Many thanks
Love this.

Strong does not mean Functional.

We've all seen the guys who over train their muscles in they gym but can't bend to move, yes they are super strong, but they have limited functional movement and regularly poor posture.

All muscles need to be able to glide and slide, contract and relax......even the ones in your pelvic floor.

Thanks Pilates with Priya

“Your inner strength is your outer foundation” - Alan Rufus

July is International Diastasis Awareness Month and as it’s something I had myself following the birth of my second baby I thought I would help spread a bit more awareness.

So what is ‘diastasis recti’? It’s basically separated stomach muscles. During pregnancy, the muscles that run down the middle of your stomach can separate. As your baby grows in your womb the muscles weaken and lengthen.

There is some great information to be found in various places on this subject including the NHS website under ‘Your Post-pregnancy body’, or with the holistic core restore programme to name a few. You’ve undoubtedly got a local Holistic Core Restore coach near you too, look into the course whatever age your children are, 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years or more! I know of three wonderful women who run this course and who can help you: Pilates with Priya , Liz Knowles: Women’s Health & Fitness Physio , Birth & Body with Victoria

I only found out I had a diastasis when I had back pain months after the birth of my second baby. If you’ve recently had a baby, please ask for your GP to check for a diastasis at your postnatal check. If we know what to ask about, there’s more chance we’ll be checked for it.

Women need to get support sooner than months after birth.

Strengthening your pelvic floor and core has so many benefits too...

- Improving your bladder and bowel function
- Improving recovery from childbirth
- Increasing sexual sensation
To name a few…

Please go and see a Women’s Health Physio, they’re brilliant and they will show you safe exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home… YOU are important too, you need to be on your ‘TO DO’ list too.

"Ladies, let’s not think incontinence is normal" - Thanks to Pilates with Priya from some straight talking! https://loom.ly/l8zJWFI
How Pilates engages the parasympathetic nervous system, our tip courtesy of Pilates with Priya https://loom.ly/iRoUa0M

Small Pilates Studio, offering Pilates classes taught by highly trained instructors. Mat-Based Pilat You need plenty of Pilates experience for this class.

Current Classes: (all paid monthly)

9.30-10.15 Low level recovery class for all ages including older adults and postnatal mums and post-menopausal women.

18:30-19:15 Intermed/Advanced class with Priya. Tuesday
18:15-19:00 Pregnancy Pilates with Priya. Bring your Swiss ball for core work, release moves, labour prep, pelvic floor work and strengthening moves throughout pregnancy.


Operating as usual


Anyone else get tight hips? Do you know you need to improve your range of motion? For me my hips are always an area to keep working on.

Try these moves for size.

Then come join us in classes on the mat in person/online or 1-1 reformer sessions in person. I’d love to hear from you!


Jaw clenching really can affect your pelvic floor. A tight jaw = tight pelvic floor, which can lead to pain, leaking and dysfunction.

Obviously not clenching your jaw is a key thing to work on, but if you do it at night it isn’t easy to stop! So here are 3 self massage techniques to try out.

Comment below if you found this helpful. You can join my next 6 week pelvic floor course in November. Sign up on my website. Or DM me for 1-1 support.



Side Kick Tutorial (aka when your mum ropes you into helping because you decided to do a Pilates class 😂).

Roped in my 11 yr old to help out… she’d love to know if this was helpful, so comment below for more!

So many of the Pilates basics look simple enough, but to really get them working your whole body it’s key to hone that technique.

Here’s Miss K helping me demo some of those side kick issues….

✅ Keep tall from the crown of the head to the base of the spine without leaning as you kick.
✅ Reach that leg out of the hip socket and really lengthen with a straight knee.
✅ Hips stay stacked on top of each other.
✅ The further you kick the leg the more core you need switched on.


Try out this side series! As always with Pilates it’s harder than you think! We used variations on this series in my classes last week - in pregnancy, postnatal, normal classes with clients aged 20-70’s love how adaptable pilates is!

Have a fabulous Pilates week! You can join us for classes most evenings and we’ve a “back to school” focus going back to the basics.


Pilates can be done anywhere, anytime! Sadly now we are almost back to school term it may not be the beach but come join us in the studio or online….

We had a fabulous bank holiday trip to the beach with the kids x 6 and paddleboard plus kayak. So good to get that sea air.

Here’s a little beach Pilates flow for you, which you can do at home too, but where’s the fun in that??

If you want more Pilates from home come join in our classes online or in studio from beginner to advanced. DM me for more or email [email protected]



Plank Progressions.

Here’s a plank progression for you to try out. Whilst planks are so often in fitness programmes, holding them for long periods isn’t the best place to start if you are building up your core strength. They can feel like the best exercise to do, but if your core is not ready then the intra-abdominal pressure can bear down on your pelvic floor or on a weakened abdominal wall.

Listen to your body, if it isn’t ready, then there is no shame in focusing on the prep work, nail these and work up to the static holds. Trust me, it is so worth the work to nail those basics.

You can join us for postnatal and lower level pilates classes to rehab your body and then build up to harder classes with us…


Tight neck and upper shoulders? Me too!

Common if you are a mum, if you sit at a desk or just from daily life!

Here’s some lush moves you can add to your day. Give yourself a 5 min movement break. It will give your body some relief and invigorate you.

Love to hear how you find these!


This week I’m mainly off grid. The studio is CLOSED.

I’d like to say I’ve got my feet up but I’m camping with 6 kids….

Walks to the beach
Pilates in a field

It’s lovely to be away but holidays can be harder work than being home 😂 anyone relate?

I’m off to find a glass of wine and move my camping chair to another corner of the field!


Pregnancy Pilates Hips.

Those hips can be pesky things in pregnancy. That’s why in our classes we focus on keeping them strong, mobile and ready to support you throughout your pregnancy.

Try these three movements out, do them twice a week during your pregnancy for best results.

If you’re not pregnant, there’s no reason you can’t do these anyway.

Join us online or in studio for specialist Pilates pregnancy classes on Saturdays at 9 am.


We love a bit of functional resistance band work in the studio.

Here’s a little series I’ve been using in classes this week.

✅Flex and Extend the spine to get moving and feeling good.
✅ Shoulder drops to release tension and get those shoulder blades in place.
✅ Bend to Straighten, using that core to help you up.
✅ Add in arms and levers to add intensity, ensuring you find neutral and use your core each time.
✅ Tricep pulses 100 style!

Come follow for more and you can join our classes online or in person daily with classes saved for you to catch up on too.


Photos from Pilates with Priya's post 01/08/2022

It turns out Pilates doesn’t just help you with everyday life but also with paddleboarding! Our latest obsession for the summer.

Whilst it may be summer hols time our classes are still running over the summer as our bodies all still need to move!

Come join me on the mat (probably not a paddleboard just yet) but I can help get you paddleboard strong 😂


These hot summer days it can feel hard work to move, yet our spines love this kind of mobility work…. It’s rare I teach in shorts, so it must be hot! 🥵

This was my sequence after a hot class tonight. Moving the spine in all directions and adding my fav, the pigeon and plank in.

Always modify for your body and remember to keep breathing throughout!



I love adding props into my Pilates classes. They help challenge you and help you add stability to ankles, knees, hips.

Try this little series out, working on keeping everything stable and aligned! Hard than it looks 🥰

You can join us for Pilates fun and challenges every day online or in person in the studio. Plus catch up classes in our private group.


Try these moves for your glutes 🍑 using a loop band. Plus you get to giggle at me waddling like a penguin 🐧

Strong and functional glutes are essential for supporting our pelvic floor, lower back, hip function, posture and for sitting on!

It’s a key part of our Everywoman ® Pelvic Floor and Core 6 week courses and Pilates classes.

Don’t have a loop? Tie a resistance band around your legs instead.



We had to give this challenge a go. Love the fact Miss K is always up for it.

Shall I pop this one in next weeks classes?


Pilates has SO many health benefits.

Can you afford to not be doing it?

I’ll be honest I used to see it as a total waste of time. I was all about the high impact exercise. Then I was collared by a Pilates teacher and really made to do it properly.

Chiropractors, midwifes, doctors all refer to our studio, because we are known to really get results.

Come join us for classes: normal pilates, advanced, postnatal and pregnancy over zoom or in person.


Got a tea towel and a kitchen floor? Then you can join me in these moves. Proving you don’t need lots of expensive kit to work your body and also how ridiculously happy I am on cleaning days.

Not all our classes are quite this silly but we do tend to have a lovely community vibe.

We take total beginners to more advanced people.

Or you can join me for 1-1 reformer, pilates chair and tower sessions.


Try out this “under 1 foot” band series to work your arms, back, core, gluts and hips! We love multi-tasking in Pilates.

I’d recommend a longer, lighter band to start with.

How’d you find it?


Pilates brings JOY!

Some of my clients have been with me in classes for more years than I can count 😂 and Pilates has become a part of life and a necessity for us all.

In this pic we have one lady who came to me with chronic back pain after an accident who later trained in Pilates and now teaches for me! One lady with a hip condition who needs Pilates for function and mobility and one lady who has a job that needs her body to stay strong and functional. All of them have become part of my closest inner circle of friends.

If you are debating starting Pilates then don’t! Jump on. Take an online class, an in person class, find a teacher who you connect with. It could change your life!


Pregnancy Pilates is essential for…

💪🏽Building a strong and functional body through pregnancy and for those early postnatal days.
🧘🏽‍♀️Learning how to breath for your core, for relaxation and for birthing.
💊Helping with those pregnancy aches ane pains such as pelvic girdle pain, round ligament pain and those annoying calf cramps.
❤️‍🩹Improving your recovery post baby as those muscles are prepped and ready!

I’ve spaces in my Tues 6.15pm and Sat 9am pregnancy classes both in person and online. Plus the sessions are recorded so you can catch up. DM or email [email protected] to join me.

Follow for more pregnancy exercises too.

Ps. I’m no longer pregnant 😂 it’s on old pic.


TIGHT HAMSTRINGS can contribute to lower back pain… they attach at the back of the pelvis and run down the thigh to the knee. So if they are too tight it can pull on your pelvis leading to lower back pain.

We need everything functional and balanced in the body, pilates helps us create that. Which is why I love it. Everyone needs a Pilates session in their week (DM me to join ours online or in person).

Here’s some hamstring stretches for you. Give them a go regularly and see if it helps.


Anyone else suffer from tight neck and shoulders? Sitting working at a desk makes it a common complaint.

It’s defo where I hold my tension.

Top tips
- Book a sports massage to release.
- Use these exercises to strengthen and mobilise the area.
- Assess your desk set up and take regular stretch and posture breaks.
- Hold your phone higher so you aren’t straining your neck!

Any tips to add?


When kind people leave you amazing testimonials it really does make a difference to your world. Even if it’s true, I do try to kill her with Pilates each week 😂😂😂

1-1 reformer really is an awesome way to workout!



6 weeks for a better, stronger, more functional pelvic floor, starts MONDAY 7.45pm.

- Live classes, homework videos and pelvic floor education that will help you through postnatal, peri-menopause and the menopausal time too.
- Aimed at EVERYWOMAN who knows they need to work on their pelvic floor. Including those with mild incontinence issues, mild prolapse or the odd leak.
- Also for anyone with a small diastasis recti (I can work with you 1-1 if your diastasis needs more support healing).

Come in person (Bitterne Park, Southampton) on ON ZOOM.

Book here: https://www.pilateswithpriya.co.uk/?page_id=2622



Using the ball can give you a glorious way to glide into these hip flexor stretches. A good one to do if you sit a lot.

Plus these are good in pregnancy to encourage baby to get into position in that pelvis!

Give them a try and drop me a comment or emoji on how you find it.

Oh and pregnancy classes, we have space Tues 6,15 and Sat 9am!


How often should you be doing those pelvic floor exercises?

Pretty much every day. Was that might seem like a chore there are so many ways you can work your pelvic floor it doesn’t have to be boring or all about the lift and squeeze.

Come and sign up for my six week pelvic floor starting in June, you can join over zoom or if you are local come along in person and let me show you how!




Try this series out for size. Instead of lying down on the mat use those waist muscles to hold you up and engage your core to hold your upper body still.

Keep moving and breathing!

Love to know how you find this flow.


A little tour of the studio! It’s small yet I LOVE it.

Open for newbies so if you have never done pilates, or if you want to return to pilates, get in touch.

We have mixed ability classes with in person space:
Tues 7.15pm
Wed 7pm
Wed 8pm
Thurs 7pm
Sun 9.15am

As well as space in our pregnancy classes:
Tues 6.15
Sat 9am

And our postnatal classes:
Fri 9.30am (you can bring baby!)

Plus all classes and more than this can be joined online or you can use the catch up videos too.

Email me! [email protected]


Want to see what our classes are like? Here’s last nights class sped up super fast!

Pilates is amazing at keeping your body mobile, functional and strong. It helps you work on your balance, breath, and of course works your core too!

We use small equipment and I teach in the studio plus over zoom.

Want to join us? We have classes for all levels and are taking new people!

Never done pilates before? You can book a 30 min induction session with me to go through the basics and get you ready for a class.

Watch this reel by pilateswithpriya on Instagram 20/04/2022

Watch this reel by pilateswithpriya on Instagram

This week I’m back in the studio, teaching. After a week away my mind is flowing with creative moves… so watch out if you are in my classes!

Want to come join us? We’ve spaces for you both in person and online.

Take a look at this little clip, it’s almost synched to the music (I almost felt clever 😂)


Watch this reel by pilateswithpriya on Instagram Pilates With Priya shared a video on Instagram: “Some fun single leg footwork with the band. Cos Pilates is fun and after some time off I’ve gone…” • See 572 photos and videos on their profile.


Some non pilates news! I have a ring on my finger 💍

The last 5 1/2 months have been a whirlwind where I’ve met the most amazing man, been swept off my feet and has felt like I’ve been in a fairytale.

Taking some time out this weekend to drink bubbly and smile a lot 😂 look forward to being back to normal Pilates ASAP!

Enjoy the long weekend x


Whilst I was away from the studio last week, we still fitted in a little Pilates now and again.

Love how my biggest one will usually join me (though she is getting heavier to plank with!).

The studio is closed till Tuesday. Enjoy your Easter break ###



Breathing is something we all do, all the time…. Yet the way we did it can make such a huge difference to our bodies and mental health too.

Here’s a few tips on getting connected to that deep breath.

1. Try it seated on your sitting bones. Wrap your hands around your ribs and breath into your hands.
2. Lie down with hands on our ribs and see if you can feel them expand as you inhale and fall back as you exhale.
3. Can you also feel the rise and fall of your pelvis? The breath should go down deep, which is how the core is activated and released too.
4. How’s your lower back? That should expand too as you inhale.

Love you to try this and comment below how you found it.


Out of office/studio this week, finding the sun and having some very much needed down time.

Classes are on a reduced schedule but still running, the lovely Alex is holding the fort and I’ll be popping on to teach online from Spain too!

Now pass the Sangria?!


It’s been 7 years since the garage become the studio!

Wow how things have changed over that time, but one thing hasn’t. Pilates is still amazing!

You can come join on in person or online for classes, whether you are pregnant, postnatal or neither!

I also teach specialist pelvic floor rehab classes and help ladies with c section scar massage, diastasis recti healing and offers sports massage!


There are so many more ways to look after your pelvic floor than just squeezing it.

As women, I really feel we need to get educated on this part of our body. Knowledge can definitely be power!

That’s why when I work with people I like to talk them through how different movement patterns help and hinder, how nutrition and hydration can impact it and how to breathe for your pelvic floor, why rest is important and how stress impact you too.

You can join me on a 6 week course exploring movement and all these things plus more in May. It’s called the Everywoman course and the link is in my bio or pop to my website to sign up.

Videos (show all)

Anyone else get tight hips? Do you know you need to improve your range of motion? For me my hips are always an area to k...
Jaw clenching really can affect your pelvic floor. A tight jaw = tight pelvic floor, which can lead to pain, leaking and...
Side Kick Tutorial (aka when your mum ropes you into helping because you decided to do a Pilates class 😂). Roped in my 1...
Try out this side series! As always with Pilates it’s harder than you think! We used variations on this series in my cla...
Pilates can be done anywhere, anytime! Sadly now we are almost back to school term it may not be the beach but come join...
Plank Progressions.Here’s a plank progression for you to try out. Whilst planks are so often in fitness programmes, hold...
We had to give this challenge a go. Love the fact Miss K is always up for it. Shall I pop this one in next weeks classes...
Got a tea towel and a kitchen floor? Then you can join me in these moves. Proving you don’t need lots of expensive kit t...
Try out this “under 1 foot” band series to work your arms, back, core, gluts and hips! We love multi-tasking in Pilates....
TIGHT HAMSTRINGS can contribute to lower back pain… they attach at the back of the pelvis and run down the thigh to the ...
Anyone else suffer from tight neck and shoulders? Sitting working at a desk makes it a common complaint. It’s defo where...
HIP FLEXOR STRETCHESUsing the ball can give you a glorious way to glide into these hip flexor stretches. A good one to d...




37 Cobbett Road

Opening Hours

Monday 1pm - 8:30pm
Tuesday 6:15pm - 9pm
Wednesday 6:15pm - 9pm
Thursday 10am - 8:45pm
Friday 8:45am - 7pm
Saturday 8:45am - 10am
Sunday 9:15am - 10:45am

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