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Tracie's Latin Club


Really hope it's ok to post this but my name is Annelie Powell - I used to work at the Nuffield - and I have started a petition for the continuation of Nuffield Southampton Theatres - could you sign and share? The arts are so imperative as you dancers well know!
Join the TLC family far & wide 2pm tomorrow (Monday) for a Ballroom Waltz class - all levels. Join on my personal timeline
Hi guys, Thank you so much for joining us last night 😘💃🏻🕺🏻 can anyone please send me our demo 🙏🏻 thank u in advance, see you next time 😘
If you see your bottle could you please let us know. We’d hate for all of these to go to the landfill! Thank you ❤️🙏🏼
If you have always wanted to try cuban then join us for our cuban classes at Salsa Southampton TONIGHT at 7.15pm at the TLC studio.

Classes for beginners with Debbie (must have a small amount of cross body salsa experience)

Classes for Intermediates with Olga!

No booking required for this super cool class.

Cross body classes as usual at 8.15pm with dancing until 11pm with the Salsa Southampton team.

It is going to be awesome and we cant wait to see you there! 🤩💃🕺🤩
THANK YOU TRACY for creating such a unique place like this, where hunderds of people enjoy being together and communicating non-verbally on so many different ways. It was a plesure to give some new ideas & inspiration for your Argentine Tango students ! And I enjoyed equally each dance with the guys ... :) Thanks everybody ###. If you want to visit us in the 'continent' we have 3 big Tango camps in the Netherlands and Germany per year. (around New Year, July & Easter) Here you can find them:
What is the timetable for tonight? And is there anything going on tomorrow night? X

Fantastic dance school in Southampton for Beginners to Advanced in Salsa, Ballroom, Latin, Bachata,

Operating as usual

Tracie's Latin Club updated their business hours. 21/02/2022

Tracie's Latin Club updated their business hours.

Tracie's Latin Club updated their business hours.


Happy New Year!
All classes are now OPEN at the TLC Studio. Join us to get back into shape after those Christmas calories!


Bookings now OPEN for next weeks classes AND you can now buddy up with your dancing friends for partner classes. Check out the NEW timetable and join us dancing in our socially distanced pods (markers on the floor). We felt it was too risky to go back to normal classes as cases increasing plus the risk of 'pingdamonium'. Dance buddies must be arranged in advance by yourselves but if you can't find a partner please do contact us. Looking forward to seeing you back with us soon



It is with a heavy heart that we have decided NOT to open 'normally' yet after all. The Covid situation has evolved since we decided to proceed and we have been feeling increasingly uncomfortable in considering the safety of everyone. Also the increased risk of people needing to isolate is extremely disruptive to everyone's lives. I think this probably reflects the mood amongst many of you as the number of bookings for classes is low.
Thank you to all those who have already booked - we will be in contact separately.

Ballroom Cha Cha & Waltz will continue in the pods from Monday 26 July and a Tango practica for fixed couples is on Tuesday 27 July.

We will sort out a new 'pods' format for Salsa which will remain socially distanced, but no longer restrict your choice of fixed partner. We have yet to decide on a timetable, but it is likely to focus on partner classes rather than solos. Please bear with us as we put in place a new format (yet again!)
We will also continue our online Salsa videos.
Sorry to disappoint those of you who wanted to return to normal, but this feels like the right thing to do for now.


We are so excited to re-open from TONIGHT!!!
Here are some things you may need to know…..

💃Classes for all levels including courses for absolute beginners!
🕺Courses must be booked in advance via the website
⭐️Classes are discounted if booked in advance via the website!
💗New card payment system on the door!
✨ No cash payments please
🎉Covid measures in place to keep you safe! (See website for full details!)

We cannot wait to see you!


Booking now open!!


Hi everyone.
If all goes to plan with the Government's roadmap, it's just under 6 weeks before we can re-open for our live classes again - queue the fanfare! - and we really can't wait to see you all.

From Monday 17 May - in alignment with indoor group classes at gyms - we can re-start our solo and partner classes 'back in the pods'. We are planning the details, format, pricing etc etc and will publish the timetable nearer the time.

If the full roadmap stays in place, then we will be looking at 21 June to re-open more fully, but as yet nothing has been specified for dance schools ... so we are waiting until nearer the time before we can announce further details.

OMG we can't wait to see you all again!

Valentine’s Date Night Dance class | Tracie's Latin Club 11/02/2021

Valentine’s Date Night Dance class | Tracie's Latin Club

Date Night Valentine's dance class for couples this Sunday 8-9pm with TLC.
Everyone welcome. Please share to those who may need some TLC in their lives.

Valentine’s Date Night Dance class | Tracie's Latin Club

Timeline Photos 04/02/2021

Timeline Photos

Valentine’s date night dance class 14-Feb | Tracie's Latin Club 24/01/2021

Valentine’s date night dance class 14-Feb | Tracie's Latin Club

Here are 3 NEW classes to help you beat the lockdown blues:

Monday 25 Jan - Solo Paso Doble for everyone
Full of drama, posturing & pouting with a flavour of flamenco. Suitable for all non-dancers through to advanced dancers

6 Wednesdays 3 Feb-10 March - Cha Cha 6 week choreo course
Super star Elaine Greenwood will teach an awesome Cha Cha to Prince's 1999 for intermediate dancers

Sunday 14 Feb - Date Night Dance Class for Valentine's
Couples class learning a fantastic fusion of Salsa /Jive / Ballroom / Tango moves to a great track and suitable for non-dancers through to Advanced dancers

Please share any or all of these events with your friends or family who may need a bit of TLC at the moment

Valentine’s date night dance class 14-Feb | Tracie's Latin Club


Dance night with TLC (Monday), let's Cha Cha on zoom


Wishing you all a very happy NEW Year. Looking forward to twirling into 2021 ..... at some point with you all xx


Please share 🥰

Give the gift of dance this Christmas!
Gift vouchers available for Salsa or Bachata - via Salsa Southampton
And for Ballroom - via Tracie’s Latin club.
Our venue is covid secure and we have taken extra measures to keep you and your loved ones safe.
The perfect gift for any Strictly lover, anyone wanting to try something new or even for yourself!
Full details and purchases can be made via the websites.


Thank you all for another cracking week at SalsaSouthampton. Here are a couple of clips from our advanced Salsa classes.
There's 1 more week of classes this week and then restart first week back in January.
All bookings can be made here:


Bookings are now OPEN for all classes:
Including Charleston, Burlesque, a NEW Bachata Beginners course this Friday and a NEW Cha Cha class for Beginners every Wednesday. Please share with all your friends - thank you


YAY! Southampton is in Tier 2. Dance classes at the TLC Studio coming soon
So happy!


Cha Cha at Salsa Southampton classes

Groovy cha cha 17/11/2020

It’s Tango Tuesday!!
Join us via zoom at 7pm for some fantastic Tango exercises and musicality which you can dance solo or with your partners
We can’t wait to see you! 09/11/2020

Online Salsa Classes Absolute Beginners | Salsa Southampton

So excited to bring these awesome online solo classes every week on a screen near you! Bookings are now OPEN - all dancers welcome (L2 upwards) & ALL via Zoom!

Monday 6.30-7.30pm Latin Cha Cha choreo to Lady Marmalade

Tuesday 7-8pm Tango technique and musicality to Assassin's Tango

Salsa Southampton has the following Zoom classes:

Weds 6.45-7.45 Salsa L2/3 footwork, body movement, turns and styling

Weds 8.15-9.15pm Cha Cha L2-L4 funky moves to groovy tunes

Thursday 7-8pm Salsa L4/5 Advanced footwork, body movement, turns and styling

Beginners: book on fantastic Salsa online course, as a set of pre-recorded HD videos:

Meet us on a screen near you where we can keep working on technique and musicality with style flair

Any questions please ask Online salsa classes for absolute beginners, course of 6 lessons, online dance classes suitable for adults and children


Timeline Photos


This week's fantastic schedule at the Covid-secure TLC dance studio:

6.30-7.45pm Latin Jive for solos
8-9.15pm Latin Rumba for partners

7pm Solo Tango
8.15pm Partner Tango - full

7-8pm Solo Cha Cha for all levels except Beginners
8.15-9.15pm Solo Salsa L2/3
9.30-10.30 Partner Salsa L4/5 On1

7-8pm Solo & Partner Bachata L2 AND L1 course (Full)
8.15-9.15pm Solo Salsa L4/5 On1
9.30-10.30 Partner Salsa L3 On1

7-8pm Solo Salsa L2/3 & separately L2 course partners
8.15-9.15pm Solo & Partner Beginners Salsa course
9.30-10.30 Alternating weeks:
Partner Salsa L4/5 On2 with Marcus
Solo Salsa L4/5 On2 with Gareth & Tracie

Hope to see you soon


It's been awesome being back at the studio these last few weeks. We've had so much fun across the board in Ballroom, Tango, Salsa, Bachata & Cha Cha - including a game of musical Salsa Statues when spotify kept buffering! The feedback has been fantastic and thank you to EVERYONE for your support, your energy and most of all your love of dance. Keeeep dancing!


Salsa Southampton

We have a brand new Bachata course starting on Thursday 8th October and a brand new Salsa course starting on Friday 16th October. These courses are for Absolute beginners with us at Salsa Southampton - no experience required!
Join us for expert tuition in a super safe environment with fun guaranteed!
Follow the link below to book your place. 31/08/2020

GOOD NEWS – We are reopening our classes | Tracie's Latin Club

Don't forget to take the survey (closing FRIDAY EVENING 4/9) if you want to return to classes at the studio - we are so excited!

We will be adhering to all the guidelines and making it as safe as possible for you to return. We are taking extra precautions with a 2m buffer zone around each dance pod, but this does reduce the number attending. Therefore, if you are considering a return to the studio, please look at the proposed format (from Beginners to Advanced in all dance styles) and take the survey so that we can design the schedule to suit the majority of you.

We understand that some of you may still feel too cautious to attend, so please only complete the survey if you are definitely interested in booking classes. Thank you xx Dear all dancers Finally we have some good news for you... we are preparing to reopen our classes at the TLC studio - hurrah! We have missed teaching our super family of dancers so much and can't 03/08/2020

Join me at 2pm TODAY for the beautiful Viennese Waltz to a gorgeous track! Or catch up anytime on replay.


Reference Covid-19 and Returning To Dance

Joint statement issued by:
Tracie’s Latin Club/ Salsa Southampton (Tracie & Gareth)
Dance2Salsa Dance Company (Basil and Melissa)
Sweetlead Salsa (Trevor and Heidi)
OnSalsa (Giles and Rosa)

We would like to start by wishing you all good health as our lifestyles are changing and adapting.

As you will be aware there is a lot of speculation and concern in our dance community with regard to when would be the appropriate time to return to dance and what form that should take. As promoters providing dance classes and events in the wider area, we felt that it would be beneficial to come together to collaborate and in particular to share information with regard to the health and safety concerns as well as the issues of responsibility

As professional organisations providing classes and events, we are accountable and have a legal duty of care for our staff and dancers.

As a group, we have discovered very quickly that the issue of returning to dance is not at all straightforward and presents many challenges to ensure that we are operating within the law, following government guidance and following health and safety regulations.
These measures include such areas as:

● Carrying out detailed risk assessments prior to providing classes
● Ensuring that there is sufficient distance for our particular activities in an indoor environment (it’s not as simple as 1 metre plus unfortunately)
● Ensuring that there is an adequate system of ventilation in the venue
● Creating a one way system for entry/exit and avoiding touch points
● Creating an online booking system for dancers attending classes
● Working with our respective venues & operating within their guidelines
● Ensuring the venue remains clean throughout and between classes
● Keeping informed & adapting to the ongoing changes in guidance and regulations

The above are just some of the many areas that need to be considered (not to mention the financial implications), but we would like to assure you that it is our aim to work together to provide the safest environment for the reopening of our classes, parties and events. We would like to thank you in advance for remaining patient whilst we undertake this work. It is going to take some time to properly explore whether it is safe, practical and viable to reopen.

Tracie & Gareth 20/07/2020

Let's CHA CHA today at 2pm - I've got a great track for you 13/07/2020

Bring on the party! It's Brazilian Samba time at 2pm today! See you there and let's shake our thang!!


Returning to dance at TLC - SURVEY

Even though the Government have indicated (finally) that dance studios have to remain closed for now, I am trying to plan how we will be able to return in some shape or form in the future. It would be lovely to wave a magic wand and it all go back to normal classes immediately, but as it won't, I would love to hear from each of you with your feedback as to when and in what format YOU would like to return to the TLC Studio. So please complete our simple survey - it takes 1 minute:

If you want to reply in more detail, please message me privately. Thank you in advance 13/06/2020

Catch me on Monday 2pm for a FB LIVE Quickstep and Charleston Beginners to Advanced class. Let's have some fun!


Calling all Intermediate and Advanced On2 Salsa dancers!
Salsa Southampton has an exciting new project for you with our super star Elaine Greenwood! Visit the website for info and bookings:

If you know of friends who might be interested, please share/tag them - it's going to be AWESOME!


It's LIVE Latin JIVE time on Monday at 2pm (my personal timeline) with flicks kicks and all the tricks (Beginners welcome)

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Cha Cha at Salsa Southampton classes
Salsa Southampton online videos
So we’re officially done for the Xmas break at TLC... but we’ll be back before you know it! Who else is already looking ...
Another amazing Salsa night last night as always! Looking forward to another one tonight 💃🏻 We have bachata from 7.15pm ...
It’s Salsa night tonight at TLC! We’ve got Cuban Salsa at 7.15pm, Crossbody Salsa at 8.15pm and Social Dancing from 9.45...
When the bosses take to the floor!Tracie and Gareth share the last dance at the Salsa Social Thursday at TLC 🔥
Tag a friend who should come to Salsa at TLC! 🔥We have Salsa classes every Wednesday and Thursday suitable for all level...
Instructors Marcus and Olga having some fun social dancing at TLC last night! 💃🏻🕺🏻 Join us for Salsa classes every Wedne...
We’ve got more Salsa for you tonight at TLC! At 7.15 we have the second week of our role reversal mini course (ladies le...
We have a brand new Salsa beginners course starting tonight and were so excited to meet everyone and introduce them to t...
Who’s excited for Tango Tuesdays at TLC tonight? Classes start at 8pm and Social Dancing from 9:30pm - 11pmVisit our web...





St Barnabas Hall, Lodge Road
SO14 6QS

Opening Hours

Monday 7pm - 11pm
Tuesday 9am - 11pm
Wednesday 7pm - 11pm
Thursday 7pm - 11pm
Friday 9am - 11pm
Saturday 9am - 11pm

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