Andark Diving and Watersports

Andark Diving and Watersports


Beuchat Speafishing range now available at Andark Diving and Watersports
The skippers have been away on training over the last two days. Thanks to the teams at Andark Diving and Watersports and Hamble School of Yachting for the training packages.

The Skippers enjoyed a pint at the The Jolly Sailor, Old Bursledon reminiscing about their youth watching Howard’s Way
Jumping into this weekends RYA Sea Survival at Andark Diving and Watersports like...
I've sent a number of emails, tried phoning and have sent a DM about a faulty item I received. I'm not sure my messages are reaching you so hope this will alert you to them.
Cracking day at Chesil with the Sunday dives. Thank you guys, it was a great start to the season :)
Typhoon’s technical experts will be manning our RYA Dinghy Show stand all weekend. Contact our experts via the stand's online chat function to assist with product selection and answer any technical apparel questions.
Andark Diving and Watersports
We'll be at the Virtual RYA Dinghy Show on 27-28 February! Visitors to the show will be able to purchase Typhoon products from our stand at the show, via our dedicated retailer, Andark Diving.
Register now at:
Behind today's door of Wave 105's Advent Calendar with GoSkydive there's a Try Dive for 4 people at Andark Diving and Watersports in Swanwick near Southampton.

🎅🏻 Win this and ALL 24 prizes!�
👉 Enter NOW at
Hi everyone!!! Here’s another little video for you, it’s from diving a wreck in Crete! The Messerschmitt Wreck is a world war 2 German airplane that was shot down during the war!!

Adam, the A of A&T Adventures having a little dive around Crete and exploring, hope you really enjoy and find it informative and good watching!!

Hopefully you really enjoy it 🤙

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Diving Messerschmitt Wreck Crete
Some of the Best Scuba Diving Humour HAHA 😂😂
Which ones of the 50 below are your favourite?!!??!?
COMMENT if you can think of any others …… nothing that will get us banned please ;-p #WeAreInItTogether

1. Diving gets me all wet 💦
2. Gone down lately? 👎
3. Can I go down with you? 🤔
4. How long do you usually go down for? ⌚️
5. I like to go deep and for as long as possible 😉
6. If I go down with you, you promise me you won't log it ✏️
7. Lets buddy up as a th*****me.... or .....we can go in a th*****me 🕶🕶🕶
8. What kind of buoyancy do you see with those puppies 🧐
9. I’ll bring the twins 🧯🧯
10. Wanna check this mix in my tank 🧯
11. Can you tie me up? (lashing your set to the boat in a swell)
12. Can I share your l**e? 🧴
13. Would you like some KY Jelly......I find it helps me ease it in, so I don't tear anything🧴
14. Would you sort my flaps out? (when zipping up) 👕👚
15. Just pop these plastic gloves on and I think you'll find your hands will slip in nicely (into your neo gloves) 🧤
16. If you can't get it in, just pull back a bit, pull back on the sheath and push it in firmly (when trying to attach a suit inflate)
17. I think I may need a longer screw 🔧
18. Spitting on it helps if it won't go in (attaching inflator hose)
19. Turn me on will you? (my gas) ⛽️
20. Have a suck on this and see if you think it tastes funny (bad air fill) ⛽️
21. Have a suck on this (donating an octo) 🐙
22. If you need it just grab it and pull it hard (donating an octo)
23. Do I have to spit? (into my mask) 🥽
24. Will you take some photos of me getting wet?? 📸
25. Will you take some photos of me going down?? 📷
26. Now you may want to close your eyes because it can really sting if you get it in your eyes as it is so salty (a hint for whilst doing mask removal drills) 🥽
27. You can do it on your back or face down.. I don't mind, whichever is easier for you (weight belt removal) 🏊‍♀️
28. Make sure your dangly bits are tucked away 🤸‍♀️
29. Oh dear, my sausage is a little floppy (diving safety sausage) 🍆
30. Don't tell my girlfriend that you gave me the crabs! 🦀
31. Can you help me get my leg over? (getting back onto the boat) 🤸‍♀️
32. I can't possibly spread my legs any wider... 🤸‍♀️
33. For the best head in Weymouth, book on Scimitar 🚽🧻
34. Is it all over my face? (dive snot) 🤧
35. Do you want me to pull it off for you? (fin) 🥾
36. Oohh I’m all moist down below (leak in drysuit crotch area)
37. I seem to be a tad moist after my latex has split 💦
38. I'm wet, will you unzip me? 🧷
39. Can you pull me please? (for assistance getting out of a semidry) 👙
40. I’ve just had salty froth sprayed all over my face! 🌬
41. Would you like a drink to get rid of that salty taste? ☕️
42. Do you know CPR, because you just took my breath away
43. I sucked my twin twelves dry and came up breathless 😜
44. I squeezed into a rusty brown hole earlier today⛵️
45. I was with a man who achieved his first pe*******on today (wreck specialty) 🛳
46. You should see the size of the old boiler I stuck my head in at the weekend (wreck diving) 🚢
47. When flirting with divers, sends nudes (photos of nudibranch) 🐌
48. Divers do it deeper 👎
49. Cave divers like tight wet holes 🥽
50. GUE – Getting Underwater Erec…. (Global Underwater Explorers) 🍆

* we found most of these on

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Huge congratulations to Andark Diving and Watersports for being a PADI Dive Centre for 30 years! It is fantastic to see this business continuing to go from strength to strength, here’s to the next 30!
Massive Congratulations to Bryn Jones for completing his Tec Deep Instructor Exams with us this morning with minimal coffee needed too! 🥳👌🥽😎☕️ Andark Diving and Watersports Andark Diving & Watersports are the UK's leading Diving and Watersports specialist from their base at the top River Hamble in Hampshire.

Andark leads the field in scuba diving training with over 30 years of teaching Scuba Diving. All Watersports are catered forfrom the large retail shop - diving, snorkelling, sailing, waterski-ing, canoeing - with and extensive range of diving & snorkelling equipment, wetsuits and drysuits, lifejackets and buoyancy aids, waterskis and wakeboards, tubes and inflatable ski toys and canoes. As well a

Operating as usual


It certainly is a GOOD FRIDAY and time for the Andark OCTO SUP to hit the water👌🌊

We have an Easter treat for you...Use EASTER10 PROMO CODE on our website & get 10% off of your basket total for this weekend only!


Are you geared up for your spearfishing & freediving adventures?

Check out the key essentials you need to support your dive

Photos from Andark Diving and Watersports's post 11/04/2022


Siema Stinson - Seasonal/Weekend Diving Instructor

"I started my first dive 21 years ago in Egypt alongside my mum who absolutely loved diving and shared the bug with me. I spent a whole 2 weeks just doing the discover scuba dives then decided to learn to dive & get certified in the UK. 

I trained with Andark and became a part of the family business community straight away. It was such a welcoming dive school with Trevor being that instructor you never forget, taking part in the Sunday dives with like minded and helpful people and at that point being ok with the cold and loving what the uk has to offer. 

My passion for diving really changed after a few years when I decided to learn to be a divemaster in Bali. I had the most epic year of my life and learned so much. I became an instructor 13 years ago and never looked back. I have worked in Bali, Malta, Grenadines, Egypt, UAE, to name a few. I hadn't quite made it around the world when I fell pregnant and returned to the UK full time. I now work at Andark some weekends when the season is warm and the visibility is great  😂😂 "

Favorite dive- hard to say, as so many, but Manta Point in Bali and Straits of Tiran in Egypt.  🤿🐡🐠🐟🐙🦞

Favorite kit- Mares Volo fins- had the same brand of fins for 18 years and will never change.

Otter Drysuit- for an instructor who hates drysuits this has been the best investment and hasn't failed me yet...

Hobbies- diving of course , anything daring and travelling to hot destinations.

Fav meal - oooohhhh a chicken korma, pilau rice and naan.


Sun is shining and the ladies are ready for another day of training on the water with their Andark Sunglasses 🕶 on!
@e1series potential female pilots 🚤

Photos from Andark Diving and Watersports's post 07/04/2022

Wrap up warm before & after your dip! 🤿🏊‍♀️🏄‍♀️

We're thrilled to hear our Andark Towel robe served @dahliahillweddings very well during a wild swimming trip to Wales, in the famous Blue Lagoon & the glacier lake Llyn y Fan Fach.

"The robe was such a god send after hiking up the mountainside & going for a cold dip!

Brilliant bit of kit, so glad I invested."

Stay warm after your favourite watersport and wrap up in one of our BRAND NEW octopus or shark towel robes ➡️

Andark Diving and Watersports updated their shop. 07/04/2022

Andark Diving and Watersports updated their shop.

Andark Diving and Watersports updated their shop.


Andark BUBBLE SESSIONS run Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6.45pm for certified divers who want to practise their diving skills and trial out new equipment. 

Why not unwind under the water after work 🤿👌

Review by @simonheron

Photos from Andark Diving and Watersports's post 04/04/2022


Carl Yates - Diving Training Manager

As a diver for over 50 years, Carl has some incredible qualifications under his belt and has worked as a professional Instructor since 1991. 

Carl joined Andark back in 1995 -1997 returning in 2013-2018 and started back with us 2021. In between Carl worked on various diving jobs abroad and as a Fireman in Australia. 

He dived on holiday in Spain during the summer of 1970 and instantly fell in love with it, knowing he wanted to take it to the next level.

Carl is now a...

🤿 PADI Course Director

🤿 BSAC Advanced Instructor – First Class Diver

🤿 TDI & PSAI Trimix Instructor

HSE Scuba commercial Diver

🤿 RYA Level 2 Powerboat Instructor and Day Skipper

🤿 Underwater Escape Trainer

WORKED IN: UK, Malta, Egypt, Cyprus, Spain, Sardinia, Kenya

FAVOURITE DIVE: Bloody Bay Wall, Little Cayman, Southern Atolls, Maldives

FAVOURITE KIT: Anything that keeps me safe and dry, probably my Mares Avanti Quatro’s (now about 26 years old)




ONLY 1 week until the RYA SPRING SERIES Kicks off! ARE YOU READY? ⛵

This year it looks like it's all about how to stay warm on the water!


Layer up with thermals, socks, boots, gloves, hood

Make sure your drysuit is in good condition to face the elements - If you stored yours over the winter, it's best to check the cuffs, neck seals & zips are in working order to keep you dry and warm. We offer drysuit repairs and have a range of surface drysuits on our site.

Dry Robes - for when your preparing and need to warm up after your sailing event!

Take a look at our all Sailing clothing and equipment


PERFECT YOUR BUOYANCY and become a more confident diver who can glide effortlessly, use less air and ascend, descend or hover almost as if by thought.

What's more you will be able to observe aquatic life more easily without disturbing their surroundings.


LIMITED SPACES - Book on today

Andark Diving and Watersports updated their shop. 29/03/2022

Andark Diving and Watersports updated their shop.

Andark Diving and Watersports updated their shop.

Photos from Andark Diving and Watersports's post 29/03/2022


Don't forget to stay hydrated over the Easter weekend and join us for some scuba fun in our pool.

We are running our DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING, REFRESHER & BUBBLE sessions on GOOD FRIDAY 15th April & Saturday 16th April 10am & 1pm slots available.

BUBBLE £20pp
DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING without mask & snorkel (bring your own mask & snorkel) £49
DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING without mask & snorkel (bring your own mask & snorkel) £74

Andark Diving and Watersports updated their shop. 24/03/2022

Andark Diving and Watersports updated their shop.

Andark Diving and Watersports updated their shop.


Scuba in style & colour coordinate 👌🤿

Nothing beats @mims2188
pink @beuchat_diving
Maxlux Mask, pink Apeks RK3 fins & Pink Andark make strap. 💕💗

What's your go to dive gear colour & brand?

Our friendly staff love helping our customers choose the best diving equipment for their needs/expertise & style.


Photos from Andark Diving and Watersports's post 23/03/2022


"My athletic prowess consists of being able to float and sink. And that’s it really! Even when I was a little kid I could dive in the deep end for pennies. My dad taught me to snorkel in the 70’s but it wasn’t until I was 28 (1994) that I learnt to dive with Hampstead BSAC. Inland dive site, Gildenburgh Water was my first dive, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Being able to ‘fly’ around in 3 dimensions up the stairs of a double decker bus was just surreal! I was hooked.

I upgraded to a drysuit after a year or so and would do about 50 club dives a year anywhere from Scillies - (seals and soft corals) to the wrecks of Scapa. Can’t say I was there for the history so much as the carpets of stripy pouting silhouetted in the gaps in the hulls. It was so theatrical! 3 years later I was a BSAC instructor and shared the girly love as much as I could.

The BSAC was still quite laddish back in the day and even in my pink and purple drysuit I wanted to be one of the boys. We’d climb over rocks and up lifeboat ramp-ways just to get to dive sites. I dived Dungeness 40 metres in near zero vis and did a 50m dive just to say I could. Nowadays its all about being warm, the people I dive with and capturing some memories to draw for the log book.

I moved to Hampshire and had 10 years of just being a mum and only holiday diving. It wasn’t until the kids were old enough to do a scuba party at Andark that I finally rehydrated. I was hooked again and persuaded cross over to PADI Instructor and have been running the Aquanauts Andark’s own kid’s course for 9-12 year olds at the weekends for the last decade. It’s all in the pool, we’ve done a wreck dive, Halloween night dive with spooky spiders and an Eco dive where the kids learn about how they can make a difference with simple underwater teaching aids.

Fave kit: Still love my tribal ‘Funky Fins’ 25 years on, but close second is my Beuchat snorkel. It’s all one piece, squishy, no bits to lose (KISS!) & it does the job admirably.

My bucket list: Diving with sea otters, I know they are protected but I love a kelp dive so hopefully I’d spot one passing by and diving Mexican Cenotes. The light in some of those caverns is AWESOME. Free diving definitely need to get that under my belt. And the Red Sea always a big draw. Took my baby 4 month old son on a live aboard 22 years ago, and I’m heading there next week for the 5th time. "


Ice diving in Tignes lake while on a skiing holiday
Finding fake pieces of 8 in the Scillies (victim of a practical joke!)
Being a scuba mermaid in a shopping centre fishtank
Diving on Roman Ruins in Naples with my 12 year old daughter
Diving with a basking shark the size of a bus on a Red Sea drop off
Sinking down through the Blue Hole in Gozo
Gin clear Salcombe dive with dogfish and kelp
Bio luminescence on a night dive in Turkey
Mantas in the Maldives
Diving with seals in Lundy

When not underwater Alison is a free lance illustrator under the brand name Pingsweetie-Design and Illustration and a Graphic Designer at Marwell Zoo.



Jumping into the week excited for SPRING SCUBA ADVENTURES! 🤿👌

Going away on a DIVE TRIP this spring/summer and need to PRACTISE YOUR DIVING techniques or feeling a bit rusty after the winter and need to REFRESH YOUR SKILLS under supervision?


We hold Refresher diving sessions on a Monday & Wednesday evenings 6.45-9pm so you can join us after work.

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Stock list of:
Henri lloyd
Magic Marine
U.S Divers
Helly Hansen



256, Bridge Road, Lower Swanwick
SO31 7FL

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 6:30pm
Tuesday 10am - 5pm
Wednesday 10am - 6:30pm
Thursday 10am - 5pm
Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm

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