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Managed to smack out a 5 day off track mission recently. Yellow Brick never missed a beat even when stuck in thick bush. Love your units. Check out our video if you want a laugh.
I have a tracker that is to be inspected tomorrow prior to possible departure on Thursday depending on weather. The unit won’t turn on. Can you please check your support emails. Cheers James
Thank you for providing your system at the The Mint 400 this year! Our supporters loved being able to track from all over the world!
Brilliant tracking webpage and app for the Gordon Bennett Balloon race. Thank you.
Hi! I am looking for a volunteer to help me develop YB3 integration with FastSeas. The goal is to get FastSeas weather routing and departure planning data delivered to the YB3 in response to a request message from the YB3 device. I need someone who owns a YB Tracking YB3 device and is willing to collaborate with me. I can barter a free 3-month subscription in exchange for your help.
Live tracking as we fly a very small plane across the Atlantic here: Theferrypilot.com Thank you YB Tracking

Keep up to date with YB Tracking - your position, to a website, from anywhere on Earth. The tracker will wake up every so often (e.g.

The YB tracker is a rugged and fully self-contained battery operated tracker which works anywhere on Earth. every 15 minutes), obtain a position using the GPS satellite network, and then transmit that position back to YB HQ using the Iridium satellite network in seconds. The message is relayed to us from Iridium, and then we visualize the positions on an easy-to-use web-based viewer. We are the Wo

Operating as usual

“It’s the ultimate team test” | The Ocean Race Preview | Eurosport 29/12/2022

“It’s the ultimate team test” | The Ocean Race Preview | Eurosport

The Ocean Race 2023 is taking a stand and wants to be a catalyst for change by accelerating the protection and restoration of our seas.

These crews will endure some of the biggest challenges known to sailors; however, our oceans face an even more significant challenge.
See how the sailors and organisers will be tackling the responsibility for the oceans at www.theoceanrace.com

YB Tracking is proud to supply trackers for the event as a safety element and to allow family, friends, supporters and the world to follow this incredible endeavour.

The build-up has started, and they are producing videos to encourage change and show this race’s challenges.
The episode is now available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_CCtqF2LIA

Aptly named ‘It’s the ultimate team test’, you will start to understand how passionate these teams and organisers are about the race and the oceans.

Enjoy and be inspired.

“It’s the ultimate team test” | The Ocean Race Preview | Eurosport The Ocean Race kicks off soon and we cannot wait to show you all the action of the toughest test in team sport from every angle. News and coverage from the #...


YB Tracking is attending this year's must see boat show the Paris Nautic Salon.
Visiting exhibitors talking to customers and learning what is new.
If you are about let us know we would love to catch up.
PM us or drop an email to [email protected]
Mon-Wed see you there.

Tapio Lehtinen DISTRESS activation in the Golden Globe Race 25/11/2022

Tapio Lehtinen DISTRESS activation in the Golden Globe Race

Every sailor has a story, the big win, the achievement of traversing an ocean, the joy of being at one with the sea.
However, when that story makes your mouth drop, and you get that strange chilled feeling, it is usually something you want to hear.
Last Friday, YB Tracking was requested to activate a Grab bag tracker, one of our YB3 handheld trackers; the reason was that a sailor had set off an EPIRB, and the onboard YB3i tracker had stopped transmitting. The reason was that the boat had sunk in a matter of minutes.

This story attached will run through all your emotions.

And his account once safe and has time to reflect.

Tapio Lehtinen DISTRESS activation in the Golden Globe Race The Race Returns · Sailing like it's 1968


Good luck and safe sailing to all the entrants in ARC + 2022.


Setting off for the start of the ARC +


YB Tracking is again onsite in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria supporting ARC.
So great to be involved in this event.


Not the voyage he expected.
After winning his division in the 2022 Pacific Cup ("The FUN Race to Hawaii"), Andy Schwenk, former Army Ranger and a professional mariner with over 300,000 miles behind him, set about to sail his Express 37 Spindrift V back to California. Loading up provisions and gathering his crew, he paid little mind to a small, unhealed sore on his ankle.
About halfway across the Pacific, Andy's ankle sore had bloomed into a somewhat concerning infection. Having some trouble with his email, he texted a shoreside pal who reached out to Pacific Cup organisers to ask if a boat nearby could share some antibiotics.
Pac Cup had been tracking the boats. Most had YB trackers; some were followed by AIS, sometimes picked up by passing satellites. Using the positions supplied by YB Tracking, the three closest boats were identified and asked if they would share what they had. All said yes, and the most likely to help, 100 miles away, was asked to meet up with Spindrift.
Organisers tracked the boats over the next twelve hours, advising Spindrift to alter course to the north or Surprise to aim more southwest to minimise time to the meeting. Spindrift's AIS had ceased to transmit, as had their masthead VHF - likely the victim of a knockdown early in the passage. Also damaged was their laptop, so the coordination took place on a shoreside iPhone and eyes on the tracking page. At Pac Cup's request, YB Tracking increased the "ping" rate of the boats for better precision.
The antibiotics were transferred safely at about 1 am. By the following day, however, the conditions had worsened significantly. In consulting with race medical staff at George Washington University, USCG determined that immediate medevac was needed to save Andy's life, or at least his foot.
Activating support under international treaties, a Taiwanese tanker diverted to collect Andy in a rather harrowing transfer ("They threw down a ladder and were shouting in Chinese. I don't speak Chinese.") This time, positions were known from YB and Pac Cup had advised Spindrift to connect their required emergency antenna, so AIS aided the rendezvous.
Two Para jumpers on an Air Force C-130 joined the tanker to tend to Andy. As his condition was severe, when the tanker was 600 miles offshore from the California coast, a veritable air wing of Air National Guard and Coast Guard assets came out to get him to shore: Two helicopters, two C130s and two refuelers, as this was out of helicopter range.
Andy is expected to recover fully when evacuated to a hospital and given treatment for the antibiotic-resistant infection.
The ability of organisers and responders to know the positions of the vessels involved, even when core systems aboard had failed, was critical to the successful outcome of this exercise. Pac Cup thanks YB Tracking for its ongoing support.

Pic credit Pac Cup

Photos from YB Tracking's post 19/10/2022

The Rebelle Rally is over for another year! It's been our privilege to support this epic event, showcasing the best of driving, navigation and mechanical skills. Huge congratulations to everyone who took part; we hear it's life-changing 😍


Race start at the California 300.

Photos from YB Tracking's post 15/10/2022

Race Day for the California 300.
Unlimited class and the Youth 570 & Youth 1000.

Photos from YB Tracking's post 13/10/2022

The terrain at the Rebelle Rally isn't getting any easier on the competitors or the cars! As dawn breaks on day 6, we're increasingly in awe of the competitors' navigation, driving ability, maintenance, creativity... If it was easy, everyone would do it, right?!

Photos from Rebelle Rally's post 11/10/2022

Photos from Rebelle Rally's post

Photos from YB Tracking's post 10/10/2022

Watching the Rebelle Rally kick off in earnest - massive respect to the women taking part in the longest competitive off-road rally in the USA. The lady celebrating with her YB tracker is a personal favourite 😍

Stage 3 starts today - good luck everyone! You're looking incredible!

Photos from YB Tracking's post 07/10/2022

The Rebelle Rally kicks off today! This is an incredible event - 8 days of massively challenging driving and navigation exercises in the Californian and Nevada desert.

Teams have to navigate using maps and compasses - absolutely no GPS allowed - to get to checkpoints, and send a signal back to camp (using a YB3) to indicate where they think they are. At the end of the day, the competitors with the highest number of accurately identified checkpoints wins.

We're really proud to support this event and wish the competitors - who happen to all be badass women - the very best of luck.



British-Belgian pilot, 17, becomes youngest to fly around the world solo 26/08/2022

British-Belgian pilot, 17, becomes youngest to fly around the world solo

A massive congratulations from all the team at YB Tracking to Mack Rutherford.
The 17-year-old landed safely in Sofia, Bulgaria, after a five-month journey across 52 countries and a distance of 29225nm (54124km) to become the youngest person to fly solo around the world.

A mantra many youngsters could follow is one Mack commented after completing the feat "follow your dreams, no matter how old you are".
YB Tracking is proud to support Mack and Zara in their achievements.

Check out the full story here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-62667543
If you would like to see the track of where Mack flew, check out the YB Race Viewer http://yb.tl/MackSolo.

British-Belgian pilot, 17, becomes youngest to fly around the world solo British-Belgian teen flew through sandstorms and spent the night on an uninhabited island to break record.

Photos from YB Tracking's post 12/08/2022

Some events starting this weekend

Salomon Rondane 100

Start and finish in the old mining village Folldal. A small mountain village framed by the majestic Rondane Mountains, the mountains of Dovre and Alvdal Vestfjell. One of the coldest places in Northern-Europe. 700 meters above sea level.

The 2022 Lake Michigan Clipper Cup / 36th Running

The annual Clipper Cup race is administered jointly by Muskegon Yacht Club in Muskegon, Michigan and Port Washington Yacht Club in Port Washington, Wisconsin.


This is a call out to Qantas or British Airways.

Due to being let down by a freight company we now need an urgent request to fly our Race Trackers to Australia.
However due to a rule that states “no commercial quantities allowed” by Airlines we have been denied being allowed to fly, even when paying for the excess baggage.
However airlines may grant exceptions to the rule, however, there is no way of contacting these departments directly.
The devices are all perfectly fine to take on board as checked baggage, it is just the amount.
10 passengers could take 15 trackers each on the same plane with no problem but we are unable to take them as one passenger.
This is an urgent requirement to leave the UK today or tomorrow at the latest otherwise a major sporting event in Australia is in jeopardy of not being able to run.
Do you know someone at Qantas or British Airways that may be able to help?
YB Tracking will go the extra mile for our customers but in this case, we need your help.
Qantas or British Airways are you willing to make this possible?

Photos from YB Tracking's post 23/05/2022

Travelling 400 miles over eight days in the Highlands of Scotland seems like a scenic and wonderful road trip, in the warmth of your car, gazing at the beautiful vista surrounding the hills and lochs of the region.

However, suppose you’re embarking on this journey on foot, in rainy conditions, sleeping in tents at night, carrying all you need to complete the day’s distance in a backpack, and competing against yourself and others. In that case, the car option sounds pretty good to most.

To witness over 270 competitors in this year’s Cape Wrath Ultra leave the shelter of a marquee in Fort William and start this epic journey to Cape Wrath, all with a mighty cheer, rousing applause, and smiling faces to me, was a bit humbling, these adventures were here for the extreme endeavour to conquer this trial, and came from all over the UK and Europe.

I had the task at registration to explain the workings of the YB3; it was their lifeline for help if needed, enabling the Race Control to send and receive messages from anywhere on the journey, allowing them to track competitors, to guide them if they strayed in the wrong direction and notify them with a message, all thanks to the satellite capabilities of the unit. Their faces said it all, some trepidation, some excitement, but most of all, the shire determination to finish.

YB Tracking is proud to be the tracking supplier to Cape Wrath Ultra. We give a huge congratulations to the team at Ourea Events for the planning, logistics and achievement for making all this possible.

This year was the biggest Cape Wrath Ultra to date, and moving forward, it can only grow as people discover the energy and inner will to compete in such an incredible event in such a beautiful part of the world. And a big thanks also goes to all the volunteers who make their time available.

To check out more, go to https://www.capewrathultra.com/ and if you’re looking to enter, do it early.

Photos from YB Tracking's post 04/05/2022

Now that travel restrictions have gone for the most part, the YB Team have again started to support and visit customers abroad.
First stop was with the pocket rocket Mini 650’s at the Pornichet Select 6.50 in the beautiful region of Pornichet, France.

Loick and Phillipe host a fantastic event, creating a true atmosphere and energy that resonates around the small race village set up on the end of the Port de Plaisance de Pornichet.

There were 15 different nationalities, 80 plus boats competing over 300 miles and solo on what was the first event in the French Championship of Offshore Racing in Solo Mini 6.50 (CFCLS).

From a YB point of view, seeing the skippers preparing for this challenge, and chatting to them about the YB3 they had fitted to these small yachts was both engaging and informative for us. Understanding how these sailors rely on the technology YB Tracking provides and the peace of mind it gives them while they are competing in such a high intensity gruelling race.

The fact their families, friends, fans, and sponsors can follow them the entire way via the YB Tracking Race Viewer means that in a small way we can all be a part of the yachting world.

To see all the news and information on this event and other events Loire-Atlantique Offshore Racing presents check out https://www.la-cl.com/en/select-6-50-2022-presentation-gb/


How YB are helping youth achieve goals.

In 1956 there was the birth of an Award that would go on to achieve goals far beyond its founder’s vision.
HRH The Duke of Edinburgh first considered the idea of a national programme to support young people’s development in the autumn of 1954 at the request of his inspiring former headmaster, Kurt Hahn.
Starting in the first year with 7000 participants the Duke of Edinburgh Award now has over 490,000 young people from the age of 14 to 24 completing the four sections of the award, Volunteering, Physical, Skills and Expedition.

YB Tracking is the tracker provider to many of the participants within the Expedition section, allowing the assessment and safety of their journey. As it is described by DofE “For your Expedition section, you will need to plan, train for and complete an unaccompanied, self-reliant expedition with an agreed aim.”
This can be achieved in a variety of ways from on foot, cycling, wheelchair to kayaking and even horse riding.
Having a tried and trusted tracking solution means that participants can achieve these endeavours, and for organisers, teachers and parents knowing they can follow live the progress and check in for their safety.

The YB3 tracker is the perfect chose, as it allows two way communication with the participants and real time locations, coupled with the assessors being able to replay their route and decided if all the goals and criteria were met to give a pass.
The Expeditions have 3 levels Bronze, Silver and Gold.
YB Tracking make it easy with 3 prices for the 3 levels.
The prices listed above include shipping to/from your location, position reports every 15 minutes & the web-based and mobile mapping.
We typically arrange for the units to arrive with you a couple of days before the trek starts, and organise a pickup,
All prices are subject to VAT.
For more information and a proposal please email [email protected]

Photos from YB Tracking's post 21/03/2022

If you need to draw inspiration from the youth of today then look no further than Mack Rutherford.
Most young people today are excited to use a flight simulator program or game, however one young man is following in the footsteps of his older sister and is doing the real thing.
But that’s not just flying about the countryside, it is an attempt to fly around the world solo in a small aircraft.

And when we say older sister, Zara was only 19 years of age when she broke the record for the youngest female to fly around the world solo, and Mack well he is going for the outright record that will appear in the Guinness Book of Records to be the youngest at age 17.

Coming from a family of flyers with both his parent being pilots, Mack has already made a couple of Atlantic crossings in a plane.

YB Tracking is again proud to be a partner in this attempt as we were for Zara’s, using the YB satellite tracker to keep track of him and provide 2 way communication with his support crew at all times.

To follow Mack and get all the information check out his website https://macksolo.com/
We wish him all the best and can’t wait to follow his journey.

So kids believe you can do extraordinary things in all faculties of life.

Photo credits

Photos from YB Tracking's post 21/03/2022

Team YB has just returned from another exceptional overseas event, with supply, support and backup for The Mint 400.

The Mint 400 is the oldest and most prestigious off-road race in America, held in the deserts of Nevada at a small satellite location called Primm, which lies on the Californian and Nevada borders.
Livestream coverage is beamed to over 800,000 viewers worldwide, with 10’s of thousands marching through the gates to witness the spectacular in person.

Over 400 competitors turned out for the 2022 running of the event, with Motorcycles, Off-roaders, Side by sides and purpose-built Class 1 trucks competing.

With temperatures ranging from 2C in the early mornings and into the evenings, the contrast of blue skies with 25+ temperatures during the day it had competitors and Team YB battled the elements, and YB again succussed in supporting the tracking of the event.
One of the outstanding features YB Tracking offers is the ability to track vehicle speeds in the seven different Speed Zones, these include Pit area limits, armed with this data the Race Director is able to allocate penalties to drivers and riders speeding in these zones which in some cases influenced the outcome of the finishing positions once penalties were applied.

YB has worked hard to make this feature accurate and therefore used by the Race Director in an official capacity.

Other events are now understanding the advantage of using the YB3 as their go to satellite tracker in these motorsport events, with accurate, easy to interpret data and a Race Viewer playback to allow proof of offences, it makes enforcing penalties easy.

We look forward to working with Mad Media on their next event, The Californian 300 in October 2022.

For more information on YB Tracking’s Speed Zone feature and all the other benefits from using the YB3 as your satellite tracker of chose, contact Team YB on [email protected]
Mint 400

Photos from YB Tracking's post 24/02/2022


YB Tracking build a robust proven satellite tracker called the YB3.

It is designed and manufactured at our Whiteley facilities in the UK and tested all over the world in some extreme conditions, like the Bass Strait in Australia with the Sydney Hobart Race, the deserts of America and now one of the toughest tests the snow of Minnesota.

COR Powersports run a Snowmobile race series and this weekend sees YB Tracking again supplying our YB3 trackers for their event.

The really test comes with temperatures dropping to -30 degrees, although the trackers are designed to handle these temps, when you add to that racing around at speeds of up to 150mph in snow over a 500 mile race, that’s a workout for any device.
All said and done the YB3’s came through and now will be used on the Nisswa 100 event this weekend.

A big thanks to Todd and the team for making YB Tracking their satellite tracker provider, and we wish all the competitors a safe race this weekend.
And great to see a company like AMSOIL INC being the tracking sponsor on this event.
Check all the news and race reports at https://corpowersports.com/

Follow the race via the YB Tracking website www.ybtracking.com or view on the YB Races app.


Check out San Diego Yacht Club posts for their up coming San Diego to Puerto Vallarta starting soon.
YB Tracking are proud to be the tracker supplier for this event.


72nd Adelaide to Port Lincoln Yacht Race

We were delighted to have again supported the Adelaide to Port Lincoln Yacht Race, now in its 72nd year. Marking the start of the Teakle Classic Lincoln Regatta 2022, the Adelaide to Port Lincoln Yacht Race is South Australia’s premier ocean racing event and began on the 18th February.

This was YB Tracking’s 9th year of tracking the event, which saw 25 boats compete in the 156 nautical mile race. Leaving outer harbour / North Haven at 1500 (ACDT), the boats headed south-west to Marion Reef at the foot of York peninsular, along the foot to Cape Spencer before moving north-west, past Wedge and Thistle Islands and Dangerous Reef before heading into Boston Bay and Port Lincoln.

Full tracking of the race can be viewed here https://yb.tl/plyw2022

YB Tracking would like to congratulate Ichi ban on their fourth straight win and wish all who are taking part in the regatta, a great week of sailing and celebrations on your 72nd anniversary.

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Race start at the California 300.
From all of us at YB Tracking we wish you all a Happy Halloween. Stay safe & have a spooky celebration 🎃👻#halloween #hal...




Unit 8, Fulcrum 2, Whiteley, Fareham

Opening Hours

Monday 8:30am - 5pm
Tuesday 8:30am - 5pm
Wednesday 8:30am - 5pm
Thursday 8:30am - 5pm
Friday 8:30am - 5pm

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