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The path can be long, uncomfortable and tiring but keep moving forward...

✅️ Keep drilling down on the detail!

✅️ Keep focus on your End Game!

✅️ Keep dampening the negatives and loving the positives!

✅️ Keep the love for the process! 💪

⚽️⚾️🥎🏀🏐🏈 Balls in your court - You choose your mood!


When the devil is on your shoulder you don't stop! 🤷‍♀️

You train for race day! Your body is ready, Mind set in place then it's show time 👏

Enjoy the process! Representing 🌈



Be coachable...

What sort of coach do you want?

One that is excepting of your every excuse? One that allows the same conversations over fundamentals every week? One that keeps the cog turning but never quite pushes you to swearing point which you're ok with as its easy right?

If so... Keep scrolling ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ politely but bluntly I ain't for you! 🙏

What sort of coach do you need?

One that holds you to your investment? One that understands your goal? One that drills a skill and drives understanding? One that makes you feel comfortable feeling uncomfortable?

I coach honestly and directly, I'm investing my time in you as much as you're investing time and money in me! The partnership has to work to get a return!

TAKE HOME: Be Coachable

1-1 Availability



Monday morning never looked so sweaty! 💪

They took on the challenge I set this morning and nailed it!

The rule: Don't stop moving!


Thank you to those who attended my OCR workshop this morning 💪 This is the stuff I love and I love to coach it.

Sometimes we are too quick to give up at the point fail! These skills in particular take time, Perseverance and acceptance to fail!

Take your time, drill the skill and put it all together for the result. A very small % of the population nail these obstacles on the first try!

Let your inner monkey 🐒 out 👏 Get used to feeling uncomfortable


Lets power up ready for the OCR workshop at The Fitness Hut this Sunday 💪💪

It's a sell out 👏👏👏

Whats your biggest OCR obstacle? ⬇️⬇️


I think it's fair to say she loves training, Always 😁 smiling (well mostly when not side eyeing me 🤣)

My longest serving client 🙏 smashed 90kg squat last night with a smooth, controlled and safe squat in her 1-1 session then took on my Boxercise class for a further hour 🫡🥵

Is it time you found the love of training?

Find a better you 💪💪 Be more Penny


Running is a public test of private will!

You can change your mindset today! 🙏


Ready to hang out on Sunday?

OCR skills workshop 0900am The Fitness Hut

What's your problem obstacle?

Photos from LC Fitness's post 19/04/2024

In a world of grey, Allow yourself a little dash of colour


Keep doing you 💪💪💪

Whats your favourite colour?

Daniel Pitts Media


Super proud of those who put in a shift yesterday at The Fitness Hut at its first The Games 1.0 event. A new event to the gym space but I think it went down a storm.

Proud to take the guys through their paces! Rest ain't always easy is it? 🥵🤣

I can't wait to plan and get 2.0 on the cards 👏👏

Who wants more?

Do we raise the stakes? 🫡


Photos paint a shed load of emotions.

Having support within this crazy life is everything!

Find those to support and seek out those that support you 🙏 The burden gets so much lighter with great people in your life.

Cheerleading is a sport! ❤️

Photos from LC Fitness's post 08/04/2024

📸📸 Client Motivation

When Daniel came to me during my Run Programme and asked my advice and ultimately for my help I jumped at the chance! I knew how big this was going to be! Did Dan? I'm not sure...

He started a 12 week intermediate level marathon training plan not one he could shy away from! 5 days a week 2 1-1 sessions with me and 3 independent but structured sessions for running, speed and hill work!

There was no rest! 12 weeks + a few and ABP Southampton Marathon was the goal. I never doubted the outcome! Dan's drive and discipline is to be applauded 👏 Throughout training even at the toughest moments he's dug in where many throw in the towel.

We will falter in training that's 100% ok but I don't allow goals to fail.

Now relax and enjoy the achievement 🎖

Take a bow Dan, It's been a pleasure.

Photos from LC Fitness's post 08/04/2024

Client Shout Out! 📸📸📸

The target: London Landmarks Half Marathon raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support

The journey: Is always a rough ride but makes the outcome so much easier to achieve! Its designed that way! Continued Bootcamp sessions for cardio and 1-1 leg focus sessions with me for strength and stability have seen a massive improvement in performance. Battling niggles but never being set back by it!

The result: Ran London Landmarks Half Marathon raised over £800 for Macmillan Cancer Support! 💚

All this done with a smile on her face! An absolute pleasure to work with Jayne shes hard as nails this one! I never doubted the result 🎖🎖 Plus I had the pleasure of cheering her around the course 👏

Take a bow! See you at training tomorrow 🤪

Photos from LC Fitness's post 05/04/2024

Great week with my 1-1 clients 👏👏

Remember It's all about balance 🤸 Whilst I roast mum's legs Evelyn lifts a 20kg kettlebell then uses it as a gymnastics horse! 🤦‍♀️ 🤣 💪

Inspire others daily! 🙏


This is no joke! With 1,440 minutes in a day!

You can afford 60 working on yourself! 💪🙏

Cut the BS and start now!

TAKE HOME: Always zoom in on photos! It was the longest 60 minutes right?

Photos from LC Fitness's post 31/03/2024

Spring is reaching out for help, Summer is looking on and can't wait to come out to play!

Be ready! Want some colour in your life? Or keep to the dark side? I have made sure this kit allows you to do you! Wear with confidence 💪

No limits - if its available you can have it in whatever colours - Its your style


1-1 coaching isn't for everyone but when it is you will reep huge rewards! Physically and mentally.

As a coach I am there to listen, guide, motivate, inspire but not accept excuses! I don't accept excuses, They are mildly interesting. You did or didn't keep to plan? 🤷‍♀️

There is no point staying in the past - my job is to improve your future. Guide you down a new path because evidently the last one didn't work otherwise we would not be here now! 🙏

With that in mind don't shoot the messenger, You are investing in me to hold you to your commitments! YOU have to be coachable.

👏 Be willing to try your absolute hardest - I will prove you have more to give!

👏 Expect to fail - I will prove winning comes from many failed attempts

👏 Expect to want to give up - I will prove giving up is never an option!

👏 Understand your end game - I will prove a plan can be completed with the greatest results.

TAKE HOME: What's said on the gym floor stays on the gym floor!

I'll have your back - for 1-1 availability message me 👍


In less than a month 25 take on the first The Fitness Hut Games 👏👏

Outfoxed Fitness and myself will take the teams through their paces with some hybrid workouts and a leaderboard to fill 💪💪

Where's the bling I hear you shout.... 🎖🎖🎖

Your new style glass medal awaits the participants 😍


Whatever makes you the most uncomfortable is your biggest opportunity for growth.

Avoidance will kill the opportunity!

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable however heavy those chains are! Take control of your uncomfortable

You will experience growth in abundance 🙏


I will be leading this new class at The Fitness Hut starting in April.

If you love a little boxing why not add a little fitness and 💥💥💥 you have an ultimate Boxercise class 🥊🥵

Open to all abilities, Come and get involved these classes for only £6 😳 they will sell out! find out more - classes

Book now or miss out!


I can now add Boxercise to my fitness CV, Bringing a little boxing, fitness and fun into your training regime.

Keep your eyes posted in the morning for new class news and how to book on with me 🥊🥊👏👏


Do you have a challenge you need help to achieve?

Are you wondering where to start?

Are you struggling to get your plan started?

Do you even have a plan?

👍 Find a coach that understands you and supports the importance of your goal!
👍Find a coach that doesn't take your excuses!
👍Find a coach that will deliver your goal alongside you!

1-1 training available - Get in touch


Let's have a chat 🤔🤔

What do you train for?

⛔️ Don't train to lose weight!
⛔️ Don't train for a big b***y!
⛔️ Don't train for a six pack!
⛔️ Don't train for a result in the mirror!

Train to play with your kids
Train to pick up the shopping more comfortably
Train to walk up the stairs unaided
Train to manage your anxiety
Train for good posture
Train for improved skeletal strength
Train to prevent injury
Train for more energy
Train to sleep better

There are so many positive reasons to train - So tell me what do you train for?


A picture paints a thousand words! 🙏

Two years ago we had a very similar photo at the same event! 🥊🥊

This ladies determination, focus and strength is immense! This year the result was no different but the ex*****on was a game changer! 💪

A friend and client I'm super proud- I don't hug just anyone! 🤗


What is worse than a marathon? 🏃🏃‍♂️

The training for it! Eyes on the weighted LUNGE WALK!

If you want to improve your running improve your leg power! It's simple! Don't fail at the first hurdle.

This guy has become a beast! 3 weeks and counting 👌👌 This was the final stage of a 45min roasting 🥵

Need help then get a coach that makes you lunge walk a lot! 💪


When clients get strong it's just the best!

Strong minds drive a strong lift!

You can't master this stuff in turbo speed, It takes a lot of drills, energy, time and accessory work to encourage the body to respond to this ask! 🏋

105kg This is all

Photos from LC Fitness's post 08/03/2024

International Womens Day.... 🩷💙🧡💛💚

I work with a ridiculous amount of strong women! Here are just a few... 😍😍

Tag a strong man 💪💪


👀 How about a Rainbow style robe??

😍😍😍 only £75


It's time to get up and get your on 🥵🥵

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 New New New 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

What you've all been waiting for 💪

Morning training has arrived at The Fitness Hut in the form of a 6 week programme starting on 8th April 2024

2 sessions weekly Mon & Thurs for 45mins no hassle booking on, once you are on the programme the world is your oyster 💪

🔥Structured workouts
🔥Expert guidance and instruction
🔥Support network
🔥Sweat included, Results loading....
🔥100% attendance rewarded

If this is for you then sign up now ⬇️⬇️

Don't delay jumping on - spaces will sell

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Southampton?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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