Forest Massage Therapy

Forest Massage Therapy


Having played Sport for most of my life and incurred many injuries I've had numerous Sport Massages. In September of this year I was particularly sore and tight around my neck and shoulders so I contacted Georgina at Forest Massage Therapy. I was immediately impressed with Georgina's knowledge and Professionalism. I not only received an immediate release of pain but also enjoyed the experience so have continued with a bi-weekly session. My Lifestyle of driving and travelling doesn't seem to help but Georgina has given me exercises to do in between her visits which have been really helpful. I would certainly highly recommend 'Forest Massage Therapy'. Thank you Georgie.

Hello to all. I am Qualified, Insured Sports Injury, Remedial, Soft Tissue Massage Therapist and Swedish Massage Therapist, I am happy to help you.

Each of us is different and we all have different problems: Injuries from either sport, or every day life and that could be strains, sprains, overuse syndrome, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, muscle tear of any grade, knee or foot problems I can go on. I am here to assess, treat and advice also to improve your pain and discomfort. I believe that every person should have regular massages, to maintai

Operating as usual


I am very proud of my clients, they are really listening and taking in my advice and exercises. They are even going a step further to get 20% off from me, for being a star 🌟 YAY 😃😘


Excitement for you all who have not seen my treatment room yet. Well I have been up all this time doing 2 different types of videos for my treatment room 💝 WAIT AND SEE I’ll put it up tonight. It is 12:20am so not doing it now 💤😴 😘 xx


Good Evening lovely people xx
SO Friday 18th February we managed to get through Eunice Storm. But now we are dealing with Franklin Storm tonight and tomorrow. I would like to know HOW YOU ALL FEEL?
IF I GO FIRST you have to tell me how you feel to ? 😘 I am feeling nervous, anxious and worried, so I am trying to keep busy, but I am feeling the pressure in my body SO WHAT SHOULD I DO ABOUT IT? 🤔 WELL I am stretching and learning to breathe as well as getting a massage, eating correctly for my body and mind. ALL of this is important to keep healthy. Have a bit of chocolate as well 😀

Will say I am feeling for all the people who have no electricity at the moment, I hope you are keeping safe and under candle light with a warm blanket over you, some people may think they are camping, I am sure my dad thinks so he has enough experience 😀.


You are not alone, let it go


STRESS CAN BE A KILLER!! We are all affected with the pricing going up not only that we have been affected by the lockdown. Life is hard and brings on Anxiety attacks, pressure, headaches, bowel issues, high blood pressure, PAIN, the list goes on.
Having a massage brings out the happy hormones, resets your mind, body and soul and recharges your batterie’s. It’s important for you to look after YOU! So come and have a treatment and let go of your worries and have a chat with me. 😘😃 @forestmassagetherapy


Does STRESS spring to mind?!
We are all dealing with prices rising:
Electric & Gas bills
Food, Clothing,
Fuel and much more. Not only that we also had to face lockdown and the STRESS which went with that.
STRESS can be a KILLER it can effect our whole body in different ways. It can bring on Anxiety, overwhelming amount of pressure mentally, emotionally or physically. You can feel:
Shortness of Breath,
Bowel issues,
The list goes on.
The Musculoskeletal System is one out many of the other system from the body which is effected. Our muscles contracts and restricts blood flow, which causes aches and pains.
So WHY is a massage important to reduce STRESS and decrease all of what I said ⁉️
Well having a massage relaxes your mind and body and increases blood flow and bathes you in a 'Happy Hormone' 😊 which are endorphins, oxytocin and serotonin. Massage also calms the nervous system, helps you to unwind and recharge your batteries. I WILL also say Talking to an outsider can release all the worry, concerns and STRESS.
Please Visit my website for more information.

Forest Massage Therapy



Hello To you all Lovely people. How are you on this Sunday night?
Do you remember a while ago in October I mention that I am now a Qualified Hot Stone Massage therapist and will be adding new things to my website and doing new CPD courses? WELL I HAVE been working hard in the background before I start to put things on air.
I had to do all the boring stuff like insurance, becoming a member with the Federation of Holistic Massage (FHT) I am all ready a member with the (ISRM). Putting more on my webiste, which will be a ongoing subject, moving and preparing my new treatment room to make it warm and welcoming to you all. ALL is done, I now can concentrate on YOU and Treat YOUR aches and pains.
Even though I was doing all the boring stuff I also did two courses on Myo Fascia with James Earl who also works with Tom Myers. Tom is known for his Anatomy Trains and it was a fascinating mind blowing course and I use some techniques to my clients.

GUESS WHAT come Wednesday look out for my advert in the Herald Magazine which goes around Hythe and Waterside area, you will read about me and my business as well as an advert.
From then on every week I will write about interesting studies about how life in general can effect us and why Massages, exercise, stretches and strengthening is so important.

Love you all

Georgie xx


So tomorrow I get to have a massage myself.
Massage therapists, physiotherapists and other professionals also have to do their exercises and get treatments themselves. Otherwise they can’t treat you if they can’t be at their best.
“Everyone and anyone needs a massage”
“Athlete or no Athlete, massage is your cure”


Another good day at the office 🥰


It’s Cold outside 🥶
Come into the warmth, relax and let the hot stones take your:
Tiredness and fatigued muscles away.
Feel the warm basalt stones do their magic, drifting you to a world of tranquility.
Georgie welcomes you to her warm and inviting treatment room in Holbury.
Looking forward to hearing from you ❤️


I am now a qualified Hot stone Massage therapist watch this space, I will be adding new things to my website and new CPD courses which includes sports injury/remedial, holistic, equine, psychology the whole lot regarding massage, people, horses and listening to others through out the years.
Absolutely fascinating on reading and studying about ‘pain’ and how it effects us all by cutting ourselves to damaging the nervous system and to psychogenic which comes from emotional pain.
Next study is stress and anxiety.


Beautiful ride with a good friend ❤️


It’s so lovely to see one of my massage clients I love listening to his stories, this is one or the reasons why I become a massage therapist to listen and care for others


"I suffer with persistent migraines, possibly made worse by a stiff neck and shoulders. I booked an appointment with Georgie. She did a really thorough job of massaging out all of the 'knots' from my neck and shoulders.
Two days after the massage I felt amazing, and I didn't get another migraine for three weeks (I usually get them at least once a week). I'd thoroughly recommend Georgie. She's great at what she does and is a lovely person."

Hythe and Waterside small business community group
Hythe, Southampton, United Kingdom
Langley, Hampshire
Facebay Fawley Hythe And Holbury
I love Lymington


"My time with you is time for you" my quote to you xx ❤️
Hythe and Waterside small business community group
Hythe, Southampton, United Kingdom

Come and see me for a unique experience.
If you want relax and unwind a Swedish Massage is what you need.
If you are in PAIN? come and see me and have a Sports injury massage which is adaptable to your needs.

looking forward to seeing you.
Georgie xx


2 new videos on there way 😀


"Georgina's massage was a delightful experience. In the comfort of my own home she gently positioned me appropriately and as I suffer with my sinuses, she concentrated on my face, relaxing the cells enhancing drainage."
(Katrina - Nurse)


Another happy client tonight, went rather deep and it was worth it, it was a work out for me.
So if you like a strong deep massage please contact me

Photos from Forest Massage Therapy's post 01/06/2020

Evening ride with my boy 💙


A Special Day for all the Mother’s out there on the 22nd March.
Give your mum a relaxing Swedish Massage with my 10% offer off the first treatment.
Come and have a massage in my treatment room it has comfortable throws and a electric blanket to make it all cosy, relaxing music to your liking and dimmed lights to relax your mind and body.
I offer a 90 minute Swedish Massage which will give you longer time to relax,
Or 1 hour massage.


How exciting just enrolled onto a myofascial course in March.
Myofascia is very interesting it allows us to move and helps with our muscles and joints to give us elasticity 😃

Timeline photos 22/01/2020

Timeline photos 22/01/2020

Timeline photos


Do you have to go outside in this cold weather?
Are you feeling the winter blues?
Are you getting this nasty cold/flu?
Come and have a massage that you well deserve, in my warm relaxed treatment room with a electric blanket on to make it even more cosy.
A friendly welcome awaits you with £5 off your first treatment

Timeline photos 22/01/2020

Beautiful spring is on its way


🌟🌟exciting offer £5 off your first treatment, that can either be a Swedish Massage or Sports/remedial massage. 🌟🌟🌟

Forest Massage Therapy updated their address. 29/11/2019

Forest Massage Therapy updated their address.

Forest Massage Therapy updated their address.


Its the Christmas Season ho ho ho
What offer is in your stocking?
Because it's Christmas and to Celebrate my new treatment room in the new forest:-
I am giving out £5 off your first treatment with me for the Christmas season that's £35 for a sports/Remedial massage, the treatment will be tailored to your needs.


A bit about me.
A few years ago I qualified as a Sports Injury and Remedial Massage Therapist, I was all ready a Swedish Massage therapist and so I went up the ranks as they call it to get up first year degree in Sports Injury Massage.
What made me want to go into this Industry you may ask? well I have had 12 + years of working and riding in all different disciplines with horses that was polo, endurance, horse behaviour, racing yard, riding schools etc and in this time I have seen people break their backs, necks, injured themselves from falling of horses, whip lashed by horses spooking, even injuring themselves doing stables chores. My parents are both in the medical world and so I thought massage is a good place to start helping people. Once I qualified with the LSSM it opened my eyes to a lot more in this industry.
I now help people to have no pain via massage and I am also a staff at the M.S. Society on a Thursday at Lesley Boyd clinic under my lovely employer Caroline Birch who also is a good friend to my mother.
I help people with Medical Conditions, Athletes, Riders the list goes on.
My quote is 'Athlete or no Athlete Massage is your cure' which means everyone can and does deserve a massage.

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Chapter two PAIN in my pelvis
Chapter 1 my pelvis



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