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Barbell Asylum Strength & Fitness


Happy New Year Everyone!!

So I know you have all been waiting to find out more about Breeze In Breeze Out Fitness… here it’s is 👏🏼

It’s time to get that heart rate pumping, burn those calories, feel, look fabulous 💖 and join me with my adventure of Hiitstep

It’s here and ready to launch 🚀 As I mentioned more sessions per week and another location 👏🏼

And it all starts as soon as next weekend 🤩

✅ Sunday 16th Jan 8.30-9.30 @ Barbell Asylum Southampton
Barbell Asylum Strength & Fitness

✅ Tuesday 18th Jan 6pm - 7pm or
Tuesday 7pm - 8pm @ Butterfly 🦋 Studios Eastleigh
Blue Butterfly Studios

What is Hiitstep? It’s a cardio based workout, using a step where you can burn up to 400 calories in 30 minutes!!

🌟 It’s award winning 🌟

Well look no further… comment below 👇 or send me a message 😊 to book your slot!!

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#dontbelazyitstimetogocrazy The HIIT Company
Wednesday morning goals… 1st day of my holiday, up bright and early to start the day 💪🏼 Working on my goals and hit a PB today 🤩
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#nothingbreezieaboutit Barbell Asylum Strength & Fitness
✅lose up to 1lb of fat per day. Ideal for both men and women
🔥Ketosis Forces your body to Burn Fat for Energy instead of Carbs
🤩Get slim, healthy, and confident again with our unique keto supplement.
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Great morning taking my first sessions at Barbell Asylum Strength & Fitness today to help out!!
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👇🏽👇🏽 Check this out for the day set for my LIVE!!

I was at..Strength & Performance Southampton🏋🏼‍♀️
I feel more knackered filming this than Beautiful doing it🤣
Edit the rest of the video now 🤓
Watch this space.....
Awesome Zoom workout session with everyone at Strength & Performance Southampton 💪💪👍😅😅!!

Was an excellent workout that really got my heart thumping & muscles aching (only using power bands), seeing everyone working out, laughing and having fun was the next best thing to working out in the gym, good to see you all. Jonathan Soares Keira Soares
Merry Christmas guys!!! 😘
To everyone who has donated so far to this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You're all bloody amazing!! Donations have been awesome. It humbles me that often times those with the least somehow manage to give away the most. We're doing well, but not as well as last year 😒

To everyone who has made a promise of a donation but hasn't yet had the chance to do the transfer, please could you do so by this Wednesday (18th).

To everyone else......if you can spare a few quid it'll go a long way!! Your kids probably don't really need yet another toy that will end up in a drawer and you can definitely manage without that extra bottle of sparkly or another pudding. 😉

Drop me a message for my paypal or bank details.

In the words of Bob Geldolf - Give me your money!

Make Christmas Great Again!

Peace ✌️🎄
That's the gym closed down for the week ready for the weekend classes!
There isn't much more satisfying than a clean gym! 😍 Strength & Performance Southampton
Hello, we make gym equipment, take a look: :)

There’s a craving for a more sustainable, realistic methodology for getting in shape. Across the world the words “sustainable” has become more attractive than the “quick fix”, “fad diets”, “commercial gym” words.

Barbell Asylum is a private gym based in Southampton. Whether it’s weight loss, toning, strength or sport specific training, we have a program to suit you. We are a community where everyone supports and motivates each other. We offer group sessions, nutrition, 1-2-1, PT boxing, and most importantly a place that you can train without judgement and get the results you have been longing for!

Operating as usual


Saturday morning fire …. 🔥🔥 Great shift this morning !


What a session … 🔥♥️

Photos from Barbell Asylum Strength & Fitness's post 17/03/2022

“Shake your Shamrocks” ☘️👊🏼

This lot make me smile every Thursday… it does not matter what I throw at them… they own it… keep smashing goals & leave with big smiles on there faces 😍

Want to join a gym that can give you all this… then send us a message!!

Happy St Patrick’s Day from Barbell Asylum ☘️


Working along side a group of people that are not only on the same journey as you … BUT … are also celebrating your every step … can only end to success !! 😊🔥😊


Eat the frog first 🐸!


Great shift this morning ! It was a vibe ….. ( that’s what the cool kids say …. Right ? ) 😊


Our community is pure 🔥!!


Ladies kiiling thier workout 🔥🔥

Who runs the world ? 🔥


Summer bodies ……. ENGAGE !! 🔥🔥🔥


Them saturdays … 🔥


Exercise the miracle cure ?

Being healthy and fit should not be reserved for only a "few" ! ☺️


Don’t be that guy ….

Imagine still being able to eat the food you love , and still get great results !!

✅ never miss another social event

✅ lose fat

✅ gain muscle


Sleep is so Important. The secret to the cheapest and easiest performace enhancing solution is SLEEP !

1. Keep a regular schedule. Our bodies like regularity. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same times.

2. Keep alcohol and caffeine moderate. Both will interfere with sleep. Try to avoid caffeine within 8-9 hours of your bedtime.

3. Do a brain dump. Take a few minutes to write out a list of whatever is bugging you.

4. Turn off electronics. Digital devices stimulate our brain. We recommend unplugging from all screens at least 30 minutes before bed.

5. Exercise regularly. Physical movement (especially @ the Asylum) can promote restful sleep at night.

There are many more ways to get better sleep, if you need more help comment below.

P.S BONUS one, especially for men, helps to increase natural testosterone .....

6. Keep it cool. Anywhere from 15-20 C appears to work best at night. ( seriously for men this can be crucial to help waking up "erect" and ready for the day ! )


Helping our men and women lose fat and build muscle !

Is it possible to lose fat and build muscle in 30 days ..?

Short answer … YES !! 😊

Every single person that follows out protocols will see a drop in body fat and an increase in muscle mass …. FACT ! 🔥🔥


Why you should aim to be like Captain Marvel ….

Well ….. Brie Larson had to get ready to play a super hero in a marvel movie ….

But first - she needed to get into superhero shape

She needed to get strong , fit and conditioned

She had to train for 9 months, training almost everyday , 6-7 days a week with a coach, lifting heavy and following a conditioning program along side so she could keep up with the fight scenes for the movie. That’s 9 months, 270 days of training everyday for 3-4 hours a day, you do the math all I know is it’s a lot !

Why is this relevant to you ….

✅ Change takes time

✅ Strength training should be the foundation

✅ You need to be consistent

✅ Be patient

P.S I know. you are not a celebrity that has the time to train 2-4 hours a day, everyday , with a dedicated coach that only has you for a client… BUT…. I can promise you that you to can change the way you look and feel in the same time as Captain Marvel !

P.S.S What if I said it was possible to get sustainble change in 12 weeks , just 3 hours a week … 🔥🔥


Half term Shenanigans

Half term shenanigans …. These guys have been smashing their sessions !

Sometimes understanding the difference between motivation and discipline is one of biggest driving factors in reaching your goals !

Sometimes ……

❌ You don’t feel motivated …

❌ You feel you are just going through the motions

❌ You feel like it’s just not working …

✅ But, with discipline and a plan …

✅ You can get through these low moments because they are temporary, , only if you keep moving forward, no matter how slow as long as it’s forward.

✅ Motivation returns when discipline delivers results !!

These guys are always moving forward and understand that sometimes it’s not always smooth sailing, but the sun is always brightest after the storm !

Barbell Asylum – Strength and Fitness. We Will Transform Your Body, Guaranteed. 22/02/2022

Barbell Asylum – Strength and Fitness. We Will Transform Your Body, Guaranteed.


And for your trouble you can get our> fat loss guide !

Barbell Asylum – Strength and Fitness. We Will Transform Your Body, Guaranteed. Strength & Fitness


Asylum mornings …. Are the best mornings ! 😊🔥

Nothing like a bit of *metabolic conditioning* to get that lean strong body !

*Fancy way of saying “working your a$$ off” !!

BA Go Ninja Warrior Style 20/02/2022

BA Go Ninja Warrior Style

How we roll @ Barbell Asylum 👊🏼 Saturday night with the gym family @ Ninja Warrior 💪🏼

Thank you Breezer Productions for capturing a great night ❤️

Why would you not want to join a gym, that’s not just a gym… we train together 💪🏼 become friends 😊 create a family feel 🥰 and get to socialise together 🥳

Send us a message and come join the BA family… we can’t wait to welcome and meet you all ❤️

BA Go Ninja Warrior Style Another outing for Barbell Asylum gym guys ..Had a call two check out their fun night out with the gang.. and do a little video for them...Ninja Warrior Sout...


🛑 ⚠️RED ALERT⚠️ 🛑 ….. big storm coming …

…. Did not stop these maniacs ….

….. Just another day at the Asylum …..

These guys came In hot 🔥 this morning …. 🔥!


Love Thursdays ❤️ I get to be the other side and coach 👊🏼

These guys were incredible tonight ❤️ they were on 🔥 and total superhero’s 🦸🏻‍♀️🦸🏼‍♂️

Want to know what it’s all about and what makes these guys come back week on week 🤔 Simple… message us to find out how you can join the family ❤️


Ever heard of this rule?

By that Pareto fella?

Where 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes?

It applies to pretty much everything.

Its how all our members get great results.

How .....? Read on ....

20% of drivers cause 80% of the accidents

20% of criminals commit 80% of the crime

20% of computer viruses cause 80% of the software problems

And so on.

“Okay, but why should I care?”

I’ll tell you.

Because the 80/20 rule goes for transforming your body as well.

In fact, it’s probably more like 90/10

The breakdown doesn’t really matter.

The point is:

If you spend more time on the 10 or 20% of things that produce 80 or 90% of your results

Then guess what?

You’ll get better results

In less time.

Want to know what that 10 or 20% is?

Here’s two key parts...

1. Hitting your calorie target

Aiming for fat loss?

You need to be in a calorie deficit.

Which means consuming slightly less calories than you need.

Now, in the simplest terms possible

You’ll start to burn body fat for fuel

Which means you’ll get leaner

And your friends will start asking what you’ve been up to​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Don’t go mad with this and eat next to nothing though

‘Cos you’ll feel like crap

No energy.

No focus.

And you’ll become reliant on coffee.

(and you can’t possibly drink more caffeine than you do already)

Trying to build muscle?

You need to be in a calorie surplus.

So consume slightly more calories than you need.

This gives your body the building blocks it needs to grow.


2. Do strength training

Or resistance training.

Whatever you wanna call it.

Basically, lift weights.

And aim to get stronger as you do it.

This builds some muscle

Which makes your body ‘look better’ as you lose fat

Plus you’ll be less likely to get injured

And doing stuff will be easier

Like taking all 32 bags of shopping in from the car

Without needing “a minute” for the rest of the day.

Even if you just did those two things.

- Hit your calorie target

- Followed a strength training program

(and did them consistently)

You’d get impressive results.

I guarantee it.

PS. Rather not try and figure this out all on your own?

....... comment 👍 and we will be in touch !


Typical morning at the ASYLUM …. 😊🔥💪


Summer body ….. loading …… 😊☀️🌴🏖


Another one of our members sharing in our members area !

Here is to another 2 stone loss ! 🔥😊🤩


So much fun and sweat this morning …


Summer body …. Loading …


Way too much sweat 😅 and fun 🤩 was had this morning … 😊🔥

Photos from Barbell Asylum Strength & Fitness's post 09/02/2022

Summer bodies are built in winter …. 🔥🔥


This is no ordinary gym 🤩

Exercise not only changes your body 🏋🏻‍♀️
It changes your mind 😍
Your attitude and your mood 🔥

This gym is a family 👊🏼 and all about community 🥰


Saturday’ mornings are a vibe …. Every Saturday at 7 am …. Starting the weekend on a positive.

These guys were fire 🔥

A fitness shift is occurring, and it’s fit as hell.

There’s a craving for a more sustainable, realistic methodology for getting in shape. Across the world the words “sustainable” and “S&P” has become more attractive than the “quick fix”, “fad diets”, “commercial gym” words.

Barbell Asylum is leading that charge, a movement that breeds fitness warriors and bleeds the royal blood of “investment returns” in squat thrusting harmony.

Investment not only in your health and fitness journey, but also in business. We’re quietly, albeit stealthily picking up pace, demanding unrealistic modification from the market.

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New Year New You @ Barbell Asylum!!
Last Saturday befor Christmas 🎄🎅🏼👊🏼
Christmas @ Barbell Asylum
Barbell Ayslum - Saturday Sweat
S A T U R D A Y S  B U R N 🔥
140kg Deadlift!




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Opening Hours

Monday 6am - 8:30pm
Tuesday 6am - 8:30pm
Wednesday 6am - 8:30pm
Thursday 6am - 8:30pm
Friday 6am - 8:30pm

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