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A great app for getting dancers together from their own home so they can still dance together 💕💃
I have 2 tickets for River dance on Wed April 15th. 7.30pm for sale. Seats are in the stalls row p 22 and 23. Cost is £110.
Give me shout if you are interested in buying them. Thanks lorrainr
Afternoon, is anyone selling x2 tickets for Christmas show next week? 🤞
Hair essentials - all available at Primark!

• Hair bands
• Bun pins (Buy - packed in box)
• Grips (Buy - packed in box)
• Hair nets
Good job!!👯‍♀️👯‍♂️
Well done to all the girls tonight! Not bad attempts!!

Keep practicing at home, you are all on the right track😊 Look forward to seeing your buns next week!

...more pictures on the way
Hello Ballet mums and dads,

Just a reminder that at the beginning of each class today I will be teaching our ballerinas how to do their own hair.

If you are able to bring your own hair thinks along that would be very helpful! As I only have a limited amount.

Thank you, see you all later :)
Hello everyone!

Fabulous first week back last week, lovely to see everyone! Please keep up the good work!

Most of you also looking very professional with your uniform and hair.

Next week if you’d like me to do a mini masterclass on teaching the girls how to go their own ballet bun during the lesson, please comment a 👍🏽 below.
It’s good fun for them to learn for themselves - gives them something to practice and achieve, at home too! (Also saves you lovely parents an extra job!😊)
Exam check: Just listing uniform, hair and how to tie ribbons up, for the exam candidates. Me and Miss Jemma would like the candidates to use the mock exam to practice with all the correct uniform and hairstyles.

**Exam candidates are not required to wear make up for exams.**

Uniform guidelines can be found on our website - Also all uniform is available at ROYNON DANCEWEAR SHOP in Woolston.

Uniform Ballet -
•Primary - black uniform leotard, black skirt, ballet socks and full sole satin ballet shoes with elastics.
•Grade 1 - Black uniform leotard, waist band, pink ballet tights, full sole satin ballet shoes with matte ribbons.
•Grade 2 - Black leotard, waist band, pink ballet tights, full sole satin ballet shoes with matte ribbons.

Uniform Modern -
•Grade 1 - Black leotard, black footless tights under the leotard and bare feet.

Uniform Tap -
• Primary, Grade 1 + 2 - Black leotard, black leggings and black socks with tap shoes.

Hairstyles -
•Ballet + tap - hair pulled back into a bun, at ear level. No higher.
•Modern - Either a single french plait or two plaits into a flat wrap bun - in line or lower than ears.
*No wispy hairs in sight please*
How to tie ribbons:
1. Bring first ribbon across ankle, pasting round the back, towards the inside of the ankle.
2. Repeat with 2nd ribbon.
3. Tie both ribbons on the inside of the ankle.
4. Tuck away the ribbon, to look neat and tidy.
(Video attached demonstrating - Miss Grace using her very OLD and USED ballet shoes and ribbons!!😆)
Any problems me (Miss Grace) and Miss Jemma will be there on the day to help.
Grade 2 ballet

**Allegro section Pt.1**

Well done last night, focusing ready hard. We will be recapping everything next week. Please keep practicing and STRETCHING those toes all the time! 😁
Grade 2 ballet

Adage vocabulary steps - fab work and focus tonight girls, you are all doing so well. Keep up the hard work.

Please practice these as much as you can and learn the French terms for the steps too👯‍♀️
Grade 1 ballet

Allegro vocabulary - Demonstrated by Tia (thank you very much for being the demonstrator tonight - fab job also looking very smart!)

Please practice these as much as you can, to learn the names alongside the movements.

Here you can find out everything you need to know about the Childrens classes at DM Studios. DM Dance Academy run dance classes for children aged 18m-16yrs

Operating as usual


Look at this adorable little 🎃 who was at Dinky Movers today! 😍 last day of kids classes today, none next week for half term and then back on Monday 31st Oct, then after that it’s all systems go for our Christmas Concert! 🤪👍🎄


Have you signed your dancer up yet?

Have you signed up for the Christmas Concert yet??? Details were sent out in an email, make sure you’ve registered your dancer so they can be part of this festive treat. If you didn’t get the info or need to know more then please send us a message.


We’ve got some spaces left in our Street Totz class this term and we’d love to see your little one join us…

Tuesday mornings 9.30-10.15am for a bit of fun and street dancing! Super cute and great fun.

Message us for more info and to book a trial.


Mini Ballroom in class today with their Dance S.T.E.P helper Kasia 🪩💃 - today they were practicing their Square Tango in preparation for exams in November. Well done everyone. 🙌🙌🙌


Back to dance this week…..😍


Whoop whoop! Who’s excited for back to dancing on Monday. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️


⭐️ New Class for September ⭐️

We will now be offering a contemporary class for our younger dancers on a Tuesday afternoon 4.00-4.45pm.

Book a trial now, send us a message. Only 7 spaces left…


Hands up who’s excited to be going back to dance this September? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ Is it just me or does it feel like it’s been a really long time whilst also being really quick. 🤔🤷‍♀️

Anyway if you are desperate to get moving again after summer, we are taking trials for September NOW so book your next class with us TODAY!

Drop us a dm for us to get you booked in.


Don’t forget to come along and see us at our Open Day on Sunday 4th September.

Here’s the details:


Best place for coffee in Southampton? Go….


Have you got a dancer at home that’s ready to take it to the next level? Do you dream of watching your little one dancing on stage one day?

Get booking your trials for our September classes now…drop us a message or email [email protected]

Photos from DM Dance Academy's post 03/08/2022

Summer school is in full swing this week and we are loving it!


Great news!

The official Ballet Exam Mark sheets and Certificates have arrived today.

I apologise for the delay, there have been printing issues.

I’ll be in the studio from 4:30pm tomorrow if anyone would like to collect them. If you are unable to do so tomorrow, I will bring them with me on Sunday.

Thank you for your patience.
Take care.
Miss Grace


Last few remaining spaces available for our summer school. Make sure you book:


Have you bought your tickets yet???

Saturday mini show (especially for our youngest dancers) tickets can be bought here, but you’ll need the password that we sent you:

Main show tickets can be bought here:


Spaces are still available for this years Summer School 🙌 so if you’re still looking for some way to entertain the kids this Summer Hols, look no further…..sign up forms on our website:


DISNEY TRIP! We are just a few rehearsals in to our big trip to Disneyland Paris and these guys are working really hard to pass the audition process. This week we gifted them all with a T-shirt and don’t they look fab!

“Dream, believe, dare, do” - Walt Disney ✨


Modern Certificates 2022


Our Modern Theatre, Mark Sheets & Certificates have arrived today!

Immensely proud of everyone🤩

(I will keep you updated on the arrival of the Ballet Sheets and Certificates.)

Miss Grace


Whoop whoop 🙌 Announcing this years Summer School. We are so excited to be bringing this back this year AND of course it’s gonna be bigger and better than before. An email has been sent with the sign up link….please dont delay as we are limited to 30 spaces and obviously have a lot more pupils than that so it will be on a first come first served basis….

Here’s the link:


Don’t forget no classes today as it’s bank holiday. We’ll be open tomorrow as usual.


Happy International Dance Day to all of our pupils and friends! Although we do celebrate dance every day of the calendar 🎉😆


Friday 22nd April
ISTD Ballet and Modern Exams

How exciting that our exam session is only a few days away!
I am looking forward for our students to show their ability and knowledge.

Just a few things to note on exam day:
1. Miss Grace will be in the exam room with the students. My laptop will be filming the exam session. Please if you are in the waiting room, keep the noise to a minimum.
2. One of our Senior dancers will also be in the room, this is to operate the music for the exam.
3. Water is allowed in the exam if your dancer feels they need to take a drink in, however this MUST be in a clear Bottle. (Or very translucent coloured Bottle)
4. Free work (exercise's set by the examiner) will be sent to me 24hrs before the exam day. I will be making a copy of this to put in the reception so students can practice before their exam.
5. If you are not confident with 'Exam Hair' so dancers parents and senior students have offered their assistance.
Thank you

Any questions please do ask.
See uniform and hair information on previous posts and in emails, to ensure your dancer is looking smart and professional.

I hope you are all enjoying your Easter break.
Miss Grace


Don’t miss the sign up deadline of April 1st. This is set by the travel company not DM so we wont be able to help if you miss this cut off.

We have 38 people currently signed up we would love to take 50.

NB- we have had some parents sign up their children to travel unaccompanied and while this is legal and we have 2 teachers prepped to take responsibility for these children while we are away we do need you to consider a few things.

1/ Teachers will not be sharing a room with your child.
2/ Your child needs to be responsible enough to get themselves to sleep at a reasonable time and be able to wake up in the morning and meet the rest of the group at Breakfast ready and packed for the day ahead.
3/ You will need to arrange who your child will be sharing a room with otherwise they will be put in a single room which includes the single room supplement. A good idea is to talk to the parents of other students and make friendship groups of 3 or 4 to share a room with.

Taking all the above information into concideration we believe our students aged 13+ will be able to take on these responsibilities. We will need to talk to any parents who would like their under 13 year old to travel alone to ensure they understand what will be asked of their child. As always if you have any questions please do ask.

Photos from DM Dance Academy's post 28/03/2022

Uniform & Hair - Reminder *

Primary Ballet: Black uniform Ballet leotard, Pink ballet tights, Black skirt (At least reaching midi thigh in length - No short black skirts), pink SATIN 'full sole' Ballet shoes with elastics, Hair in neat a Ballet bun. (as seen in photo - headband not required for exams)

Grade 1 Ballet+ : Black uniform leotard, Pink ballet tights, Pink waist band, SATIN Ballet shoes (Grade 1 with Elastics, Grade 2+ with Matte Ribbons), Hair in a neat Ballet Bun. (See photo)

Modern: Black uniform Leotard, Black FOOTLESS tights to be worn over the the leotard - NO waistband required. Bare feet and Hair in a single french Plait.

Please ensure you have the correct uniform for both, lessons and exams. To show the professional standard we have here at DM Studios.

Miss Grace : )

Time To Shine 2019 Long Edit 17/03/2022

Time To Shine 2019 Long Edit

Have you signed up for our Disneyland 2023 trip yet? This is open to all students over the age of 5 who take classes with us, including our adult dancers.
If you did'nt receive the email or would like another one please let us know. Cut off date for sign up is April 1st.
Watch this video to have an idea of what amazing things you'll be getting up to.

Please note this video was shot in 2019, since Covid the party at the end no longer happens.

Time To Shine 2019 Long Edit Time to Shine 2019 at Disneyland® Paris, a performance extravaganza coupled with the magic of Disney!



Have you received the email about our planned Disney Trip for 2023, where we will perform on stage and appear in the parade?

Email us at the office if you need more information or haven’t received the email. [email protected]


Don’t forget to sign up for our dance-a-thon….even if you can’t do a full 24hrs over a week, set a personal goal and get your friends and family to sponsor you. Sign up here:

Can’t join us? Make a one of donation!


We’ve got these two new classes starting tomorrow. Now what’s “combo” you might ask? It is a mix of ballet, tap and modern - the perfect intro for kids to learn more than just the one style without them having to come to multiple classes (although once they’ve gotten good it, and caught the dance bug, that’s exactly what they do).

So if you’ve been looking to get your little one into a class this is a perfect start. This week is a trial before half term and then the classes start after our week off.

Message us to book.


We had a fantastic time at our first Valentines Disco to raise money for the new roof. So much fun. And we’ve managed to raise our first £200….


Mini Acro

These are our mini Acro kids practicing side rolls (also known by miss Leila as sausage rolls) with a handy tunnel to help us stay straight. 🤸‍♀️


Look at these cute little dinky ballet dancers posing for a pic in class this Saturday 🩰😍

Photos from DM Dance Academy's post 17/01/2022

🎭 Stage Academy 🎭

Our theatre classes have always been so popular and for very good reason, who doesn’t love a triple threat (someone who can sing, dance and act!). Love this pic of the older SA group working hard AND having fun!


Hello Everyone - Miss Grace Here,

Just a reminder if you were given a exam form for Ballet & Modern before Christmas, could we ask that it is returned by next week. (The payment of exams does not need to be in until January 31st 2022.)

There were a couple of students I didn’t see, from Primary Ballet, before the Christmas break, those students will be given their form today.

To keep you updated I have requested a date towards the end of April 2022. I can confirm that date once all forms are back, then our request for the exam session can be sent🤞🏽

Miss Grace


Welcome back to dance

Whoop whoop, it’s our first Saturday back at dancing today 🙌 hope you’re all as excited as we are to see those smiling faces. Parents please wear your face masks 😷 if you’re waiting in reception today. Thank you 🙏


Happy Monday everyone,

*Grade 1 Ballet* - for the Christmas Performance, you lovely dancers have a little project - could you please make yourself a Christmas present.
This needs to be something simple; a shoe box or lunch box wrapped in Christmas paper.

This is not needed tonight so please don’t panic, but if I could start seeing them in class from next week onwards, that would be fabulous.

Looking forward to seeing you all back in the studios.

Any questions feel free to ask.
Thank you.
Miss Grace


We had so much fun today at our Spooktacular Halloween party 🎉 🎃 Loved seeing you all enjoying yourselves and we had a blast too! More pics to follow….

Our Story

DM Dance Academy features all of our children’s classes within DM Studios. We have lots of classes on offer including, ballet, tap, modern, acro, street and our Stage Academy! We have a brilliant Pre-school program too with fantastic classes on offer for this age group. Our dance training is all done in house at our beautiful custom built studios that have been made especially for dance training.

DM Studios is the sister studio of the long established DM Dance Centre in Portswood, run by Philip and Christine Diment for over 40 years.

We are situated near Shamrock Quay and just down the road from Southampton Football club. Our building has undergone extensive renovation to become one of the best dancing schools in the South with sprung wooden flooring, ballet barres, mirrors and air conditioning. No more dancing in dark and dingy village halls our facilities are light, bright and state of the art. We have the some of the best and most experienced dance teachers in the South, allowing us to offer fantastic classes in a range of different styles that we’ve not been able to offer before.

Videos (show all)

Modern Certificates 2022
Mini Acro
Look at these cute little dinky ballet dancers posing for a pic in class this Saturday 🩰😍 #DMStudios #balletclass #dinky...
Welcome back to dance
Good Luck England ⚽️
Just 4 Boyz Dance class
Discover Your Childs Dance Potential





124 Millbank Street
SO14 5QN

Opening Hours

Monday 4pm - 8pm
Tuesday 4pm - 8pm
Wednesday 4pm - 8pm
Thursday 4pm - 8pm
Saturday 9:30am - 4pm

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