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Operating as usual


I have the last available Pilates class spaces on either Monday at 9:30am or on a Thursday at 11am. There is also a single occupancy left for a Reformer Pilates session on a Thursday at 6:30pm.

Sessions are a full hour long, working towards the 34 Pilates repertoire.

To secure your mat space, bookings are made for the month with a prepayment of £9 per session.

Beginners | Advanced | Mixed Ability | Pre/postnatal welcome.

SPS LBT Pilates 01 16/01/2022

SPS LBT Pilates 01

Just a little LBT Strength & Stretch class from this week for anyone who feels like they need to get moving.

30 minutes of small movement with effective results.

Try it - tomorrow your muscles will sing 🎶

SPS LBT Pilates 01

Photos from Start Pilates Studio's post 04/01/2022

Back with full availability both in the studio and with on demand collections of Pilates, Fitness, Barre and Mother and Baby classes from 10th January.

Classes are £9 per session prepaid in a monthly block booking to kick start your 2022 ‘Health is Wealth’ journey.

If you need further information then please send me a message over on Start Pilates Studio


Join us for the start of our September Shred

from Monday 6th | £45


Message or email Ellie at [email protected]


All classes to resume as normal from tomorrow 🧘🏻‍♀️ 🧘🏻‍♂️

*with a special guest appearance 👶🏼🎀


A female body is made to give birth and have a baby.

Postpartum is a journey back to yourself. Alone in your own body again without passenger.

It’s ok to whisper to yourself that you will never be the same.

Because now you are much stronger than once you were.

Photos from Start Pilates Studio's post 22/06/2021

Our beautiful daughter
Monroe Eleanor 💞

21.06.21 | 5lb 5oz

Blessed in life to have the experience of not only my trio of boys but now also a girlie whirly dinky pinky one too



We’re having a baby in 6 weeks



May 17th back inside the Start Pilates Studio and we were joined by the lovely Kneller ladies

Millie-Rae was as good as gold. Pleasure to have in the class.

Come back and bring the babes, it’s never a problem.


A little 3k before brekkayy.

Onto upper body before Pilates.

Honestly, this morning I am feeling GGRRREEAAATT!!!

After what has felt like the toughest time my body is finally catching up with my head.

The aches and pains, sickness, reflux and insomnia are real. But it’s exercising and still being able to feel like me that gets me through.

Also the fact this little cherub will be here in no time at all 🤍🤱🏻


“Just about to start my 5th week of PT with
Im so far at a 14 inch loss overall and I’m 1/2 a stone down too.
I just wanted to be a bit more active and healthy so this is a real bonus.”

It’s not even 30 minutes a day shes been exercising. When it’s efficient, it’s effective. This is MONTH ONE!!!

Message me for more information


Photos from Start Pilates Studio's post 29/03/2021

She didn’t need a New Year to make a change, she needed it to be a Monday.

Today I write about my Sister.

Coming into her 40th year she wanted to be more healthy and active.

Enjoying her food she knew she couldnt diet but knew the late night chocolate had to be toned down 😋

A shoulder injury was always another obstacle preventing Melissas mindset into thinking she couldn’t exercise. Until I told her she could just work to the best of her abilities, to listen to her body and make adaptations to exercises whilst still achieving the worked muscle groups, she started to carefully exercise for just 20 minutes daily doing online Low Impact Intensity work mixing between Tabata and Mat Pilates.

After just 4 weeks her energy levels have had a huge boost and the release of her endorphins means she feels great after her workouts.

Measuring herself she’s lost TWELVES inches off her body so far. IN FOUR WEEKS!!! For just under half an hour of exercise a day, sticking to 3 meals and a snack at 4pm.

Isnt she looking great for that 40th Birthday too?



Look at that Pilates Roll Over


If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth?

Start Pilates Studio YT Channel

Various Pilates & Fitness classes & programme to choose

It’s been a part of my clients package for a while now but I am now offering out the choice of home programmes

I can offer a consultation as to which programme would best be suited to you


If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth?

Start Pilates Studio YT Channel

Various Pilates & Fitness classes & programmes to choose

It’s been a part of my clients package for a while now but I am now offering out the choice of home programmes

I can offer a consultation as to which programme would best be suited to you


A morning of

10 reps : 5 sets

💪🏼 weighted walking lunges
💪🏼 weighted glute bridges
💪🏼 glute kick backs
💪🏼 good mornings
💪🏼 stiff leg dead lifts


Strength. Endurance. Weight Training.

There is a perception that lifting weights makes a women ‘bulky’ or that she will lose her feminine shape.

Resistance training can actually accelerate fat loss and aid calorie expenditure.

This creates a new body composition so fat gets turned into muscle, therefore shaping your curves.

It will improve your heart, bone and mental health leaving you with more energy throughout the day.

Working eccentrically (slowing your lever) gives you the higher metabolic increase.

It’s the way I like to train.


It’s receiving messages like this that keep me smiling.

I really do try and class plan the most effective and efficient classes so we get the best out of our 30 minutes. For strength, stretch and clarity.

It is honestly all you need.

POWER Pilates this morning at 9:30am, for all abilities. Pre and Postnatal women welcome.

Message me for the Zoom link 🧘🏻‍♀️💪🏼


• Twist and SHOUT •

The Pilates Spine Twist improves your range of movement in the upper body boosting strength, muscle tone and balance. Exercising your torso in rotation works your obliques and back extensors.

Adding a twisting movement to your routine doesn't just work your obliques and abs. The movement melts any extra baggage around your torso, giving you a smaller waist whilst making your abdominal muscles look tight and toned, working into your range of flexibility and improving posture.

•Grounded with the feet
•Roll open on the diagonal
•Deepen through your centre by pulling your navel up and under the rib cage
•Keep your shoulders seated heavy on the rib cage with the waistband of your leggings shining back in to your breastbone
•Twist from the top twist, almost drawing your top shoulder up and around on the oppositional
•You should feel a real sense of front body connection
•Curl back up into the knees and repeat X3/6
•It’s a 🔥

•Continue the rotation
•Drop through the bottom arm
•Keeping the ‘C’ curve shape
•Have a sense of reaching the fallen arm long with your breath
•Going deeper grow your top arm into the room
•Take 3 breaths here

•Adding into your strength, lift and lower your same side leg X3/6
•Imagine a thread coming from your middle thigh
•Lift it up towards the sky
•Whilst flowing the energy out from your ankle
•Going deeper point/flex the foot



Ahead of his game and oh so very right.

Starting with simplicity.



Thursday morning at 9:30am will now be replaced with a Barre Pilates session via Zoom.

£6.50 to anyone who’d like to join

Pre and postnatal women welcome

Message me for information


Start where you are, do what you can, use what you have, and move.

It really is as easy and simple as that.

I can not wait to get back to teaching the mixture of classes for January.

I am lucky enough to have taken the whole of December off to spend time with my children and enjoy our festivities as much as we could and I have loved every minute of it.

I love a restart, I love a refresh, to regroup and bring it all back to carry forward a positive reset.

See you all at 9:30am.


This is the time to decide to start the New Year fresh and to keep in mind that change can happen at any moment. You just need to keep focused.

A morning and evening fitness schedule (subject to change) to keep your body moving, mind clear and energy levels high.

Open to new and existing and vulnerable prenatal clients.

The results my clients achieve is astounding. All the while enjoying fitness and learning so much too.

£30 for the month of January and you can attend any zoom class with me

Photos from Start Pilates Studio's post 02/11/2020

The last week as we know it.

We continue to carry on as usual here at this week with all your the classes remaining the same.


Hi everyone,

I just wanted to touch base with you all in light of yesterday's announcement, this week commencing 2nd November, we will run classes as usual.

I have attached the November timetable for your information.

I know that some of you have already confirmed that you will be attending via Zoom.

I will send out the link tomorrow.

I will continue to update you all in regards to what can happen moving forward for the coming weeks.

There will always be a way through these things.

I completely understand what a difficult time this is for us all. Please, for anyone struggling right now please let me know if I can help in any way.

Best wishes
Ellie Hawkins

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