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Many of us acknowledge that keeping fit enhances general good health. However when we start to think how to actively improve our personal health, taking the next step of doing something about it can be daunting. There are many people who would love to get fitter, yet lack the confidence to progress to the next step in starting or resuming exercise. There are a number of reasons for low confidence,

Operating as usual



This evenings dinner 🍽

The carrot and potato fritters were a great addition...3/5 veggies in one meal 💚



All ready for this mornings session!

This weather is glorious 🙌

Vitamin D top up 😃



Beautiful afternoon at the beach yesterday with family 💕


What a way to enjoy a Saturday morning than a workout with friends in the sunshine 🌞

Post workout photo 📸

Gentle yet effective body weight exercises whilst the children played in the park = win:win

Happy weekend everyone 💕

******erfitness #2022


Very excited!!

Having a busy day job I neglect myself by not taking a break or eating a balanced lunch 🤦‍♀️

Needing to stop, refuel, take a break from my desk and reflect on my morning is back on my list of priorities.

This morning I've batch cooked a vegan cottage pie, full of vegetable goodness and topped with smashed skin on sweet potatoes.

4 of my 5 a day in one meal

5 days worth portioned up and cooling and 1 extra for today's lunch 😋



Absolutely love these two beautiful ladies ❤

Great session today. A gentle return to exercise yet enough of a challenge to feel it in the morning.

Looking forwards to next Saturday!

11am Badger Farm Wi******er - contact me for more details and booking info 🙌



A wonderful and beautiful soul bought Blurt to my attention, and as a little treat I ordered myself a and it has arrived 😊

I am very excited to take some quality time aside from the craziness of life with a lit candle and herbal tea to work through my treat ❤

Thank you 🧘‍♀️


One for the ladies 🌷

Returning to Badger Farm, new day and new time...

11am to 12pm

Sessions include:
🔹️Bodyweight exercises
🔹️Safe space to chat and check in

Please contact me directly to book a space or find out more information 🎊



After a busy week, today was definitely a day of rest and reflection.

Cat snuggles
Plenty of water


Goodbye 2021 and hello opportunity to make (and break) habits, procrastinate less and find the confidence that has escaped me. Looking forwards to exciting times ahead. Wishing my family and friends, near and far, a very happy and healthy 2022, Happy New Year 💃


As we head towards the end of another interesting year I am looking forwards to kick starting 2022 strong.

I love lists and planning so I've planned January...this keeps me on my toes.

Sharing a little overview of my plan...

🔹️Set a goal and imagine how I'm going to feel when I achieve it

🔹️Share my goal with someone so I'm held accountable for what I'm going to achieve

🔹️Exercise plan including valuable rest days

🔹️Week by week meal plans (family friendly)

🔹️Daily targets: 10k steps, sufficient water consumption (by colour of urine), 10 minute meditation and stretches (mainly the neck due to PC work)

What would you like to achieve in January? Would like some help?

******erfitness #2022


From my family to yours, wishing you a very Merry Christmas 🎄


Enjoying some holiday baking.

Banana muffins
Banana and chia muffins
Banana, chia and chocolate chip loaf



Feeling the Friday love...

I am a work in progress, are you?

What would you like to achieve?



A little reminder...

You are awesome, be confident and believe in yourself.

Stand tall
Relax those shoulders
Chin up
Smile've got this ❤




Thank goodness it's half term and I can channel more time and energy into my love of fitness ❤

I'm running 30 minute sessions every day Monday to Friday this week starting at 8.30am.

This morning was a tough inner thigh session, also working the core and glutes 🔥


I'm feeling very overwhelmed with work and want to spend quality time with my family. I've taken the decision to step away from social media to concentrate on self-care.

Always available on WhatsApp, text and call x


The ******erhalfmarathon is taking place on Sunday 19th September which will include partial road closures in the city.

I have made the decision to move Sundays 10am session to Saturday 18th September at 9am for ease of attending.

See you there!!



Absolutely love the change of season from summer to autumn.

Cooler weather, darker evenings, cosy food and not forgetting the beautiful autumnal colours 🍁🍂

How are you feeling with the change of season?


A great way to get out walking with the family.

After our youngest took part in geocaching at both Beavers and Cubs, we decided we would try it in our local area.

If you've never tried it before, I would highly recommend giving it a go and the app is free to download.

We covered 6 miles on foot, across fields, through farms and along some quiet roads. Took in lots of fresh air and wonderful views.

We located 4 containers (happy emojis on pic) and are going to head out to a different location tomorrow.

Go on, you know you want to 😉

Let me know if you're going to try it 🙌


Happy Monday everyone!

Absolutely cannot believe this is the last full week of the summer holidays, where has the time gone??

Badger Farm sessions for this week...

🍀 Friday 27th August at 3pm

🍀 Sunday 29th August at 10am

This will be the last Friday session until Friday 29th October 2021 at 3pm (half term holidays).

Sunday sessions will continue as normal.

To book on please visit Wix or comment below for further info on booking.

Emma x


Let's share some of our favourite goto Self-care products. I'll go first...

For a while now I've been making small changes to help both financially and the environment.

I struggled for 15 years to find a deodorant which worked for my body, so once I found a good antiperspirant spray, I stuck with it for the past 10 years.

Early 2020 I saw a Facebook ad for deodorant balm. After doing some research on it I bought the trio pack of minis.

The lemon and geranium clean deodorant balm is my absolute favourite goto. It smells amazing and I apply once a day after my morning shower, and it keeps me feeling fresh.


Massaging it into my armpits each morning means I can keep a check on any changes in that area.

What's your goto?



Good morning and happy Friday 🙌

Today's session is running at an earlier time.

Who would like to join me at 3pm in Badger Farm for a full body fitness session and start your weekend buzzing 🌼

Comment below for further info and to book your space ⬇️


What would you like to have?

A more hydrated body?
A bigger spring in your step?

Comment below or DM me ⬇️


Best finish to a wonderful day.

Went for an evening swim (aka splash about) with the youngest at Lepe Beach. Joined by .frost_priv__ and mum-in-law.

Water temperature was absolutely perfect (wild swimming has paid off) and the sky was beautiful 👌


Amazing day today...

Today is my business birthday, celebrating 1 whole year 🎊

It's been a busy 1st year full of exciting times, wonderful memories, meeting new people and guide them on their lifestyle and fitness journeys.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me 🙏

Here's to many more years 🥂

Emma x


It's been a whole month since my last post! What a whirlwind of a month it has been 🌪

I started a new job in April, working in an incredible local school. As a parent I had no idea about the shear amount of hard work and dedication the staff put in.

It's not a 8.45am to 3.15pm 39 weeks of the year job (although that should be obvious).

My hubby has also started a new job which is awesome and very exciting (takes me back to Autumn 2019 )

Taking into consideration the new jobs and ensuring a good work-life balance, I have taken the tough decision to put on hold the Friday evening group sessions during term time, starting 1st September. I will continue running them during the holidays.

Back to my pic...I dropped the car off for it's MOT this morning and jogged home. Found these adorable horses on my way home. Couldn't resist a chat and photo ❤



Timeline photos 06/06/2021

We're so good at prioritising our time for our family, work and friends, however do you put time in your diary for yourself?

For rest?
For relaxing?
For reflecting?
For fitness?

I'm back at Badger Farm in Wi******er on :

💚 Friday at 5.45pm
💚 Sunday at 10am

Running sessions which include HIIT, body weight strength, stretch and bootcamp.

Head over to my Wix page to book or comment below for further details and how to book.



What makes your body and mind feel happy?

There's something special about eating fresh and flavoursome fruit and raw vegetables and topping them with seeds, nuts and cold pressed oil 💕

Please comment below ⬇️

Timeline photos 31/05/2021

Looking forwards to a great week ahead.

Group sessions this week at Badger Farm, Wi******er.

🔹️Friday 5.45pm

🔹️Sunday 10am

For an added bonus, who would like to join me for a zoom session Saturday morning at 8am? 30 minute blast.

For the above sessions, hop on over to Wix and book your to my sessions? Message me below and I shall provide you with info on how to book.


Timeline photos 31/05/2021

Found a little chopping tool in the kitchen today and it made light work on my lunch prep!

Chopped cucumber, courgette, yellow pepper, radish and cherry tomatoes on a bed of spinach.

Topped with sunflower and sesame seeds, linseed, chia and poppy seeds, chopped nuts and cold pressed organic avocado oil!

Absolutely delicious ❤


Timeline photos 23/05/2021

Sunday Funday!

I had a wonderful afternoon taking a dip in the River Itchen with these lovely ladies.

Felt absolutely incredible both during and after. Looking forwards to going again next Sunday 🏊‍♀️💚


Timeline photos 17/05/2021

Looking forwards to a great week ahead.

Group sessions this week at Badger Farm, Wi******er.

🔹️Friday 5.45pm

🔹️Sunday 10am

For an added bonus, who would like to join me for a zoom session Saturday morning at 8am? 30 minute blast.

For the above sessions, hop on over to Wix and book your to my sessions? Message me below and I shall provide you with info on how to book.


Who's joining me tomorrow morning?

✅ 10am Badger Farm

✅ 45 minute Full body fitness workout

Comment below to book your space ⬇️

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What are you doing today? ⬇️#sundayvibes #fitnessinstructor #winchester #selfcare #trainhappy #bluesky #sunshine #smiles
Post session roll!




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