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At Manor Equine we pride ourselves on the preparation and the production of young horses along with tailor made livery packages. With many years experience and fantastic references that speak for themselves.

Operating as usual

Photos from Manor Equine's post 24/04/2022

This stunning young mare though 😍🤩

Photos from Manor Equine's post 21/04/2022

🤩Two outstanding 3YO’s 🤩
Both extremely well handled.
Lunged lightly and have been sat on proving to have a wonderful attitude.

170cm grey mare by Taloubet Z X Massimo (Cassini)
Gorgeous rangy young horse, showing masses of scope.
The kindest person to have around, easy to do everything with.

162cm Bay c**t ‘A Piece of cake’ X Vigo 😅
Beautifully well bred and a wonderful model of a horse, short over his back with strong limb.
Super careful over his fences.
Sure to be super successful 🤩
Can be gelded here, although an easy boy to have around.

Both horses under 10,🥕🥕🥕 as we are away at many shows.

Whatsapp 07588 849 100
Video available and on the page.
First to see them both will buy.
Correct youngsters ready to crack on in their new homes.
Transport available


A recipe for the young horse

Start with a base of excitement. Look at this horse and get excited, you’re about to build a horse’s future - that’s something to get excited about, but it’s also a responsibility to take seriously, you could determine where this horse is in 15 years time, remember that.

Next, add a sprinkle of insanity. Yep, you’re going to need it. Whether it’s a 12hh pony or 17hh warmblood, you are going to need to be a little bit insane to embark on this journey.

Now you’re going to need a boat load of patience, as much as you can find. Young horses are great levellers (horses are at any age, but particular in their younger years). One minute you’ll be floating around the place thinking this is the next Valegro, and the next minute you’ll be trying to convince them that that tree has always been there and they’ve actually walked past it about fifty times. Take the good with the not-so-good and always, always keep your cool.

Add in a good cupful of determination because there are going to be days that you wonder what in the world you are doing. Whether it’s after tasting your arena surface for the second time that week, or spending ten minutes trying to get them into the far corner of the arena, you are going to need to dig deep sometimes, real deep…

Pour on a whole packed of resilience. You are going to be the bounce-back, come-back king/queen. You are going to need to use the not-so-good to spur you on to the really good stuff. You are going to want to call it day at some point, possibly at many points, so if in doubt, jadd a bit more and just keep going.

Now reach to the back of your cupboard and dust off that self-belief. There are going to be times when you’ll feel like you’re on your own, that nobody can see what you see. So you are going to need a good bit of confidence in the mix to keep yourself on track. Just remember why you started this, you saw something in this horse, so make sure you finish the job you started.

Even if you follow your recipe to the letter, there is no guarantees, there will be deviations, over cooking, under cooking, spilt milk and huge messes to clear up… but when you get it right… Well, there is nothing quite like homemade cake is there?


Photos from Manor Equine's post 07/04/2022

😍2019 TALOUBET X Massino (CASSINI) 😍

170cm very correct young mare, beautiful pedigree, stunning nature, moves and jumps a dream.
Full of scope and potential for BS & BE

A pleasure to have around
Well handled
Full bill of health
Video available further down the page
Ready to be someone’s forever horse 🥰

WhatsApp 07588 849 100
Transport available
Other horses available


Read , let it sink in, then read again :

“No. 1. Get your tack and equipment just right, and then forget about it and concentrate on the horse.

No. 2. The horse is bigger than you are, and it should carry you. The quieter you sit, the easier this will be for the horse.

No. 3. The horse's engine is in the rear. Thus, you must ride your horse from behind, and not focus on the forehand simply because you can see it.

No. 4. It takes two to pull. Don't pull. Push.

No. 5. For your horse to be keen but submissive, it must be calm, straight and forward.

No. 6. When the horse isn`t straight, the hollow side is the difficult side.

No. 7. The inside rein controls the bending, the outside rein controls the speed.

No. 8. Never rest your hands on the horse's mouth. You make a contract with it: "You carry your head and I'll carry my hands."

No. 10. Once you've used an aid, put it back.

No. 11. You can exaggerate every virtue into a defect.

No. 12. Always carry a stick, then you will seldom need it.

No. 13. If you`ve given something a fair trial, and it still doesn't work, try something else—even the opposite.

No. 14. Know when to start and when to stop. Know when to resist and when to reward.

No. 15. If you're going to have a fight, you pick the time and place.

No. 16. What you can't accomplish in an hour should usually be put off until tomorrow.

No. 17. You can think your way out of many problems faster than you can ride your way out of them.

No. 18. When the horse jumps, you go with it, not the other way around.

No. 19. Don`t let over-jumping or dull routine erode the horse's desire to jump cleanly. It's hard to jump clear rounds if the horse isn't trying.

No. 20. Never give up until the rail hits the ground.

No. 21. Young horses are like children—give them a lot of love, but don't let them get away with anything.

No. 22. In practice, do things as perfectly as you can; in competition, do what you have to do.

No. 23. Never fight the oats.

No. 24. The harder you work, the luckier you get."

~Bill Steinkraus


✨Wanted for Sunday (full day or afternoon) ✨

And minimum of AM hours next week.
Yard of 10 jumping horses from 3YO’s onwards so must be experienced with youngsters.

General yard duties 7am start.

Option for riding but not essential.
Good rates of pay
Fifield, Maidenhead

Please call/message 07588 849 100

Photos from Manor Equine's post 24/03/2022

We can’t wait to get pictures of this gorgeous lad after his make over day ✨😍🦄

Photos from Manor Equine's post 24/03/2022

✨Current list of 3-5YO’s ✨
Spring is round the corner and we have a small selection of young horses ready to continue on to their new homes.

🦄3YO Taloubet Z X Massimo (Cassini)

🦄3YO ‘A peace of cake’ (Vigo D’Arsouilles) X Echo Van Het Neerenbosch (Chin Chin) (can be gelded)

🦄4YO Grandorado X Verdi - Ready for training shows.

🦄5YO Kafka V’D Heffinck X Caretino - Ready for 5YO’s
4YO finalist

All horses have been very carefully selected and produced for their individual qualities and talent.

Video and information on each horse further down this page ✔️
Plenty of footage available ✔️
Vet checks and X-rays ✔️
Transport available ✔️
Maybe a deal to be done?✔️

Please call/WhatsApp 07588 849 100
Serious enquiries only please.



Photos from Manor Equine's post 22/03/2022

✨ On behalf of owners ✨

188cm 12YO warmblood X Irish gelding

This big lad is a gentle giant, been there and done it type.

He’s as honest as the day is long.
Will jump anything you put infront of him however big or small!
Hacks alone etc…
Ridden by small lady riders.

Too many qualities to list, an overall lovely person to have around.

Gets strong when jumping so no novices please.

Please WhatsApp/call 07588 849 100
Transport can be arranged


All 18.2 of stunning Norman.
Now looking for a new home on behalf of owners.

Advert to follow 🎥

Photos from Manor Equine's post 19/03/2022

Details below 🔽

Looking for something different?👀

2019 Taloubet Z X Massimo (Cassini) 😍


3YO Taloubet X Massimo (Cassini) 😍😍😍

Photos from Manor Equine's post 16/03/2022

What a prospect 🔝🔝
2019 c**t by ‘A peace of cake’ (Vigo D’Arsouilles) X Echo Van Het Neerenbosch (Chin Chin)

First to see will buy✔️🤩

Quality is oozing out of this young c**t.
Maturing beautifully, too look at you would believe he was a couple of years older.
Compact, powerful type standing at 162cm a wonderful model.

Moves a dream, elegant and quick thinking on his feet.
Neat, tidy and careful over a fence, he has the right idea already 🤩

Well handled, loves a fuss and a cuddle.
Wonderful type to be produced for amateur or professional.

Out of our field only a few days.
Can be gelded
Transport can be arranged
Video available

Please WhatsApp 07588 849 100


🦄 Talented 4YO ready for someone to put their own stamp on.

🦄 Beautifully bred.
🦄 Naturally balanced canter.
🦄 Scopey, bold jump.
🦄 Gives a great feeling under saddle.
🦄 Backed & Produced by ourselves.
🦄 Ready for further producing/age classes
🦄 Real Showjump/Event prospect
🦄 Fit & Ready to go
🦄 Plenty of video on our page

Clean X-rays and vet check
A real nice chap, easy to handle, hacking etc.
Low five figures
WhatsApp 07588 849 100 for more info.

Watch this reel by manorequine on Instagram 20/02/2022

Watch this reel by manorequine on Instagram

The whole gang had a great Sunday session.
With a few prepping for a few days away jumping next week 👌🏾💓😍

Here’s Fiona showing us how it’s done.

Watch this reel by manorequine on Instagram Danger Twins • Thing of Beauty

Photos from Manor Equine's post 18/02/2022

Another great day of training yesterday at Pyecombe.

We took 4YO Nando who trotted around his first full course with Iona Zaharieva
5YO Lorenzo again ridden by Iona put in two solid training rounds.
5YO Cashe jumped great for a clear and a tired rail in his second round.
8YO Fiona jumped super for a clear in the 1.10 and a clear in her first 1.20 😍

Well done gang 🤩🤩


Due to horses ready to head home at the end of the month we have spaces available in March🤩

- Breaking Livery
- Competition Livery
- Schooling Livery
- Sales Livery
- Full Livery
- Specialising in young horses

Professional backing services with proven results.
Heading out to competitions from 4YO's, CSIYH to CSI 2*
Chepstow International, Royal Windsor, Hickstead etc..
Individual, 5* care of all horses

Please Whatsapp for information 07588 849 100


Fiona popping in a clear round at training today🤩
(Numero Uno X Chin Chin)

Next week we head over with 4 before the season starts 🥳🤩

Photos from Manor Equine's post 02/02/2022

Brilliant training session this afternoon with lots to take away and so many improvements 😍

First we had Fiona
She is working towards stepping it up a level and putting into practise our efforts in the flat work into the jumping.
Whilst we are a new partnership and finding our feet there have been many positives to take away from today and we all ready know what exercises we are setting up at the weekend to help. 💪🏾
She popped round some bigger fences with ease and a whole lot of determination.
She really is a mare who can dig deep when it needs to be done.

Followed by a gorgeous 4YO Nando, he took the whole thing like a pro.
First time our away from home and you’d never would have said it.
Impeccably well behaved, rode round quiet, content and relaxed in his new environment.
He had a light schooling session followed by some work over poles.
It’s defiantly safe to say this young lad is old above his years and so ready for someone to mould into their own.

Last but not least our two 5YO’s Cashe and Lorenzo.
These two were extremely happy to be back on the truck and jumping.
Let’s just say they had a wonderful time (were somewhat fresh) 😬😅

Lorenzo pooped round his first course since Hickstead in true Lorenzo style, giving every fence plenty of room.
Cashe’s enormous canter is coming along a treat and his jump is feeling effortless.
These boys still have a long way to go on their journey to getting competition fit but they are feeling great already!

Thanks team for a great day out, we’re very much looking forward to the 2022 season! 🤩


Iona Zaharieva and our gorgeous 4YO Grandorado X Verdi gelding demonstrating the importance of teaching a young horse to work correctly through his body from beginning.

In this short clip you see a green Nando being encouraged to ride from his engine (hind end) over his back and into a long low contact with his riders seat.

Nando is being supported by his riders seat and leg with an open long contact to guide Nando were we would like him to ride into.

As you see he begins to make a lovely shape himself, learning to ‘seek’ the contact himself to find his comfortable place all while remaining relaxed.

By educating a horse this way we are teaching them to think and feel for themselves through their body and seek the correct contact.

One of the biggest mistakes riders make is riding the front end back.
This can be done by being to strong infront or with over use/incorrect use of training aids.

We must always as horsemen begin to ride the ‘back end forward’

Do you want a correctly produced youngster?
This gorgeous young man could be yours 🤩

Photos from Manor Equine's post 28/01/2022

😍What a beautiful model this rising 4YO is 😍

Backed, turned away and now riding away well.
Perfect prospect for age classes this year in BS OR BE!!
Clean vetting and X-rays
Videos on this page
Grandorado X Verdi 🤩🤩

WhatsApp 07588 849 100


Another exercise day at Manor Equine.

A fantastic exercise for all horses from rising 4YO’s to our fantastic looking rising 8YO Numero Uno X Chin Chin mare.

(We do love such a trying mare) 😍

Each horse taking away something different..building strength, confidence, engaging the hind end whilst working on technique💥

We’re looking forward to the 2022 season 🥳🤩


✨Do what you love and love what you do✨

Rider Iona Zaharieva at training with sales livery Norman.

Who’s looking for a XXL unicorn?


📸 Alice James Photography


Could we all just take a minute to appreciate this wonderful 4YO’s second jump under saddle. How bold, brave and intelligent he is 😍😍
10 more of these please🤩

This wonderful young stallion is available for sale.
Beautifully ridden by @_theforeigner_ 🤩🤩

Head over to ‘Manor Equine’ on Instagram to see further clips.


Fantastic day training with owners/clients with a small selection of horses we have at the moment. (Some are for sale)

Here the lovely Kannan mare, sourced and sold by ourselves last year.
She’s with us for some further education while her owner is busy with work.
Certainly not short of jump 💥🙈

Get in touch if your looking for your new superstar or your horse is looking for some extra schooling/producing/competition.

More pictures to come from the fabulous 📸alicejames_photography

Photos from Manor Equine's post 20/12/2021

This morning our gorgeous young stallion had his first trot under saddle and off the lunge🤩🦄

What a fabulous unicorn, we can’t wait to see more from him 😍
(I can’t wait to get back on tomorrow) 🤣


When the superstar rising 3YO heads out for his morning play in and decides playing over the make shift breaking pen is a good laugh.

He already knows his job and is damn good at it!!! 🤩🤩😍😍

What a fantastic character this your horse has 🌟

Piece of cake (Vigo D’Arsouilles) X Echo Van Het Neerenbosch (Chin Chin)

Whatsapp for details & Video 07588 849 100🌟🌟

A little about us.

At Manor Equine we pride ourselves on quality and individual care for both horse and owner. With combined years of over 100 years experience in equine care and competition we aim to provide a personal experience.

We are fortunate enough to run our horses from home at Oakview Paddocks. We work out of a beautiful barn which means we have the best of both worlds in both summer and winter. As a quiet family run yard we run a pretty tight ship which the horses thrive upon.

Located in Maidenhead, Berkshire (just off the M4) we have great access to all major motorways and many show centres.

Christie has been riding as long as she can walk, gaining years of experience showjumping and breaking in young horses. Having gained her BHS and PTT (coaching) exams at a young age helping both horse and rider has always been something she’s been passionate about.

Videos (show all)






Oakview Paddocks

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