Buggyfit Windsor & Ascot

Buggyfit Windsor & Ascot


I think spring has finally arrived! Read my latest blog on doing a family spring photo shoot at the Savill Garden in Windsor Great Park, Berkshire. x
Thank you so much for a wonderful session today!! I enjoyed it such a lot and will definitely be back again. It's a shame I cannot do Fridays in future but I will definitely be there on Monday or Weds after next week and each week thereafter. It was superb fun! 😊x
Morning! I am due to come this morning by Gabes has hand foot and mouth! Urgh!! Have fun and 🤞 for next week!!
Ladies - if you're wondering whether to try this or not....go for it! Thanks to Buggyfit and Zoe I just survived an hour on a trampoline park 10 months after having my 3rd child.....
Hi all really excited to be joining Zoe in running the Windsor and Ascot Buggy Fit, I am a midwife with 15 years experience and I have decided to branch out into another love of mine which is fitness, I have been doing a personal training course and am now qualified to teach buggy fit which I am really excited about. So I look forward to meeting lots of you over the next few weeks!! I am starting with running the Friday classes and as Zoe has said we will soon have new classes starting so keep an eye on the page 😀
Calling All Buggyfit Mums
(and Dads...and in fact, anyone who'd be interested)!

Would anyone be interested in joining together as a group to do the Shine Night Walk in aid of Cancer Research in London on Saturday 23rd September?


It's a great incentive to get a bit fitter, a physical challenge that's within reach for pretty much everyone with a bit of determination and for a really good cause.

Zoe has said we might be able to organise Buggyfit t-shirts at a discounted price, so we could show our 'colours' and remind everyone "Never underestimate a Buggyfit Mum!"

If you're up for it, please let me know - we should get our entries in over the next few weeks.

Is buggyfit on tomorrow (16th)? Thanks
Lynsey Foston
Thanks Zoe for letting me share this:

Fancy running your own Messy Monkeys group?
Messy Monkeys East Berkshire is for sale so there's a fantastic franchise for sale with a HUGE client base ready and waiting for a suitably enthusiastic leader to take over :)

Running Messy Monkeys is loads of fun and extremely rewarding – a super way to earn while still being a super parent!
Interested? Email [email protected] for more info.

Classes at Savill Gardens and the Longwalk Windsor, outdoors so great for little ones in buggies. Po

Buggyfit is a great way to get you and your baby out, meet other mums and strengthen your body after giving birth. This power walking class with strengthening and conditioning exercises gives you the opportunity to workout with your baby in a safe and sociable environment. The Times says it's "The ultimate fitness class for mums and babies"!

Operating as usual


Did you get my newsletter tonight? It had links to my new blog post link and details of my app which is now live 🎉🎉

So, as I head off for my holidays in a couple of days you can still work out with me! You could even take me on holiday with you 😆 with just 15 mins a day you can feel stronger and more connected 💪🏻

Sign up for your free 7 day trial by downloading the app on Apple APP store (soon to be on Google too) B-FIT bump, baby, birth and beyond!

And message me if you didn’t get my newsletter and I will add you to the list 🙏🏻


So lucky again with a beautiful morning for my Summer class - a nice breeze meant we didn’t get too hot either!!

That is me done with classes for three weeks now as I prepare to sail off on my holibobs! We will be back for two more classes at Locks Ride after the August bank holiday…. Hopefully see you then 😊

Sending out my next newsletter tomorrow with Autumn class booking details, a new blog and also info on my App which has now been approved by Apple 😄

Message me if you haven’t already, to be added to my newsletter list!!

Bernice x


Always so useful to find out what’s happening 😊

The Summer Holidays have arrived ☀️ https://berkshiremummies.co.uk/summer-holiday-whats-on-guide/ Make sure you use this bumper What’s on Guide over the next 6 weeks. It’s packed full of 200+ family-friendly Berkshire summer events.


Finishing our Buggyfit half term in the rain - but these fab mums still made it out! Been pretty lucky the rest of term though and we had a lovely cuppa to finish!

Newsletter was out this week with next terms bookings and also some summer holiday classes at Locks Ride! If you didn’t get a copy of the newsletter and would like one just PM me your email address and I will add you!

First summer class I will be there with cake to celebrate the end of a Buggyfit era for some lovely mums returning to work - so please do come and join us!! All classes and women welcome to join summer classes as it’s a great mixed bunch!!


Looking forward to our picnic today! Come and join a lovely group to walk into the park and see the Royal procession and did I mention there will be homemade cake at the tea tent!! 🍰🧁🥮

Buggyfit is still on first - a Pilates session in the shade on the polo fields - Come and get your core working!



Just a reminder that there will be no classes this evening because of Ascot week! Back next Thursday with

Women’s strength and Pilates - 18.15
Pregnancy Pilates - 19.30

Get in touch if you would like to find out more!



Postnatal Pilates tomorrow morning! Beginning the week with a bit of calm before Ascot kicks off!

Spaces available but issue on website with bookings so just message me to get booked on!


Heading off to the shade today at Buggyfit for a Pilates inspired workout so don’t be worried about getting too hot 😊🙏🏻

Still time to join us!!



We focused on our core and glutes today and spent our time working out in the shade! So lovely to be able to get the mats out and let the little ones appreciate the fresh air. Love Buggyfit ❤️

Looking forward to our next class on Friday Savill gardens 10am

Photos from Buggyfit Windsor & Ascot's post 14/06/2023

Planning a nice shady spot for Buggyfit today with some mat based Pilates to help us keep cool! Bring a mat and some water 🧘🏼‍♀️

Still some space if you wajt to book on Longwalk 10am


Just sent an email about an opportunity to try the new adventure playground at Savill Gardens on their trials today and tomorrow, so have a peek and email them if you could make it! Can’t wait to hear what it’s like!!!!


A great day today with PT clients on the sun and then lovely energy and focus at my Thursday evening strength and Pilates class.

And love meeting new pregnant mumma’s and enjoy finishing our class with a good chat!

And tomorrow it’s Friday!! Yay, and the sun will be shining, so sun tan lotion, hats, mats and water needed 💪🏻🌞

Can’t wait!! And it’s not too late to grab a place, see the link in bio or comments below 😊


Would highly recommend you reading the article and watching the panorama program…. It will open your eyes to what is in some foods we buy!!

As a PT I am always explaining to people that it’s not just about calories in and calories out, it’s very much about the quality of those calories.

The trial done on these twins proved that; they had the same calorie and fat intake but the one on the processed diet gained weight and blood fat levels whereas the one on the unrefined diet lost weight! Also interestingly the one on the processed diet when to bed feeling hungry!

Challenge yourself to a week with no processed foods and aim to eat a huge variety of fruit, veg, nuts, seeds and grains and let me know how you feel at the end of it!!

If you need help to get in control of your health get in touch by commenting ‘me please’ below as my online Stronger Mama program stats again soon with a 6 week meal plan to help you look at the whole picture



Are you preparing for your week?? Maybe getting the children ready to go back to school??

Don’t forget to schedule in time for you too!!

Classes back this week!!


Finally all done 💙💜 fundraising for the marathon this year finished with my postponed fun charity class this morning - followed by cake and a lovely chat. So lovely to see lots of grown up Buggyfit babies too!!

And pleased to have raised so much money for both MS Uk and MIND charity - thank you so much to everyone who has supported me along the way!!!

Have a great weekend all!!


Are you a new mum that wants to feel more confident in your body again? Or maybe a mum whose little ones have grown up a bit!

Do you want to exercise but don’t know where to start or what exercises you should be doing?

Do you want to feel stronger in your core and help to tone up your stomach? And your overall body?

Do you wonder if it is actually possible to get stronger and fitter without spending hours exercising?

If any or all of the questions run through your head, I might be able to help 👋

I’m Bernice, and while I don’t claim to know it all, I HAVE been here! As a busy mum of three, I was struggling to fit any exercise into my day and I was struggling with eating well. I felt tired, unenthusiastic and just didn’t know where to start! I also wanted to feel confident that I could take my children trampolining etc without worrying 😳 so I worked out how I could achieve this and fit it into my life. Now I’m passionate about exercise and want to help others feel more confident in their bodies after having little ones.

So, I’ve developed a sustainable step by step plan to help you transform your body and life! I’ve helped different clients over the last few years 1:1 and they have all loved the results but I wanted to create a program that I can spread out to help more people!!

So, that’s why I’ve created a program to help mums get stronger and feel more confident in their bodies with just a short amount of time exercising daily ( just 10-15 mins).

This will be the second ‘Stronger Mama’ program to run and we had some great results with the first! Feedback like “it’s the only exercise program I have seen through to the end, and I can see and feel the results!”, “I love the short daily workouts, it’s so manageable”, “it’s like carrying around you with me, so I stay consistent and motivated”

Spaces on the ‘Stronger Mama’ program will be limited so if you are interested in finding out more please message “interested” below and I’ll send you a link for a free intro program on the app, with a couple of demos!

Bernice (B-FIT Ascot)


Missing your class this week???

You are all welcome to join us this Friday at Savill Gardens for a fun charity class and cake!!

Looking forward to seeing those that had previously booked and welcoming aniline else that can now make it!! All of the money now raised will go to MIND charity my joint charity for the marathon I ran in April. Link to book the class in bio or below 💙


Why I love my job so much 💗

This comment meant the world to me today as I love what I do and it is so much more than just providing exercise classes.

It’s about giving women confidence to get out with other women and to build networks and support each other. It is about finding our tribe 💗


Another gorgeous day for Buggyfit! Lots of lovely chat, fresh air and exercise followed by a cuppa!

So sad to say goodbye to another amazing Buggyfit mum and baby and wish them well getting back to work - look forward to them popping back for the odd holiday class!

Next week is half term but Buggyfit postponed charity class will be at Savill next Friday at 10am so come and join us!!


Yay it’s Friday!!! And I’ll be finishing off the half term with a fab Friday Buggyfit session with a post class cuppa!!

There is still time to join us, you can book online and next half terms block bookings are also now open, helping you save money and stay consistent 💪🏻



Bookings now open for our summer half term 🎉🎉

Love this term as nice to find some peace and mindfulness in Pilates as usually a busy term for all and some warm weather to connect with nature for our outdoor classes 🙏🏻☀️

You will find the link below or in bio to book - save money and become consistent with your half term booking.


Looking forward to another busy week of PT and classes and hope the sun continues to shine ☀️☀️

Hope you’ve all had fab weekends, have you thought about setting your exercise goals for the week?

Let me know if I can help and comment below if you want to be added to my newsletter with all booking links 😊


Well done to Amy one of our amazing Buggyfit mums!! You looked so good at the end of Binfield 10k today!! Inspiration for all those busy mums out there 🏃‍♀️😊


Bring your mats today and we will march straight to polo fields 💪🏻


Postnatal Pilates is back tomorrow!! Can’t wait to see all the mums and babies 💜

A couple of spaces so book on using link if yuh want to try!

No experience of Pilates needed, all you need is a mat and a baby!!! There is also a place to go for a cuppa and chat after class!


Photos from Buggyfit Windsor & Ascot's post 05/05/2023

Everyone got involved in some flag waving today 🇬🇧🇬🇧

Love the little ones faces ❤️


Loved our second Buggyfit Coronation class today this lot were brilliant 🇬🇧👑🙌🏻

Have an amazing Bank Holiday weekend all!!!


Looks beautiful for Buggyfit tomorrow at 10am Longwalk! Come and join me for a Royal celebration inspired workout in front of the castle 👑💂‍♀️🏰


This week is maternal mental health week - having a baby can be a lonely time and I know it can be hard to admit how tough it can be at times.

The support of other new mums can be invaluable and I love seeing how the mums at Buggyfit support each other….. so if you know a mum that would benefit from getting out in the fresh air, meeting other mums and getting a bit of exercise then tag them here and they can then get DM me for a free class trial this week! You can also have a free class for the tag 💜

Classes are 10am Wed Longwalk Windsor and 10am Fri Savill Gardens


Gutted to postpone my charity class this morning - those of you that know me know that I don’t cancel classes lightly - but with two days to go before marathon and still not recovered with my throat, a class in the rain and wind is not a great idea! I have emailed you all and we will do a celebratory class in the sun on May half term instead!!

I will be gathering energy and eating all the cake 😆 take care all x



It was lovely to be feeling well enough to be back to Buggyfit today - a bit of fresh air was just what I needed and so good to meet some new mums and to hear everyone having a good chat 💓

Just my Friday charity class to go this week! Come and get some exercise done and then enjoy cake, coffee and chat. I’ll post the link to book below 💜


Ever wondered what we do at a Buggyfit class??We power walk and we do some exercise but we also talk, share, laugh and sometimes cry!

As so many mums have told me Buggyfit is so much more than an exercise class as lifelong friendships are formed - I feel privileged to be able to facilitate this ❤️

Comment ‘me’ in the comments below if you want to find out more!


Looking forward to being back on the Longwalk tomorrow at 10am! Always lots going on for the little ones to look at 🐴🐴

Weather is looking good and still time to book!

Photos from Buggyfit Windsor & Ascot's post 10/03/2023

Fantastic mumma’s braving the elements this morning to get Buggyfit done 💪🏻😊

They all said it beat sitting at home all day with little one and that they warmed up as we moved a lot and felt good afterwards …… especially with a nice hot cuppa ☕️

Looking forward to the warmer weather coming but for now onwards we march!!

Have a great weekend all 😊


It may be cold and wet but we will battle through!!

This is the last push to Spring so come on, pop the rain covers on, wrap up and will keep moving 💪🏻

Think how good the coffee will taste afterwards ☕️


Applications for my 'stronger mama' program closing tonight!

I am so excited to have nearly recruited my founding members!! Emails have been sent and calls arranged
There are a couple of spaces still available and registration will close tonight so please email me to register interest by midnight tonight!!

If you are a busy mum struggling with knowing what exercise you should be doing to feel strong and confident in your body, then this is your opportunity to access the program at a reduced price!

If you want to be motivated and inspired join my 6 week program!!
email me know for more details or to arrange a call. You are not committed by registering interest

Bye for now Bernice


I am so excited to have nearly recruited my 10 founding members!! Emails have been sent and discovery calls arranged 📞

There are a couple of spaces still available and registration will close at the end of Monday 🎉

If you are a busy mum struggling with knowing what exercise you should be doing to feel strong and confident in your body, then this is your opportunity to access the program at a reduced price!

I have had a previous client sign up quoting

“I’m so excited to be able to continue working with you remotely knowing you will be holding me accountable and as always showing me great technique ❤️”

If you want to be motivated and inspired join my 6 week program!!

Comment ‘me please’ if you want me to send some more info!!

Bye for now Bernice


📣 48 hrs left to get one of the limited spaces on my new program ‘stronger mama’

And I’ve had a few questions, so I want to make sure I cover those quickly…..

If you are still not sure if this is for you, here is what you need to know….

👉 when does it start?
✅ On April 10th, 10 founding members of ‘stronger mama’ will start their journey working closely with me to achieve strength and confidence in their bodies, without spending loads of time working out.

👉 who is it for?
✅ This program is specifically designed to put an end to wondering what exercises you can and should be doing to get stronger and more connected to your body. It’s designed for new mums who want to understand the right way of exercising for a body that has changed through having a baby, you may be starting this journey when little ones have grown up a bit! Once postnatal always postnatal!

👉 What’s included?
✅ You will get the full 6 week program with bonuses such as the nutrition workshop, being part of the community and a weekly coaching call with me! This is valued at £220 but the founding offer is £100

To grab one of the remaining spaces or find out more comment ‘me please’ below and I will be in touch to arrange a discovery call.

But act quickly as registration will close in 48 hrs

Can’t wait to work with you
Bernice 😊


Finishing my session with JA Fitness Ascot today with some core and hip flexor strengthening 💪🏻

It’s important that the exercises you do are focused on areas that you need to strengthen for activities that you do, for me it’s my running.

My strength and Pilates classes will help you to work out areas that need strength and you will learn exercises that will help! I’m offering some limited spaces for a free trial in Sunninghill Thursday evening in person or online!

Comment ‘interested’ below if you would like more details!

Bernice (B-Fit Ascot)


A house needs a strong foundation to keep standing and so do our bodies!

Join me on live on Thursday as I talk about how we can focus on our deeper core muscles, knowing what exercises are effective in strengthening them and which exercises to avoid, we will also discuss how you will know whether you are ready to increase the intensity and impact of your exercise.
You can comment with any questions you would like answered and catch the video afterwards if you miss it!!

My Pilates and my strength classes continue to focus on these deeper connections so get in touch if you would like to join!! And keep your eyes out for my new program with limited spaces opening this week!!

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Windsor?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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