Five Star Gym - Windsor

Five Star Gym - Windsor


Are you open now??
Windsor Monarchs American Football Club

Join us and be part of something brand new!
It's friendly good equipment and Trainers are professional and on hand to help
Can we get a 5 Star Rowing entry??
Hi Five Star Members, so far this month I’ve raised just under £600 for Movember. Due to personal reasons I’m continuing to raise further money for December to raise further awareness is aid of Cancer Research. If you’d like to donate any money it would be extremely appreciated and Thankful....

I'm growing a multicoloured goatee because I want to raise increased public awareness
Morning guys , Some of you may be aware , my brother in law “Bruno” is currently on his “Castle to Castle “ challenge he’s doing so well he has been riding nonstop since 5am yesterday and is currently 100 miles from
Windsor having ridden from Edinburgh castle , he is due to arrive at Windsor castle between 8 and 10 this evening , if any of you guys know him , have trained with him or just appreciate what he has done then he would love to see you there at the finish line ... going to be emotional .. I’ll ping a link on aswell thanks for reading
Hi Five Star,

The medicine balls (50kg and 70kg) that we currently have are great, but I would appreciate a heavier option and I am sure others would too. Below is a 100 kg ball for £149.99 which would be a great addition to the free weights area.

Hi Five Star,

Get in. Work out. Get on with living your best life. Welcome to your gym. Come and improve with us.

Operating as usual


Monday morning motivation!


100% dedication is the way forward ➡️

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Stay consistent! Pushing yourself with every workout will help you achieve results! Make sure you’re eating enough protein as they’re the muscles building blocks!!

Ask our team for any advice!


A little midweek inspo for you! Keep going! 🌈

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There are so many different ways you can focus on weight loss.

Scroll through and save this post to refer back to!

Did you know we have a dedicated Yoga studio? Give us a call for more info and to begin your fitness journey now!


Thursday motivation to see us through to the weekend! ♥️


Happy Eid to all those who celebrate 🙏🏽


Sign up this Bank Holiday Weekend and get a free workout bag and kit…

You will get all the following for FREE

Protein shaker
Training tracker book
Pre workout
Protein bar
Bring a friend day pass
Protein samples


Join the team at Five Star Windsor !💪🏻✅

30+ hours per week
Exceeding minimum wage
No experience necessary.
Keen on training is desirable.
Further training courses provided to the correct candidate

Sounds good? Send us an email or message in the inbox

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Gym myths to stop believing! 🛑

Have a read through, they’re common myths that we’ve all been led to believe at one point in our fitness journeys!

Don’t let the myths deter you from the truth and hold you back from your full potential!! 💪🏼

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Work to increase your time under tension.

Slow down your rep speed and really focus on feeling your muscles do the work.

Keep good form and your body will adjust by becoming stronger.

Remember you can always ask one
of our friendly team for help and advice!

Let’s go Monday!! 💪🏼


Getting that Friday workout in! 💪🏼 Who’s ready for the weekend? 😃

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Protein is particularly important to ingest after a workout because exertion breaks down your muscles. That's why, after completing their workout, people frequently consume protein bars or drink whey shakes at the gym. It contributes to their activity having a greater impact.

We have listed 5 high protein items for you to enjoy for Lunch or Dinner.

What’s your favourite protein?


Wishing you all a Happy Easter 🐣


Just remember a small improvement daily will lead to massive results in the long run.

Try to do 1 more rep, 5 seconds less rest or 1 more KG per exercise.

Consistency and improvement is the name of the game.

Let’s do this ✅


We stand with Ukraine.

Here at Five Star Gym, we have recently gifted several memebership for those individuals joining our community from Ukraine.

We have a few more spots left so if you have sponsored someone and they need something to do….our door is open for anyone living in RBWM, we can help. Send them our way to train for free.

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Why do you need water….

Your body depends on water to survive. Every cell, tissue, and organ in your body needs water to work properly. For example, your body uses water to maintain its temperature, remove waste, and lubricate your joints. Water is needed for overall good health.

How much are you drinking ???


Easter is coming. 💪🏻

Please check which days we will be open and which days we will be eating too much chocolate 😀👊🏼


Happy Wednesday! Keep your eye on your goals for the week! You’ve got this!! 👍🏽


Just remember every day you get better and stronger than yesterday. 💪🏻

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We all love to stay up late and watch that program or series on the tv right?

Here is the reasons why getting that excellent length of quality sleep is important for you! 💪🏻

How many hours sleep do you get a night?


Why not mix in a body weight workout to your program? Can be done anywhere, anytime, no equipment needed and great for a quick workout when you are short on time

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Team strong,
Our amazing ladies and PT @strong_girl_squad_
After another great strength class.

Click the link in the bio for more info 👆

📸 credit - @sticky_bun_photography


“Don’t skip the legs day”….

Get those squats in….look at all the benefits.

Leg workouts are an important aspect of a well balanced, whole-body fitness routine that builds strength, speed, and stability.

How many times a week do you train your legs?

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Did you know that drinking black coffee can enhance your workout?

If you are looking to go hard on your workouts consider the benefits of coffee. Within Moderation of course 😝

We have listed some of the benefits here for you.

Our Personal Trainers are some of the best in Berkshire, they are here to support you. Reach out anytime 😍

Did you know this already? Let us know in the comments ⬇️


Happy Friday everyone!!! 😁


Midweek mantra!! Focus on your mental health just as much as your physical health 🧠


What’s your Monday motivation? 💪🏼


Happy weekend!! We made it! 🌞


Sunny days giving us some workout motivation!!! ☀️


Fully equipped for all your fitness needs!! 😁


Saturday sessions! 😅


The weekend is in sight! What’s your workout goals? 🏈


Monday motivation 💪🏼


Sweating the week away before heading into the first weekend of March!! Where has the time gone! ⏰

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World gratitude day!
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54A Vale Road

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