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today wreckdiving grenadastyle. first wreck a great wideangleplace... being on macro-so bruce found us three different frogfisch. second dive another colorful wreck- bruce found us a frogfish and a great nudibranch. now i understand , why he told me not to forget the macrolense in grenada :-) what a great day we had !!!!
Aquanauts grenada I would have to say is the best dive centre in Grenada. They have many good traits. From ease to checking in all the way to making sure your dive is safe and enjoyable. The whole staff is professional. Request Paul as your dive guide he has a great spirit and just very friendly and helpful. Would definitely come back again.
A HUGE thank you to the staff at Aquanauts! We had an amazing week of diving - we love Grenada, the diving, and especially Myron, who was our guide for each dive. Our entire experience with Myron and Aquanauts was FIVE STARS! I can't wait to come back.
My first trip was a few days of diving. My trip in May was 6 days of diving twice if not more. I’m returning in November for longer. The staff at the resort, Aquanauts, gave exceptional service. At home in New England I don’t use nitrox. I highly recommend it in Grenada. You really don’t want to miss anything! Classic end of epic dives!
Had a great time diving and snorkeling, you guys run an excellent operation! Here's a video I put together, most of which was filmed while on an Aquanauts charter. Thanks for the good vibes and memorable experiences!
March 2019 thank you for such a wonderful dive trip. Our dive master/guides Bugy, Ollie, chrisphin were such great and fun guy to hang out with. They show us a great time. Thank you!!! 3/10/-3/14/2019
Thank you to All at Aquanauts for making our Dive Vacation so great, You all exceeded our expectations... Thanks for our wonderful dives!!!!! We miss you all already Mickey and Don Wrona and all of us from Anchor Bay Scuba!
Yellow Seahorse on Purple Rain, Keep your eyes pealed ;)
Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity - #gotoalmanac #Grenada #Divefest 2017 #scuba
PLEASE HELP ME! I am doing an international scavenger hunt with GISHWHES and one of my tasks is to find someone from one of the 10 smallest countries in the world (Grenada). Have them send you a forced perspective photo of something very small that makes that object look huge in front of a famous public landmark or historical site in that country. Caption the photo with “Big things happen in the tiny nation of Grenada! I am really hoping you can help me get this picture by Saturday Aug 12.
Hey, nice photo. K Sunny Howland, Ohio

the place in Grenada where scuba diving and snorkeling is fun !

Friendly, professional and fun - come to Grenada for a great diving holiday. Spacious Boats, Free Nitrox, PADI 5* and TDI facility, Rebreather friendly, Scuba courses from beginner to technical diving and secure online booking of hotel-dive packages.

Corona/ Covid 19 Update: Grenada is currently closed for travel to avoid the virus spreading on our island. There have been a few imported cases that are contained.
Currently we take only reservations, but no payments on our website. If you plan to travel to Grenada, and we hope you do 😎, just make a reservation and we'll update you as things progress. We wish everybody to stay safe and see you soon.👌

Today we'll be starting a new series: #WrecksofGrenada . We are asking for your input here. The wreck will not be named initially, only after the first diver has identified it correctly. You will probably see some perspectives of our shipwrecks you've never seen before. Here's the first picture, I call it "stairway to heaven" What wreck does this belong to? #AquanautsGrenada, #GrenadaDreaming
Minna got it right, it's "Bianca C"

Cleanup Dive Earth Day

Unfortunately no Cleanup Dive on Earth Day 2020, but with no people on the beach- it should be clean anyway. Let's hope we can keep it like that after Covid...

#CrittersofGrenada: the rare "Lined Seahorse" ( Hippocampus erectus) #AquanautsGrenada, #PureGrenada, #GrenadaDreaming

[04/19/20]   While Paradise is currently closed for visitors, we are here and hope to be able to welcome you again soon. Stay safe and healthy out there. #AquanautsGrenada, #PureGrenada, #IloveGrenada, #GrenadaDreaming

Wondering how Lionfish are thriving, now that nobody is allowed out diving. Guess the first couple of Lionfish hunts will be very productive #AquanautsGrenada, #PureDiving, #PureGrenada

Let's play with the Eagle Rays today #AquanautsGrenada

Eagle Rays are common sight in our waters, one of the most gracious species in the ocean. Always with a smile on their face. #AquanautsGrenada, #PureDiving, #PureGrenada

Let's look at some Scorpionfish today

Valet Diving

This is how we run a dive center. Hope we can spoil you soon on your next dive vacation

Look at these two beauties, our daily dose of diving

Pure Grenada as we know it

Keep it in your dreams. Come back as soon as you can. Great video by our friend Arthur Daniel Creative

I have been on many adventures, seeing many existique views, hike the many terrains and captured scenes at our local events; here is a compilation of footage...

Let's just pray that this is over soon

Happy Easter, #AquanautsGrenada style- be the first to dive on a brand new wreck (virtually) #GrenadaDreaming

Sharks of "King Mitch"

[04/09/20]   Our daily dose of diving today. What about a night dive?

Let this beautiful smile brighten your day

[04/07/20]   Remember the days when we were moving in a faster pace?

Our daily dose of diving, not only one, but two Frogfish on the wreck of "Veronica L"

We are in this together, just keep a little distance for now 😎

[04/04/20]   Here is our daily dose of diving fun

Hopefully we can welcome divers again soon, this is sooo much fun #puregrenada, #purediving, #ilovegrenada

When this is over you deserve a break in #puregrenada with #purediving, #ilovegrenada. Please share for some happyness

Be smart, be like the Green Moray, stay in your hole 😉

Our beautiful home @ True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

You may have to show up at immigration like this but we will take you diving as soon as there are flights again. Hold.

Our Island in the Sun. Thank you Blue Horizons Garden Resort, Grenada

Just to explain social distancing today. Turtle right, Grunts wrong

If you "Got Grounded", now is the time to think about to "Get Wrecked" with our Aquanauts Grenada team at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort when this is over. Music by our old friend Pup Morse in conjunction with ScubaRadio. Please enjoy and feel free to share!

The Deco bar and pool are deserted for now, but we'll be back stronger and better

Great to see the mangroves we planted thriving in our bay

When I took this photo yesterday morning of two boats with divers and open water students leaving the dock, we did not know that we would be closing shops that same day. As they where out, all tourists have been called back to their home countries and flight operations to Grenada will cease in the next couple of days. Our thanks go out to all divers, students, guest, friends and staff. Please stay safe at home and we hope that we will be able to show you the beauty of Grenada under water and above very soon again. We will be back!

Have a great weekend in solitude. Enjoy and see you sometime later for great diving in Grenada.

I am sending some positive waves

Another beautiful day to go diving while we can. Grenada is still Corona free, all tests so far have been negative, but the global shut down will hit us soon.

Our friends at Cenote Diving said it right:

The dive group from High Plains Scuba Center in Ft. Collins having a great time enjoying our pure diving and hospitality True Blue Bay Boutique Resort,
Group leader Collin is doing an amazing job looking after his buddies.

Two boats full of happy divers are off the dock. Enjoy life while you can. Corona protocol is in place to keep everybody safe.

The almighty Bianca C

So... after Victor I successfully completed TDI Decompression Procedure Diver and Advance NITROX courses 👌Yesterday there were my final exam that took place on famous Grenadian dive site - the huge shipwreck Bianca C, also known as “Titanic of the Caribbean” 🚢 It was a deep dive to 50 m (162 feet). To be able to do so I have to bring 3 tanks with me with different blends and spend on deco stops about 24 minutes 🤪 Thank you, Paul @aquanautsgrenada for teaching us and your priceless knowledgeable guidance! And lots of thanks to my husband for pushing me with my limits, supporting me and, probably, believing in me more than I do myself. You’re the best!🤩
@ Aquanauts Grenada

Another great day out at sea with Aquanauts. Thanks Molly for the video

The Coolest Museum That You've Never Seen.

In the small island nation of Grenada, there is a super cool museum...that is hidden...underwater! :O

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

Nas Daily with Aquanauts Grenada today

It has been our pleasure to have @Nas Daily stay with us and to show him around our beautiful island and our resort.

Follow us on social media to see more interesting stories and videos from True Blue Bay Boutique Resort and Nas Daily.

#puregrenada #greanda #truebluebayresort

Nas Daily enjoying a great day out on the water at Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park.

Rum and Chocolate at GO Diving Show 2020.

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Cleanup Dive Earth Day
Let's play with the Eagle Rays today #AquanautsGrenada
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