Football club Zotal

Football club Zotal


Mangkholen kipgen shilong lajong FC Player

S tuboi.former I leauage player . SHILONG lajong FC. FC Zalen MSL Manipur state leauage player
The 16th Hmar Martyrs' Trophy 2019


🌍 Knock-Out Stage | Matchday Review

Peter Seiminthang, Pauginmuan and Mangku on target as FAST trounced Zeal SC 6-1 to enter Last - 8.

Heartbreak for spirited ABC Saidan as Surjakanta and Sanaton rescued FC Zotal to sail through to the quarter-finals

📝 By : Seiminlun Kipgen


📋 Today's Results :
2nd May, 2019 (Thursday)

1. FAST 6-1 Zeal SC.

2. ABC Saidan 1-1 FC Zotal.

FC Zotal won 6-5 on penalties.


Peter Seiminthang Haokip(9), Pauginmuan(4) and Seiminmang Manchong @ Mangku (10) scored two-goals apiece as defending champions FAST of Rengkai dismantled Zeal SC 6-1 while a late equalizer by Surjakanta (17) and a crucial penalty shout-out save by Sanaton helped FC Zotal to a 6-5 penalty shout-out victory over spirited ABC Saidan after 1-1 draw in today's thrilling pre-quarter final encounters of the ongoing 16th Hmar Martyrs' Trophy 2019 played at Saikot playground, Churachandpur.

🖼 FAST 6-1 Zeal SC :

In today's first pre-quarter finals match, dominant FAST took an early lead against Zeal SC courtesy of a Pauginmuan's thunderous strike from 20 yards in the 7th minute and the advantage was doubled when Peter Seiminthang Haokip(9) punished poor clearance from Zeal SC goalkeeper to lob home from distant and after Pauginmuan (4) added his second of the match with an exquisite finish midway through the first-half, Peter Seiminthang Haokip got his second goal for himself with a solo effort to give FAST a commanding 4-0 lead at half-time. The second-half saw the defending champions extending lead through half-time substitute Seiminmang Manchong (10), who made amend of his missed penalty early in the second-half, and after Jesse Hmar cut the deficit for Zeal SC in the 77th-minute, Seiminmang added his second goal of the match with a dazzling run late on to give FAST a 6-1 victory.


🖼 ABC Saidan 1-1 FC Zotal
FC Zotal won 6-5 on penalties

The highly anticipated second match of the day between FC Zotal and ABC Saidan began in a tense note with both sides displaying real intent for goal and after FC Zotal had a disallowed goal from a long-throw by Abdul Salam @ Yaima which Johnny (9) nodded in just past the 10-minute mark, ABC Saidan took a surprise lead after fine attacking move through Joseph Varte(9) and despite FC Zotal pressing high for the equalizer, the first-half ended 1-0.

The second-half saw FC Zotal pouring everything forward in search of the equaliser while ABC Saidan played with cautious to preserve lead. However, the resistance of the Saidan boys had finally succumbed when Surjakanta(17) poked home from close-range amidst the crowded defence connecting on a Yaima's freekick to level the match 16 minutes from time and the pulsating knock-out encounter ended 1-1.

In the ensuing penalty shout-out, FC Zotal emerged 6-5 winners after goalkeeper Sanaton thwarted off a last and a sudden penalty kick from an ABC Saidan kicker.

Reigning champions FAST will lock horns with FC Zotal for what is going to be a mouthwatering quarter-finals clash on 7th May, 2019.

Futbol Club Zotal is one of the club in Lamka , Zogam. Since the club formation has been promoted to 2nd Div. & 1st Div.the next year.

[09/18/19]   💥 FC ZOTAL Squad 💥
⚽ 1st Division league⚽
_Player list_

1. Thangmuansang
2. Paolemgou
3. Paukhankhual

1. Pauvang
2. Thangtungkhai
3. Lamboi
4. Thangsawmmung
5. Mangminzou
6. Gousuan
7. Thangliansiam
8. Lemsang
9. Max Haupu Haokip

1. Davira Doumuanthang
2. James Lalminlian
3. Kamminlian
4. Ginliankhual
5. Thangminlun
6. Kapboi
7. Paumuan
8. Benjamin Lunminthang
9. Khukhup

1. Khamminthang
2. Paukhansuan
3. Khupsuanthang
4. TsLun


Manager: Gaara Paulun
Ast.Manager: Hunter phiamphu
Coach: Steve Ori tungs
Medical: Somlal
Asst medic: Dousuanlian


19th September
Thursday 03:00 PM
FC Zotal - Sanakhang FC

23rd September
Monday 03:00 PM
Ahsijolneng FC - FC Zotal

26th September
Thursday 12:00 PM
FC Zotal - Golkilungtuoh FC

1st October
Tuesday 12:00 PM
FC Zotal - K.Salbung FC

Amun ahile Lamka Public Ground hiden ding hi..


Sebastian Thangmuonsang Zou
toh a sanggampa ahi..

tutung Tornament ah Captain hihna eitoipie Sebastian in,
Best Player of the Tournament
pahtoina sang hi..

Sebastian ahileh, I-League club Neroca FC ah season beisa pen in kimawl a,
tu season in ahile, Gokulam ah kimawl tading in gingtat umhi.

Maban saopi neilai ahiman in, Zotal ngaina jousien khatvei beh i thumna uoh phohcietvai..

[07/16/19]   🌅 *The 1st Pi NIANGZEN TROPHY 2019*


🌎 *Final Match Review*

📋 *Final Match Resutl:*
15th July, 2019 (Monday)

*FC Zotal 1-0 Koite Youth Union*

*Goal-Scorer :* Paumuan Zou (90+1).

Super substitute Paumuan Zou stole the show as FC Zotal won 1-0 to lift the championship trophy

📝 By: Seiminlun Kipgen


Ccpur, 15th July, 2019: FC Zotal claimed the historic first edition of the Pi Niangzen Trophy 2019 as injury-time header from Paumuan Zou earned them to a late 1-0 victory over Koite Youth Union in today’s final match played in front of a record crowd at Lamka Public Ground, Churachandpur.

The highly anticipated final match began with FC Zotal dominating the proceedings early on as a handicapped Koite Youth Union side struggled to pose threat to the Zotal defence and it was brilliant Kote Youth Union goalkeeper Lenjapao Kipgen, who was the busiest man on the pitch as he denied efforts from Kaiminlen Haokip, John Minlun Tungnung and Bedeenpar Moyon to keep the score intact and after a swift counter-attacking move from Koite Youth Union which resulted in Thangminlen, connecting a perfect lay-off from Kaikhothang Singson, having his fierce strike cleared off the line by FC Zotal’s Pauvang Zou and after Koite Youth Union shot-stopper Lenjapao Kipgen denied powerful strike from Sebastian Thangmuansang Zou and apart from a glancing strike by Cleaven Hmar, which went just inches wide, the first-half ended goalless.

_The second-half saw Koite Youth Union showing little improvement and in the 50th minute, FC Zotal goalkeeper Bishorjit Singh was forced into full-stretch action for the first time in the match as he denied Kote Youth Union from taking the lead after nice attacking build-up but for majority of the second-half, despite FC Zotal re-establishing dominance, there were no potent goal-threat but much for the joy of the Zotal faithfuls, substitute Paumuan Zou scored the winning goal deep into injury time, connecting an incisive Jerry Pulamte’s cross, with a powerful header to give FC Zotal a 1-0 win that earned the Simveng based outfit to their first ever major silverware._

As winners of the tournament, FC Zotal took home the Niangzen Trophy along with cash incentives of Rs. 1,50,000 while Koite Youth Union had to content with a runners-up finish coming along with Rs. 80,000.



*Champions :* FC Zotal.

*Runners-Up :* Koite Youth Union.

*Best Disciplined Team (CDSA Fair Play Award) :* Khallai FC.

*Player-of-the-Tournament :* Sebastian Thangmuansang Zou of FC Zotal.

*Top-Scorer :* Peter Seiminthang Haokip (10 goals in 5 matches) of SYMROPIA FC.

*Best Goalkeeper (Safe Hand Award) :* Lenjapao Kipgen of Koite Youth Union.

*Emerging Player of the Tournament :* Lunjapao Doungel of Koite Youth Union.

*Man-of-the-Final Match :* Mangkholen Kipgen of Koite Youth Union.


Pasian zal in 1st Niangzen Trophy
ah Guoltungtuongna kila theihi.

Hunbei kuon ding mamah
minute 87 in Zo Tangval Pao Muon
in a luu toh goal hing khum hi.

Thupina teng2 ih
T**a Pasian in tangta hen..Amen.

Kimawlna en tam mama in,
apuolam dai lah ah zong kikhai
khom in tamtah in en kei uhhi.

[07/15/19]   *KITHEISAHNA*
_*Tuni FZ zotal fans te Office (Apposite AG Church)ah da 12 masang in aut ta pou kuan thei ding ahi...Transportation um ding leh players te toh kuankhom d chi lem gel ahi....Huchia first come first serve ah ticket jong kihom ding ahi.*_
Thank u.
From: FC Zotal Official.

[07/15/19]   Good News! Good News!

Good news for all the fans for the final match, The club would like to announce that we would be giving away free 100 tickets for the final match. Grab your ticket at the venue from 1 pm onward.



Puon-ah tampi tahzong kibawl a,
adeijousien Dangka toh kithuopi na dan in,
Hih anuoi a nambat ah kan inlen,
na lei theiding uhhi.




Jingchieng 15th June Hla ah
Pi Niangzen Trophy Final ki apmai na ding ah
kisingsahna peitou jel hi..
Nai 02:00 PM ah
Koite Youth Club toh ki mawl ding ki hihi.

Lohman pen India sum ah ₹ 150000 hi a,
Kawlsum Kyat in Million Thum(3 million Kyat)
phajouding hi.


Qf ni a lim te






1st pi Niangzian football tournament 2019
Group classification



01. Bishorjit Singh(Neroca FC).
02. Hauminthang Zou.


03. Khupsuonthang Zou.
04. Md Abdul [email protected](Neroca FC).
05. Daniel Mate( formal FC Zelen).
06. Thangsawmmung Zou.
07. Paovang Lienzaw.
08. Haolien Hangshing Zou(Sudeva moonlight).
09. Sebastian Zou(Neroca FC).


10. Cleaven Hmar(Muvanlai FC).
11. Biaklian Paite(Neroca FC).
12. Imran Khan(FC Goa).
13. Kaiminlien(Muvanlai).
14. Benjamin Zou(AIM).
15. John Thangminlun Zou.
16. Khaiminthang Zou.
17. Timothy Ginhaolien Zou.


18. Jerry Plante(Neroca FC).
19. Lamsuon Manlun.
20. Thangtinlen Haokip(FC Zalen).

Manager : Gaara Zou

Assistant Manager:Hunter Phiemphu.

Coach : Ori Tungnung.

Medical : Sawmlal Yaw.

[05/01/19]   Tuni tarik 02
Nai 03:00 PM cieng'n
ih Zotal Club leh ABC Saidan te
The 16th Hmar Martyrs' Trophy ah
Round of 16 ki apmaina /kimawlna nei ding ihi uhhi.

Match masa ah Neroca FC te loan a kila nanleh, Loktak Trophy ah ki-apmai na anei jieh un ingtel theisih uhhi.

Tu in Neroca FC ing kimawl thei tading ahi ua, ih Zotal ngaina ten thapie din ,hing enchiet ding in iki ciel hi.
Neroca FC te ahile,Manipur Club ,Indian National League(I-League) kimawlzou umsun ahia,tualeh tutung Loktak Trophy zong la zoupan lellel ahi uhi.


Match day
Fc zotal vs ngurte youth club
Hmar martyrs 19


Fc Zotal squad for Hmar Martyrs trophy 2019


The 16th State Level
Hmar Martyrs' Trophy 2019
ah FC Zotal zong Pasian guolzawlna tang in,
kipang thei a,
Ki mawl ding in Manipur Club ,I-League a kimawl umsun Neroca FC player hunkhop
ih Zotal min a ingki mawl ding ahijie un,
Zotal ngaina jousien i kimawl uh ing w*p cietdin iki theisah uhhi.
Unaopa Sebastian in captain hihna lading hi.Ama tungtawn ahi,Neroca player te ingki mawl theina uh.

Ang tungding
27-04-18 Kiginni
Nai 01:30 PM
ah ih Zotal te kimawl en ciet vai.


Zania FC Zotal Manager Pu ziineina maan khen khat ahihi.


Tutung (L) Elder T Cinzakhai Memorial Tornament ah Final tancieng kitung zousih nanleh,
I player muonhuoi mamah uh
India Army a seem ahi, Lianchinlal Phiamphu in Goal khum tampen Hina(topscorer) la veve a, kipahpina in i kitheisah uh ahihi.

Hih tah a maan/lim(photo) tekhu
* Topscorer a amuh pahtoina .
* Khatpen ahile, azinu toh a innkuonpite uh moulop poi a alim lah ahi(a ningtua a dinggel uh ahi).


(L) Elder Cinzakhai Memorial Tourney,
Daizang ah
(L)Pu Haokhanpau Memorial Team
(Zotal Founder Pa Ginminlal pienna pa ahi)
min in FC Zotal squard kim in kitel theihi.

Hih Tourney ah Zotal Player muon huoi mamah Jonathan Pao(Mumbai a nnasem ahi) tualeh Lienchinlal (Indian Army a sem ahi) ing kihel thei uhi..
amaute giel tungton ici diei mah tutung Tourney ki bawl hoi mamah in, league sung teng guolzohna kitang thei hi.
Zotal goalkeeper loan a club dang a vakimol Thangmuansang Suantah zong ei ki hel theihi.

Group C Winner kihi a,maban 22nd January cieng'n
Group D Runner ih Zoheisa toh kimol ding in ki um hi.

Maban ah Zotal combination hoisem nading a pan ing la (L) Haukhanpao in anuosie a inn kuonpi te Pasian in guolzol semsem tahen.


Tuk*m District Division khu a bul kipan hoilou a,relegate ding dinmun in ki umman hi. Match masa ah vang umlou tah in Mualngat te tung ah guollelna kituoh pei a,
kimuonna ing kiem a, match nihna ah Angel Place te kijoulou zom hi.

Relegate tading a kigel a,hinanle thu ngetna toh playerte hanthawnna toh Manager te lungkelou in ing pan tetaw ua, tuamin match thumna Taqchapa (group winner) tung ah guolzohna masa kingah theihi.

Match tawpna ah Tuibuong toh kimol a,2-2 in ki draw hi. Hinanle Taqchapa in Mualngat te azoh jieh in relegate lou in ki um hi.

A bullam in kimuonna toh ki um a,hinanle isimmoh te kizoulou a,Pasian in eikai ngiem hijaw hi. Relegate ding dinmun ihitah in,muonna Pasian kung a kinei tatah pan a Fan te thumpina toh relegate lou in ki um hamham ahihi.

God is good
All the time..
God is good.


Tuni Nai 02:30 PM
KHOLMUN ah District League atopna kimolna kinei ding hi.

Tuibuong toh kimolding ihi vuo,
guolzohna kipoi moh mamahhi.
Guollel leh ki relegate ding a,
guolzohle Pool winner jong kihitheihi.

[11/29/18]   1st December 2018 Saturday Nai 11:30 cieng in FC Zotal in District Second Division Match kineikia ding hi.

Angel Palace

01 - 12 - 2018
11:30 AM

FC Zotal ngaina ten envai in,
ihatlouna te ,ikisapte comment kipielei
maban ah hatsemna ding in..

[11/23/18]   Pasian damna eipiehle jingchieng
(L) Thangkholun Haokip Memorial District Second Division kipan tading a, FC Zotal toh Mualngat FC ten opening match suun Nai 12:00 ah neiding hi.

Tutung FC Zotal squard list ensuh vai:-

Goal Keeper -

01. Ashok Kumar (new signing Terikhong aum).

02. Manglianthang (forward ah zong kimawl thei veve, Simveng aum).


03. Khupsuonthang (Zotal Defence lam suhattu, Zabellei te hinanleh Simveng kiim a aum den ahi).

04. Thangsuonmung (Youngstar ahi, Simveng aum).

05. Thangliensiem (Ni k*m a youngstar 1st eleven a tangzel , Simveng aum).

06. Stephen (tuk*m a Zotal a kila lut pan ahi).

07. Khaimuonpao (defensive mid-field azong kimawl thei, Lamzang aum).


08. Reuben (new signing)

09. Joshep (new signing).

10. Nengkhanlun (Zomi namni tourney a Zotal a kimawl pan, new signing).

11. Mangsuonkhup (M.Lunmuol).

12. Lalminlien (Zoumunnuom).


13. Marvin (youngstar maban a limci mamah, V.Munhoih aum Suongkuong haosapa tapa ahi).

14. Thongmuonsang (new signing Khallai FC leh Imphal club khenkhat a nakimawl Hiengdung aum).

15. Lamsuonthang (tutung Captain tuding, nidang a Gwahati club a nakimawl, tahsa hat mamah Zotal attacking amah a aki-nga tawntung ahi, Zogam Road aum).

16. Jacob Khupkhankhuol (youngstar SouthPoint aum).

17. Manglienlal (youngstar SouthPoint aum).

18. Hangmuonthang (youngstar Simveng aum).

FC Zotal Member zong hi,Player zong hi ,hinanleh tutung a squard a tel nawnlo te:-

01. Henry Lienzamuon ( tahsa ngaplo zie a youngstar te hunlem apieh ahi, akisaple squard a henlut thei gige reserve a um ahi).

02. Lienchinlal ( Army a seem ahi jie-in kimawl theilo hi, soti inn a aumcieng kimol gige ahi).

03. Muan Shadow (police training zie'n teltheilo hi).


Paolun Suantah (Lailamveng).

Thangminlien Phiamphu(Simveng).


Henry Lienzamuan

Khuplienpao Manlun (former Zotal Manager tu a Assam Rifle a seem ahi).

Lienchinlal Phiemphu (Army a seem, inn a aumcieng player ahi, Sahei Road aum).

Malsawm (goalkeeper a zong pangjel, Bible Hill aum).


Ginminlal Manlun


Mangthansang Phiamphu

Paolamthang Manlun

Khuplienpao Manlun


KB Enterprises


gielkhiel tampi umkhava
aum khale ,ki ngaidam tuovai
lungdam !!


Football club Zotal


Photos from Football club Zotal's post


FC Zotal... ten jng mi ki pha pai d hita ajia pen mi te pasian leh ei te pasian a ki bng ahi hi

[04/13/18]   today match
fc zotal vs Venus






Photos from Football club Zotal's post





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