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Quantum is a super delight for any football enthusiast. Multiple 11-a-side Bermuda natural grass turf with floodlight and other sporting amenities. What we do?

Football pick up games, weekend games, training programmes, academy and events. Run, Play, Compete but most of all energize fun. Come, let’s ignite our passion, What better way to do it than play at competitive level. From tournaments and leagues to training and tours we offer a plethora of events that promote skills, endurance, fitness and sportsman spirit. Winning is fun but we never forget to e

Operating as usual


Killer morning. Light drizzle and loads of fun.

Photos from Quantum Sports's post 18/06/2023

Nilashish Ghosh Dasgupta expressing himself :

My team 'Jhakkas boys' (even though 8 out of 12 players were above 40!) has stood as runner-up at the recently concluded Quantum league at Gurgaon. We have played even at 3 degrees in winter morning. Felt happy to hold a trophy after a few years.

Photos from Quantum Sports's post 18/06/2023

Congratulations to team Gladiator for winning the 1st Quantum league . The organisers M/s. Quantum and trio Suneet, Arvind, Sandeep deserve compliments and appreciation for organising such a long league . But it was successful and everyone enjoyed. 2nd edition should have same teams plus a few more if possible to make it even more exciting . Congratulations to Rahul Shome , Bittu , Rohan Bidhuri and DD for individual achievements . Look forward to the 2nd edition soon . # beautifulgame@quantum


Celebrating Republic Day.


When a friend visits we get super excited and when it our PHIL it’s extra special.


Happy New Year Quantifier’s!

Photos from Quantum Sports's post 18/12/2022

We had a fabulous 100 minute game of football. Both teams played outstanding football. Score was 2 all. The pachaas pey jhakaas boys indeed made the youth sweat and work hard to earn the ball and goals. As promised jhakaas boys gave a fight on the field . Match 2 in January 2023


We had a fabulous 100 minute game of football . Both teams played outstanding football . Score was 2 all. The pachaas pey jhakaas boys indeed made the youth sweat and work hard to earn the ball and goals. As promised jhakaas boys gave a fight on the field . Match 2 in january 2023

Photos from Quantum Sports's post 09/12/2022

Quantum and celebrations are never too far from each other.


Match Day Sunday 6th Nov as reported by DD: A very fast and competitive game between reds and white . Though reds took the game by a goal difference, the score 3-2 speaks about the neck to neck contest . For white vittesh has an amazing day under the bar saving at least 6 to 7 sure shot goal . Bapida and Ved scored for white . For reds dilip , karan , rohan netted in . For white supreet , mrinu along with amit , ashish were regularly creating good moves ably supported by anindo , ved, drona . Paul played the central stopper role to the hilt thwarting many moves . Dilip , rohan , karan along with satyam , DD constantly created chances . Both sides missed many chances . Arvind , subhash held the defense along with saurabh and ranveer . Saurabh connected three great deliveries by dilip but the headers missed the mark . Drona had to pull out due to an injury and we all hope he is good and will recover soon . Adi agni also played under the bar due to a pulled muscle . # beautifulgame@quantum


Happy Dipavali!


Dear footballer,
We are getting into soccer season. With more than 200 members joining our weekend games (including 100 odd expats) the community is getting bigger.
Do give us a shout in case you want to kick some balls (literally)
Weekend timings for pick up games are
1. Saturday reporting 6:30 am
2. Sunday Morning slot reporting 6:30 am
3. Sunday evening slot reporting 5:30 pm
Games start after 15 minutes of warm up, game time 90 minutes.
Have a good day
Quantum Sports


Happy birthday Pari!

Photos from Quantum Sports's post 18/09/2022

Quantum losses another dear friend to KANADDA. Score: Quantum 0 - 2 Canada. Take care Sumit and all the best from the entire Quantum Community.


Game day Sunday , 4th sept as reported by DD:
Today quantum had the famous Delhi Sunday Club , the champions of quantum tournament a few months back as guests . The first match with quantum ( 9v9) was reportedly won by DSC 3-0 .
A repeat 11 a side was again played which had youth team of quantum against the veterans of DSC . The match ended 3 - 1 in favour DSC but shiva's goal was talked about every where and maybe he will cherish his Chivas remembering the goal from a brilliant free kick.
In other games - 1st game , white vs red played 11 a side where white won by 4 goals to 2 .
Bapida scored a brace . Ved ji and shamik scored fir reds .
2nd game - White won over red 2 -1. DD and Amit G scored for white . Rohan scored for red.Amit G scored a beauty of a goal by hitting a curler from right wing.
3rd game - White vs. red
White won the game by 2 goals to 1 . After an early setback conceded by white , the team came back strongly against a tough red team to build positive moves. Kg and Satyam scored for white to increase the lead .

Overall a good day of short 30 minute games plus a competitive game against the quantum champion team DSC . Sunday morning well spent .


Game on 3rd September as reported by DD: Saturday was story of "missed sitters , converting half chances"
On pitch 2 whites which had 6 out of 10 players from pachaas pey jhakaas played a better game of controlled passing football and took the half chances to score 4 past Reds . For white the players who stood out were arvind who was building from the flanks , sandy who scored including two half chances , supreet who was holding the midfield , RDX in defense and suneet upfront . From Reds DD missed 5 sitters with just keeper to beat , saurabh who stood out today with his overlaps hit the cross bar thrice and missed scoring narrowly . Shiva and Rohan created lot of good opportunities but today luck ran out in conversion . Nilasish , Amitabh , Anindo held the defense well . Hope the chances are converted next game . For white Al pachaas pey jhakaas were scorers Suneet , Arvind , Sandy with a brace were the scorers . All pachaas pey jhakaas .Till then .. watch out this space

Photos from Quantum Sports's post 22/08/2022

Report Game Day Sunday 21 August as reported by DD: "Not a white day"
That is the caption of the game results on 21st aug weekend game at quantum . On all the three pitches the white jersey was at the recieving end .
Pitch 1 - white 1 v red 1: Reds humbled the white 5 goals to 1. The first half was reported to be evenly contested , Reds seemed to have attacked and put in four goals on the second half .
Pitch 2 - Red 2 v white 2 :
Whites put in tonnes of effort and spirit in their attack after an initial setback of 2 goals . Whites forced 20 plus corners including a rally of 6 corners at a stretch on both flanks evidence of the high attacking by white.However vittesh was the one standing between goal by white. He made amazing saves to thwart at least 7 clear goals . Credit also to the defense of saurabh , pradeep and sahaj for supporting numerous saves . The guest player devesh had a beginner's luck at quantum by scoring a hatrick . Prithvi and sangwan reduced the margin . Pachaas pey jhakaas Anindya was in outstanding form today with supporting in offense and defense . He was also one of the scorers in the tally for Reds . It was a farewell see off game of Sahej and he surely made it count by playing a super game .
Pitch 3 - white 3 v red 3 : As post match reports came in white 3 won 6-3 against red 3 . It appeared that white 3 were in total domination of the game .

The weekend ended with seeing off another Quantamite Sahej who is moving abroad for higher studies. He became one more of the quantamite to be spread across the globe. We all wish him the best from quantum .


Great game today . Super show by the pachaas
1. Ved ji for super saves
2. RDX for as always holding the defense
3. Nilu for playing attacking defense / midfield
4. Sandy for super attacking wing play
5. Suneet for pivoting the game
6. Arvind for lovely crosses
7. Anindo for fighting for every ball and closely missing a goal
8. Supreet for building the game
9. DD for scoring a good goal .


Happy Independence Day


Game Day Sunday 7th August as reported by DD : Football is being closest to God . This famous adage by Swami Vivekananda was proven right today as the boys were gifted with a perfect weather for football . Mystically it rained immediately after the game ended and when all were back home . So God loves football 😎.
On pitch 1 another intense day of football where Reds dominated the game . White strangely committed two major defensive blunders to give Reds a two goal advantage which carried through the game . Prithvi , arvind , Subhash combined well to create openings and move the ball up . White made good counter moves to reduce deficit . Rivu , pari , Sandy combined well . Paul held the defense well along with Rajeev and anindo . Another good game of football .


Game Day Saturday 6th August as reported by DD: Super Saturday game today on pitch 1 saw a very fast and high quality game between Reds and white .
Reds opened with an encore of what our global star Kabir had done eight weeks back . Kabir had scored a curling right foot corner beating the whole defense dipping behind the keeper . Today DD did a repeat to open the score for Reds . Reds created many moves and could finally convert three more . Rivu gave a beauty of a through ball to be finished by DD . Biswa scored two more . White came back strongly and very close to equalising . Arvind scored a left foot pile driver on top upright not allowing the keeper to move at all . Arjun scored another grounder stuck really hard giving the keeper no chance . Debasis saved numerous threats very bravely and also superbly defended . Defense was led by pari as always for the Reds . Rivu , biswa , pradeep , anshu constantly kept the pressure up on white . For white rdx manned the defense very well . Sandy , suneet and arvind combined very well along with Arjun to keep the pressure back . Saurabh for Reds was outstanding both in defense and supporting in attack . Overall a great game of football . The ground drained very well and was soft as a carpet to play on along with a beautiful morning weather . Indeed a great way to begin the month and weekend . # beautifulgame@quantum


Some days are magical, and if it’s a rainy magical day, football rocks🤘


Today after the game there was an impromptu sprint decision . You will find 3 pachaas and one non pachaas in the video .
Amitava in yellow
RDX in red
Nilu in red
DD in white
Good fun 😀


Match day Saturday 23 July as reported by DD: Rimjhim girey sawaan .. i listened to this song last night and wow it rained without any prediction 😀. It was a scene to watch around 50 odd football lovers ranging from 18 to 62 years on the pitch and playing in the rain . Passion of football .
On pitch 1
Red 2 v white 2 game was one of the very well contested , fast game of the month . Both sides fought hard for the ball , the wet grass on ground made ground passes difficult , besides controlling . Both teams adjusted well to the conditions and played a spirited game . Reds missed numerous chances to convert in the first half , whites had their share of misses in second . RDX stood out in red defence , Subhash , satyam , Ajit , pari , DD combined to create attacks but all of them also faltered in converting the chances . Anindo played a stellar role Shanky and chaitanya supported defense . Moments of the match were sliding tackles by ajit from red and mrinu from white . Thankfully both won the ball and no injuries . Rohan , gaurav, samarth and co constantly built moves . Ankur missed a few chances . DD attempted a first post header hitting the cross bar . Nilu stood strong in defense to control some very good build up by Reds . Scores don't do justice to the quality of game . Finally a good well contested game .

On pitch 2 - A stunner by shuddho was a highlight besides the pachaas sandy who converted a very good build up for white 1 .
The never say die spirit of these boys is commendable . Finally it is the love of the game which stands out every week.


Game Day 16th July 2022 as reported by DD: Paul has predicted rains . We shall wait n see . Another dhokaa by weather men and a hot sultry morning but as always spirits were high . Team red dominated the game against white in both the 9 a side and 11 a side version . Mohit , Shivam combined very well and dinky finished well with a right footer on top right of the keeper for Reds in the 9 a side version . In the 11 a side DD converted on a super nice through ball by Shivam , the second one was also a good build up . White pulled one back with a neat build up and short passing . For Reds bapi , Munna , sanchit , anindo combined very well to hold the midfield and defense . Dilip played a very key role along with dinky to constantly feed the midline and flanks . Rahul after making numerous saves moved up to support the attack. For white Rohan , Harsh, Paul , pradeep kept up the pressure . Saurabh was amazing in attacking the ball with killer instinct . Rajeev from white made many attempts to overlap keeping red defense busy. Overall a good game of football .

On pitch 2 we saw a brilliant save by vaibhav in game of quantum vs.NNFC . After conceding one till last match report quantum pullled one back through Ashish . Look forward to some good game tomorrow.


Game Day 10th July 2022 as reported by DD: Serious doubts on weather prediction . Google said sunny but it was surprisingly pleasant for a good game of football . Turnout of 40 plus was divided into various grounds .
On ground 3
White had themselves to blame for not able to organise well . Kunal and dinky along with Mohit made lot of efforts to create opening but solid defending by Paul ,Rinku , parijat was a constant challenge . Harvinder and dd missed some chances . Today MOM was our pachaas pey jhakaas ved ji . Ved ji scored a hatrick 🔥🔥 including a back head on a long ball by Paul . We have decided to analyse the metal inside rinkus head as he stopped at least 4 shots only with his head . 😎😎 Players also felt a loss in concentration by the incoming passionate noise on pitch 2 . 😀😀
On pitch 2 Reds scored over white . As per reports pouring in post game dilip had a very good game along with Ajit , anindya . Another super weekend behind us preparing for the upcoming one.

Photos from Quantum Sports's post 09/07/2022

Match day 9th July 2022 as reported by DD: Mausam sey zyaada Mausam department beimaan haye . It was predicted to be a nice cloudy weather but sweltering heat was on offer . Any ways quantum boys young never will get old again has a great game . Yours truly was on a hiatus for a week of repair and maintenance , but am back .
On pitch 3 red and white had a good , fast game . Reds were playing with three injured players but still held well . Stand out performance by Rinku the wall in defense who was ambuja cement deewar . Gourav played up and had some very good strikes and distribution to the wings , Deepu and mayank combined very well to put huge pressure and sustained attack on white . Munna covered a lot of ground . White had satyam , Ashish and shuddho combining well along with vinav to build good attacks . Dilip was always to support . Agni scored a cracker pile driver 🔥🔥 and missed two more for Reds closely . Wow what power . Deepu scored a beauty on a solo run , mayank finished another on a through from the back line .
On pitch 2 team nilasis won the game 2 -1 ..
Post the game sandy was gracious to host his birthday party with free flowing beers , soft drink , snacks and wow
Cake from haldiram . Lot of good time , discussion on game with the footie fraternity . The spirit never dies even if the Mausam waaley do beimaani .


Game Day Sunday 26 June, report by DD: Two very good games were played on pitch 2.
Game 1 - full marks to red for playing with lot of spirit and aggression . Rohit , shuddho , satyam , Gokul along with Bawa and Rohit created lot of good moves . Rohit scored a fabulous goal building the game from mid field . Kabir the global footballer showed his class by striking a wowww 😎😎 corner which went straight into the net swinging like a banana . Prithvi , Kabir combined very well along Subhash , suneet, DD to create opportunities . Paul was outstanding in defense . Rightfully the scores were even at the end
Great game of ⚽⚽
Game 2 - white 1 v red 2
Rahul did a neur today by playing full time keeper and stopping two penalties , one was converted by Kabir . Another fast paced game which picked up momentum in the end . Bapi and ved pushed hard to fight and win the ball . Kabir , prithvi , suneet , Subhash created many openings and Kabir scored a nice second post finish .
Great game of football .


Match Day Report Saturday 25th June from our DD: White today had agniveer and spider man turned human debasis in their team . Agniveer was today firing lethal shots . 🔥🔥. We all agreed after the game debasis was surely a Spidey the way he was jumping all around to save goals. Reds had 4 pachaas pey jhakaas and moved well but somehow missed opportunities . White with Subhash , Gokul , Sandy , Deepak were able to put the ball in the net at the right time . Mausam was so zaalim that all were out of breath but still played good 100 minutes of game . Dekhen kal kyaa hotaa haye .

Photos from Quantum Sports's post 10/04/2022

As Sumit our patron says, Wimbledon simulation at QHub by Quantum Sports

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Be what you can
Shiva showing how to take a perfect penalty.
Today after the game there was an impromptu sprint decision . You will find 3 pachaas and one non pachaas in the video ....
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Warm up!
You are the Champion !
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