Mad Cows - EUI

Mad Cows - EUI


⚽ Football unites Europe, football unites the EUI!

Our Coppa Pavone seen through the eyes of Lala Minoli, who works at the EUI's School of Transnational Governance.

IUE Calcio Squadra Fantastica Mad Cows - EUI
Buon san valentino a tutti/e

Partita tiratissima a Ponte a greve tra le Mad Cows - EUI e la U.s. Sancascianese Calcio

Due squadre molto unite che hanno messo in campo tanta determinazione,la bomber Spadaro Marzia ci ha provato fine alla fine ,ma davanti a se aveva un portiere fenomenale come Beatriz Bajon. Le mad cows - eu sono una squadra internazionale che sfodera giocatrici bravissime da tutti i continenti!

Buon divertimento con gli highlights

il divertimento è solo
Mad Cows - EUI - U.s. Sancascianese Calcio

Ore 17:30 solo su

Il divertimento è solo

Welcome to the official page of the Mad Cows! The women football team of the EUI and of cou

Normali funzionamento


Rain or shine, Mad Cows continues to train!
Mondays and Wednesdays 7-9pm at Schifanoia pitch! See you there! ⚽️💙


Coppa Pavone 2022 matching

Hello hello!

Coppa is finally approaching and the call of teams has just come out! Want to be part of the best Coppa Ever!?

This is a shout-out to all women who would like to be part of the greatest time of the year The Coppa Pavone!! If you have though about playing in coppa but dont know how to join a team we’re providing a platform to exchange contacts 🙂

Please fill in your information in the excel (players) sheet attached!

If you are not sure yet and have some questions or wonders, contact [email protected] and we will try to help out! 🙂

For teams:
If you are still looking for women to join your team use this platform to contact some players! And also to add your team in the excel (teams) sheet for anyone to contact you directly! 🙂

See you in the pitch!!

Coppa Pavone 2022 matching Players COPPA PAVONE 2022 Players Please write your information below if you are interested in participating in Coppa Pavone 2022 and are not in a team yet. Please remove your information if you have found a team. Interested in playing in Name,Status* ,Department,Coppa Pavone (mixed team),Copp...


The Mad Cows family wish you all a Merry Christmas!! 🎄✨❄️


Today's photo and aftermatch report at the same time.. Only 🐮

And we scored our first penalty tooooo 😂


A great game that ended in our first victory of the season!
Great plays and goals from our team and great goalkeeping skills from our own Beatriz Bajon


How many did we score today? 🐮🐮🐮


Today was a great day, victory 4-1💪🏼! Blues ruled today 🐮


Great Cows and great team, come on blues!


Yet another lost match but feeling gooooood! Amazing match and team 🐮

Photos from Mad Cows - EUI's post 10/01/2020

New year, new t-shirt and a goal. What else can we ask for?! 🐮


This team deserves a ten 😂. Come on blues!


Fist point faces. Go Cows!


Curva + 🐮... What could go wrong? ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽


Second match is over and we had an incredible Curva. Thanks for coming and forza 🐮

Photos from Mad Cows - EUI's post 11/11/2019

Mad Cows 2019 /2020. More incredible pics of Giorgia. Not the whole herd present 🐮


Mad Cows 2019/2020🐮


First match is gone, thanks girls for your efforts. And thanks Curva for coming! 🐮

Photos from Mad Cows - EUI's post 06/11/2019

Photos from Mad Cows - EUI's post

Photos from Mad Cows - EUI's post 06/11/2019

Photos from Mad Cows - EUI's post



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