“Why fear ? Yoga is 99 % practice, 1% theory .”

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Photos from V_room studio's post


Contact V_room studio for a free trial.

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There’s a new class in town.

Next app. Monday 20.00 YSE

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Reposting 💆🏼‍♀️
Please read…

November 2nd was a National Stress Awareness Day. The intent for today is to make aware of the health consequences of stress on our bodies. Stress can be shown in so many different ways and it does not look the same for everyone. Some people may feel more emotional symptoms like worry, restlessness, and irritability. While others may feel physical symptoms like headaches, fatigue, or digestion issues.

Today is a good day to make time for yourself to see what stresses may be bothering you. Some ways that you can reduce stress is by meditating or simply taking a few deep breaths. Physical exercise is also a good way to relieve stress from the body. Some ways you can exercise is by taking a walk, doing yoga, or even stretching can help reduce stress.

It’s extremely important to take time out of your day to focus on your wellbeing. Sit with yourself even if it’s just for a few minutes and listen to your body. Stress does not effect everyone the same, so it can be harder for some people to manage their stress. If you are struggling to find what may be causing you stress, reach out to someone who can help you. Even if you just need to talk with a friend, connecting with others is a great way to relieve stress.

DM for any info or suggestions to improve your wellbeing .

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yoga & pilates

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Halo-vin, best of.


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SAVE THE DATE 5 | 11 OPEN DAY, se non ci conosci hai la possibilità di provare yoga e pilates, posti limitati
Get the chance to meet us, try for free our classes, book your mat.

11:30 | YOGA | Lenka
15:00 | PIlATES | Giulia
16:00 | YOGA | Virginia
17:30 | PILATES | Laia




•this MONDAY h20 YSE
•this TUESDAY h20 Vroom

Focus - legs & arm balances ©

To all new members -

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Il prossimo ritiro Yogico e non - Secret Spot 🤫
Scrivimi in privato per sapere di più. Acqua in bocca

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Sabato prossimo mi trovi qui.

“E io mi ritiro.” Ritirami tu. Rilassiamoci. Ritiriamoci. E Yogiamoci. Ovvia 😄 E così nasce un altro ritiro .

Dal 29 - 31 Ottobre , per 1 o 2 notti, un offerta anche last minute - se non hai ancora i programmi per la notte dei Santi unisciti a noi che è una via che hanno percorso in tanti 🎃 🧙🏼‍♀️ 🩻

Sono felice di aver portato questo impegno al termine e che vi fidate, questa volta propongo un con un in un altra location , ad intrattenerci non solo ma in , con tanto di e del .
Viva la e del e le esperienze di .

Scrivimi in privato , per unirti anche soltanto per una notte o per le pratiche di yoga. Siamo un gruppo misto , , e non.

Ti aspetto 🤫


Hold your hands out front with a vertical palm and thumbs pointing up, pull back the fingers one at a time. Breath into your fingers and palm. Forrest Yoga's counter pose for our modern day mobile phone addiction


Yoga at 🐍

Hatha raja vinyasa, vinyasa and power vinyasa yoga classes at V_ROOM studio , in Via Porta Rossa 2, Florence .

To all new members free trial📱text me


Yoga & Pilates weekly


Men in Yoga © book a free trial !

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29/10 - 1/11

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Il rilassamento, lo stai facendo bene ✨


Labels 🏷 🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷🏷
They are everywhere! On food, on clothes, on buildings, on US! We apply labels to basically everything in life, but we often forget how it feels to be labelled something ourselves.

What labels are attached to you? Are you a mother? A father? What label does your career give you? And, more importantly, what labels make you feel uncomfortable?

A label is basically an identity that we give ourselves. And sometimes these labels can really affect how we behave. So how we can reframe these uncomfortable labels to refresh our mindsets and take control of our lives.

Identity is the story we tell ourselves about who we are, which is crucial in understanding the world and how we fit into it.

We are given identities and labels through what people think of us, as well as the story we tell ourselves. These identities include what we think, makes us unique, what types of groups we belong to and where we live.

However, when the labels we’ve been given don’t align to our true ‘self’, this is when we can start to feel disconnected from ourself.

We are often to blame for the labels that we give ourselves. We all have internal narratives that say “I’m not good enough” or “I’m fat” and “I’m ugly”. However, this is just a story we tell ourself and is not reality!

There are also situations where there is evidence to show that something could be a part of our identity (for example “I’m an artist because I’ve made art before”) but you might not actually believe that this label applies to you anymore.

We have so many identities and these often make us be different people at different times.

Why does identity matter for our mindset? We must start taking charge of our identities so that we can align who we are with what we do and how we do it.

The main goal is AUTHENTICITY! When we are living life as our true, authentic self, then we are in control of our mindset. This is how we can live the life we really love and desire and be proud of ✨🤍✨

📸✨ by .mondi ✨👌🏻


Yogiamoci ©


Men in Yoga

new class to be announced this week.

Stay tuned.


Synchronicity - matfriends ! Ovvero nulla succede a caso. Prenota la tua prova gratuita, al V_ROOM studio, Yoga e Pilates a Firenze.



- the ability to generate force through your whole range of motion.

Yoga and pilates talks are on.

Where ?

At V_room studio

- book your feee trial online and join me on mat.

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Saturday cuddles


Sometimes we receive testimonials that blow us away with the power of Forrest Yoga like this one from

"Dear Ana & Jose,
I started my FY Course in July 2021, in love with your yoga & exited to go through the language, structure & principles of FY. I started it in a moment when some friends that know me very well told me: “Why you want to do a so static yoga? You are a dancer, you teach to flow, you are like a butterfly, are you sure that you like FY??” Yes, I was sure! I Could see the flowing even the more static pose, I knew I needed Forrest Yoga in my body in that precise moment. So I started the course online. After some days of practicing I was amazed about the effect of Forrest Yoga on my belly, & the benefits I felt on my back, that was often in pain. I was feeling stronger in my belly. Then a miracle happened - I got pregnant. I am 46 years old. I (we…me and Andrea) search for a baby for 9 years, we tried everything in the world, from natural remedies, prayers, meditations, herbs, rituals, to medicine, & even strong medicine technique, that never worked on us, we only spent a lot of money. But last summer we decided to try one last time, the very last time, because we were also accepting the fact that we will never be parents. So I did the treatment for one last time, while I was doing my FY course. And after the practice on day 11, I discovered I was pregnant and with twins! I was grateful to the present moment, grounded, not excited, but truly happy and grateful. I continued to practice yoga. I never stopped. I was not afraid to move, I needed to move & to feel my body moving.

I feel that this FY was growing in me like the life I bring in my belly. I found you, Ana & Jose, people that bring me home, that speak the language I already know, not in my mind but in my soul & spirit. I relate with you & with your energy with love & friendship in a simple way, even if I did the course on demand & not live. I learnt A LOT!! A LOT!!! THANK YOU!! Victoria was a real guardian, she was a guide & gave me directions to stay in the right path during this year. I really felt assisted & guided by her touch. THANK YOU. NAMASTE

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Fall is here 🍂

It’s a time of year when everything is in transition, when our focus starts to turn inwards. Autumn energy is abundant and cleansing, create a healthy relationship with a supportive universe , be generous ok - but first with you ! Practicing yoga is not a seasonal activity , bring yourself back, stay firmly grounded to the mat . Learn to slow down daily.

Yoga for LUNCH daily, 45’ flow


To all New members , book your free trial!
DM for schedule, timings and consulting.


“Imagination is power - you go as far as you can imagine.” ~Sri Dharma Mittra


Weekly schedule 📣

Book your class online at


Join me for a free trial. Hatha Raja and Vinyasa Yoga in the very heart of Florence. DM to book


How is Forrest Yoga Different to other styles? Forrest Yoga is a powerful style of Vinyasa that is not only accessible to all levels but is made for modern-day people. Forrest Yoga uses intelligent sequencing, core work, and longer hold poses- this process allows the body to generate more heat. The body can also move in an easeful and pain-free way.


Planing 🍂 Autumn retreat .

• Ponte dei Santi, 29/10-1/11

Save the date 🧙🏼‍♀️

V_Room 10/09/2022


Grazie a chi ha sudato con me 💩

Finite le prime prove, da ora puoi prenotare la tua classe direttamente al sito dello studio , segui


➡️ https://www.vroomstudio.it/

V_ROOM studio , via Porta Rossa 2


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There’s a special open level Yoga class coming up this Sunday at 🌴

The yoga class will be starting at 18.00 and there are still few spots left. Feel free to join us for an easy yoga flow or for a little refresh at their beautiful vintage bar , for a glass of wine or two🥂 ( it’s still Sunday 😉)

Text me to book 🧘🏼‍♀️

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Dalla Bettola al Capalbio 🐎


Yoga classes 🌱 starting from TOMORROW , we’re meeting on Monday at 20.00 @ Bobolino for an “easy” evening outdoor Vinyasa.

Text me to receive the Weekly schedule plan ( Yoga, Pilates, workshops , colab. calendars )

Hurry up with a private class requests as the Calendars are almost ready .

Happy to share collaborations with :


Enjoy your last summer days 🍉


"Forrest Yoga is not about whether you’re in full splits or have your feet behind your head. Feeling your Spirit in the pose is our primal focus. That changes everything. Then the priority becomes the quality of energy rushing through you—instead of whether you’re bending far enough." - Ana Forrest


FREE First Class

Orario settimana di PRIME prove gratuite al V-Room.

Studio di Yoga & Pilates, Via Porta Rossa, 2, Firenze

Dal 5 al 10 Settembre

Scrivimi in PP per prenotare . I posti sono limitati .


Per info lezioni di Pilates rivolgersi direttamente allo studio .


Birthday HS 🦁

Thank you all for birthday wishes, feels pretty special 😊

Video (vedi tutte)

Synchronicity - matfriends ! Ovvero nulla succede a caso. Prenota la tua prova gratuita, al V_ROOM studio, Yoga e Pilate...
Todays Rocket Yoga Masterclass , with the unique Ambra Vallo Yoga #teachertraining #yis #salento #rocketyoga
Grazie 🤍 @ginevradelbianco @camillassecrets @sara30484 @madamariangela @lauraaddis @tai_pan_sailor #elba #yogaretreat #2...
Last call for bookings. Sunday 29.5, Villa Le Sorti . SOUL DAY - Yoga, Pilates & Mindfulness at pool




Sito Web


Via Porta Rossa, Nr. 2

Orario di apertura

Lunedì 08:00 - 09:00
20:00 - 21:00
Martedì 13:30 - 14:30
18:30 - 19:30
Mercoledì 13:30 - 14:30
20:00 - 21:00
Giovedì 09:00 - 10:00
18:30 - 19:30
Venerdì 09:00 - 10:00
13:30 - 14:30
Sabato 10:00 - 11:15
Domenica 10:00 - 11:15

Altro Yoga & Pilates Florence (vedi tutte)
Borgo Pinti 75
Florence, 50121

Aperta nel 1953 dal campione di body building Tullio Ricciardi, Palestra Ricciardi è oggi la più g

Samadhi: Yoga a Firenze Samadhi: Yoga a Firenze
Via Lorenzo Di Credi 20
Florence, 50136

Un luogo dove la Tradizione incontra l'Innovazione: qui puoi seguire corsi e seminari di Yoga e Meditazione e formarti per diventare Insegnante di Yoga Tutte le info qui ➡ https://linktr.ee/samadhifirenze

Gocce di sé Yoga e Danza Creativa Gocce di sé Yoga e Danza Creativa
Via Della Rondinella 17 A
Florence, 50135

Gocce di se' è un progetto che desidera, attraverso il movimento, la consapevolezza e la creatività , portare armonia ed equilibrio nell'unità corpo-mente-spirito della persona.

Terrafranta Terrafranta
Via Bolognese
Florence, 50139

A 7km dal centro di Firenze, una piccola realtà agricola in movimento. Associazione, luogo d'incontro e di scambio, dove praticare yoga, mangiare bene, privilegiando uno stile di vita sostenibile.

Associazione Harmony Associazione Harmony
Via Francesco Puccinotti 59
Florence, 50129

L’Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica e Culturale HARMONY nasce dal desiderio di realizzare un a

Sconfiniamo Sconfiniamo
Via Giovanni Da Montorsoli, 1
Florence, 50142

Sconfiniamo Oltre la Pratica

Istituto Yoga Moksha a.s.d. Istituto Yoga Moksha a.s.d.
Via Finlandia, 22
Florence, 50126

La storica scuola di yoga fondata negli anni '70 dal Maestro Giannetto Bencini

Italia Power Yoga Italia Power Yoga
Via Della Chiesa 36r, 50125 Firenze
Florence, 50125

Italia Power Yoga, located in the heart of Santo Spirito in via della chiesa 36r and in Piazza Becca

Opus Balance Opus Balance
Opus Ballet E Opus Balance
Florence, 50124

Un'oasi di pace nel centro della città. Yoga per adulti & bambini Gyrotonic Expansion System Pilat

Inbodhi Yoga Firenze Inbodhi Yoga Firenze
Via Del Pignone 28/a
Florence, 50125

Inbodhi - A place to surrender, connect, and breath in the beauty and truth of who you are.

Jiva Jiva
Via Dei Bruni, 1
Florence, 50133

dal 2005 Jiva offre corsi di formazione e settimanali su Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditazione, Naturopatia, T

Accademia Del Tao Accademia Del Tao
Via Mannelli 103, Firenze
Florence, 50132

Discipline orientali: Arti marziali, Yoga, Tai Chi, Armi da taglio, Martial Fit Arcieria, Acrobatica