Equus Primus

Equus Primus

Equus Primus is a team of professionals that work together with training and selling dressage horses

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Photos from Equus Primus's post 22/04/2023

We are OPEN!! 🥳🥳🥳 And you are most WELCOME to my shop:

Equus Primus Selleria!
Tutto per Cavalli, Cani e Gatti 🐈‍⬛🦮🐎

Simao aperti tutti giorni! 🛍️🦮🐎🐈🛍️🥳

In Via Castelfidardo 10/Rosso
50 137 Firenze
☎️ (+39) +39 055 0640281


I’m very proud to present one of my sponsors Equiplanet Feeding Solutions. Thank you for supporting my horses with the best quality products. 🤩 My horses performance is the best testimonial of the best integration 🥇👍🏻🐎


🖤 C Olivo 🖤 a PRE Powerhouse! ❤️‍🔥He is a stunning mover, and approved stallion by Oldenburg and Verband! Available for breeding 2023.


Celina del Colle 4 years old mare with super bloodlines; Weltmeyer and Donnerhall 🤩

Photos from Equus Primus's post 12/12/2022

My home turf in Florence, Italy 🇮🇹 Equestrian Club Firenze

Photos from Equus Primus's post 12/12/2022

I am a Proud and Happy dressage trainer of the beautiful dressage horses from the breeder Il Colle. Her horses are kind, with very good quality and gates, but most importantly they all have a very good and sold mind. Always Happy and calm horses that never miss behaves. They are A joy to train and ride 🥰 After this weekend I’m rapping up the show’s for the youngsters for this year and getting ready for 2023!! 🥇🤩🥇
For further information about our youngsters and if your looking to buy please DM us or directly to Allevamento Il Colle:

Soc. agr. IL COLLE a.s.
di Baroncelli Silvia
Via Tignano 2
50031 Barberino di Mugello (FI)
P.IVA 04738970484
Tel: +39 335.6348359
E-mail: [email protected]

Photos from Stockholms Vildfågel Rehab's post 20/05/2022

Michaela Åman Ricci. Tillgänglig för dressyr-träningar i Juni. Finns 6 tillgängliga dagar kvar. Ni vill inte missa det, hon är en fantastisk ryttare och tränare 😊

För information och bokning kontakta mig på Messenger eller telefon.

0702 357 64 56


Tackling laminates, updates on our Star Boy.


News!! 🤩🤩🤩
Equus Primus Selleria is open for business!! 🦄🐴🦄
Fallow us on Instagram


Equus Primus Selleria is now io and running!
Stayed tuned of what’s to come!


Tackling severe laminates (part 2)

Sharing this picture of an outstanding job from my blacksmith; Davide Santucci.


Tackling sever laminates (part 2)

This video is Starboy today!

This is the result of:

- Several weeks of incredible help at Andromeda Equine Veterinarian clinic with specialist help from our resilient and outstanding veterinarian Jetnor Troka and his team.
- A very detailed and attentive daily care of my team at home @ Equus Primus, where I’m blessed to have the help from Martina Lombardi and her husband Filippo as well as our groom Maya.
- And of course last but FAR from least!! Very importantly; my blacksmith Davide Santucci, who as done an incredible job as well.

We are so happy to see this amazing recovery for our fighter stallion; Starboy ✨
I hope you will all help us and keep on cheering for him during his journey back to recovery 👍🏻🙏🏻💙


Tackling several laminates


Tackling sever laminates.

I wish to share with you all one of my currently biggest equine challenges!

I decided to try and help this beautiful lusitano stallion that I meet during one of my trips to Portugal. He has the worst, most very sever and critical laminates I have ever encountered.. 😰

So together with my team; Andromeda Equine Veterinarian Clinic by Dott. Jetnor Troka, and my team at Equus Primus we decided to take on this challenge together!
We took “Starboy” with us back to Italy and started a full on treatment and recovery assistance to help him battle this terrible diagnosis.
I invite and appreciate you all to fallow us on our journey to help and heal him 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

This first video is from when I picked him up from Portugal in May this year.


A very good and informative video to see; if you wish to learn more about the horses coffin joint and navicular.



Si riparte! 🌞🦄🐎💪🏻
La nostra Scuola di Dressage
in Versillia

Tutto il mese di luglio:
Lunedì, Mercoledì e Venerdì e possibile di fare lezioni di dressage con me sul nostri cavalli schoolmaster di dressage.

Per prenotare, prezzo e info:

☎️ +39 345 85 15 001
☎️ +39 331 5069594

🇬🇧 Our summer Dressage School is starting again! 🌞🤩🐎 The month of July Michaela Aman Ricci will be giving dressage lessons on our dressage schoolmaster horses in versillia.
Every Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

For booking, info and prices:

☎️ +39 345 85 15 001
☎️ +39 331 5069594


Yesterday was a very sad and difficult day.. 😔💔 My snowflake fracture his leg... He is still my nr 1 and my hero, and I know he will make it back, because that’s how he is. Nothing has ever stopped him!! 💪🏻 But this time around I took the very hard but right decision to let this be he is cue, to take off his sport horse attire and retire. I will of course give him the best treatment possible to heal as fast and well as possible, But then just let him enjoy to the fullest, giving him the best retirement possible🙏🏻. It’s the least my snowflake deserves ❄️ My zuzu, my snowflake; You have given me your ALL and sooo SO much more ♥️♥️♥️ You have become a part of me, my better part.. Thank you for all the fun, all the shows and all the amazing experiences and roads we have taken together. We made it from nothing, with all our odds against us. We made it over and beyond! All the way up to the top! And on our last show we did our personal best. Who could have ever thought, this little Grey chubby razor rascal; not even with a passport nor stud book. In our 8 years together we passed through it all and more.. But we always made it back after every setback better then before. 💪🏻 Never giving up, always challenging and pushing each other to excel and improve. You truly LOVED your job and always challenging me to do better. 😅 You are my own little grey Seabiscuit and I am forever grateful to have been your rider through think and thin. ♥️❄️♥️ I’m your nr 1 fan!!


Baby Mirum enjoying a refreshing cool shower 🚿 Ushi is such an amazing baby mamma 💞

Timeline photos 10/08/2020

A big Thank You to Claudia Pezet our EMRT practitioner for keeping our horses in top shape 🏆💪🏻🐎🥇🙏🏻

Little one is growing up 🥰 Her first time out and about, some beginners hick-ups but I’m so proud and happy with my peach 🍑 🥇🥇🏆🏆

Timeline photos 09/08/2020

Little one is growing up 🥰 Her first time out and about, some beginners hick-ups but I’m so proud and happy with my peach 🍑 🥇🥇🏆🏆

Timeline photos 09/08/2020

My super Pepito 🥰

Timeline photos 07/08/2020

🤍💗pony’s on the road 💗🤍


Here WE GOO!!! My princess first time out and about🙏🏻 💞🐎


🤍”Guapo”🤍 in working progress 😊🤞🏻




Getting ready for Cantatas first competition 💞


Fantastiska Mic Mar

We are glad to announce 🔊🔊 a new collaboration with Michaela Ricci Swedish nationality And Tuscany by adoption. Michaela performing DRESSAGE has faced numerous international Grand Prix with his horses 🐴 and usually administer our Equiplanet complementary feed to meet their nutritional needs 🤗

Abbiamo il piacere di 🔊🔊annunciare una nuova collaborazione con la dressagista Michaela Ricci. Di nazionalità svedese, ma Toscana d’adozione, Michaela ha affrontato numerosi Grand Prix internazionali con i suoi cavalli 🐴 ai quali somministra i mangimi complementari Equiplanet per soddisfare le loro esigenze nutrizionali 🤗


Vuoi che la tua azienda sia il Palestra più quotato a Florence?

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🖤 C Olivo 🖤 a PRE Powerhouse! ❤️‍🔥He is a stunning mover, and approved stallion by Oldenburg and Verband! Available for ...
Celina del Colle 4 years old mare with super bloodlines; Weltmeyer and Donnerhall 🤩
Tackling laminates, updates on our Star Boy.
Working progress 💪🏻
A Hotline boy ❤️
Very sweet, kind and well schooled PSL Grand Prix School master.
The feeling I get riding my amazing stallion Hotline O, its simply euphoric!! (Hofrat- De Niro)  🤩🤩🤩
My sweet PRE boy Piz is trying his best to improve everyday; step by step, moment by moment ❤️😊❤️
Let’s fly! My beautiful Hotline O and I  are ready for takeoff  🛫 🤩🤩🤩
Piaffe gymnastics 🦄
The Equinosis® Q with Lameness Locator®#veterinarians #horsevet #veterinaryclinic #equusprimus #dressage #equestrian #ho...



Equestrian Club Firenze & Il Gufo (Marina Di Pietrasanta/Versilia)

Altro Florence palestre (vedi tutte)
Firenze Calcio a 5 Firenze Calcio a 5
Via Maccari, 104
Florence, 50142

Pagina Facebook Ufficiale del Firenze Calcio a 5

Firenze Rugby 1931 Firenze Rugby 1931
Viale Pasquale Paoli 23
Florence, 50137

Segreteria - Tel.-Fax (+39) 055 5031672 - E-mail: [email protected]

Viale Pasquale Paoli, 23
Florence, 50100

Primo Old Rugby Club della Toscana fondato nel 1994 da un sogno di Mario Besi, Giuseppe Ferraro e Pa

Party in Bici Party in Bici
Via Maragliano, 54/c
Florence, 50144

Dal 2007 la bicicletta elettrica a Firenze

Nuoto Extremo By Nicco Nuoto Extremo By Nicco
Via Giampaolo Orsini 26/B
Florence, 50126

L'unico negozio nato per soddisfare ogni esigenza del nuotatore, delle società di nuoto, dei futuri c

Associazione Albereta 2000 Associazione Albereta 2000
Viale Dell'Albereta 21
Florence, 50126

L'Associazione Albereta 2000 è un'organizzazione No-Profit impegnata nella riqualificazione ambient

Circolo Ricreativo Arci "LIPPI" Circolo Ricreativo Arci "LIPPI"
Via Pietro Fanfani, 16
Florence, 50127


Associazione Culturale Armonie Associazione Culturale Armonie
Via Di Ugnano 69
Florence, 50142

Affiliazione UISP. Sede AFA riconosciuta dalla Società della Salute. Attività sportive per tutte l

Borgo Pinti 75
Florence, 50121

Aperta nel 1953 dal campione di body building Tullio Ricciardi, Palestra Ricciardi è oggi la più g

DanyFit DanyFit
Via Delle Pleiadi, 22
Florence, 50127

L'unica persona che sei destinato ad essere, è quella che hai deciso di diventare!

MaxBalletAcademy MaxBalletAcademy
Via Maragliano 31/a
Florence, 50144

Scuola di arte e spettacolo

Giuseppe Mingrone  Personal Trainer Giuseppe Mingrone Personal Trainer
Via Di Novoli, 10
Florence, 50127