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Campioni, Tifosi, join the IUE Calcio Campionato Fantasia! Select your poorly organised, multinational squad and compete against all of your favourite IUE Calcio Misters and Leggende to see if you have what it takes to be a #FutureMister

fantasy.premierleague.com Official Fantasy Premier League 2020/21. Free to play fantasy football game, set up your fantasy football team at the Official Premier League site.

#CheSpettacolo #AICS #cervia2020

Another year, another successful weekend. Thanks to AICS and the people of Cervia for a welcoming and safe tournament.

IUE Calcio Squadra Fantastica's cover photo

Summer juicy vibes #footballnomad

#Cervia2020 #chespettacolo #weareaics

The team is delighted to announce the management structure of IUE Calcio for the 20/21 season:

Congratulations to our new Misters: Arda Akinci, Adam Humphreys and Sergi Martinez! 😍 CHE SPETTAHOLO!

Good luck and Forza IUE!

Photo from left to right: Senatore Pietro Panizza. Doppio-Mister Sergi Martinez. Consi-Mister Adam Humphreys. Mister Arda Akinci. Presidente Tim Schittekatte. Player Representative, Coppa Spiaggia Golden Boy, Rashil Konde.


Before Covid-19 came from the east, there was a beast who came from the east, but what is his origin story? Nuclear radiation? Perhaps. Cross-species genetic experimentation? No one can be sure.

Inevitably, there was no team in all of Estonia that could possibly accommodate such a raw force of nature. The solution? He founded his own club, of course. Read more about bestia Reiljan's years with his beloved Tartu JK Welco below! (or just look at the pictures as we did).

p.s. Even the wildest of beasts are staying at home these days. Presi Tim and IUE Calcio wish you all the best in these challenging times. We will see you on the pitch and in the pub as soon as possible. FORZA IUE 💙

Aastaid tagas pistis Welco ajakirjandusmaastikul meediakorporatsioonidega rinda ja andis välja legendaarset klubiajakirja ELEKTRIARVE. Kokku 13 numbrit väljastanud žurnaal kajastas klubi igapäevaelu kõiki aspekte. Tänases karantiinisituatsioonis on aga hea kõike olnut meenutada ja uuematel elektrikutel Welco kuulsusrikkast ajaloost aimu saada.

Esimese raamatukoguriiulitelt taas rahva ette jõudva ajakirja kaanestaariks on klubi asutajaliige Andres Reiljan, kes täna istub juba mitmendat kuud Itaalias koroonavangistuses. August Rei nimelise parlamendiuuringute stipendiumi laureaat ja ainuke Eesti jalgpallur peale Mart Poomi, kellele on pühendatud omanimeline õlu (Nööskeri "Reiljani keha") on klubi vaat üks legendaarsemaid ja koloriitsemaid mängumehi, kelle kohta saab rohkem lugeda: https://issuu.com/elektriarve/docs/oktoober

Väike üleskutse ka kõigile Reiljani või Welco fännidele: jagage kommentaariumis oma lemmik reiljani-momenti teistega ning osalege õite magusa auhinna loosis!!


New year, new t-shirt and a goal. What else can we ask for?! 🐮

[12/14/19]   A late free kick for Novoli, a moment of panic but a resilient finish. A few half-chances not taken in the last minutes for IUE. The game ends with the Referee handing out a few unusual decisions. He was most likely concussed by his several interceptions of the ball. FT and another point away from home for EUI 1-1! #CheSpettacolo #ForzaIUE #ThankYouCurva

[12/14/19]   45’ Instant reply from Novoli with a quick break over the top and a calm finish. We start again. 1-1 #ForzaIUE

[12/14/19]   DIEGOL with the goal! 1-0 IUE #IUECalcioLive

[12/14/19]   Secondo Tempo begins, IUE on top but the HT message is to not let it slip. It’s ours to win - DAIIIIII MID-TYPING A WHIPPED CROSS SHOT IS KICKED UP BY THE KEEPER INTO HIS OWN NET 1-0 IUE

[12/14/19]   Strong start with some good chances by Diego, Andres and Mitch but yet to put it away. A yellow card for a foul on Diego, the FK on the edge of the box taken by Tim finds the defenders. KEEP FIGHTING DAIII IUE, 0-0 #IUECalcioLive

[12/14/19]   We’re underway at Novoli #IUECalcioLive

A quick warm up for today’s portiere, Byku. 10 minutes until Kickoff! #FORZAIUE

It’s Saturday and it’s live. #IUECalcioLive


Match Report, vol. 1 (2019) - The EUI Calcio Blog

A semi-anonymous report of last night’s match has reached the misters’ mailboxes, which we would like to share with you. Enjoy! ⚽️🍻💙⚽️🍻💙⚽️🍻💙

blogs.eui.eu A semi-anonymous report of last night’s match has reached the misters’ mailboxes, which we would like to share with you. Enjoy! “On Monday night, 7 October, the 2019-20 edition of La Squadra Fantastica made its debut. Five car-loads of intrepid footballers eventually found a large, lumpy pitch...

The Sun always shines on IUE Calcio

Dear incoming and returning EUI Researchers,

It has been said that "soon the science will fix the cells to the state and so we will become eternal." - Clearly Cantona is not aware of the eternal status already achieved by those special Leggende of IUE Calcio Squadra Fantastica.

If, like Eric, you "love football” and long dream of footballing immortality, come speak to our beloved 'Presidente' Tim at this Friday's serendipity event!

More Footballing information to follow this week!


Today marked a special milestone for IUE Calcio. After a year "on loan" at another one of our special family institutions l'Antica Badia, the Second Generation Legends Plaque has been returned to the spiritual home of Finnegan. #TheSmellofLegendaryisintheAir #TranscendingIntoTheEternalEtherOfIUECalcio

(Photo and Plaque Placement Credits: Regina della Coppa Santa Chiara Sant'Antonio)

Thank you, Linda. Thank you, Coppa. Thank you, Football.

As we look back on this year's Coppa Linda, we would like to thank all the teams, supporters, fellow-organisers, the REFS, President Dehousse and the Queen of Coppa for their efforts, commitments and sacrifices which all contributed to making it once more the #BestCoppaEver. We are so proud of how our wonderful community was able to come together and celebrate the invaluable role of Linda in making our time at the EUI an immeasureably more fulfilling and happier experience. Congratulations to our champions, Les Communardes and Dr Carmen and Rafa. Stay tuned for more memories and photos from the Finals. FORZA COPPA LINDA 🏆⚽️💙

Coppa Pavone

This is what it is always about. Spirito > Everything #CheSpettacolo

Coppa Linda Spirito 1 - 0 Polemica #ItMeansMore #ABetterWay

Unconfirmed reports are emerging from Bar Fiasco that a fresh-faced new trio have been announced as the new Misters for next season... Stay posted for conformation... #PresiBBQ

Photos from IUE Calcio Squadra Fantastica's post

Tonight, amidst the #COPPALINDA2019 drama, we have our final home game of the season, 21:30! This marks the last official home game of former mister, eternal shadow mister, Olli 'foot-and-ball' Garner, so come down and show your support for the boys one last time this year! FORZA IUE ⚽️


EUI Football Team Competes in the Festa del Calcio - EUI Life

It s in the EUI news!!!! https://life.eui.eu/eui-football-team-competes-festa-del-calcio.html

Fair Play Cup + Salvezze...= Succesfull season!

Come celebrate at the last Squadra home game tomorrow at 21.30 at @Cerreti !

life.eui.eu The EUI’s Squadra Fantastica competed with teams from as far as Udine and Syracuse in the annual Festa del Calcio football tournament, organised by the Associazione Italiana Cultura e Sport (AICS) between the 23rd and 26th of May in Cervia. The Festa consisted of various tournaments in 11-, 7- and...


Rules of the Game: #CP2019 & #CPfemminile2019 - The EUI Calcio Blog

Despite these rules for #CoppaPavone2019 & #CPfemminile2019, keep calm and #ArbitroMerda! ⚽️💙⚽️💙 #CP2019


blogs.eui.eu RULES OF THE GAME – COPPA PAVONE 2019 The Committee encourages every participant to adhere to the spirit of community and friendliness which characterises and distinguishes the Coppa Pavone and to respect the following rules. Tournament organization The division of teams into groups will be made b...


Coppa Pavone 2019 Schedule - The EUI Calcio Blog

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The #CP2019 schedule has slightly been updated, check our website for the new version!

Before we all go and celebrate tonight's victory of Liverpool against them b****** Spurs, there is the #CoppaPavone2019 schedule. Enjoy and #YNWA #JFT96 ⚽️🏆🥇🥈🥉🍻🎉💙💜 #NoAlCalcioModerno

blogs.eui.eu The most awaited football event of the year is finally here! The Coppa Pavone 2019 starts this Monday (June 3rd) on the world-famous pitch of Camp SchifaNou (right by Villa Schifanoia). We are honoured to kick off the event at 5:30 pm with a match from our little champions from the EUI crèche, aka ...

Important moments in the long history of IUE Calcio Squadra Fantastica

AICS Settore Calcio

Giornata di Premiazioni.
Iue calcio Firenze 4 classificata Coppa Italia calcio a 7

AICS Settore Calcio

Una intervista da campioni @Squadra trip 2019 in Cervia

With Olli Gunnar Solskjaer and Lorenzo Giuntini

Intervista a IUE CALCIO (FI)

[05/25/19]   After 2 tough days of matches under the sun, IUE Calcio have earned their position in the championship rounds to fight for the Coppa Italia🏆 #ITSCOMINGHOME

AICS Comitato di Firenze

FORZA IUE!!! ⚽️ #CheSpettacolo 💪🏆

🍀Buona fortuna e buon divertimento per le Finali Nazionali AICS alle squadre del campionato di Calcio AICS FIRENZE❗️👏👏👏
QUERCETO - SAN Frediano Calcio - IUE Calcio Squadra Fantastica
CERVIA 23 - 26 Maggio 2019
con Aics Direzione Nazionale

Coppa Pavone


...ARE YOU READY?! #CoppaPavone2019

[04/24/19]   Toka's on fire! A winner from Aleks Tiki Toka means 4 goals in 4 games and sees IUE Calcio beat San Martino 2-1 after an opener from Simon and a dubious AICS penalty. Forza IUE!

Vuoi che la tua azienda sia il Palestra più quotato a Florence?

Clicca qui per richiedere la tua inserzione sponsorizzata.

Video (vedi tutte)

IUE v Quona - Match Preview
2nd Goal by #IUECalcio against Novoli



121 Via Giovanni Boccaccio
Altro Squadra sportiva dilettantistica Florence (vedi tutte)
Florence Basket Florence Basket
Via Chiantigiana,28

Il 10 Settembre 1974 inizia il suo fantastico cammino la S.B.FLORENCE (denominazione iniziale della società sportiva fiorentina).

نادي فيورنتينا الإيطالي - بالعربية نادي فيورنتينا الإيطالي - بالعربية
Bp 329
Florence, 4100

@+[448909521874131:0] © صفحة رسمية

Santa Maria Al Pignone Asd Santa Maria Al Pignone Asd
Via A. Baldovinetti 1\A

Squadra di Pallavolo Femminile

Tacfit RUA67 Tacfit RUA67
Via Della Loggetta 47
Florence, 50135

Corso Tacfit all'accademia RUA67 Lunedì, mercoledì e venerdì, dalle 15:10 alle 16 e dalle 19 alle 20. Martedí e giovedi ore 10:30.

Olimpia Firenze Volley Olimpia Firenze Volley
Viale Corsica 2
Florence, 50127

…dal 1973 la pallavolo a Firenze!

Scuderia Clemente Biondetti Scuderia Clemente Biondetti
Viale G. Amendola 36

La Scuderia Automobilistica "Clemente Biondetti"... ... partecipa, con i suoi soci, in modo assiduo a gare di velocità, regolarità e raduni, oltre a reperire, restaurare e conservare automobili di particolare interesse tecnico e storico. Ai possessori

Isolotto APD 1980 Isolotto APD 1980
Via Pio Fedi, 7
Florence, 50142

Isolotto 1980 Associazione Podistica Dilettantistica

Leoni Firenze Floball Leoni Firenze Floball
Via De Bassi
Florence, 50142

La squadra Floball di #Firenze - Hic Sunt Leones!

The Wolf C5 The Wolf C5

The Wolf C5 - Official Fan Page

Gunners Softair Firenze Gunners Softair Firenze
Via Cimabue 22R

I Gunners sono un'associazione di amici dai 18 ai 70 anni che praticano il softair per il puro divertimento

Amiciperlabici Amiciperlabici
Greve's Brigde

Gruppo di amici ciclisti tifosi viola