Italia Power Yoga

Italia Power Yoga



-50 ore Advanced Power Yoga

-50 ore di profonda comprensione di Chakra e Chakra Yoga

-100 ore Yin Yoga e anatomia

-100 ore Kundalini e Ta**ra Yoga

-200 ore Power Yoga Vinyasa + Hatha

-300 ore Kundalini, Ta**ra e Vinyasa

Cosa è incluso nei nostri corsi di formazione per insegnanti:
-Yoga Alliance Certification (riconosciuta in tutto il mondo)
- Tutti i manuali e libri
- Yoga gratuito
- Lezioni private

Per gli interessati abbiamo il corso di formazione per insegnanti di 200 ore con la Yoga Alliance Americana ONLINE e le 50 ore avanzate che cominciano ora, contattaci e puoi iniziare immediatamente a [email protected], in modo da poter rendere produttivi questi giorni e imparare la disciplina di yoga più profondamente!



-50 hour Advanced Power Yoga

-50 hour deep understanding of Chakras & Chakra Yoga

-100hours Yin Yoga & Anatomy

-100hours Kundalini &Ta**ra Yoga

-200 hour Power Yoga Vinyasa + Hatha

-300 hour Kundalini, Ta**ra & Vinyasa

What is included in our teacher trainings:
-Yoga Alliance Certification ( world wide recognised )
- All manuals & book
- Free Yoga
- Private lessons

For those interested we have the 200 hours teacher training course with the American Yoga Alliance ONLINE and the advanced 50 hours just starting, contact us and you can start immediately at [email protected], so you can make these days productive and learn the discipline of yoga more deeply!
Vi aspettiamo ogni giovedì mattina alle 11, per rilassarvi con noi al Secret Garden di Orti Dipinti, in Borgo Pinti 76.
Due ore di Benessere, da regalarci nel cuore della città, fra gli ortaggi e le erbette aromatiche coltivate dai volontari del giardino.
Yoga, infusi di erbe, massaggi e workshop di cucina e nutrizione.

Per info e prenotazioni [email protected]

Non puoi mancare!
In collaborazione con Italia Power Yoga e Orti Dipinti

We look forward to seeing you at the Secret Garden of Orti Dipinti every Thursday.
Two hours of Wellness, in the heart of the city, among the vegetables and aromatic herbs grown by volunteers of the garden.
Yoga, herbal infusions, massages and cooking and nutrition workshops.

You can't miss it!
In collaboration with Italia Power Yoga and Orti Dipinti

Italia Power Yoga, located in the heart of Santo Spirito in via della chiesa 36r and in Piazza Becca Italia Power Yoga, located in the heart of Santo Spirito, provides a beautiful space to practice vinyasa flow.

Open every day 8a - 9p / 5p Sunday class.

Normali funzionamento

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NEW CLASSES added to next weeks schedule!!!!

Chiesa studio:
September 2 from 11-12 mandala yoga & 17-18 mandala yoga

September 3
10-11 yin & 17-18 restorative

September 4:
10-11 yin & 17-18 restorative

Let’s start the week😍😍


Yea, our early bird is out!!

-€500 discount until August 15th 😍. Dm for all questions ❤️


Two Yogis having some fun in the ETTA YOGA COLLECTION 😍

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🤍HAPPY INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY🤍 We wanted to share some points of yoga that make the practice worth doing every day 💗 Want to try a class for yourself? Check out our links in bio or feel free to DM us🤍


We are open all summer long! Visit our website to reserve your spot on zoom or in person! 🤍💗 Just a reminder that we are closed for weekend Ferragosto :)


This might be exactly what you where waiting for, a chance to deepen your studies, understand better what Yoga really is, the power of the breath, the chakra’s and have the opportunity of learning how to comfortably & confidentiality guide a class and who knows, maybe that is what you’ll decide to do for the rest of your life...!

Dm is for any questions! -10% off until July 1st! Few spots left!


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Yin sequencing
Restorative sequencing
Chakras & Chakra yoga
Chakra healing & Reiki
Face, eye & young reading to determine what inner organs are suffering to then understand what meridian to work on. & much more!

June 18&19 + July 2&3 + online homework in between 🥰

Ask us any questions! Teacher



How it works: Before class students will receive a zoom link where they can log on from the comfort of wherever they choose.

Drop in online streaming is online 10 Euros!

If you know a friend who is looking to dip their toes in a live yoga experience, this is their perfect opportunity!

DM with any questions!🤍🤎

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Starting June 7th Italia Power Yoga will be introducing streaming classes. Drop in prices for online are 10 Euros, and can be done from the comfort of wherever you choose! More info to come🤍

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Don’t miss out on a fun way to get the week started!

More information in the post. DM with any questions!🤍

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All courses are yoga alliance world wide recognized. Pick how many hours you want, DM with any questions!

Training in English & Italian!

50hrs TT: €449
100hrs TT: €669
250hrs TT: €1,499
350hrs TT: €2,229

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This weekend ended with an incredible teacher training graduation! Congratulations to the amazing women that dedicated their concentration and energy to learn more about themselves and the practice.
Missed out on this graduation? Use your weekends to build the training YOU want. Check below for more information!

All courses are yoga alliance world wide recognized. Pick how many hours you want, DM with any questions!

Training in English & Italian!

50hrs TT: €449
100hrs TT: €669
250hrs TT: €1,499
350hrs TT: €2,229



WHO → Frank Merrill a Former Divison 1 Athlete and Wellness Professional based in NYC.

WHAT → “Seven Dorrways” Vinyasa Yoga Master Class

WHERE → Via della Cheisa 36R, Florence

WHEN → JUNE 4TH 10 A.M - 12 P.M

WHY → All across the world Frank Merrill has built up a universal recognition and study of yoga. Through studies under Jonah Kent, and with LifeTime Fitness, Frank has worked with clients including doctors, models, professionals, and more. 🔆Sign up through 🔆 A truly exclusive and incredible opportunity 🤍


Looking for a relaxing way to start off the weekend? ☀️ Check out our classes with the link in bio🌟. Make it a great weekend💗

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Rather then escape the life you have...

All of my courses can be made into a 50hrs TT, 100hrs TT, 250hrs TT, 350hrs TT.

Choose your style and how many hours you want to get certified with😍

I am redoing my website & soon you will be able to find videos of my explaining how each training works💘 in the mean time just message me directly!

Of course all trainings are yoga alliance world wide recognised certifications!# me for any questions!

Training language: English & Italian!



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Frank Merrill a Former Division 1 Lacrosse Athlete & Fitness / Wellness Professional based in New York City.

Frank works in the Private Sector with Individuals & Brands helping them improve their Athletic, Yoga, & Wellness Performance that specifically is tailored to each unique lifestyle.

Over the years Frank Merrill has developed an impressive Clientele List including Professional Athletes, Models, CEO’s, Music Artists, & Doctors.. he continues to stay passionate and humble.. Frank treats everyone like they are a Super Star & works with anyone who is looking to improve their Overall Lifestyle through the connection of Wellness, Mental & Physical Strength, & Spiritual Understanding.

Frank’s Yoga background has deep connections to the Kest Yoga “Seven Doorways” Lineage. Frank studied under Jonah Kest in Costa Rica where he received his 200hr YTT. Frank is currently in NYC Teaching Yoga to Private Clients.. in the past he has also taught for LifeTime Fitness along with traveling to a studios across the East Cost of the United States to Guest Teach Workshops. Most recently he traveled to Tulum, Mexico where he assisted Kest on a Freediving & Yoga Retreat that attracted Students from all over the globe.

Frank holds Certifications as NASM Personal Trainer, Pain-Free Performance Specialist Certification (PPSC), KESTYOGA 200hr YTT, WeimsPro EMS, CPR/AED, & Trigger Point Therapy.


Happy 🐣!!

Smile, take deep breaths, enjoy your family now as nothing is forever...

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Ecco le nuove lezioni che iniziano ad aprile!
Ma vogliamo aggiungere altre lezioni! Quindi cimentate le lezioni e orari che volete aggiungere!


Questo weekend con workshop di HANDSTANDS & inversioni Dalle 11.30-12.30 €10 via della chiesa 36R


Last three days to join our nutrition course 😍 learning how to read the body & heal the body through food, herbs & more!!

Only 1 spot left, it’s online, take your time & only €449😍

Enjoy your worldwide valid certification!

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Yoga, because why not?

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Pleas help 🙏🏽


Carissimi, stiamo aiutando un gruppo di refugee ukraini che stanno ospiti in un agriturismo nella campagna toscana, tutti i giorni arrivano nuove persone e hanno bisogno un po' di tutto la raccolta e' Domenica alle 11.00 in Piazza Ferrucci per raccogliere le Vostre donazioni da abiti per bambini e donne a giocattoli passeggini tutto quello che vi viene in mente possa servire a chi ha perso tutto.


Here are some dates of our 350hrs teacher trainings that we are keeping open for workshops. Students & teachers are welcomed, you can also use these workshops towards your yoga alliance continued education.

Some Workshop’s will also be live & recorded therefore available online, dm if you are interested and want more info❤️

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Vedere ogni dettagli e ogni colore di questo nuovo brand 😍


Ecco qui una piccola lezione per voi ❤️


Questa domenica pomeriggio offriamo una lezione gratuita a chiunque!! Anche se siete già state da noi a praticare ❤️

Sarà una lezione base per tutti in Inglese: scriveteci in DM per prenotare

Dale 16.30-17.30 via Della chiesa 36R


Volete un’altro open day??


Sending out our proposal’s soon! Do you know someone who would like to be an ambassador for us?
Contact in DM. ❤️


Balance, it’s all about balance right? We constantly repeat that, but that would imply that we must allow and accept the negative. Because we must have the same amount of positive & negative to have balance... correct?

So why aren’t we accepting the “ negative “ of our selfies &:or environment?

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Check out that program!! No experience needed to join this course!

🌱Yes finally our course of which I have been talking SOOOOOOOO much about is here! Here we will be teaching you EVERYTHING we have learned & paid so much for in a one month intensive ( you can study way more then one week) but in order to get the certification you must finish your course in one week ( you’ll be to dedicate about 2 hours per day seven days a week 💓

🌱Check out more info/ details with my nutrition link in my BIO!!!

Only 6 students will be accepted 💓

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ETTA, a handmade in Florence yoga collection with the #1 Lycra in the world!! We are so grateful to be able to offer an honest product in a stunning variety of beautiful colours!

Here’s our mix match of our n**e top & olive green leggings!

Link in bio to shop online, we are almost sold out!!


Etta yoga collection!

Worldwide shipping, great prices & luxury fabric!!!

Link in bio!!!

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Pink velvet ETTA yoga collection!

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Queste foto sono risultati dei nostri clienti che hanno fatto un detox si 10 giorni specializzato in perdere peso.

Vi sentite gonfie? Grasse? La vostra dieta non funziona? Forse sei intasato.... facciamo insieme un detox!

Opzione 1, vai nel nostro link in bio e acquista il detox ( tuo da tenere per sempre ).

Opzione 2, participa al nostro ritiro di yoga & detox questo estate!!

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Luxury Active wear 😍
Yes, we are only use of the best sports fabric on the market! Shop online & we ship world wide!

Our Story

Italia Power Yoga is located in the heart of the Santo Spirito and Piazza Beccaria area of Firenze, a beautiful, safe space in which to explore the body, mind, and soul. We cultivate a fun, multicultural environment -- not just a yoga studio, but a place to connect and have fun practicing.

Video (vedi tutte)

Two Yogis having some fun in the ETTA YOGA COLLECTION 😍
Ecco qui una piccola lezione per voi ❤️
Volete un’altro open day??
Etta yoga collection! Worldwide shipping, great prices & luxury fabric!!! Link in bio!!!
Se sei interessato ad un corso di formazione online chiamavi per avere più info. I nostri corsi online sono molto divers...
Maggior parte di noi pensa solo a prendere cura dei altri... ma quasi mai di noi stessi.Fare yoga non solo ti fa apprezz...
That’s al we have to say for now ❤️
350 ore intensivo dal 23 Ottobre - 28 novembre ( oppure weekends only ) In saldo a soli €2200, paga in rate!! Certo siam...
A big thanks to each one of you who came yesterday to practice together at Cascine ❤️Ci saranno altri incontri per prati...
Two beautiful studios located close to Santo Spirito and Piazza Beccaria. Everyday classes with different amazing teache...
@pranaforceyogabria will soon return to us!!! Are you ready ? ✨🌺🙏🏽




Via Della Chiesa 36r, 50125 Firenze

Orario di apertura

Lunedì 07:30 - 21:00
Martedì 07:30 - 21:00
Mercoledì 07:30 - 21:00
Giovedì 07:30 - 21:00
Venerdì 07:30 - 21:00
Sabato 09:00 - 13:00
15:30 - 20:00
Domenica 09:00 - 13:00
16:30 - 18:00

Altro Yoga & Pilates Florence (vedi tutte)
Borgo Pinti 75
Florence, 50121

Aperta nel 1953 dal campione di body building Tullio Ricciardi, Palestra Ricciardi è oggi la più g

Via Orcagna 20/a
Florence, 50121

Centro Fitness & Wellness- Firenze Il tuo obiettivo al centro!

Samadhi: Yoga a Firenze Samadhi: Yoga a Firenze
Via Lorenzo Di Credi 20
Florence, 50136

Un luogo dove la Tradizione incontra l'Innovazione: qui puoi seguire corsi e seminari di Yoga e Meditazione e formarti per diventare Insegnante di Yoga Tutte le info qui ➡

Stone Monkey - Arrampicata Sportiva Firenze Stone Monkey - Arrampicata Sportiva Firenze
Via Alessio Baldovinetti 1/a
Florence, 50143

Dal 2004, il luogo dove condividere la passione per l'arrampicata sportiva

Palestra Firenze Marathon Wellness Palestra Firenze Marathon Wellness
Viale Malta 10
Florence, 50137

FIRENZE MARATHON WELLness....Meglio di una palestra!

Gocce di sé Yoga e Danza Creativa Gocce di sé Yoga e Danza Creativa
Via Della Rondinella 17 A
Florence, 50135

Gocce di se' è un progetto che desidera, attraverso il movimento, la consapevolezza e la creatività , portare armonia ed equilibrio nell'unità corpo-mente-spirito della persona.

Ultra Ultra
Viale A. Guidoni 18 B
Florence, 50127

Ultra Firenze è un negozio sportivo specializzato ( running, padel, trail, hiking), una palestra co

Fit And Go Fit And Go
Via Fra Bartolommeo 8/r
Florence, 50132

Fit And Go rivoluziona il concetto di fitness! Se non sei un tipo costante o non hai tempo per allenarti in palestra, a lungo e diversi giorni a settimana, Fit And Go è la soluzione che stavi aspettando.

Yogiamoci Yogiamoci
Via Porta Rossa, Nr. 2
Florence, 50 123

“Why fear ? Yoga is 99 % practice, 1% theory .” YOGA @ Florence ( V_ROOM, YSE, retreats )

AVboxingteam AVboxingteam
Via Pratese, 111
Florence, 50145

Finalmente a Firenze 50145 nasce la palestra di pugilato AVboxingteam PUGILATO E NON SOLO.!! Il sog

Enjoy Movement Enjoy Movement
Via Antonio Del Pollaiolo, 50142 Firenze FI, Italia
Florence, 50142

Movimento per tutti