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Rosa Associati Management


Most of you have been asking me who my team is who plays a role in making my life easy and as well believes and supports me. Let me introduce you them.

These guys are my heart and soul who has supported me throughout

- Strength and conditioning Coach - Riccardo Carbonaro
- Nutritionist- Dott. Gianluca Leuti Biologo Nutrizionista
- Assistant Coach - Maurizio Raparelli
- Coach - Claudio Licciardello
- Sport psychologist- Dott. Marco Naman Borgese - Psicologo
- physiotherapist -Dott. Matteo Galderisi

Missing here -
- Manager - Rosa Associati Management
- PR and Commercial manager in Sri Lanka - The Sports Manager

Special thanks goes to -

- Medical patner of the team - Wintecare SA
- Dentist - Daniele Puzzilli
- Ostiopathic - Dott. Alessandro Morri
- Sport club - Nissolino Atletica AREA ROMA

We all work together to make things happen and for me to have a free mind when I’m competing . And all of them want to give there best for the team for successful Journey. Win or lose is the nature of this game. But we show our strength of the heart always ❤️

Best management team ever Rosa Associati Management
I kept my room on the podium once again.
It’s never easy run with these guys, the level is high and I came at Hayward Field with just one track race run 2 weeks ago, but I knew I could make it.
Today is a special day for Uganda, first time ever two medals in the same events at world championships, congrats my fellow Joshua Cheptegei

As usual thanks to Nike, my management Rosa Associati Management with Federico Rosa and all the people in the office in Italy supporting and helping me, coach Iacopo Brasi and Peter Chelangat together with my group in Kapchorwa we made it.

Uganda 🇺🇬 Rulez.

Toute ma vie DIEU a été fidèle pour moi.
Je suis reconnaissante pour chaque opportunité mais aussi pour les personnes autour de moi qui m’aident à réaliser mes rêves.

Rien n’est facile dans la vie mais avec la foi on peut soulever des montagnes.
Depuis avril j’ai une inflammation à l’épaule gauche qui ne me permet pas d’être à mon meilleur niveau alors être ici, au championnat du monde et faire la finale cette année pour moi est une victoire.
J’ai eu à faire 3 courses en dessous de 11s et mon meilleur temps de la saison.

Le meilleur est à venir, je ne suis pas inquiète du tout, car je sais que je suis au bon endroit avec l’équipe qu’il me faut.

Je remercie l’équipe médicale qui depuis avril œuvres à ce que je sois a 100% (Dr Noor, Robert , Simone, Fabio, Benny )

Merci à mon sponsor Nike, mon manager Rosa Associati Management pour le soutien et l’aide qu’ils m’apportent depuis, égalent à mon grand frère Mamaudou Diawara .

A mon fiancé pour son dévouement, son sacrifice et son soutien pour que je sois bien mentalement ( il est une vrai bénédiction pour moi)

A mon coach, c’est le début de quelque chose de merveilleux et je suis honorée de travailler avec lui il est es une vraie bénédiction.

Merci au président de la Fédération Ivoirienne d'Athlétisme pour son soutient et son aide.

A ma famille biologique, spirituel, mes amis, votre amour , votre soutien et vos prières me donnent toujours une raison de rester forte quelque soit les adversités.

A tout les fans ici et ailleurs, je vous dis merci.
Que DIEU vous bénisses .

Did someone say race week??? 🤔🤔😁😁😁 Nike Rosa Associati Management

📸📸 Nkutha Lebohang

Success is no accident

Nike Rosa Associati Management

📸📸 Nkutha Lebohang

𝗦𝘁𝗿𝗮𝗼𝗿𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗮𝗿𝗶 𝗲 𝗺𝗲𝗺𝗼𝗿𝗮𝗯𝗶𝗹𝗶 𝘁𝗿𝗮𝗴𝘂𝗮𝗿𝗱𝗶 𝗽𝗲𝗿 𝗶 𝗻𝗼𝘀𝘁𝗿𝗶 𝗮𝘁𝗹𝗲𝘁𝗶 𝗥𝗼𝘀𝗮 𝗔𝘀𝘀𝗼𝗰𝗶𝗮𝘁𝗶! 🏆✨⬇️


🏆 𝗕𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗵𝘂 𝗔𝗿𝗲𝗴𝗮𝘄 conferma nuovamente con un tempo di 12.49 il record mondiale nei 5km ad Addis Abeba, già ottenuto a fine 2021 a Barcellona;
🥇 𝗝𝗮𝗰𝗼𝗯 𝗞𝗶𝗽𝗹𝗶𝗺𝗼 conquista il podio della Rak Half Marathon con un tempo di 57.56, il più veloce di sempre in questa gara, e segna il nuovo record mondiale al passaggio dei 15km con 40.43.


Le nostre più grandi congratulazioni vanno a loro per gli obiettivi raggiunti!


📸 | Rosa Associati Management
Contemplating my life choices 😏😢. As always death by Bra Sponge ☠️☠️☠️😪

Nike Rosa Associati Management

📸📸 Nkutha Lebohang

Am an athlete from Baringo County and I have admired to join on Rosa Associates, what qualifications do one need to join?
HIGHTLIGHT: Tunza Athletics
First Competition

Tunza Runs.
Kenyan marathon runners are such a phenomenon that we want these youngins to learn from them, or further on become champions themselves.

Our presence at the National Cross-Country Championships held at Lobo Village Kapseret, Eldoret last week was very inspiring for some reason, landing us an invite to participate this past Sunday [30 Jan] in the revered Rosa Associati-sponsored Nike Discovery Kenya Cross Country meeting ~ Eldoret’s oldest meet. We were able to enter 9 girls as participants in the 6K junior women, as there was no 4K category this year to minimize numbers due to Covid. It was a grueling character-building experience, yet amazingly 6 of the girls managed to finish the race. The event has always been used to identify upcoming talents and our girls took home a lot of lessons from the professional athletes.

There is no hidden secret to becoming a successful runner from the Rift Valley region in Kenya. This is why most of them look at running as a passport to better life. The high altitude, tough rural upbringing and the fact that children run around everywhere (barefoot), automatically sets the foundation for a running career before even considering technological advanced training and money hungry agents. Then there is the simplicity in diet devoid of any junk food, and a perfect running terrain.

Still, it is inexplicable that despite being surrounded by successful runners with internationalcelebrity status, our kids come from extremely impoverished families - who without blinking would opt to forgo education when hard times hit. Tunza believes running cannot replace primary education, one of the most important rights of a child, and thus the basis of our mission in Kapsabet..

The girls were again fortunate to receive lessons from the Anti-Doping Agency of KENYA this time curiously huddling over a laptop – the highlight of their day. Thank you Margaret Rotich for your passion and for looking after the girls during the event.

Rosa Associati Management

🎥 Margaret Rotich
I could not have imagined a better perfect race.

Finally the world record it’s mine. Despite the difficulties to pace most of the race alone I was confident on my possibilities and I wanted to run this world record with all my effort.

For my first time in Lisbon I cannot complain ☺️.

The last month has been tough, but only with the hard work we can achieve great results.

Today I run the world record but of course it’s also a team work of my coaches Iacopo Brasi and Peter Chelangat together with my teammates at Kapchorwa Training Camp, my manager Federico Rosa and my management team in Italy Stefano, Beppe, Alice, Michele and Sara.

Thanks Nike, now on your records’ book there will be also my name.

I’m finishing this post and I’m honest my legs are very tired now, I will need some rest and stay with my family because now the bar is higher and the next step will be harder.

Thank you everyone for all the messages, posts and whatelse, I always appreciate you.

Thanks EDP Meia Maratona de Lisboa you will be always in my heart.

Onto the next

📸 1-3 .alvarezfilms
📸 2 Meia Maratona de Lisboa organizers
📸 4
📸 5-6-7-8-9

Rosa Associati Management
Nike Run Club
Wintecare SA
🤑 L’info du jour ! L’Homme le plus rapide au monde sur marathon en 2021 – Titus Ekiru (🇰🇪) remporte le marathon d’Abu Dhabi en 2H06’13 ! Sous 25 degrés et + de 80% d’humidité 🥵 Prime de victoire = 50.000 dollars !

PS : Il reversera une bonne partie de sa prime à son manager Rosa Associati Management 💰

PS 2 : C’est incontestablement l’homme en forme ! 7 victoires lors de ses 8 derniers marathons 🤜🤛
Why don't you as a management ,lift up the upcoming field and track athletes ,instead of concentrating with long distance only
Any day I'm able to pick my legs up this high during a marathon build up is a good day... Cape Town Marathon Rosa Associati Management Nike Run Club


Comment vous dire merci pour tout ce soutien, pour cet amour que vous me portez des quatre (4) coins du monde?

j’ai vu des ivoiriens, des africains, unis pour moi, mais aussi pour tous mes collègues qui se sont battus corps et âme.* à cet effet, Je félicite ma sœur Ruth gbagbi pour sa médaille.*

J’aurai tant aimé vous ramener une médaille.

Je me suis battue jusqu’au bout, avec détermination et je n’ai aucun regret, juste de la reconnaissance et de la gratitude.

Ces trois (3) dernières années ont été tellement difficiles pour moi, mentalement, financièrement mais surtout physiquement.
Être capable d’accomplir tous ces résultats à ces Jeux, alors qu’en avril j’avais encore des doutes… mal au pied, être testée positive au Covid… DIEU seul sait.

Je ne me plains pas.
pourquoi le ferai je, alors que DIEU m’a montré sa gloire et sa miséricorde?

J’aimerais rendre hommage à une personne , qui savait mes difficultés et n’a pas hésité à m’aider financièrement spontanément.
Une personne qui n’est plus aujourd’hui.
Une personne dont la mort m’affecte encore parce que sans cette personne, je ne pense pas que j’aurai pu courir à ces JO. Feu Monsieur le Premier Ministre Hamed Bakayoko qui, en 2019 et en fin 2020, m’a aidée pour mes soins, je vous remercie.
Que votre âme repose en paix et que Dieu veille sur votre famille.

Merci aux autorités ivoiriennes,
Au ministère de la promotion des sports et du développement de l’économie sportive.

Je remercie le comité national olympique de la Côte d’Ivoire CNO-Côte d'Ivoire pour la confiance, celle de m’avoir accompagné dans mon rêve olympique pendant encore 5 ans .

Merci à ma Fédération Fédération Ivoirienne d'Athlétisme, pour le travail abattu.

A mon coach qui pendant toutes ces années a été présent, et a fait de moi la grande athlète que je suis devenue, énormément merci.

À mon staff managérial Rosa Associati Management qui s’est toujours battu corps et âme et surtout d’avril jusqu’à maintenant pour me mettre sur pieds , je vous remercie. Vous avez tant fait .

A mon manager à Abidjan qui est plus qu’un frère, merci pour tout grand frère.

Merci à Equinox fitness et spa Abidjan qui a bien voulu nous offrir, à mon groupe d’entraînement et moi, une entrée gratuite afin que nous puissions nous préparer…

Mention spéciale à ma FAMILLE ( biologique, spirituelle, d’adoption, proche…) vous êtes formidables. Vous avez été l’oreille attentive, le soutien indéfectible. Vous avez partagé mes joies et surtout mes peines.Vous avez été l’aide, l’épaule sur laquelle je pouvais poser la tête et surtout ce soutien spirituel dont j’avais besoin…

A mon sponsor Nike, merci de continuer à me compter parmi vous .

J’ai tellement de personnes a remercier…

À toutes les personnes qui me soutiennent à travers le monde, aux africains et spécialement aux ivoiriens, seul DIEU vous rendra l’amour que vous me portez.


Normali funzionamento


⏱Ruth Chepngetich victory in numbers.

📸: Bank of America Chicago Marathon / Kevin Morris

Ruth Chepngetich
Nike Run Club
Wintecare SA

Photos from Rosa Associati Management's post 09/10/2022

Seifu Tura and Vivian Kiplagat finished respectively second and third in the men and women Chicago Marathon.

📸 Bank of America Chicago Marathon / Kevin Morris


So close Ruth!
2.14.18 to win Bank of America Chicago Marathon
The second fastest time ever!

Ruth Chepngetich


Body set for tomorrow.

Thanks Wintecare SA

Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Ruth Chepngetich 🇰🇪
Vivian Kiplagat 🇰🇪
Waganesh Mekasha 🇪🇹

Seifu Tura 🇪🇹
Abayneh Degu 🇪🇹
Shifera Tamru 🇪🇹

Suguru Osako 🇯🇵
Barnabas Kiptum 🇰🇪
Geoffrey Pyego 🇰🇪


Did you know? 🧐

🇰🇪 Judith Korir is the first athlete ever to run three sub-2:20 marathons in a year!

2:19:48 Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris
2:18:20 World Athletics Championships Oregon22
2:18:43 TCS London Marathon

A well-deserved holiday now!

📸: TCS London Marathon

Nike Run Club
Wintecare SA


Just 2 months after the silver medal at World Championships, Judith Korir took a 4th place at TCS London Marathon in a great 2:18:43.

Credit: TCS London Marathon

Nike Run Club
Wintecare SA



Marathon Majors debut for Judith Korir.
The world silver medalist tomorrow will run at the London Marathon.

📸 TCS London Marathon


Did you know? 🧐

🇺🇬 Jacob Kiplimo is currently the No.1 in World Road Running Ranking and for the second year in a row No.1 in World 10.000m Ranking.
👑 He is the World Half Marathon Champion
☝🏻He is the only one man in the history able to run 3 times under the 58’ barrier in half marathon!

Nike Nike Run Club Wintecare SA

Photos from Rosa Associati Management's post 11/09/2022

Jacob Kiplimo took the victory at Great North Run half marathon in 59.33!

📸 Great North Run


First Diamond League Title 💎
The best way to finish the 2022 track season!

📸: Chiara Montesano Photography


First medal ever at European championships for Montenegro with Marija Vukovic silver in the HJ with 1.95

Photos from Rosa Associati Management's post 20/08/2022

The perfect night.
Five amazing medals in 30 minutes.
Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk got a fantastic gold medal in the triple jump with the European leading 15.02
Viktoriia Tkachuk and Anna Ryzhykova silver and bronze in the 400hs
Yasmani Copello kept one more time his spot on the international podium to get the bronze in the 400hs
Filippo Tortu wonderful bronze medal in the 200 m

We are proud of you!


Golden boy.
Pedro Pablo Pichardo European champion at

In 12 months he won the 3 big outdoor crowns ( Olympic, World and European).



Ismail, welcome on board!

We are delighted to announce that Ismail Nezir is now part of our roster.

Just one week ago İsmail won the 400hs world junior championships in Cali with the new under 20 national record 48.84.


10.72 | Area record | Marie you are super!




He will be racing New York City Marathon 🏃

Photos from Rosa Associati Management's post 08/08/2022

It’s gold for Beatrice in the 5000 at the Commonwealth Games.

In the last 2 months:
🥇 African Championships
🥈 World Championships
🥇 Commonwealth Games

Well done!

©️Pic 1


Congrats for your 100 m bronze medal at commonwealth games in Birmingham!

Photos from Rosa Associati Management's post 03/08/2022

Another medal, this time is gold.
Jacob Kiplimo took his first senior gold in track at Commonwealth Games Birmingham 2022 with the new games record 27.09.19


Something huge!
With another world junior record 9.91 Letsile Tebogo confirmed his gold medal at
Onto the next.

Photos from Rosa Associati Management's post 31/07/2022

One week ago we finished the wonderful world championships in Eugene.

Amazing results from our athletes

x1 🥇: Pedro Pablo Pichardo (TJ)
x3 🥈: Mosinet Geremew (marathon), Judith Korir (marathon), Beatrice Chebet (5000m)
x2 🥉: Jacob Kiplimo (10000m), Elena Vallortigara (HJ)

Honourable mention to the top 8 finalists
Iryna Gerashchenko 4th(HJ)
Thiago Braz 4th (PV)
Seifu Tura 6th (marathon)
Bayapo Ndori 6th (400m)
Marie Josee Ta Lou 7th (100m)
Berihu Aregawi 7th (10000m)
Andrian Mardare 7th (JT)
Anna Ryzhykova 8th (400 hs)
Maryna Beck-Romanchuk 8th (LJ)

Next stop and

Photos from Rosa Associati Management's post 29/07/2022

From to .
Commonwealth games in Birmingham for our world medalists Jacob Kiplimo and Beatrice Chebet in 10000 and 5000
Sprinter Yupun Abeykoon and quarter miler Bayapo Ndori with teammates relay Leungo Scotch and Zibane Ngozi.


Beatrice your first senior global medal!
After a huge career in the junior championships, Beatrice Chebet took a silver medal in the 5000 at .
Proud of you!


Great Pedro Pablo Pichardo winner in the triple jump at 17.95!


There is no better way to welcome Elena in the team celebrating her bronze medal at !


Another silver medal in marathon for us at .
Judith Korir took the second place with a new PB 2.18.20


Once again an international medal for Jacob Kiplimo, today bronze in the 10000 m at .

Since 2016 he got an international championships medal every year either junior or senior in track, cross country and road.


Silver guy.
Mosinet Geremew took the silver medal in the marathon.



Super heat for Letsile Tebogo at .
In his first individual global senior championships run and won his heat with the new world junior record 9.94!



On 2 October it will be again TCS London Marathon for Mosinet Geremew!

📸 TCS London Marathon

Photos from Rosa Associati Management's post 05/07/2022

TCS London Marathon Brigid Kosgei and Ababel Yeshaneh are so excited to be there on 2 October!

📸 1 London Marathon
📸 2 Chris Cooper

Photos from Rosa Associati Management's post 23/06/2022

Happy Olympic Day!


Meet the Italian heritage.
Gaia Sabbatini yesterday was the guest of LBA during game 4 AX Armani Exchange Milano - Virtus Segafredo Bologna.
Here with the great fashion designer and owner of Olimpia Milano Giorgio Armani.

📸 Foto Ciamillo, LBA

Photos from Rosa Associati Management's post 29/05/2022

What a Prefontaine Classic!
They have been two amazing days at Hayward Field.

Berihu Aregawi in big solo achieved super time 12:50.05 WL and MR with PB.

Second fastest time in history for Francine Niyonsaba who clocked 8:59.08 (also WL/MR/DLR) to become just the second woman to break nine minutes. Beatrice Chebet second place in 9:14:71

Gaia Sabbatini set the 1500 European Leading running the new PB 4:01:93

100 m World medalist Marie Josee Ta Lou took a 6th place in a SB 11.07

100 m World junior record holder Letsile Tebogo in his first senior race is 5th in 10.12

World junior champion Teresiah Gateri run the new PB in the 5000 m 14:44:89

Iryna Gerashcenko is 4th in the HJ with 1.90

Photos from Rosa Associati Management's post 28/05/2022

Ladies are warming up for day 2.



Francine Niyonsaba at press conference in Eugene.
Tomorrow she will try to beat the 2 mile world record.
All the best Francine!

Photos from Rosa Associati Management's post 09/05/2022

Ladies at
In a windy and warm day Brigid Kosgei took position two in 66.46 and Sofiia Yaremchuk is fifth in 1.10.35



just run 9.96 at Gaborone international meet and it’s the new world junior record!

Photos from Rosa Associati Management's post 18/04/2022

Runner-up x 2
Lawrence Cherono and Ababel Yeshaneh took both the second place at Boston Marathon


Race day


Photos from Rosa Associati Management's post 17/04/2022

Waiting for


📸 2


Mosinet Geremew won in a course record of 2.04.43.
Chumba Eunice was 3rd in a great pb 2.20.02
Job well done!
Next stop


"It has been a preparation like I have always done and not because the Boston course is tough. I have not done anything special in training to overcome the course. I treat every race with the seriousness it deserves.”

on Boston marathon preparation.

📸 .alvarezfilms


This is going to be 🔥

2022 debut!


Welcome on board Olympic Champion!

We are delighted to announce that Filippo Tortu is a new member of our athletes roster.

The 4x100 Olympic Champion will open his 2022 season in Nairobi at next 7 May in the 100 m and will compete at on 13 May in the 200.



Reuben Kipyego took the third place at Rotterdam Marathon in 2.05.12

Photos from Rosa Associati Management's post 09/04/2022

Marius and Reuben at the Rotterdam marathon tomorrow.

📸 Patrice Alvarez

NN Marathon Rotterdam

Photos from Rosa Associati Management's post 03/04/2022

Milan marathon.
2 victories, many PB’s and another great team success.

Photos from Rosa Associati Management's post 31/03/2022

Who is going to set the pace at on Sunday?
Emmanuel Saina and Samuel Kosgei for the leading men group and Geoffrey Pyego will pace for the ladies.

Video (vedi tutte)

@letsile_tebogo_  just run 9.96 at Gaborone international meet and it’s the new world junior record!...#rosassociati #ni...
Let’s go Tokyo Marathon!...#tokyomarathon #rosassociati #nikerun
Discovery Kenya Cross Country race director David Letting is expecting to have a lot of runners tomorrow in the 4 races....
Dr. Rosa talks about the 30th edition of the #DiscoveryKenyaCrossCountry.
8 years ago at London Olympic Games Nijel AMOS run the world junior record 1.41.73 in the best 800 m race ever. He took ...
Boston and Chicago marathon champion Lawrence Cherono wishes to come back soon to train in group at Kaptagat Camp after ...
Covid-19 changed our habits, it cancelled the most important event waited for 4 years by the sportspeople.Olympic reigni...




Via Mirabella 5

Altro Squadra sportiva Iseo (vedi tutte)
Via Tangenziale Sud
Iseo, 25049


FTC Equipe FTC Equipe
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Iseo, 25049

FTC EQUIPE A.S.D. TEAM Via Vittorio Veneto 1 / 25049 /iseo (bs)