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I risultati di un’organizzazione sono i risultati dello sforzo combinato di ciascun individuo.
(Vince Lombardi)

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Vi aspettiamo a pranzo!
Venite ad allenarvi per mettervi in forma pensando già alla prova costume!
Imperdibile promozione per tutti i nuovi iscritti! 3 mesi di lezione guidata da una persona altamente qualificata a 100€!

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[01/15/20]   I benefici del jiujitsu per i vostri bimbi



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Officine Jiu Jitsu - Chieri

"If you want to be a lion, you must train with lions." Carlson Gracie

Grazie a tutti i ragazzi di Officine Jiu Jitsu che son venuti a lottare con noi! Energia pazzesca ed OpenMat riuscito! 💪

@federico_tisi A few days ago I received a message from a student asking me why I do not give stripes on belts, and that it would be helpful to keep up the motivation of the students. To tell you the truth I barely give colored belts. Most of the times I do not think it is the right time, and some other times I totally forget. My bad. I do however think that belt systems might have some kind of utility in separating students of differents levels classes or at championships, but aside from that I think stripe and belt systems today are useless and harmful. In fact, colored belt systems in martial arts including bjj were created in the fifties. Before then, only the instructor had a belt of a different color, in order to distinguish him from the students, and this makes sense.
However in this modern society we live in, most people need to have some kind of motivational book, song or meme to pretty much do anything that implies even the most insignificant frustration. Jiu Jitsu is frustrating. A lot. So here comes a bunch of colored belts and miles of scotch tape to keep frustrated students on the mat. Just like pretending a fork with a carrot is an airplane to make a whining two year old kid eat his veggies, here we are doing the same with grown up two year olds. It took me ten years to get my black belt training every single day. Inever felt comfortable in the belts I was promoted in. I never thought it was a prize, but just added responsability. Joy came from knowing that people I admired thought I was worthy of that responsability. In times of frustration a pat on the back and a good joke at the right time is more than enough to bring me back on track. If you train for the color of a 30 cent colored belt made in Pakistan or a piece of tape, and you let that influence your motivation, making you think you are better or worse than before getting it or of someone else, you have a problem. Trust me. Someone who needs constant insipiration to do anything is someone that doesn’t have anything to do, and someone that needs constant motivation to do something should probably be doing something else. Now go train with a smile, and eat your veggie

L’inizio è la parte più importante del lavoro.

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Le parole insegnano, gli esempi trascinano. Solo i fatti danno credibilità alle parole.

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LUGANO IN THE CAGE 2020: Match 21 MMA PRO Walter Cogliandro VS Teodoro Scoglieri

Teodoro Scol

LUGANO IN THE CAGE 2020: match 21 MMA PRO Walter Cogliandro VS Teodoro Scoglieri Dicembre 2019

[12/09/19]   Fabio Wolf

Lottare e soffrire: questa è l’essenza di una vita degna di essere vissuta. Se non stai spingendo al di là della tua “zona di comfort”, se non stai chiedendo di più a te stesso – crescendo e imparando nel cammino – stai scegliendo un’esistenza vuota. Ti stai negando un viaggio straordinario.
(Dean Karnazes)
Grazie @teodoroscolieri
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Il Jiu Jitsu a Chieri è Officine Jiu Jitsu - Chieri

Lezione del giovedì sera. Vieni a provare il nostro jiu-jitsu, ci trovi in strada Baldissero 66 (ex Zeroclub)

Friday the 13th of December
Nightmare before Christmas Party
Jiu Jitus Open Mat
Jiu Jitsu Belts Graduation
Live Music and DjSet
@paganeaux @fabio.mucedola @daftpunk
Ingresso gratis!!! (Portando da mangiare e da bere)
Ingresso 10€ se vieni a mani vuote!!!
Siete tutti invitati!!!
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Is the silent Agent, is the white Priest, the traveler, the wise, the head coach of Officine Jiujitsu Italy, the owner of Jedy kimono, but moreover... He is a brother!!

Ladies and gentlemen...

Leonardo Santoro!👏🤩

You didn't book yet? still thinking to join this fantastic bjjwinterweek??

places ar running and there are only 20 places left!

For info and booking contact us at [email protected] or via watsup at +39 3299499110

Assolutamente da leggere!!!

There are three phases in learning to apply jiu jitsu. the first one is learning a move on a training partner that is not opposing any real opposition, and it is necessary to understand the details and the mechanics of the Art. The second phase is testing it during sparring at the academy on a training partner that is actively opposing himself. This phase is harder and it is crucial to understand the general and peculiar difficulties we may encounter while applying the jiu jitsu on a resisting opponent, but in a familiar and safe scenario. Knowing the moves perfectly is just not enough. This phase teaches us proper timing, setups, follow ups, and so forth when applying it under more stressful conditions on different types of opponents, dealing with fatigue, frustration and so forth. The third phase is the ability to apply efficiently jiu jitsu on an unknown opponent in a non familiar scenario under massive doses of both physical and psychological stress for example during a competition, or even worse in a self defence scenario on the streets. Getting to this level of ability is most of the time way harder, primarily for psychological reasons. The inability to properly deal with stress and anxiety is what makes most fighters perform poorly in these conditions, way under their regular standards and abilities. Feeling different in this condition is totally normal and it is the way we interpret this condition that counts. Especially when anxiety is way above a normal level, breathing exercises, mental coaching, and meditiation can be great instruments for dealing with this problem, but allow me to give you some simple advice to help you overcome it:

1.Do as much as you can to get to the championship in your best possible conditions so to have the awareness you are at your best possible condition that day, and that you could not do more.

2. Compete as much as you can , to the point that the adrenalin feeling will become familiar and way easier to deal with. The more you practice competing, the better you will get at it.

3. Focus only on fighting well rather than winning or not losing. Take that pressure away from yourself, just do your best.

Officine Jiu Jitsu CenterParma

🥋 "SUL PODIO!" 🥋
#bjj è sacrifici, allenamenti, lotte, sconfitte, tentativi, miglioramento, #passione, soddisfazioni, viaggi, #amici, esperienze! 😁
La nostra Elisa Merli lo sa bene!
Sempre sul tatami, sempre a dare il massimo e i risultati lo dimostrano! 👍
Due #weekend fa, al New York Fall International Open 2019, ha portato a casa un ottimo risultato di categoria nonostante un infortunio subito nella penultima lotta. 🥈
Ottimo lavoro Eli, sei un'ispirazione per tutta l'accademia!
#oss 💪
Riprenditi presto!
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📍Sport Center E. Negri, Parma
🥋 Master Luca Davi, IBJJF & UIJJ certified black belt since 2017
📩 [email protected]
[corsi rivolti ai soci Center Parma Asd]

Beach Party???
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Officine Jiu Jitsu - Chieri

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True strength comes from Building people, not breaking them.
Tom DeBlass


@simone__franceschini In bocca al lupo Regazzì
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I choose to live by choice, not by chance; to make changes, not excuses; to be motivated, not manipulated; to be useful, not used; to excel, not to compete. I choose self-esteem, not self-pity. I choose to listen to my inner voice, not the random opinion of others. I choose to be me.
Miranda Marrott
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Nella foto:
28 - 0 Campione UFC -
Prendo spunto da lui per dire la mia.
Sii umile a prescindere dai tuoi risultati e dalla tua classe sociale, - sii rispettoso,
- sii puntuale,
- ascolta il tuo insegnante/coach, - sii onesto con te stesso e con i tuoi compagni,
- rispetta l'accademia dalla sala d'allenamento, agli spogliatoi.
Atteggiamenti da superiori, arroganti, snob, saccentelli non sono i benvenuti nel mondo marziale, almeno il mio.

A Roma da @peak.29 con il solo e unico e vero @simone__franceschini Giovedì: No Gi e Gnocchi
19:00-20:00 Wrestling con @riccardomezzetti26

20:00-21:00 No Gi con me

21:00 Gnocchi a casa vostra

Niki is the new Blue Belt!!!!

Bello chiudere la settimana così! Grazie @ginoniki per essere passato!!!

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•@bmalfacine I always try to train at all of my seminars. I feel the fans love in this moment and I always have a lot of fun. I would love to train with everyone but it’s impossible.
Here is one of my rolls with this tough kid at @bjjsummerweek_ thank you @piolho.bjj97 for the training.
Eu sempre tento treinar em todos os meus seminários. Sinto que os fãs amam esse momento e eu sempre me divirto muito. Eu adoraria treinar com todos, mas é impossível.
Aqui está um dos meus treino com essa fera no @bjjsummerweek_ obrigado @ louse.bjj97 pelo treino.
Respost by @attacktheback @bmalfacine rolls with a game @piolho.bjj97 at @bjjsummerweek_

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Io penso che tutti dovrebbero studiare le formiche. Esse hanno una sorprendente filosofia in quattro punti. Non arrenderti mai, guarda avanti, sii positivo e fai tutto quello che puoi.
(Jim Rohn)
Tutti i giorni classi di Jiu Jitsu e Grappling per principianti ed avanzati.
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Presto alle
PUGNI e CALCI allontanano lo stress.
Non dimenticare l'importanza della gestione dello stress. Tutti siamo sotto stress e come possiamo effettivamente far fronte al nostro stress è molto diverso. Ad alcuni piace combatterlo sudando, altri dormendo. Io lo combatto sudando nelle sessioni di BOXING WORKOUT. Fammi sapere se vuoi provare una lezione!

@giovanni_pavese coach 🥊
@giuliimilano model 🔝
MMA GLOVES @jdkimonos
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Functional Training Promo
Per i nuovi iscritti di settembre semestrale 2FT Promo 250€
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tutte le attività sono riservate esclusivamente ai soci

Ecco le nostre classi dal lunedì al sabato:
Jiu Jitsu
Jiu Jitsu Fondamentali (nuova classe)
Judo/BJJ kids
No-Gi (nuova classe il lunedì)
Allenamento Funzionale
Combat Conditioning
Corsi per principianti e avanzati sempre tenuti da professionisti del settore.
Vieni a fare una lezione di prova gratuita.
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Non ho idoli. Ammiro il duro lavoro, la dedizione e la competenza.
(Ayrton Senna)

Da noi puoi fare:
Jiu Jitsu
Judo/BJJ kids
Allenamento Funzionale
Combat Conditioning

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Officine Jiu Jitsu's cover photo

Put your kids on the mat

One of my friends asked "Why would you pay so much money for your kid to wrestle”? Well I have a confession to make; I don't invest the money for my kid to wrestle.
So, if I am not paying for him to wrestle, what am I paying for?

- I pay for those moments when my son becomes so tired he wants to quit but doesn't.

- I pay for those days when my son comes home from school and is "too tired or too sore" to go to practice but goes anyway.

- I pay for my son to learn to be disciplined, focused, and dedicated.

- I pay for my son to learn to take care of his body and his equipment.

- I pay for my son to learn to work with others and to be a good team mate, gracious in defeat, and humble in success.

- I pay for my son to learn to deal with disappointment, when he doesn't get that win he'd hoped for, but he goes back week after week giving it his best shot.

- I pay for my son to learn to make and accomplish goals.

- I pay for my son to respect, not only himself, but other wrestlers, officials and coaches.

- I pay for my son to learn that it takes hours and hours, years and years, of hard work and practice to create a champion and that success does not happen overnight.

- I pay for my son to be proud of small achievements, and to work towards long term goals.

- I pay for the opportunity my son has and will have to make life-long friendships, create lifelong memories, to be as proud of their achievements as I am.

- I pay so that my son can be out on the mat instead of in front of a screen...

...I could go on but, to be short, I don't pay for the matches; I pay for the opportunities that Wrestling provides my son with to develop attributes that will serve him well throughout his life and give him the opportunity to bless the lives of others. From what I have seen so far I think it is a great investment! (Borrowed and Adapted)

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Ad Agosto il Jiu Jitsu non va in vacanza!
Dal lunedì al venerdì lezione di BJJ
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Last Man Standing

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Titans Fight
No Time No Points Fight - Submission Only
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Our Story

Brazilian Jiu Jits - Jiu Jitsu Kids - Grappling MMA CrossTraining

Vuoi che la tua azienda sia il Palestra più quotato a Turin?

Clicca qui per richiedere la tua inserzione sponsorizzata.

Video (vedi tutte)




Via Ticino 4
Altro Palestre Turin (vedi tutte)
Cus Torino Danza Cus Torino Danza
Via Paolo Braccini 1
Turin, 10141

ASD Società Ginnastica Grugliasco ASD Società Ginnastica Grugliasco
Via Barletta, 109/21
Turin, 10136

Ginnastica Acrobatica (Acrosport), Ginnastica Artistica Femminile e Maschile presso la nostra sede di via Barletta 109/21 a Torino (zona S.Rita).

Happy Family asd Happy Family asd
Turin, 10040

LO SPORT E IL DIVERTIMENTO PER TUTTA LA FAMIGLIA, Ginnastica, Fitness, Feste, Baby parking, Doposcuola..

Greca Team Greca Team
Via Passo Buole 21
Turin, 10127

Società sportiva in cui praticare Sport da Combattimento, Arti Marziali, Difesa Personale, Functional Training e tutto ciò che riguarda la preparazione atletica... Si organizzano seminari dedicati alla violenza di genere.

Chinesiofit Personal Training Studio Chinesiofit Personal Training Studio
Via Gropello 4
Turin, 10138

Benvenuti nella pagina ufficiale CHINESIOFIT Personal Training Studio, un ambiente professionale e moderno dove lavorare con efficacia sul proprio corpo!

Dojo Sugiyama Dojo Sugiyama
Via Martiniana, 13
Turin, 10141

La Scuola di Arti Marziali Dojo Sugiyama di Torino è stata fondata dal maestro Shoji Sugiyama nel 1960. Nel rispetto dell'antica tradizione Giapponese, al Dojo Sugiyama si tengono corsi di JUDO, KARATE, AIKIDO - YOSEIKAN AIKI - JUJITSU, IAIDO e KATA.

KARMA centoundici - Fitness e Rieducazione Funzionale KARMA centoundici - Fitness e Rieducazione Funzionale
Via Cuminie 16, Villar Dora
Turin, 10040

A.S.D.P.S. KARMA centoundici - Fitness e Rieducazione Funzionale

Palestre Torino - Villa Glicini, Viale Ceppi, 5 - Via Assarotti, 16 - Adriano, 6
Turin, 10131

DANCeMOTION è un'attività fitness ballato adatta a bambini (propedeutica), adulti (allenante), agli anziani (mantiene attivi perché di basso impatto).

G&G Krav Maga G&G Krav Maga
Via Aosta 7bis/E
Turin, 10152

Krav Maga per... > reagire ad un'aggressione > difesa personale femminile

Palestra Santa Monica Palestra Santa Monica
Corso Grosseto 221/c
Turin, 10147

Santa Monica Per allenarsi in una grande famiglia. Su Instagram Palestra Santa Monica o santamonicatorino

Olympic Wrestling CUS Torino Olympic Wrestling CUS Torino
Via Gioacchino Quarello 15
Turin, 10135

Squadre agonistiche di Lotta Greco Romana, Lotta Libera e Femminile sempre ai vertici delle classifiche assolute italiane (2012 e 2013 prima squadra del ranking annuale nazionale) Corsi di tutte le discipline di lotta olimpica, kick boxing e fitness.

IRON GYM 2 - Torino IRON GYM 2 - Torino
Via Andrea Cesalpino 69/C
Turin, 10149

Body building e sport, notizie sulle attività della palestra, offerte e promozioni.