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Karatedo Gojukai - International Fans


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Hidup Goju kai, OS...
Its a true honour for Martial Club to bring together these two great masters of their respective styles for a unique sharing of form, technique and philosophy!
Tino Ceberano Hanshi is a true legend of the Goju Kai karate world. He is acknowledged as the father of Australian karate, and has been teaching Goju Kai for half a century. Tino is a living link to the very dawn of Goju, having been a student of the art's founder, Yamaguchi Gogen Sensei.
Mak Che-kong Sifu has become one of the foremost of his generation of Hong Kong-based Hung Gar kung fu instructors. A practitioner in the lineage of Grandmaster Lam Cho, Mak Sifu operates his own Martial Club in Kwai Fong. Known for his deep technical knowledge, he is in demand to teach Hung Gar students around the world.
This exciting meeting of the martial minds will take place at 4PM HK time on Saturday, 19th of September!
Participation in the webinar is free, but you can choose to make a contribution to both masters at:
Try this out with me!
Please watch this video for the 3 principles of kumite!

Let's see those images
Torneo Clausura 2019 - FAK - CENAR - Buenos Aires -Argentina🖒
Hello Gojukai people
I'm very happy to know that all thing goes well in your side, according to us, we do our best to work hard and to developpe goju-ryu in our country congo Brazzaville.
We invite every body to visit our dojo, to see the work that we do about gojukai.
Alwas yamaguchi, never give up Goju-ryu the best.
Thank you for getting me a super fan.
May God bless Gojukai family🙌
Hello every body, please I need the contact of the big master goshi yamaguchi
Diarra Liljo
Greetings from Chile
South America

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QOW216 - “I realized that perseverance and step-by-step progress are the only ways to reach a goal along a chosen path” -Masutatsu Oyama

#空手道 #剛柔会

Photos from George Goju Kai's post 11/01/2023

What an awesome opportunity for our George Goju Kai family?!

Photos from Karatedo Gojukai - International Fans's post 10/01/2023

Birthday greetings go out to Gonzalo Ramirez, Shihan (🇺🇾 Uruguay) & Joachim van Opstal, Shihan (🇧🇪 Belgium)


Birthday greetings go out to Matthew Wan Chan Lung, Shihan (🇲🇴Macau)


Birthday greetings go out to Ching-Li Chang [張靜麗] Shihan, (🇹🇼 Taiwan)


QOW215 - “If no one thinks you can, then you have to.” - Marlen Esparza

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Birthday greetings go out to Shin Tsukii Shihan (🇯🇵Japan)


Birthday greetings go out to Mahdi Shahab, Shihan (🇮🇩 Indonesia)


Host Country: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England
Host Dojo/Venue: Laindon Yamaguchi Goju-kai Karate - St. Mary’s Church Hall, High Road, Langdon Hills SS16 6GH
Host (Instructor): Matt Rixson, sensei
Event/Purpose: New Classes
Date/Time: Every Thursday from 6-7 pm
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Provided by/posted by: Laindon Yamaguchi Goju Kai

Photos from Tanzania Karate-Do Gojukai Association's post 30/12/2022

Photos from Tanzania Karate-Do Gojukai Association's post


Birthday greetings go out to Frank Brandon, Shihan (🇿🇦 South Africa)


New Card: Nathuran Rajmohan, Senpai (Malaysia)


New Card: Chanthirasegaran Vadiveloo, Senpai (Malaysia)


Wishing you Peace, Joy, Prosperity & Success this New Year and Always. Happy New Year (2023)!!

- Sensei Eugene Kitney (Goju-kai Int. Fans - Admin)

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Nengajō (New Year's Postcard) sent out by our President, Goshi Yamaguchi Saiko-Shihan for 2023.

We wish him and all Hombu Staff & their families an amazing 2023 also.
- - -
平和 (Heiwa) translates to “Peace” or “Harmony” in English; something to aspire to instill and share this New Year; Thank you, Saiko-Shihan.

- Eugene Kitney, sensei (Goju-kai Int. Fans - Admin)

#空手道 #剛柔流 #剛柔会

(Distributed via the Vice-Presidents to in turn distribute to their respective members)


Birthday greetings go out to Gary la Grange, Shihan (🇿🇦 South Africa)


Updated Card: Jorge Laxalt, Senpai (Uruguay)

Could use a better quality photo if someone could provide


Update & Corrected Card: Eugene Koh, Shihan (Singapore)


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year in 2023

Eugene Kitney Sensei
Fan Page Admin

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Congratulations ladies!!

Congratulations to our two newest black belts Sheree McKinnon and Emmy Nicholson!

Sheree and Emmy graded back on the 3 December 2022, but the results were pending the final approval of the Head of our School, Bear Sensei.

Sheree and Emmy have been awarded the rank of Sho Dan Ho. They will both continue to train hard this year, and are hoping to grade again next year to reach the rank of full Sho Dan.

Well done Sheree and Emmy!

Back row: Carl Sensei, Wayne Sensei
Front row: our newest Sempais Sheree and Emmy.


Updated Card: Suhas Shekar, Sensei (Singapore)


Updated Card: Chua Sheng Da, Sensei (Singapore)


Updated Card: Jaclyn Tan, Senpai (Singapore)


Updated Card: Tang Wai San, Senpai (Singapore)


Updated Card: Jasper Onn, Senpai (Singapore)


New Card: Tay Lee Kuan, Senpai (Singapore)


New Card: Isaiah Tang, Senpai (Singapore)


Birthday greetings go out to Stanley Khoza, Shihan (🇿🇦 South Africa)


Updated Card: Frank Brandon, Shihan (South Africa)
A Milestone high rank tested for in Japan and recently awarded by Saiko-Shihan

Congratulations Frank Shihan!!


Updated Card: Craig Kansley, Shihan (South Africa)
A Milestone high rank tested for in Japan and recently awarded by Saiko-Shihan

Congratulations Craig Shihan!!


Updated - Effective Immediately
Added Tanzania to one of the categories


Updated Card: Maurice Aloo, Sensei (Kenya)


Updated Card: James Kyewusa, Sensei (Uganda)

Photos from Nordhordland Karateklubb, Goju-Kai karate do's post 11/12/2022

Awesome opportunity for our members and guests off the Nordhordland Karateklubb this weekend


Updated Card: Tiberiu Ursu, Sensei (Romania)


Updated Card: Teodor Ursu, Sensei (Romania)


Birthday greetings go out to Russell Sim, Shihan (🇿🇦 South Africa)


Updated Card: Bertie van Greunen, sensei (South Africa)


Birthday greetings go out to Hideki Wakasugi, Shihan (🇯🇵 Japan)

Photos from Uganda Karate Do Goju kai Association -UKGA's post 05/12/2022

Some pics from this past weekend’s Eastern Africa Goju-Kai seminar and grading under leadership of Peter Brandon Hanshi

ビデオ (すべて表示)

Gojukai Czech Republic - Roppon Kumite





Suginami-ku, Tokyo

武道のその他Suginami-ku (すべて表示)
沖縄拳法空手道 沖拳会 高円寺稽古会(蛇の穴稽古会) 沖縄拳法空手道 沖拳会 高円寺稽古会(蛇の穴稽古会)
Suginami-ku, 166-0002

山城美智師範率いる沖縄拳法空手道を修練しております。 沖縄拳法の基本

北辰一刀流 玄武館 北辰一刀流 玄武館
Suginami-ku, 167-0041


ブレイズスタジオ ブレイズスタジオ
Suginami-ku, 166-0004


八極螳螂武藝總舘日本分舘 八極螳螂武藝總舘日本分舘
Suginami-ku, 166-0003

蘇昱彰 八極螳螂武藝總舘 日本分舘

ピットブル阿佐ヶ谷ジム ピットブル阿佐ヶ谷ジム
杉並区阿佐谷南1-34-13 2F
Suginami-ku, 166-0004

JR総武線 阿佐ヶ谷/丸の内線 南阿佐ヶ谷駅 キックボクシング&フィットネス

Wing Chun Kuen school Suginami Wing Chun Kuen school Suginami

練習生を募集してます。 東京 長崎 福岡 旭川に練習会があります。

国際FSA拳真館 国際FSA拳真館
新本部道場: 中野区若宮1-30-1 ●総本部事務局 杉並区高円寺
Suginami-ku, 166-0003

武道空手道 総合格闘技/国際FSA拳真館。武道教育の推進と青少年健全育成に邁進。 西武新宿線野方駅南口キックフィットジム格闘技習い放題、世界30ヶ国、200支部有(詳細は下記参照)

日本空手道北辰会tokyo JAPAN 日本空手道北辰会tokyo JAPAN
Suginami-ku, 167-0041