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"From sport specific training to body sculpting
From pilates to bodybuilding
From healthy lifestyle changes to strict dieting
From core strength training to walking or jogging the inches off...
... tell me your goals and I'll design you a personal, tailored program for your individual needs."

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Timeline photos 19/10/2022

Keep exercising. ❤️👍🏼

Research has shown that exercise is important for cancer prevention, and specifically lowers the risk of 7 types of cancer, including breast cancer.

It has also been shown that exercise plays a positive role in improving survival after a breast cancer diagnosis.

Learn more:



A great training tool! These are more advanced moves of course



Strength training with proper periodization (aka load management) & emphasis on quality technique is the true “fountain of youth.” The one factor that MOST limits quality of life & functionality as we age isn’t cardiovascular endurance or flexibility - but strength. This isn’t to say all forms of exercise & fitness aren’t important - but there’s a reason why TONS of research on methods to enhance functionality & decrease pain for those with osteoarthritis (OA) consists of progressive resistance training!
What are your thoughts/experiences?


Check out this toddler.


Overload lifting shoes. Quite comfortable.
☺️. Stability and good knee tracking is important.


Standard 🙃 🌧

Photos from Fitness Matters's post 17/09/2022

Beautiful natural places to train clients in The Netherlands. There is actually a Double rainbow there.



All these years of teaching has given me a teachers voice. 🙄😂. I draw out my words so my lovely young students can hear me emphasize what is important. So weird to hear yourself talk. I first thought it was a DENGELS thing being in the Netherlands so long now, but no, my partner says it’s my teachers voice. Anyway, cest la vie. Welcome to my first ever podcast with a fabulous interviewer Julie Kennedy.

FABULOUS AFTER FIFTY! EPISODE 74 - JESS HILLS - FITNESS FOR EVERYONE: INVEST IN YOU - The Kennedy Connection FABULOUS AFTER FIFTY! EPISODE 74 – JESS HILLS – FITNESS FOR EVERYONE: INVEST IN YOU Sep 15, 2022 Podcast: Play in new window | Embed Today we have a force of nature on the show, 60-year-old personal trainer Jess Hills, a woman who despite many health challenges is probably one of the fittest wom...


So true! Just go!! No excuses, the time is NOW. 😘👍🏼

You often need to start, before you feel like starting. Don’t wait for the mood to hit you, just get out there.

📷: Fernando Esteban ArevaloMorales

Photos from Fitness Matters's post 09/09/2022

Biking in Polleur, Ardenne. Wet and cold but great group and beautiful area. Hosted by MTB Tours Holland


Spending time in nature and really connecting with it is so good for one’s mental health as well as improving cognitive abilities. Treat yourself to a break in nature, you deserve it.

Photos from Fitness Matters's post 03/09/2022

Biking in Veluwe


I would say this is definitely true

There’s a massive correlation, in my eyes, between how much you ride and how low your stress, anger and anxiety levels are.

Riding makes you a happier, healthier, more motivated, more patient and just all round better person. Make the time.

📷: Jhunabel Acebo Saguin

Photos from Fitness Matters's post 14/08/2022

More than one way to get a workout! Taking apart a huge picnic table for pick up. New garden furniture soon! 🌸

Photos from The CrossFit Games's post 10/08/2022

So exciting to watch! Tia for the 6th year in a row and Justin for the 2nd! Well done to all who competed! . Now you don’t have to be the fittest in The World of course, for those who want to be healthy and fit, Just compete with yourself is what I say. 🌸👍🏼


Jet lag is tough coming back home but ramp the readjustment up with back to basics after Canadian treats
Of pancakes and sausage, s’mores and hot dogs around the campfire. . 🤪 Ready to eat well and train hard with me? The vacation is over so Let’s go!


Fitness Matters is On holiday until August 10th. See you then to get FIT or contact me me via gmail to book your FREE Consult early.


Fittest on Earth: Next-Gen is #1

Tia has won The Fittest Woman on The Rarth for 5 years in a row! No simple feat. Looking forward to seeing her compete for a 6th win!! Let the games begin in August!! 🥳


This is very true. And remember , you can always work around most injuries.

What injuries are you currently dealing with?🤔 When you understand the why behind your injury, what movements/loads trigger your symptoms & those you can tolerate - it empowers you to take control of the recovery process! Too often we are left “in the dark” about injuries we develop.
One group of people only tell you how damaged you are by explaining the problem anatomy and never educate you on the path out of pain. They offer short term solutions and quick fixes to cover up symptoms & often tell you to “stop lifting so heavy” because it was ONLY the amount of lifting that was problematic. This leads many to fear returning to heavy lifting.
A proper evaluation uncovers the motions, postures & loads that trigger pain AND reveals those that you can tolerate well. This does 2 things. First it teaches us what things we need to back off on and avoid in the short term to kick start the healing process. It then provides understanding for what things we can continue to do while we recover (the last thing I want any athlete to do is COMPLETELY step away from the gym).
Education from a proper evaluation empowers you to then understand how the rehab plan will eventually enhance our tolerance for a current trigger & build back resiliency! It teaches you that you are not fragile but illuminates exactly what motions, postures & loads CURRENTLY create pain & why. Education = empowerment to make the most optional choices in rehab = successful long term prognosis!


You are never too old to exercise. Or too young. But this goes out to over 50s

There's an excellent quote : "Some people are old at 18 and some are young at 90...time is a concept that humans created".

I'm a massive believer that you can achieve anything, at any age. Some of the fittest people I've ridden with have been in their 50s or 60s. I regularly get emails from riders in their sixties and seventies who ride hundreds of miles a month. We've all met the 30 year old who has given in on life...and the 67 year old who is as full of life as ever.

I want to share 4 things I think every mountain biker over 50 needs to know.

1. 'Old' is a mindset.

You may have seen the before and after photos before on this page of my client Steve. Steve's in his sixties, can nail 10 chin ups in a row and has ripped abs. He's in better shape than most people I know in their twenties. I have no doubt he will continue to train hard into his seventies and eighties.

The phrase "use it or lose it" is based in fact. Your muscles, heart and lungs get stronger or weaker depending on how much stress you put through them. if you regularly work hard on the bike and train hard, you will stay strong and fit. If you stop however, you will lose it. That's how you 'get old'.

2. There are still physical deteriorations that happen

With that being said, as you age and pass 50 and 60, there are absolutely physical changes that happen. Your bone density (without conscious effort to maintain it) will decrease. The time needed to recover increases. S*x hormone levels decrease, meaning it takes longer to build muscle and 'get fitter'. Your body more easily stores fat. Injuries take longer to bounce back from and you need to put much more effort into stretching work, as your muscles get tighter.

All the above shouldn't be seen as excuses or even 'negative' things. They just...are. Physical changes happen as you age. As a mountain biker over 50, you need to be aware of these things and adapt your training and life to suit. Stretching daily. Resistance training. Riding often. Eating really well. Supplementing. Paying conscious effort to the positive things you can do to tackle the physical changes that happen as you age.

3. You can improve and get fitter

There is NO reason you can't set a fitness goal and hit it. There is no reason you can't get fitter, faster and stronger on the bike. In fact, I would argue that the only reason you may not be able because you decide you can't! If you commit to training. Commit to eating well and commit to improving, you can do it. Set a goal and get after it!

4. Nutrition is more important as you age

Nutrition is important for every rider, but even more so for riders over 50. What you put in your body becomes even more important for your health, fitness, mood and performance past 50. You really are what you eat. You need to fill your body with goodness to give your body what it needs to thrive.

You only have one body. You are likely at an age where you are thinking ahead to the next 20 or 30 years and having a real understanding that you want to be as fit and healthy as you can be to enjoy it. Nutrition is a big big part of that.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some value from it. A couple of months ago I actually launched my brand new guide "50 Essential Tips Every Mountain Biker Over 50 Needs To Know". It's a detailed guide designed specifically to help riders like you, over 50, thrive. It even contains a foreword by the legend that is Steve Peat. You can get a digital copy here :

📷: Michael Grosswirth


Epic Headis Point

Lol. Skill though.


Oh Yeah!!

Eurogames Nijmegen July 27-30 26/06/2022

Eurogames Nijmegen July 27-30

Sign up for the Euro Games!

Eurogames Nijmegen July 27-30 Announcement: registration wil close July 8th at 23.59! For the first time in history pickleball will be part of the Eurogames in Nijmegen. The Eurogames is an inclusive sporting event with about 15 different sports and about 2.000 participants of all levels. The games will take place from July 27 ....

Photos from Fitness Matters's post 05/06/2022

Trying out Advanced level means we only won 1 game but what a learning curve. So fun for all! Come join the fun at Pickleball Den Haag.
For those not sure what Pickleball is check out the link.


My Canadian biking jacket arrived! 👍🏼😀. Yes, also have the Dutch jacket! 👍🏼😀


New skill that you have to learn from scratch

What do people
Think about this new bike?

The Hague Open 2022 17/05/2022

The Hague Open 2022

Come join the fun!

The Hague Open 2022 ORGANIZER: Pickleball Den Haag, CITY: Meester P. Droogleever Fortuynweg 22, 2533 SR Den Haag, Netherlands, STARTING: June 04, 2022 TO June 04 2022, DESCRIPTION:Registration and Help Welcome to The Hagues first open since 2019! Were so excited to offer you another fun one-day pickleball competition.....


Tip #5 : Book a hotel with a fitness area.


Of course not every day does one go adventure biking and it’s not for everyone of course , but we came across many walkers through some of our trails. Also fabulous exercise while on vacation to enjoy the mountains.
Tip #4: exercising outdoors is a good choice when the weather allows on vacation. Here is some exercise equipment built for the mobility of a community which we found in many places in Spain.


4 days Biking in The Sierra Navada Mountains

Tip # 3 of how to keep moving on vacation.
Find an activity you love and incorporate it in your holiday.
I Highly recommend Pure Mountains Tours for their expert instruction, professionalism and of course fun and adventure. 😍

Photos to follow in next post.

Photos from Fitness Matters's post 27/04/2022

Tip #2 of moving while on vacation. Averaging 15 km walking a day is certainly upping the steps. Explore on foot as it’s the best way to get the lay of the land and explore various quarters of the city.


Keeping Fit while on vacation. 🦾


Beach Tennis at La Cantina!

Photos from Fitness Matters's post 28/03/2022

A wonderful MTB Tour with MTB Holland Tours in Eiffel, Germany (Manderscheid) . Great biking with our group and meeting new friends!

Photos from Fitness Matters's post 12/03/2022

Clean and serviced bikes. 👍🏼safety first! 51km: Amerongen and Leersum and part of Rhenen as it was closed. Like to bike? Join us. 😀


Eat healthy and stay fit!
STAY FIT AT HOME workouts with Fitness Matters. Contact Jess.
Actually no weights needed as potatoes or wine bottles do the trick!

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Overload lifting shoes. Quite comfortable.  ☺️.  Stability and good knee tracking is important.
Fitness Matters is On holiday until August 10th. See you then to get FIT or contact me me via gmail to book your FREE Co...
Of course not every day does one go adventure biking and it’s not for everyone of course , but we came across many walke...
4 days Biking in The Sierra Navada Mountains
Granada Spain. Do it!
Keeping Fit while on vacation. 🦾
Happy Biking Season Beginning!




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