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Jeg kan tilby deg trygg og variert trening, som vil være tilpasset etter din hverdag og dine behov.

Åpent som vanlig



💚Eat the rainbow. Make sure to add at least one fruit, berry or vegetable to EVERY meal. Maybe try a new type every week.

💚Choose healthy food on the go. When you are traveling, in a rush or need a quick snack - make sure you chose the healthiest option available.

💚Bring your water bottle with you everywhere. Keep it on your desk or in your bag.

💚Be optimistic and positive. Look at the bright side and be grateful.

💚Get in some activity everyday. Lifting weights, running, walking, playing with your kids, shopping, swimming, home cleaning...

💚Get outside. Get some fresh air and daylight. Go grab your post, take a walk around the neighborhood after dinner...

💚Get your sleep. Go to bed as early as you can. Turn off the tv or phone 30 min before going to bed and maybe read a book in stead.

💚Try to get 10k steps every day. Walk more. Get up more often if you are having a desk job. Get off the bus a few stops earlier. Take the stairs.


I myself find the winter months the hardest months to keep my motivation up. I am sure I am not the only one? ❄️🌨☃️ I am lucky to spend my “winter” in summertime in Australia, but I know how it feels like not wanting to get out the door through the snow, trough the cold weather or getting out of bed when it´s dark. To keep the motivation up all year around, or even all week can be hard. We need to switch motivation into routines, dedication and be strong mentally. Here are some ways you can try to keep it going through the next months.

Have a goal.🌟
It doesn’t really matter what kind of goal you have, but keep it realistic. You don´t need to set a big goal as getting stronger, bigger of lose weight. But it can be as simple as maintaining your strength, weight or condition, or to train 2 times a week. Think about what exercises you are doing, can you be more effective and maybe train less, but more often?

Get stronger.💪🏼
Winter often comes with extra Christmas food, cookies, dinner parties, cakes and so on. And that´s totally okay. Don´t feel bad about eating a little extra some of the days. But also try to eat healthy for the other meals. Rather feeling guilt, turn it into something positive. Think about the extra energy you can use in the gym, the extra food you can use to build more muscles, to get stronger or to set new personal breaks.

Training buddy. 🏋🏼‍♂️🏋🏻‍♀️
Have someone to train with and motivate each other. Train with a friend, personal trainer, your partner, brother… It keeps it harder to skip the workout, and it can be more fun. Set a time and date and stick to it. If one want´s to drop out, the person needs to make you dinner, pay you or take you to the movies. Keep it fun and challenge each other.

Try something new.🏸🏊🏼‍♂️⛸⛷
Take classes, try running, do yoga or maybe start inside swimming trough the winter. Sign up for a new gym and get new motivation. Buy new training shoes or clothes and feel fresh. Maybe try an indoor team sport with your friends or make new friends there. If its enough snow, get your ski gear on.

Do it for you.🥇🤩
You are training for yourself and no one else. Believe in yourself and your goals. Listen to your body, if you need rest or if it´s just lack of motivation. Do what you want and feel like. Be happy about the small improvement you do every day. Everything from doing your first pushup, to actually getting yourself to the gym when the netflix tempted more. Do it for your health and wellbeing. Your body will thank you for it later.

Be patient.🐢🦋
You don´t need to improve every day. You don´t need to get stronger every week and increase the weights. Take your time and make sure you enjoy the journey. Maybe the winter is just about keeping it going, and to not fall totally out of your routines. Getting or seeing results takes time, and sometimes you will feel stuck into the same place. But when you feel stuck, just keeping going, push harder or change up something.

Start today.⚡️
If you are not training or if you fell out weeks or months ago, why don´t start today. Don´t wait until next year, after winter or until Monday. The quicker you start, the quicker you will reach your goals, feel better and get into routines. If you feel bored in the winter days, it is a perfect opportunity to use some time in the gym.


Sunday funday workout with this beast🤩

Yesterday we did a chipper team wod.
It consisted of around 1500 reps and a hell lot of skiing. We used 1 hour to finish and can say we swam in our own sweat after😂💦

The key to cosistency in training is to find something you like doing. If it’s running, lifting weights, crossfit, soccer, dancing, yoga or walking... All activity is better then nothing and will improve your health. When you find something you like, it is easier to stick to it. If you find it hard to start and don't know what to do or how: Get a personal trainer, get help from a friend or take classes 😄


FATS - do we need them?

It is easy to get confused about good fats and bad fats. For weightless we can not eliminate fat, it is actually necessary for both your body and for those who wants to lose weight. We need fats in our diet to function properly. But we need the good fats, so it depends on the sources.

To keep it easy for you, here are some good sources of fat you should have in your diet and can add to your grocery list:
Peanut butter
Salmon, trout, sardine
Olive oil
Nuts (almonds, cashew, peanuts, walnuts...)



Don´t get rumors get in the way for you living a healthy, balanced and happy life. To live a little more healthy and get your benefits from it, is not as hard as you think. Don't overthink things, and make it more complicated than it is. Take care of your own health, and be careful from who you are taking advices from. You should not believe everything you hear or read. Everything listed under is MYTHS😄👇🏼

1. Skipping breakfast will kill your metabolism.

2. The more you sweat, the better is the workout.

3. Eating before bed will make you fat.

4. Fat and carbs are bad.

5. You need to cut out certain food groups for weight loss.

6. sit-ups will make your stomach flat.

7. If you are eating healthy, you can eat as much as you want.

8. Eating and training the same as another person will make you get their results.

9. Living a healthy life requires a lot of sacrifices.

10. Lifting weights will make women bulky.



I get a lot of questions why I work out so much. Why I eat so healthy. How I keep my motivation up. Well, I love it. I love training, eating good and doing sports. This is what makes me happy. This is a lifestyle I have had for a while now, and I would never change it for anything. I love feeling good, healthy and fit. The motivation comes and goes. I personally live on dedication, passion and for the process. I enjoy it in the moment.

We are only given one body. Our body is our machines. I know I want a pretty damn good, strong and effective machine who works 100%. But then I need to work for it. The most important is finding something you like. I myself like a mix of everything: fitness, crossfit, soccer, walking, running, HIIT training...

Training for me is therapy. It is my own personal time. That time is mine to get better, faster and stronger. That time for me is when I don't need to think about anything else. Getting my heart rate so high I feel like I'm dying. The feeling of mastering something. The feeling when you hit a PR. The feeling of running in good weather with your favorite music.

Training should be fun and something you want to do. Not something you do to punish yourself, or because you feel like you have to. Find your thing. Find a balance that works for you. Remember that what works for someone else, will maybe not work for you.

We have the power. It is just yourself that can make you jump out of bed 5am to workout before work. You are the one who needs to push yourself. Only you can get yourself to do the extra rep and to run that extra mile. You are the only one who can control your diet - what goes in your body. You need to take action on your habits, lifestyle and routines. If you don't like how you are living today, you alone are holding the key to your own improvement, progress and goals. There is something out there for everyone.

Why are you training and how does it make you feel?🤩🏋🏼‍♂️🏃🏼‍♀️🏊🏼‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️🏌🏻‍♀️🏄🏼‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♂️⛹🏼‍♂️⚽️🏀


10.000 STEPS A DAY

Sounds like a lot. But it’s not. Way to many people today doesn’t even reach 3k steps daily. So this month, I want you to make sure you will get at least 10K steps in each day. Every step counts. Make it your goal to move in some way every day. Activity can reduce the risk of chronic diseases, improve balance, strenght and coordination, aid weighloss, improve sleep and boost erergy. You will feel sommuch better!😄

If you are already very active and is reaching 10k steps daily. Challenge yourself to go beyond and take it to the next level. Reach for 15k or 20k! You can never move too much. Make it a competition with your friends or family. Motivate and challenge eachother!

10 ways on how to reach 10k steps daily.
1️⃣Walk to shops, city, friends, gym or work if nearby.
2️⃣ Need to do a call? Do the call on the go.
3️⃣ Park far from the office, shop or gym, and walk the rest of the way.
4️⃣ Use your breaks at school or work to move and get some fresh air.
5️⃣ If you are waiting: move while waiting.
6️⃣ Go out and play with your kids.
7️⃣ Take the stairs.
8️⃣ Go for a morning or evening walk.
9️⃣ Got a dog? Take it for longer walks more often. If not, take with you friends/family for a walk.
🔟 Vacuume or clean your house.

Make it a routine and you won’t even think about it later. You just do it. So, who is in?🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♂️


A strong back is essential - it’s a huge part of your muscular system. Our back is involved in almost every move we make everyday. Under here is a workout you can do for a stronger back, if you need some motivation. If you can’t do pullups yet, remember you can always scale it. Use bands for help. Rest around one minute between each set. Use weights that challanges you, so you need to push yourself. That’s when you will get better and stronger🤩

A1 pullups • 5x5
B1 Lat pulldown • 3x10
B2 Underhand cable pulldowns • 3x10
C1 Stiff-arm pulldown • 3x10
C2 Facepulls • 3x10
D1 Bent over bb row • 3x12
E1 Back extension • 2x20

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