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Hatha - Joga jest techniką, która może być stosowana na każdym etapie życia i przez każdego, a doskonałość można osiągnąć, pokonując kolejne stopnie nauki jogi: fizyczny, mentalny i duchowy. Ćwiczenia jogi zwiększają wytrzymałość sercowo-naczyniową, zmniejszają lękliwość i wrogość. Przyczyniają się do zmniejszenia ilości tkanki tłuszczowej i obniżenia ciśnienia. Joga wpływa na poprawę krążenia w różnych organach, zwłaszcza w mózgu i sercu. Poprawia przemianę materii i pobudza gruczoły wewnętrznego wydzielania. Właściwe stosowanie jogi pod okiem nauczyciela odmładza ciało i zapobiega starzeniu się. Asany przyczyniają się do szczęścia i harmonii w ciele człowieka. Są najlepszym lekarstwem na większość naszych problemów zdrowotnych. Ćwiczenia w jodze bezpośrednio oddziałują na gruczoły wewnętrznego wydalania, które pobierają z krwi substancje odżywcze i wydzielają hormony. Joga pomaga ludziom, którzy cierpią na nadciśnienie, drażliwość, brak opanowania, bezsenność, bóle kręgosłupa. Przywraca swobodne ruchy jelit i usuwa zaparcia. Dzięki temu nasz organizm pozbywa się toksyn i czujemy się wypełnieni energią. Praktykując jogę z wewnętrzną uważnością zmienisz swoje życie poprzez zmianę nastawienia umysłu

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I jak tu nie ćwiczyć jogi

Posture and Health
A simple way to understand health and our state of integration, is by looking at how fluids are able to circulate around the body. Simply speaking, 'who gets the blood?'. All our organs including the heart, need good circulation to stay healthy. Whether an organ gets enough fluids depends a great deal on the state of the nervous system. The Sympathetic nervous system is the aspect of the nervous system that gets stimulated when we need to act in the world, or in more extreme situations, when the stress response is called into play. Sympathetic overdrive, caused by things like stress, shunts blood (so oxygen and nutrients) to the muscles and consequently starves the organs (particularly those of the digestive system). In a sense we could say that the mind commandeers blood flow to support its basic survival strategies. But it can be an expensive strategy, especially if habitual - we have developed an almost worldwide, unsustainable health system to try to combat this.

The mind responds to Symbolic stimuli in the same way and with the same intensity as with actual situations. We evolved to respond to a rustle in the bushes as if there is a lion there - so that the one time in a hundred that there actually might be one, we don’t get eaten. This system is still very much alive in us today, and we need an intact reality checking system to deal with it, since we can perceive a multitude of things as threatening. Stress is essentially the fight, flight, freeze response, yet we are often not able to complete the consequent action - we mostly neither fight nor fly. In fact we develop countless strategies to try and deal with this in-consequence and when habitual they can profoundly enslave us.

Essentially, when it comes to perception and how it influences our body, ‘real’ is interpreted with a lot of input from the imagination and our collection of previous experiences. This means that if my capacity to receive impressions of the world and the people in it, moment by moment, diminishes, I become more dependent on imaginary interpretations and habitual coping strategies. Thus we tend to get stuck with fixed images that are just not updated; doing so implies that we may also be stuck with fixed and often reactive responses. There is usually then little to question my response or to hint that the actual situation may not be so.

There can be symbolic elements present in the way we perceive even the seemingly most stable and ‘real’ elements in our life, like the ground we stand upon and the space that surrounds us. But these impressions and their consequences are not only limited to fleeting experiences in various aspects of the nervous system or more long term habitual states, they can also be felt in far reaching places like the connective tissue or even the bones. That means that there seems to be an actual physical confirmation of our fixed image, a double proof. There is only one way to deal with this and that is by experiencing our embodiment in the world, moment by moment. You can read an example of how this plays out in the bones here:

So a frame to appreciate ‘who gets the blood’ is our physical relationship to the world. Classically expressed by our Homeokinesis, a poetic extension of Homeostasis - our ability to move freely, together with our posture. Posture is, as the famous neurologist Charles Sherrington said, the shadow of movement. Again, posture is also attitude. If we hold a fixed attitude, it may well reflect in a compromise of responsiveness in the body; therefore in some postural rigidity, some loss of spontaneous movement and expression. Our Homeokinesis is a reflection of how we are impressed and express ourselves in the world.

Habitual posture is reflected in the connective tissue system. The connective tissue system that suspends the heart can also reflect our state of mind, the attitude we express over a long duration. Since connective tissue holds the shape and posture of our body in relation to our environment, it can over the long term, express our deep seated beliefs about ourselves and the world. Yet it can also be touched by the world, be updated in each moment. We can carry our story, re-creating it in the body, yet we also posses the possibility to allow this story to fall away – this asks us to differentiate, to allow presence. As you can see in the image, posture can have implications for the breath since the bag that contains the heart is connected to the diaphragm, spine and sternum. Our breath is connected to our feeling of vitality and aliveness and to a major instrument of expression, our voice. Allowing our voice to express our emotion requires enough postural support, that comes not primarily from the mind, but from the clarity of our relationship with the world.

Deep seated beliefs, those that are based on story rather than present reality, are more prone to be limiting and are often bolstered by an emotional component. So too can habitual moods, the state of our hormonal system, be compounded by posture, that all then becomes a vicious cycle. With our posture we can produce a cocktail of hormones and in the long term effect their functional health.

When we experience something in the body, as a result of these kinds of stimuli, if we don't have an intact reality checking system available, the ability to experience an embodied state of being present in the landscape, our capacity to deal with them is compromised. We tend to grip on our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations. We may be more prone to identifying with our story, feel overwhelmed, or that we don't have a way to deal with them, we may even create loops to avoid and disconnect. These limiting strategies often correspond to a postural state of collapse or prop. This is also why fiddling, constantly adjusting and correcting can be so counter-productive. Sometime we need to pause and process rather than react or impose a particular way of acting.

Of course we have to be a little cautious to claim experiences are so precisely delineated into specific body systems, but they can certainly feel as if they are. So again it is helpful to have a way to question beliefs or perception, because when moods or mental states are confirmed physically, they can feel very real and even quite dramatic. But like watching a stage play, to believe it is real we just need to focus exclusively on the stage and forget the bigger picture.

If you want to address a particular body system, that means being able to listen to its unique nature, tuning into its speed and all its delicate nuances. This is a great way to stretch your mind. Its a little like the journey of a shaman, a rite of passage to the next phase. The mind needs to learn enough honesty, humility and reverence, a deep respect for nature and all that has come before, to pass through this threshold. Yet it also means not losing sight of the context, allowing our view of ourselves and the world to evolve.

To do this we may also need to revise our perspective on the body and its anatomy. There is a long history of how anatomy took a knife to the body and separated out everything neatly to study it and see it more ‘clearly’, unfortunately we seem to have lost the human being in the process.

Posture and health is a huge issue and this brief essay is by far still incomplete. To bring all the elements together, it may be worth seeing our body from yet another point of view. Our bodies are organised into cavities or bags, simply speaking; the Cranial (head), Thoracic (chest) and Abdominal-Pelvic. The ability for cavity pressure to regulate between the various cavities influences circulation. The capacity of the Thoracic cavity to constantly shift in tone supports the heart's job of giving and receiving, as well as the return of lymph to the heart, essential for the immune system. All the cavities need to be able to 'breath' and modulate their tone. So if there is tension held in the ribs, spine, abdomen, or even cranium, this responsive system is interrupted - which can have major consequence for our health. Even subtle tension, like in the jaw or in the often related chronic pelvic floor tension, can influence this system.

The relationship between cavities and their relationship to world, tells us a lot about the health of the environment they create for their contents. Seeing and experiencing posture in this more internal way, can help us appreciate something we might normally miss and sheds new light on something we feel everyday. Posture, effects all circulation and also breathing. Breath and movement in return supports fluid circulation, which plays an essential role in the overall health and well-being of the body-mind, by providing the nourishment it needs and supporting the elimination of what is not needed, or needed elsewhere.

Rather than trying to impose an idea of how our body should be, we often simply need the presence to allow it to find itself in a wider circulation with the world. Over-focusing on something can make it seem even more dramatic than it already is.

If you are interested in exploring these themes further, you can find many articles in the 'embodied anatomy' album that relate:

Together with his partner, Chrysi Thanella, Leo is currently writing a book of practices to address these themes and they also run mentoring internationally.

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ZAPRASZAM CZAS: 15.12.2018GODZ: 12:00-15:00MIEJSCE: Hala Sportowa Miękinia ul Szkolna 2POZIOM : podstawowyCENA:50 zł

Dlaczego joga - Szkoła Jogi Haliny Blonka Ludziom, którzy poraz pierwszy przychodzą do mnie na zajęcia, często zadaję pytania. Dlaczego joga? Czego oczekujesz od jogi?Z reguły nikt nie jest przygotowany na te pytania. Padają rózne odpowiedzi. Chcę się rozciągnąć.Chcę się pozbyć bólu kręgosłupa.Jestem zestresowana i szu...

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