Strongheart Martial Arts Academy-Aberdeen

We teach Taekwondo, Hapkido, and Kumdo in 6 locations in South Dakota and Minnesota. Aberdeen, SD Bowdle, SD Groton, SD NSU Ortonville, MN Ipswich, SD.

We are proud members of the Greenquist Academy Association and the US Chang Moo Kwan Union.

Operating as usual

[10/17/20]   Due to technical difficulties we are unable to post new subject on google drive for students. The files we had, have been corrupted and are no unusable. Please remain patient with us as we work on getting new ones made. We thank you for your patience.

[10/12/20]   We will be having class today. Normally we would not have class when there is no school, but we will be doing a fun day today.

Great job during testing on Saturday! We hope everyone keeps up the good work and stays strong!

*due to the Coronavirus we experienced smaller classes and smaller testings*

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[09/26/20]   Students and guardians,

Please remember we have our training/testing tomorrow! Please arrive 30 minutes before your time if you are testing and 15 minutes if you are only doing training.

10 and under will begin at 9 (be there before this time)

11 and over will be at 11 (be there before this time)

Parents, we do ask that you please stay outside of the gym for safety reasons. We will open both gates so you may see clearly through them or the windows.

[09/12/20]   At this time we would like to take a moment to thank all military (both active and inactive), first responders, airline personnel, and civilians affected by the 9/11 terrorist attacks for their strength, determination, bravery, and sacrifice. This is a dark day in our country's history; one that many of us will never be able to fully comprehend the magnitude of without having been there, but you were there when we needed you. You came together from all walks of life as brothers and sisters to save one another without a second thought. You put aside your differences and fought for each other in a way that makes each and every one of us proud to stand with you and for that, we are truly thankful.

To the families of those no longer with us, we are so sorry for your pain and loss. There are no words to express how deeply we as a nation feel this sorrow. We want you to know though, that we are here for you and that we love you. We will do our best every single day to honor your loved ones by standing strong together. One nation, united always.

Everyone at Strongheart Martial Arts thanks you, and you will be remembered by us always. Pilsung.

[09/07/20]   Just a reminder, there will be no class today! I hope everyone has enjoyed their three day weekend. We will see the Taekwondo students again on Thursday and Hapkido tomorrow.

Anyone in the Rapid City area looking to get fit, learn self-defense, and have fun doing it, please look into these classes! They have great Instructors and hold amazing classes. Recommend 10 out of 10!

We still have some spaces in our Fall Classes - visit our website to sign up today!

[08/14/20]   Reminder, we will be having class today at Wylie Park in the same location we have all week.

Unfortunately, we will not be having our Saturday class due to scheduling conflict. We apologize for the short notice.

[08/13/20]   We will NOT have class at the park today. Aberdeen is under a heat advisory, so we will be at the gym instead.

[08/10/20]   Just a reminder we will be at Wylie Park this week! Please remember to bring water bottles.

[08/07/20]   No Zoom classes tonight. We unfortunately have technical problems that leave us unable to do classes. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Getting good workouts in with Mr. Kyle leading the charge! Even with masks and limited cardio, we always strive to push ourselves.

If you want to try, come throw down at Uptown Aberdeen! Just come through the entrance by Tokyos!

#martialarts #taekwondo #strongheartaberdeen #hubcity #aberdeensd #uptownaberdeen @ Uptown Aberdeen

[08/05/20]   Next week from August 10th-14th, we will be meeting at Wylie Park! Please be at the large playground area between the Birdhouse and the Pavilion at your class time.

If there is rain or bad weather, we will meet back up at the gym, and we will update our page to reflect that change. If nothing is seen, but you are unsure, please don't hesistate to contact us!

Students, please remember to wear your uniforms. Masks will be OPTIONAL while are outside. While we still recommend you wear them, we will not require them when outdoors. Shoes are also recommended but not required. We will still sanitize our hands before class, in case you beat us there and are playing on park equipment, to keep everyone safe. We will maintain a safe 6 foot distance between everyone during practice. If it becomes too hot out to wear our uniform tops, we may take them off, but belts will stay on.

Update: We apologize! Hapkido starts this Friday! We realized we forgot to mention a start date.

Throwing down, in Uptown Aberdeen! We are going to be reopening our Hapkido program, with limitations. We will require masks and shoes during class, and currently there is no Zoom time slot, though that will come in the future if there is interest. But, we hope to see returning students and new students once again! #martialarts #hapkido #strongheartaberdeen #aberdeensd #hubcity #uptownaberdeen

Miss Emma is a student at Strongheart Martial Arts and is part of our Hapkido and Kumdo programs. She started at our dojang just before graduating highschool two years ago, and has since become a welcomed addition to our martial arts family. She has achieved the rank of Blue in our Hapkido program and while she is currently only a no-gup in Kumdo, that doesn’t mean she is a slouch in the way of swords. At our annual USCTU Kumdo Tournament, she placed first in the women’s division and proceeded to the semi-finals for Grand Champion!

Fun, goofy, energetic, and hard-working are just a few of the words we would use to describe her. She has always gone above and beyond when working both inside and outside of the dojang and has played a large role in demonstrations and women’s self defense.

Currently she is away strengthening her beliefs and completing Mission. All of us at Strongheart wish her a safe journey and are looking forward to when she returns so we can hear about her adventures. If you wish to leave Miss Emma a farewell and good luck, please comment below! We are sure she will enjoy seeing them when she is able to get to a computer.

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[07/15/20]   Dont forget about Zoom class tonight! We hope to see all your smiling faces.

[07/03/20]   We will have physical classes tomorrow but no Zoom classes. We hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend.

Updates regarding our physical and Zoom Class Schedule!

This schedule goes in to effect Monday, July 6th and will carry into the foreseeable future.
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[06/29/20]   Dont forget the zoom meeting at 6:30 tonight! If you need the link, please send a message and we can email it to you. It's the same as the one used last week.

[06/26/20]   Just a reminder we have Zoom class tonight! If you did not receive the link last week please let me know so I can resend it to you! The link is the same as last weeks, so please just use that one again.

No belts: 6-6:15
White/Orange/Yellow: 6:25-6:40
Green/Blue/Purple: 6:50-7:05
Purple Trim/Brown/Red: 7:15-7:30
Poomes: 7:40-8

[06/22/20]   Just a reminder about Zoom class tonight. It has been moved back to start at 6:30 pm. We have emailed the link out this morning with that change. Those that recieved it, that link will let you in to every Monday class.

Meet Miss Maryah!

Miss Maryah has been part of the Instructional Staff at Strongheart for 10 years and Head Instructor of Aberdeen for 5. She started her training under Master Naomi Even-Aberle and Miss Amanda Buck while attending Northern State University. She graduated NSU with a bachelor's degree in English. She has been Head Instructor of the NSU club and Ipswich Taekwondo, when it was open.

She is a 3rd-degree black belt in Taekwondo, a 3rd-degree black belt in Hapkido, and a 3rd gup in Kumdo. She had this to say about being a Head Instructor, "Our students amaze me each and every time I step into that Dojang. I can only plan so much in a day because they always surprise me, even after all this time. One day they could do 3000 jumping jacks for fun, and the next I'm getting history facts. It's like an adventure, and I honestly don't want it to stop". Outside the gym, Miss Maryah loves to read, write, play video games, and work on random projects. Hanging out with family and friends is also high on her fun things to do.

Follow us to learn more about how you can meet Miss Maryah in person, and so you can meet the rest of our amazing staff!
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#aberdeensd #hubcity

[06/16/20]   Dear Students and Parent/Guardians,

We have a few new rules and policies that we will be following during our reopen in order to comply with CDC guidelines as well as City guidelines. We will be opening the gym for Junior students from 5:30 to 6 pm on Mondays and Thursdays, and Adults on Tuesdays and Fridays at the same time frame. Kids will be reopened by July 6th. If the mall hours do not change by that date, the kids class will be from 4:45-5:15 pm. All students that are in the kids class must message, email, or text stating that you are interested in coming back to have a slot saved. We will allow only 10 students per class. If we have over that allotted 10 for the kids class, we will break down time slots further. The times are subject to change per the Mall’s rules.

Some of the new rules we will have are the following:

Students shall come to class dressed in uniform.

Changing rooms are off limits

All students will get temperature taken before class, and Instructors will temperature check one another.

Bathrooms are for emergency use only.

Yelling will be restricted to small noise. This is to limit the spread of water droplets from the mouth.

All students and Instructors are required to wear masks inside of the gym.

All students and Instructors are required to wear shoes inside of the gym.

No boots, cowboy boots, or sandals. Must be closed toed shoes. Slip ons, water shoes, barefoot style shoes, and tennis shoes are allowed.

Students shall sanitize hands before and after class.

Students will wait outside the gym and will be led in by a Black Belt when class is ready to begin.

Parents will be asked to wait outside of the gym waiting area.

Students will be asked if they are feeling well/ill at the beginning of each class. Any students that have a cough, fever, shortness of breath (outside of known asthma), or any symptoms of illness will be asked to sit out. A parent will be called to retrieve the student.

If you are sick, we please ask you stay home. We will be taking measures to make sure students that miss class still have the opportunity to train from home safely.

The Instructors will be posting a cleaning chart at the front of the gym to show when and what was cleaned. We are working on a new pricing guideline as well. The new pricing will become active on July 6th and will include:

Physical Class

This price will include Zoom classes as well.

Zoom only class

Private/Group class

With physical classes starting up once more, we will be pushing the Zoom classes back by a half hour. So on Mondays, classes will run from 6:30-7:15 pm, for all ages and all ranks. This will include a cardio/stretch/balance heavy warm up as we will not be doing cardio inside of the gym itself. After warm up, we will cover subject that all students and ranks can work on.

On Fridays, we will be breaking down classes by rank to work on subject for your rank. This one will NOT be pushed back by half an hour. The break down includes:

No belts- 6 pm
White/Orange/Yellow - 6:25 pm
Green/Blue/Purple - 6:50 pm
Purple trim/Brown/Red - 7:15 pm
Poome - 7:40 pm

Each class will be given 15 minutes of subject. A very small warm up will begin each class just to get students warmed up and ready.

[06/15/20]   Just a reminder, we have Zoom classes for all ages and ranks tonight! We want to see your smiling faces, and Mr. Kyle is leading this one. He has a good warm up planned for today!

Those that havent seen our other post yet, we are reopening this week! On Thursday we will hold our Juniors class from 5:30 to 6 pm. Friday will be adults at the same time frame. More information will come out tomorrow.

Greetings Students and Parents/Guardians,

We have great news to share! Strongheart Martial Arts will officially be reopening!

It will be a slow open though to give us and the students time to adjust to new policies and procedures. Starting on Thursday June 18th, we will begin in-person classes. However, they will be Juniors and Adults only.

Our Juniors class will meet at 5:30 pm on Mondays and Thursdays and our Adults class will meet Tuesdays and Fridays at the same time. This will mostly be due to the Aberdeen Mall hours being restricted, still. We are working on a schedule to get the Kids class in by July 6th.

We will be working on a new pricing system as we will be incorporating physical classes, Zoom, and special group/private lessons. Tuesday we will announce some of the new requirements and rules.

If any of you have questions please email, text, call, or PM me so I can answer them to the best of my abilities. We will be releasing more information this week to keep everyone informed.

Miss Maryah Wilson

Meet Mr. Shane!

Mr. Shane has been part of the Instructional Staff at Strongheart for 6 years. He started his training under Master Naomi Even-Aberle while attending Northern State University, by stumbling upon the NSU Taekwondo Club. Was it mere accident or was it fate? Since that day, he has been a welcome part of our Martial Arts Family. Currently, he is one of the Assistant Instructors for Strongheart Martial Arts-Aberdeen, assistant to Miss Ashley in Bowdle, SD, assistant to Miss Charlene in Ellendale, ND, and also assists at NSU Taekwondo Club. Mr. Shane has his own taekwondo school in Webster, SD.

He is a 2nd-degree black belt in our Taekwondo, a 2nd-degree black belt in Hapkido, and a 5th gup in Kumdo. He had this to say about being an Assistant Instructor, "It's always a great opportunity to work with students from different schools. I enjoy seeing the students improving each class and growing as individuals". Outside the gym, Mr. Shane helps on his family's farm. He loves to listen to music and he also enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Follow us to learn more about how you can meet Mr. Shane in person, and so you can meet the rest of our amazing staff!

Or you can just stop on into our Dojang, as we are going to be reopening next week Thursday! More news will come to follow on Sunday afternoon on new policies and procedures on our reopening.




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[06/12/20]   The individual Friday Zoom classes have begun!

No belts: 6-6:15 pm
White/Orange/Yellow: 6:25-6:40 pm
Green/Blue/Purple: 6:50-7:05 pm
Purple Trim/Brown/Red: 7:15-7:30 pm
Poomes: 7:45-8 pm

If you did not receive the Zoom code and password and wish to attend, please email or PM us so we can get you included. All future Zoom classes will be emailed to those that we have email addresses for.

[06/12/20]   Just a reminder that we have Zoom classes tonight! Those that weren't at the information meeting but wish to attend, please be aware that our Friday classes are broken up into groups to work on subject.

No belts: 6-6:15 pm
White/Orange/Yellow: 6:25-6:40 pm
Green/Blue/Purple: 6:50-7:05 pm
Purple Trim/Brown/Red: 7:15-7:30 pm
Poomes: 7:45-8 pm

If you did not receive the Zoom code and password and wish to attend, please email or PM us so we can get you included. All future Zoom classes will be emailed to those that we have email addresses for.

Meet Mr. Kyle!

Mr. Kyle has been part of the Instructional Staff at Strongheart for nearly 2 years and has recently taken over as the Social Media Coordinator for the gym. While he has only been part of the Instructional Staff for a short duration, he has been a part of our Dojang for 10 years, having started his journey in martial arts at the end of 2009 at the age of 10.

He is a 1st-degree black belt in our Taekwondo program, and trains in our Hapkido program. He had this to say about being an Assistant Instructor, "I love seeing the students grow personally and in their martial arts journey, it makes it all feel worth it". Outside the gym, Mr. Kyle does freelance photography and voice acting, and runs a radio show at USD.

Follow us to learn more about how you can meet Mr. Kyle in person, and so you can meet the rest of our amazing staff!
#martialarts #martialartstraining #martialartist #staffspotlight #strongheart #taekwondo #hapkido #aberdeensd #hubcity

Our Story

We teach Taekwondo and Hapkido in Aberdeen, SD. We are proud members of the Greenquist Academy Association and the US Chang Moo Kwan Union.

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