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Good job Aleckzandare Davis on earning your Orange belt.
Do you have Aikido or Kendo?
When I was a little guy I grew up an went to school with John's son, an I use to go with them threw the summers to all his dojos an trained with them daily, they were like my second family...the respect an confidence they taught me was amazing I would recommend anyone to start there if interested in martial arts, no mater your age or skill level's been many years since I walked threw the doors an bowed but now so many years later I'm getting ready to take my daughter there to join...I just hope Sensei John and his wife are still around an teaching, it would really be great to catch up on old times.
Congrats to Renshi Ray!!!
My son and I attended karate lessons from John Kraemer in the late 1980s when he taught at the Chamber of Commerce Building in South Bend WA. Even in the early years of Morning Star Karate, John had built up a reputation as one of the best instructors around the Pacific NW and at competitions his students would always prove they had the right stuff and received the most awards for their hard work. That was about 28 years ago, I was 34 and my son was 7, he is grown and I am nearly 63 . My son and I still talk about how we enjoyed taking lessons together Father and Son and thankful for the bonding time and good physical challenges we shared John if you read this , God Bless you for the decades of instruction and mentoring you have provided to our youth, young adults and families. and thank you for my wonderful memories Ron Black Sr. former officer Pacific Co Sheriff Dept.
Hello Morningstar! Sensei Pete here- I'll be in town this Saturday for at least one more guest teaching day before the busy summer of music starts for me. Be there!
Hello Morningstar! Sensei Pete here. Great class on Saturday! I know the black belts offered plenty of constructive criticism for many of you lower novice and lower advanced belts- especially on kata. Don't forget to practice at home now. To aid in this, here are a couple of insights as you train on your own: In the pics below, what stance happens even before the very first stance of Pinan Ichi (Japanese to English)? Also, for Jacob Jr., what is the translation of Passai Sho? I will take your answers next Saturday!
Hello Morningstar! Sensei Pete here. I'll be in class bright and early there!
not showing if my post about tomorrow got thru but i will be there
last minute choice i will be in class tomorrow i will have to let Hamshi know did not think i was going to make it but just happens i can
Hello Morningstar! Sensei Pete here. I'm planning on being down at class tomorrow bright and early....

Shin Pu Ren ~ Okinawa Hard Style ~ Self-Defense ~ Kumite ~ Tournaments & More. At Morningstar Karate we work on developing respect, focus, and self-discipline.

Cost: $45 per month - Children 7 & 8 $55 per month - 9 years and up

Operating as usual

Black Belt Magazine

Happy Birthday to martial arts legend Bill "Superfoot" Wallace!

Black Belt Magazine

#ChuckNorris and Bill #Superfoot Wallace sparring.

Who do you think won? 👀

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Kali Muscle

Oh the possibilities 😃💪

How Many Push-Ups Could YOU Do? 🚨

#pushup #workout #challenge

City of Destiny Classic

2021 looks good 😁👍🥋 The City of Destiny Classic is the Northwest's Premier Martial Arts Championships!

[10/15/20]   If you were looking for a sign to join karate or return to class. Here it is. Can't wait to workout tonight. 7pm


Good job Aleckzandare Davis on earning your Orange belt.

AAU Karate

Thank You to all Athletes who participated in the Second Virtual event - sorry for the delay, we had some ties so it took a little longer to finalize the winners! We are so proud of all of our members & all of the entries - keep training! Congratulations to all the winners! Please note gift cards for both rounds will be mailed out starting August 10th - any questions, email [email protected]! #WeAreAAUKarate #AAUKarateStrong #AAUKarateVirtual #AAUKarateKeepTraining

City of Destiny Classic

The Convention Center has canceled ALL September events!
New Date - November 7, 2020
So we are also planning a Virtual Event on September 19, 2020!
Register for November and your entry on September 19 is FREE!
All September 19th winners will receive ONE FREE SPECTATOR PASS!

[07/10/20]   If anyone is available to do a dump run please come to the dojo Sunday. We will have helpers to load up your truck. Thank you! You may PM Kendra Allison if you have any questions.

[06/30/20]   Hi Morningstar will be having a sidewalk sale July 11th and 12th to help Grandmaster John Kraemer get rid of some things he has accumulated over the years at the dojo. We would like to also raise funds for future tournaments, if u have anything you would like to donate please bring to class anytime before July 10th. Thank you so much!

Chip Wright's Champion Karate

[04/17/20]   Thursday class: 4/16/20
Lead your own cals 25 mins, 5 min stretching.

*10 count block x 10 times. Horse stance, start right cross forearm, left arm forearm, right middle, left middle, right upper, left upper, right lower, left lower, x, behind elbows and finish.* And kata practice. Please let me know once you have completed the class workout.

Thank you,
Shihan Kendra

AAU Karate

AAU Karate Hosting Virtual Kata (Online Challenge) Tournament
For More Info, Click Here -
#WeAreAAUKarate #AAUKarateStrong

[04/15/20]   Tuesday 4/14/2020 class

Cals- Warm up jog 3 mins, 25 push-ups, 10 squat kicks, 25 sit-ups wind sprints (at least the length of 1 city block) x 5, 25 baby crawls crunches, 10 burpee's.

Stretch- 5 minutes

Class- Kata's x3, Basic strikes x10 each arm
Back fist, front punch, lunge punch, hammer fist, palm heel, ridge hand, knife hand, 2 finger spear, 4 finger spear.

Please comment once you have completed class.
Thank you,
Kioshi Kendra

Image: Rabbit karate Royalty Free Vector Image - VectorStock

Happy Easter! Found on Google from

[04/11/20]   Saturday's class:
25 mins your own cals workout. Let me know what you did. C-steps x 5 front stance, C-steps x 5 back stance.

[04/09/20]   Thursday class credit: 25 jumping jacks, 25 sits up, 10 squat kicks each leg, 25 push ups, 50 crunches (middle) 25 each side, 10 lunges each leg, cardio: 10 mins. Specify what u did. Example: run, jump rope, ride bikes etc.
* Kata * # 1 through your highest kata x3 times.
Comment below when you have completed the class and I will mark you off.

Shihan Kendra 🏋🥋💪

City of Destiny Classic

Yesterday Governor Inslee announced the closure of all Washington schools through to the end of the school year. Plus, the stay-at-home order was extended until May 4th.

Sadly, we will be cancelling the Rainier Triple Crown Classic on May 16th. This tournament will be back in May 2021.

We will continue planning for the Tri-Cities Triple Crown Classic in Kennewick in July. In early June we will re-assess the situation and will make a decision then whether this tournament will happen.

Everyone stay at home (if you can) and stay safe.

Samery Moras

🔥14-Day Martial Arts At-Home Workout Challenge!🥋
I hope this helps keep you training during these hard times and helps spread some positivity!
Download a copy here:

City of Destiny Classic

Karate Haven Friendship Tournament - July 11, 2020

Kaizen Invitational Martial Arts League

Washington Isshinryu Society

May 2, Saturday, 2020
W.I.S. George Shin 94th Birthday Tournament
No sparring: Sparring will be deferred for this tournament. -- Join us for a celebration of Sensei Shin's 94th birthday, following Kata awards
KATA $15.00, WEAPON $10, PRECISION $5 (each person), SPECTATOR $3.00
Pre-pay entry fees (10% OFF), no later than April 25, 2020
Please direct all questions and pre-registrations to: 39304 200 Ave. S.E., Auburn, WA 98092
George Shin, W.I.S. PRESIDENT [email protected] OR
Kahori Fair [email protected], Chris Gates [email protected]

City of Destiny Classic

Rainier Martial Arts Friendship Tournament - Saturday, March 7, 2020!

Rainier Triple Crown Classic

I hope everyone had a great holiday season.

We are about to start tournament season. Watch for some new changes, i.e. 55+ age divisions.

The Tumwater Classic is a new Kaizen tournament and the first Kaizen tournament this season, it is on April 25, 2020.

Watch for their Early Bird Registration next month.

The Rainier Triple Crown is on May 16, 2020 in DuPont.

Early Bird for this tournament will open the 3rd week of March.

I will try and keep everyone up to date on registration dates and tournament dates.

Christmas party 2019! Thank you everyone for coming!

[12/10/19]   Christmas party Saturday, December 14th,2019.
Location: Dojo
Time: 11:00 am
Gift exchange $15 max
Sorry for the quick notice this year has flown by.
Regular class 10am breaking early at 11am.

Master Shin Karate Tournament was a great success!
Link- 1st kata, 2nd kumite
Andy- 1st kata, 3rd kumite
Luciano- 2nd kata, 3rd kumite
Kemper- 3rd kata, 1st kumite
Andy W- 1st kata

City of Destiny Classic

...and so it begins! Planning for 2020!

Morningstar let's get ready for this awesome tournament.

W.I.S. George Shin Karate Tournament
Washington Isshinryu Society
October 26, 2019 Saturday
KATA $15.00, WEAPON $10, SPARRING $15, PRECISION $5 (each person), SPECTATOR $3.00
Pre-pay entry fees (10% OFF), no later than October 19
Please direct all questions and pre-registrations to: 39304 200 Ave. S.E., Auburn, WA 98092
George Shin, W.I.S. PRESIDENT [email protected] OR
Kahori Fair [email protected]
Chris Gates [email protected]

Jacob- 1st kumite 2nd kata 3rd kyokushin
Link- 2nd kumite 4th flag sparring & Kata
Mel- 2nd kumite
Richard- 4th kumite & Kata
Ray- 4th kumite
Cadel- 3rd kumite 4th kata
Malachi- 2nd kata 4th kumit
Bryon- 2nd kata
Kendra- 3rd kumite

Tournament ready!! Tacoma Convention Center.

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Tuesday 19:00 - 20:30
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