Advanced Wellness School

Advanced Wellness School focuses on multiple aspects of fitness, nutrition and personal care to deliver education to the public. Advanced Wellness School focuses on fitness, nutrition and personal care classes within the realm of natural and scientifically sound principles.

We are a certified 200hrRYS Yoga school and offer advanced Yoga trainings. We also specialize in other multifacted teacher trainings such as Barre and Pilates. On the personal wellness side we train both the public and spas in techniques using natural and toxin free personal care. We continue to add classes and trainings both for wellness professionals and the general public.

Mission: Journey to your most Healthy, Confident and Nurtured Self

Operating as usual

We've just added one of our favorite things to the schedule!
Gong Baths are so amazing and yet subtle. A must experience!

#gongbath #hifromsd

Yes, it's a giant GONG!

If you love restorative classes with vibrational healing, gong baths are truly a very powerful experience. Classes have been added to Mindbody and are on the event page.

The name gong bath comes from being bathed in a variety of soothing and sacred sounds which use a variety of healing frequencies. (no water is involved)

We have two therapeutic special gong bath classes this month - one will be a private and intimate class with only 5 spots available. The second will be a more public restorative class.

Please message us with any questions you have! Event here:

#gongbath #gongdharmaYes

Let’s do just that. 💚

Congratulations to these three amazing teachers! Today we probably worked harder than most people did, lol. But these three dedicated souls are now fully trained to offer you bungee HIIT and sculpt featuring not only the latest in the fitness industry with the bungee apparatus, but the latest and best science when it comes to exercise physiology. These classes are only 35 minutes long, but their benefits are meant to be as effective as a longer class in a shorter amount of time If not more effective... Glycogen depletion... It's become a new goal in the fitness industry
Congratulations Taryn Rickman, Dayna Maher, and Ericka Doxsee, doing an HIIT class is challenging on its own but training to be a teacher... Make sure you take a nice hot bath tonight, lol

#4. You?

Katy Grote is one of our newest team members at Fit and Fire Studios.
She is always looking for a challenge and so she sought out to be a barre instructor! Come explore her classes and learn why she loves barre so much!!

Have you tried a barre class yet? Two classes going on this week at 5:15pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and both are going to be taught by Katy!!!
Barre is the latest in exercise physiology making it so that your workout is much more effective and efficient. People notice changes in their body within weeks instead of months. but the greatest thing about barre is that it is very low impact meaning that it is so easy on your joints That even people with knee and ankle problems can do the class without issues. And in fact the low inflammatory quality of the program is part of what makes it so that it is more effective.
Katy is a lot of fun, You will have so much fun in this class you will not even realize how much your body is working.

Oftentimes you’re going to hear our teachers say one consistent message...

If you show up, that is 90% of the work.

Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Aerial, whatever it is, when you show up - you’ve made it happen.

#ShowUP #brenebrown #brenebrownquotes

Karma yoga project complete by our own trainees! It always feels good to pay it forward for others!

#karmayoga #karmaproject #yogasutras

Karma Project in the infrared studio complete!

Our infrared studio is amazing and often overlooked but it has so much to offer! The yoga teacher trainees took it upon themselves to organize, clean and declutter this spacious prop room! 🔥It. Looks. Amazing! 🔥

Studio two is cooler than the hot studio, but still warm because of the heaters - we just set it at a different temp. The infrared lights offer so many health benefits; they help combat depression, fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenate your body and so much more!

Come explore the downstairs for aerial yoga, bungee fitness, private group classes and one on ones, as well as barre!

You deserve to be pampered.
#yogapractice #infraredlighttherapy #destress #healingenergy

Make It Happen Challenge starts November 1st.

GO All In!

You. Feel. It. ~~~Make It Happen Challenge.

"We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same." - Carlos Castenada

It's about Making It Count.
---One person will get half off - if you submit why you want to dig deep and make a change in yourself, so you can be of more value to those that care about you. Please share and tag a friend who would benefit from this program!

So here's a holiday challenge to uplift your spirits!

Here's our challenge to you!
5 Week Make It Happen:
☑️ Two in-person strengthening workouts a week.
☑️ REAL and whole food guides and nutrition coaching.
☑️ Food Journals and Workout Journals
☑️ Whole food coaching/accountability
☑️ Whole food recipes
☑️ One-on-One Nutrition Coaching
☑️ Private Group Connections. = No comparing, just support.

**We guarantee smiles, but we also guarantee that this is about really looking at being okay where you are today but digging deep for where you really want to be mentally, physically, nutritionally and emotionally. We will cry with you... that is guaranteed.

There are three different levels of commitment start November 1st:

1. Just Nutrition $180
2. All-In! Includes everything listed above. $250
3. All-in and Juices $250 + $35 for 5 Raw juices

Leah Wipf and Nicole Johnson lead this challenge together.

Nicole is a 500 RYT and Pilates trainer, and has been training teachers for over 3 years. Her passion is to help others - plain and simple - in as many supportive ways that she can. Ultimately she focuses on strength and (push-ups.) 😘 She plans on working through all of your fitness goals, one push-up at a time.

Leah graduated with a B.S. in Exercise Science. She is also a certified personal trainer and her passion lies in whole health coaching and nutrition. She herself has been working with popular coaches nationally, to really hone-in on how she plans on creating a whole life for others to enjoy. She is the ultimate motivator and she will be guiding your nutritional goals and uplifting you to avoid all of the food noise that you see everyday.

These two will not let you down - they will only pick you up where you meet them.

Class starts November 1st online. You'll meet us on Zoom safely.

Workouts are Sundays from 4:00-5:00pm and Wednesdays from 6:15-7:00pm.
*Workout times can change and other classes can be modified in a private/small group session.

Please email/call
Nicole: [email protected] *651-336-9684
Leah: leahwipfwelln[email protected] *605-281-1425
OR message us directly here!
#makeithappen #stressless #workoutchallenge #wholefoods #nutritiongoals


Here are two true statements.

📌There are more men that practice yoga in large cities than you could count.

📌Tonight we have several men signed up for class. Any teacher will tell you that having men in their class makes them happy.

We know that all bodies can practice yoga on a mat and take those lessons off the mat to use in their daily life. We want more men to find yoga to be challenging, inviting and a discipline that helps them learn more about what they can do!

And... Guess what? We have a man in #teachertraining with Advanced Wellness School! And we are PUMPED.

Come explore with us and learn why the practice of yoga has nothing to do with touching your toes.

#mendoyoga #yogaformen #yogaforbeginners

This girl has just begun her yoga journey and she's ready to teach a Northern State University class already!

Are you wanting to teach a class and expand your health and wellness journey? We have so many trainings available: from Aerial, Barre, Bungee Fitness, Mat Pilates and Yoga!

WTG Chelsea Harr - Do you!

#yogateachertraining #NSU #wolves #aberdeensd #hubcity #yogalife #pilatesmat #livelocal57401

We officially kick off the Aberdeen month of Magic

Harry Potter month of magic is officially kicked off! Multiple opportunities across Aberdeen to earn points to win an amazing grand prize this year as well as a prize for the highest point score in each house. Your first step is to get sorted, get your Marauders map. And the first opportunity to earn big points during an event is this Saturday at noon at cat yoga at fit and Fire studios. #aberdeenmagic2020

during the month of October multiple businesses across Aberdeen participate in the Aberdeen month of Magic. Businesses are magically transformed into themed businesses…

Look at all of these lovely teachers who have worked so hard to help others in their journey's on and off the mat!

#yogateachers #yogalife

When you check into class on the app, you're going to see these magical little icons next to your teacher's name. They are all so unique in spirit and class style, but genuinely we are all one big family.

Here are some amazing teachers ready to help you sweat, restore, rejuvenate and also challenge yourself. ❤️🧡💛

#yogateacers #fitandfire #hifromsd

This weekend we started our new 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. There are some
Fierce warriors that will be venturing out to guide you in your practice. We’re so proud of them for starting this journey.
#yogasd #yogalife #aberdeensd #hifromsd

Here are a few easy restorative poses that you can do at home.

We’d love to see you in class! Yoga training starts this Saturday for our fall/winter session! 🖤🖤🖤

6 Things You Can Do to Celebrate National Yoga Month

🖤 September is National Yoga Month 🖤
Treat Yo’self and try something new.

#yogaisforeverybody #yogamonth September is National Yoga Month! How are you going to celebrate? Here are 6 ideas for how you can celebrate all things yoga!

It’s so nice having our teachers who have graduated with our school to come back and share what they’ve learned along the way with the new teachers in training!

Cindy Hartung Suel and Anna Rostad were guests this weekend and they had so much to share!

Interested in teaching? Message us! 💙

#ytt #aberdeensdyoga

Oh another beautiful lady to add to our family. Come check her out this fall for an amazing Barre class. Also, watch for additional teachers to be added from our Barre and Pilates training. 🔥🔥

🔥Oh a fresh new face to lead you through barre classes this fall! 🔥

Watch for Wendy’s classes to start in September and make sure you reserve your spot!

We want you to be you. Every step of the way! Learning during this pandemic helps refocus your entrepreneurial mind into a great and positive experience!

Who is looking to explore more of their foundational yoga techniques and skills while digging deep into nutrition, acupressure points and so much more?

Connect with us for the fall and winter trainings!
#yogateachertraining #200ryt

The QL muscle is often overlooked but lateral side stretches are key for helping low back pain and stiffness.

As shown, the seated straddle side stretch is a great at home posture that you can do daily. Also, various supine twists are very helpful in targeting this tight muscle.

Besides working through the front side of the body, lateral stretches help compliment hip flexor stretches.

#qlmuscle #yogatips

The infrared studio is the perfect place for yoga teacher training. Here, Sydney leads our group in a fantastic slow hatha practice.


Some of our teachers in training had the joy of experiencing this amazing treatment last night with Amber Schaffer Hanson! Go treat yourself - you'll be happy you did!

AND she teaches you the benefits of magnesium and why your body needs this mineral.

Magnesium is a foundational mineral to our health. Come enjoy a magnesium foot soak while soaking in knowledge about the health benefits of magnesium! This uses pure magnesium chloride oil from the Zechstein sea. All supplies will be provided. Cost $10 per person. Seating is limited, so reserve your seat at

Our fall training is filling up for the 200 hour certificate. We are pumped and so is this friendly face!

Who knows this friendly face? ‼️
Miss Taylor does so much for our community! She is signed up and ready for the fall yoga teacher training course. AND...

🔥Last night we had the pleasure of graduating one of our own teachers, Jolene Malsam, into the 500 RYT world! 🔥

We’re grateful, proud and so excited that we continually have the pleasure of mentoring and training people to help themselves and others, through their journey of health and wellness.

If you want to join the 200 or inquire about the 300 hour training, please reach out to us soon!
#ytt #hifromsd

Allegro 2 Reformer with Legs

Teaser. Who loves Pilates reformer?
We do. Wait for it.... Allegro 2 Reformer with Legs

This fall and winter watch for a Pilates Mat online and in person training. If you’re already interested, give us a shout!

#hifromsd #pilatesmatwork #training

Are you interested in becoming a yoga teacher with everything that is happening in this world?

200 or 300 options available.

🖤Imagine leading your own class online or in-person.

🖤Cultivate a deeper asana practice for your self and one that can help you teach others.

🖤Explore more about your own health and wellness.

🖤Explore and identify your whole self.

Contact us to learn more.

Seven Ways That Yoga Is Good for Schools

One thing that could be helpful right about now is to teach kids how to do yoga in schools. Some of our kids are already learning new yoga styles in school, but here's a great read on why it's valuable. Teaching yoga at school might help students feel better and improve their grades, new research suggests.

We just love her style. All around - from fishing to flowing, Carleen is an amazing leader!

Catch her on the mat for the next two weeks in the hot studio and then see her again in the fall!

Ladies and Gents - you have two more weeks to experience Carleen on Tuesday nights before she comes back in the fall!
Sign up for an amazing sculpt yoga flow as this girl is one to inspire you!

PS. Who doesn't love a teacher that loves to go fishing! 😘

We always say, it doesn't matter how long it takes to accomplish your goals. What matters is how you get there. Margaret is officially a 200 Hour YTT! WTG!

She's a positive woman who uplifts everyone around her! Find her teaching style to be uplifting and vigorous, every Wednesday morning in the hot studio. We are so glad that she moved from LA to be with us - bringing her own style and her own zest with helpful tips on how to be the best version of yourself.

#ytt #200hourytt #aberdeensdyoga

Contest on the Fit and Fire Page

CONTEST!! To celebrate our birthday month we will be asking you questions once a week to see how much you know about our little studio ;) Guessing is TOTALLY allowed!!!

The PRIZE this week:
ONE Free 45 Minutes Salt Session
ONE Free Suja Immunity Wellness Shot
ONE Free Linea Dolcezza Moisturizing Facial Spray (perfect for after a salt session)

The Question:
How many people attended the very first Hot Yoga class July 11th 2013 at 6:30PM? Comment below

If more than one person guesses correctly their name will go into a drawing. Winner announce Tuesday July 21st

This. Girl. Is. Going. Places. 🧡❤️
If you didn’t make it to Margaret’s class today, do sign up for next week as she leads an amazing flow filled with gratitude and soft jazzy beats. She is one to follow.

She graduates in one week from her 200 hour training, but you’d think she had been teaching her whole life.

#ytt #gratitudeattitude

Fit and Fire Studios with Lean Body Barre and Hot Yoga

Can’t wait for all of the new teachers to start! We have some new Barre and Pilates teachers as well as some new yoga teachers who are ready to lead you all in your wellness goals. 💚

A big congratulations to Wendy Denman Brunes who became a certified Barre teacher today.
Have you been missing the barre classes?
Do friends from other cities talk about how awesome their barre classes are?
Stay tuned for some pop-up classes as we prepare to launch a barre fitness program. With Wendy adding some fun choreography along with some really butt-kicking barre moves.
You'll be learning more about barre classes over the next couple of weeks, but be prepared, because we will launch it in our infrared light therapy studio so you'll get all the extra benefits as well as a great, effective, and truly efficient workout.

New Version Of 'Operation' Just Has Players Use Essential Oils Instead Of Performing A Medical Procedure

This game was a huge hit back in the 80s. Now check out the neeest version! PAWTUCKET, RI—In a press release Friday, Hasbro announced a new version of classic board game Operation in which players use essential oils to treat serious medical conditions rather than taking the patient, Cavity Sam, into a hospital for expensive, invasive surgery.Much like t...

One Yoga, Pilates, Barre Teacher at a Time

Advanced Wellness School focuses on fitness, nutrition and personal care classes within the realm of natural and scientifically sound principles. We are a certified 200 Hour RYS Yoga school and now a 300 Hour Yoga Alliance School and we offer advanced Yoga training's, Barre, Pilates with Aerial Pilates and Aerial Training. On the personal wellness side we train both the public and students in techniques using natural and toxin free personal care. We continue to add classes and training's both for wellness professionals and the general public.

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