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[11/08/19]   Something I've learned from my own personal experience & the stoic philosify that seems to have similar roots as Eastern Philosify: If life seems in-reasonable & or the people around you seem in-reasonable, it's because they are. Let them be. You decide who you are and where your going. You decide how you feel. You decide weather to quit or keep going. If people want to be jerk, let them. You don't have to let them zap your joy. If they except your help, cool. If not cool. "Have a good day & hope you feel better & good by" OM.

Passage from the Tao Te Ching...

[03/12/19]   My Life has had more "physical/financial" turmoil all at once lately than I've had in a long time. The less I think about it the more I think about other things that would make it better. As soon as I thought about the good things, my attitude changed. As my attitude changed people were more inclined to want to help me. Some of the people I work with are surprised that I've been going through such "hard times" because I don't appear to be. It's because the so called "hard times" are only physical. Weather I'm doing well physically/financially or not, I choose my state of mind without attaching myself to the so called "problems" around me. Although the American way of life uses money to manipulate & oppress the majority to to do the work for someone else you may never meet, if we start by not letting it affect us then we can begin to steer our own lives in the direction we want to go. Helps to have good family & friends too.

n u a g e s - Dreams ❀


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Yoga For Everyone in space, WA

[11/30/18]   In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of... Confucius.

Freedom isn't some thing we find or try to make happen. Its what we have always done and always will do as fully conscious beings.

Mucho importante. Proverbs.

[12/08/17]   Why the "Ego" is destroying life itself:
So! I wonder, are we lying to ourselves about weather we are happy or sad? If we are "sad" because at some point we made the concious decision to put the label of being "sad" on ourselves but then we realized we were fine before deciding to put this label of being "sad" on ourselves & we decided to go back to the way we were before putting this "sad" label on ourselves then would we be "happy?" What if we were "happy" because we weren't trying to be "happy" then if we tell ourselves to be "happy" then would we be "happy" or were we "happy" before we decided to label ourselves as "sad" or "happy?" because we weren't trying to be "happy" or "sad" for that matter? What if we stop labeling ourselves as "happy" or "sad?" & just "be" Will we be truly "happy?" Because were not trying to be "happy" or "sad?" Last & most importnt question, do Trees grow because they are "happy?" Do Trees stop growing because they are "sad?" Do animals play with eachother because they tell themselves they are "happy" or in a "good mood?" Or do they just play?... Are we an over popuated society that is destroying the eco system because we are "sad?" Or "happy?" Are we living the way we live as a human race because we have convinced ourselves as individuals that we need to find something outside of ourselves to be "happy?" If we have to use force on someone else to be like us, is it because we are "happy?" Before we try to force someone else to be like us as individuals, should we learn to observe ourselves or look at ourselves in the mirror first? Are we just animals that get rid of other animals less superior than us before we stop to consider why we are superior as a life form as a whole or as Existance itself? As opposed to a human or group of humans who's life is supposedly more valuable than anothers based on having control over something we can't take with us when we dye? Is life itself "happy" or "sad" "good" or "bad?" Will the eco system recover after we have destryed it accidentally because one sect of the human race is better than the other? Will mother nature recover because one sect has a belief that they are supperior? "Happy people" "sad people" "good people" "bad people" "rich people" "poor people" "religous people" "not religious people" These are all labels and have nothing to do with "life" itself. Again! Trees dont grow because of a label they put on themselves or a label someone else puts on them. They just grow. They don't need to believe anything. If we as human beings grow without the expectations of eachother & what's physisically around us, would we destroy life tying to make it ours as the "superior people?" "Life is life" because no one particular "superior force" or "ego!" tries to control it... "Life is life" because it just is "life"

Love this Raja Yoga book...

[11/03/17]   4 Noble truths in Lamens terms:
#1- Life Sucks
#2- Life sucks because you want stuff
#3- If you don't want life to suck, stop
wanting stuff.
#4- The eightfold path is the way to
stop wanting stuff/end suffering.

TTC- Hatha Yoga

[10/31/17]   The search for a spiritual path is born out of suffering. Be yourself. Take the time to look within. This way your more than a salesman. Look within.

[10/27/17]   (Gen - X) - We are a grasping for straws generation. Good luck grabbing useful straws. Don't put any energy into the un-useful straws because we won't have the time & energy to focus on the useful straws. If you find useful straws & don't waste time with un-useful straws you won't have to grasp for straws anymore. OM.

[10/26/17]   I hope one day the people of this world will come to terms with the fact that weather you are black, white, hispanic, Asian, aboriginal, male or female, religious backround, type of up bringing, etc. that we as humans are a physical manifestation which means you cannot take this physical body with you when you dye so lets do ourselves a favor & not get too distracted with what we think we are so we don't forget who we really are... Existance... A collective conciesness... If we try and cause any kind of problem for other human beings we are causing problems for ourselves because we are one as in a part of everything. Peace...

[10/21/17]   How can we be a real Republic if we have a monoctical view of existence. ... Alan Watts.

[10/19/17]   The 4 Noble Truths:
1- Ordinary life brings suffering.
2- The Origin Of Suffering is Attachement.
3- The Cessation Of Suffering is Attainable.
4- There is an 8 fold path to the sensation of suffering.

[10/16/17]   Only you can change your own mind. People do what people do. People say what people say. No one has control over anyone else. The hardest part is learning to let go of Or stop thinking of other peoples problems but as soon as you stop thinking about other peoples problems your mind is free to start working on your own problems.

[10/12/17]   Isn't it interesting that when we try so hard to make something happen it never comes out exactly the way we want but the most beneficial situations come out of seemingly no where. Serendipity isn't some thing that happens some times its actually just the way the universe works. If we stop thinking of past & future we mite just happen upon an ideal situation we mite not have otherwise thought of on our own. Serendipity is the language of existence.

[10/07/17]   While practicing non attachment to anything not good for you remember that Failures are not stumbling blocks, but stepping stones to success. Why throw your energy away when you can use it for something else more useful & helpful to others.

Yoga For Everyone in space, WA

[09/14/17]   Creating sides... A right way and a wrong way. Devide & concur. Choose a side... No! No sides = no war.

[08/10/17]   The only freedom you will ever have in a world of set patterns is the time you spend in between going from one to another.

Free wisdom...

[08/05/17]   The mind is many the heart is one. The mind is like an impatient spoiled child who refuses to wait & wants everything now and as a result never has time to enjoy it, overwhelmed by all their desires at once. The heart already knows what's in store & waits until the time is right so it can be enjoyed after its acquired as well as able to enjoy what they already have because their not distracted by more than they know what to do with.

Yoga For Everyone in space, WA

Swami D next to the plane he & mate flew over the Berlin wall during the cold war.

[07/26/17]   ORIGINAL PURPOSE OF YOGA: Yoga emerged in India thousands of yrs ago as a means to transend suffering... The System of no system persay: like a rope composed of many different threads-some of which are present at any given moment, but none of which are always there-Yoga's history has been one of continual modifications and transformations. Make room for yourself & there for others. Make room for each other & therefore yourself.

[07/19/17]   Only an open mind can be completely clear.

[07/09/17]   For all the parents & teachers out there... It's better to preach moderation than abstinence.

[07/08/17]   Seems like there are people who care for others & don't care for themselves enough. Others care mostly for themselves and little to nothing for others. If you only care for yourself your lying to yourself that your care to yourself really counts. Really all you are is lonely. If you care to much for others & not yourself there again your lying to yourself that your care toward others really counts because if you don't care for yourself before you care for others, your a useless caregiver.

Why fear existence?

Don't forget who you were, are & always will be. Don't be so distracted by the material world you forget yourself.

why meditation is so crucial.

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