Grays Harbor Bowmen

Grays Harbor Bowmen Archery Club is located in Aberdeen, Washington along the beautiful Grays Harbor bay. Come and join the fun! We are a member-based club, open to members at any time. Open to visitors only during public events.

CPR/First Aid Training Certification- GHC Main Campus

This sounds like a good course!

[07/08/19]   We had a good turnout for the July meeting.

For updates - the new Broadhead Pit has been completed, filled with sand, and is ready for use. Shoot at Zombie Bear or bring your own BH suitable target to use in the pit. Remember this is the ONLY place on our range where use of broadheads is authorized.

Some of the Club members are working on Wednesday evenings, to keep their weekends free to attend other shoots. Steve Love and Jesse Q have got a good start on the covered shooting line. Main posts are up, and the main cross beams were added today. It should be ready for use before the fall rains start.

Instead of the usual "First Saturday" because of Independence Day weekend, we'll have a work party on Saturday 13 July at 9 AM.

Steve Love has done most of the mowing on top (Practice Range and between Clubhouse and the road). Camping area COULD use mowing, but it's mostly dandelions sprouting. The lower range (railroad grade area) is TALL, and needs to be weed-eaten. (Spell-check made me do that, didn't like "eated")

Linda did the weed-eating outside the gate. We should keep it this short and even wider if possible for visibility for vehicles pulling into the highway.

Next event is Club Meeting on Tuesday 6 August, and then the Open House on Saturday 24 August.

[06/27/19]   Grays Harbor Bowmen (and prospects).
Here's a reminder that our regular monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday 2 July, 6:30 PM in the Clubhouse.

Also, some of the members are tackling some big projects by working on Wednesday evenings. Some bales being replaced and bale houses rebuilt. MORE Awesome, work has commenced on the covered shooting line, and the furthest distance under cover will be 60 yards (at the current 50-yard bale).

Come out and help!

The long-awaited broadhead pit is almost ready for use. Backstop has been built high and wide, a sturdy box for the sand, and lots of sand to shoot into. Next we'll mark off some distances for those who want known, or bring your rangefinder. And bring a foam critter, block, or cardboard to shoot at.

[06/02/19]   Small group made good progress on our broadhead pit on Saturday.

Remember Tuesday 4 June is our monthly meeting - 6:30 p.m. at the range.

[05/27/19]   Hello members!

Next Saturday - 1 June - will be our regular "first Saturday" work party. Focus on this one will be working on the long planned broadhead pit. Please come at 9 a.m.

Also the NEXT Tuesday - 4 June - will be our regular monthly meeting. 6:30 p.m. at the clubhouse.

Thanks to all who helped setup and run the WSAA Safari Championship last weekend. We received lots of positive comments on the condition of the range and the targets, plus how smoothly it ran.

WSAA Safari Championship is history. Grays Harbor Bowman enjoyed putting the event on for you and welcome you to our range.

Here are some photos.

Here's the info about Ray Crisp's celebration.

[05/07/19]   We got a lot done during the work party on Saturday (and before, and since).

Remember, GHB Monthly Meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday 7 May, 6:30 PM at the Clubhouse.

This will be the last regular meeting before we host the WSAA State Safari Championship, so very important!

[05/04/19]   Remember our First Saturday work party is tomorrow. Starting at 9 a.m.
Who's going to be there?

GHB Members and Potential Members ...
Just a few reminders.

Our regular "First Saturday" work party will be this coming Saturday, 4 May, 9 AM at the range.
We'll have another work party this month on Saturday 11 May, to ensure the range and facilities are in top shape for the WSAA Safari Championship on 18-19 May. And of course we'll need people to put out the targets on 17 May and to help manage things during the weekend.

Lots of work has been accomplished in the past week, but we still have a bit to go, and some of that is major stuff that needs multiple people working together (changing out some of the bales that have gone soft).

We had service of two high school boys from Hoquiam who needed Community Service hours, so they did wonders on stacking the branches from the trees that were cut down last summer. Some piles ready to be burned when conditions are safe and someone will be available to mind the fire until it is all done and put out.

Our regular monthly meeting will be on Tuesday 7 May, 6:30 PM at the Clubhouse.

[04/07/19]   TC Parker, Dave Brandt and Linda Parker made a big dent in the pile of branches and logs left from last summer's tree-cutting.
Two piles are stacked ready to burn.
A stack of firewood size branches has been stacked in the woodshed, some still needs chain-saw cutting to smaller size so it can be added to the stack.
More work is needed until this is clean to mowable condition. So we need help. And the Clam Shoot in the coming weekend!

[04/03/19]   Our April meeting primarily addressed the upcoming Clam Shoot Safari (13-14 April) and the WSAA Safari Championship (18-19 May).

We'll have our usual "First Saturday" work party on Saturday 4/6, starting at 9 AM. some work to do on the trails, steps, handrails and bridges to get ready for the shoot. We'll put out the target faces on the bales starting at 4 PM on Friday 4/12. Please come help.

For the WSAA Safari, this will probably be higher attendance than usual (about 120-150 archers is average) and all archers shoot both days with shotgun start at 9 AM both days. Lots of help appreciated for the kitchen / snack stand, and for putting out fresh targets for Sunday (and moving some of the stakes).

Plans for the summer include installing a cover over the shooting line on the practice flat. MOST of the materials are being donated by Ken Young. We voted to approve a lifetime membership as thanks to him.

Another summer project will be (finally) building a broadhead pit for bowhunters to tune up and sight in before bow season.

The club voted to purchase Scott Melton's quad, so that will be available for use for club work. ALSO Steve Love is arranging for (possible) repair of the riding lawn mower.

Hope to see you at the work parties and at the Safari shoots!

[03/29/19]   Just a reminder ...
Grays Harbor Bowmen monthly meeting Tuesday 2 April. 6:30 PM at the clubhouse.
We'll be addressing range preparation for the Clam Shoot Safari (13-14 April).
Prospective new members, or anyone needing to renew or get their key, this would be a good time.

Photos from Grays Harbor Bowmen's post

Thanks to everyone who attended our 7th annual Zombie shoot safari. We had 120 shooters and perfect weather. We couldn't ask for better!

What a great turnout so far!
It's not too late to come out! Plenty of sunshine!

Who's ready to shoot some Zombie animals!!!!
Join us today and tomorrow for our 7th annual Zombie shoot safari.

[03/08/19]   GHB Members ...
We will have a work party on Saturday 9 March, starting at 9:00 am to get the range and clubhouse ready to host the Zombie Safari on 16-17 March.

And on Friday 15 March wil appreciate help to put up the paper Zombie target faces.

Anyone also who can work during the shoot weekend - everything from directing parking, taking registration, cooking lunch, posting scores.

And of course as many as want to shoot the event!

Thank you.

[03/03/19]   Grays Harbor Bowmen Members
Monthly Meeting Tuesday 3/5/19 at 6:30 PM

[02/26/19]   Grays Harbor Bowmen folks ...
I know some of you would like to help with the NASP Washington State Championship, but can't travel to the event because it is the same weekend as the Zombie shoot.
Here's a chance for you to help LOCALLY. Can anyone come to the Clubhouse on Friday 1 March and do some "assembly line" work to put labels on the scorecards, sort them and sort nametags and package them to be shipped to the three satellite sites?
If you can help, suggest a good time please.
Linda Parker [email protected] or 360-533-4698

[02/16/19]   Rainforest Safari
Scheduled 16-17 February

[02/07/19]   Dear members.
The work party Saturday. If the weather get to where it is not safe to travel,pease think of safety frist. Dont put yourself in danger. I'll post more tomorrow. Thanks

Welcome to Grays Harbor Bowmen

Grays Harbor Bowmen had our monthly meeting on Tuesday 5 February. We had a good turnout - 15 I think.

All annual memberships expired 1 January 2019. Locks to the gate and clubhouse have been changed. Renewal notices were sent to annual members. If you didn't receive yours or can't find it, there is an application on the Grays Harbor Bowmen website so you can renew online or print and mail the form. OR you can call TC Parker and we'll meet you at the range to accept your dues and give you a new key.

Our next event is the Rainforest Safari on weekend of 16-17 February. We'll have a work party on Friday 15 February to put out the targets. This event will be part paper Safari targets and part Marked 3D. Your help to clean and prepare the range and clubhouse, set the targets, or help with registration and scorekeeping and concessions will be very welcome!

Multi-Color league is over - the only ones who shot all six rounds were Steve and Teresa. Blueface League runs during February and March. There is a $10 fee for the six-round series which covers the lights, target faces, and trophies for the winners. The sign-up sheet is on the counter in the clubhouse. A group plans to shoot on Mondays at 6:30 PM. join with them, or form your own group. We'll try to ensure target faces and scorecards are always available. IF you also plan to participate in the WSAA Blueface Mail-In, that is a separate registration fee and it is YOUR responsibility to send it to the WSAA Mail-In Recorder (John Moore).

We had a couple big goals at the beginning of 2018, and we're proud to say both were met. We have acquired enough Rinehart 3D targets so our 3D events are entirely on the new targets, with 12-ring scoring. And we remodeled the kitchen and clubhouse to be bright and fresh. PLUS an un-planned project, the backstop behind the practice butts was replaced / rebuilt completely after storm damage.

So, we discussed our goals for the coming year, and most concurred our first priorities are to continue sprucing up the facilities by cleaning out unneeded STUFF from the range room and clean and organize the storage room. Depending on how well that goes, we'll work on further improvements to the indoor range.

Hope to see you at our events and meetings! Grays Harbor Bowmen is a members only archery range located between Aberdeen and Wesport Washington. Our club shoots include Bucks & Bulls 3D, The Zombie shoot safari, The Clam Shoot safari, The Rainforest Safari and Hunter Dreams 3D.

[02/03/19]   Hello GHB Members (and potential members).

Reminder our regular monthly meeting will be on Tuesday, 5 February, at 6:30 PM in the Clubhouse.

We'll be planning for the Rainforest Safari coming up on the weekend of 16-17 February. You can count on those plans including posting the targets on Friday 2/15.

SOMEBODY noticed the wooden step down from the clubhouse into the range room was getting rotten and replaced it with a cement platform. THANKS!

Thank you all who came to our Bucks and Bulls shoot this weekend. We had a great turnout.

That damn bat. One of my favorite

Welcome to Grays Harbor Bowmen

RE: GHB Membership Dues for 2019 can be paid online. Grays Harbor Bowmen has five shoots scheduled for 2019 with one of these a state safari in May. You are able to see our upcoming shoots online as well as renew your membership online. Our website is Please check it out.
New keys for our gate and clubhouse will be needed after our awards banquet held January 12, 2019 so come to the banquet to renew and get your new key. If you do are not able to renew at the meeting, you are able to renew online or you can send a check and renewal application (or paper containing your name, address, phone, email address and spouse and children that want to shoot) to: Grays Harbor Bowmen, C/O Cheryl Peterson 320 Broadway Ave, Hoquiam WA 98550 A new key will then be mailed to you with an additional charge of $3.00 if the key is not picked up in person.
I am excited for 2019 and all of the special times shared with our archery family.
Hope to see you all soon!!! Thank you.
Grays Harbor Bowmen
Cheryl Peterson, Secretary Grays Harbor Bowmen is a members only archery range located between Aberdeen and Wesport Washington. Our club shoots include Bucks & Bulls 3D, The Zombie shoot safari, The Clam Shoot safari, The Rainforest Safari and Hunter Dreams 3D.

[01/03/19]   We had our regular monthly meeting on 1 January, with new officers running the show!
Maybe some didn't get the word or had holiday plans, because turnout was light.

The work party on 29 December accomplished a lot! The backstop frame was put up that day, and belting was added for the backstop material on Monday.

There is still quite a bit to be done, picking up down branches and raking the trails (concentrate on steps and slopes). We'll have another work party on 12 January starting at 9:00 AM.

Reminder we will have our annual awards party at the range on 12 January, at 6 PM. Bring something to share. The usual theme is "something you caught or shot" and I could add "something you grew or gathered".

LOCKS will be CHANGED on Saturday 12 January. You can pay your dues and pick up new keys on that day, either during the work party or at the PARTY.

Reminder of the Bucks and Bulls 3D on 19-20 January. We're seeing strong response to the post on Facebook so may get a big turnout. We'll need helpers on Friday 18 January to put out the targets (planning to start at 9 AM) and also on Saturday after shooters finish to pull the extra targets (and maybe move some stakes) and on Sunday about 1 PM to pull in the rest of the targets.

Hope to see you at one of these events!

[12/30/18]   Grays Harbor Bowmen has reached 700 Page Likes! THANK YOU everyone who has LIKED us!
Happy 2019!

[12/30/18]   Grays Harbor Bowmen monthly meeting is first Tuesday of each month. SO 1 January 2019, at 6:30 PM at the Clubhouse.
New Officers will be in effect!
We'll be discussing work to be done before the Bucks and Bulls 3D which is scheduled for 19-20 January 2019.

[12/21/18]   Saturday 29 December we have to have a work party. Steve Love checked out the range down below today - it needs a lot of work, did not go into the woods. Might be two Saturdays or even three. Thanks

We have the Bucks and Bulls 3D coming up on 19-20 January 2019, and the range has to be ready for our visitors and our members to enjoy!

[12/18/18]   Wow folks, we've got some work to do around the range!
In addition to the backstop of the practice butts being down, now the 30 yard practice butt is tipped over (bale AND bale house). That job will take about four guys working together to get it back up. AND hopefully at the correct distance from the 30 yard stake!
I haven't gone on the lower range, but several small branches down and already taken care of in the first 5 targets.

[11/29/18]   Just a reminder, our regular monthly Club meeting will be on Tuesday, 4 December at 6:30 PM in our Clubhouse.

On the Agenda - Election of Officers for 2019.

[11/29/18]   Hi folks!

Here's a suggestion for a relatively quick and much-needed work project.

There is a tree just outside the gate that is learning lower and lower. Some one (actually better two-four people for safety) should cut it down before it falls down (and would be worse to be trapped in the range than to be blocked out).


[11/08/18]   Grays Harbor Bowmen had our regular monthly meeting Tuesday evening (it is always the first Tuesday of the month).
Here are some highlights:

The new bales have been installed on the indoor range. Thanks to the people who helped take down the old bales and put up the new ones. Some of our newer members got involved in this project!

Some more of the wood from the trees which had been behind the practice backstop was hauled up, split and stacked during the work party Saturday (we usually have a work party on the first Saturday of the month).

WSAA Convention was a good time and some "success" for Grays Harbor Bowmen.

In the new year (2019) we'll have some strong representation on the WSAA Board. Scott Melton was elected as Tournament Vice President, Linda Parker will continue as Trustee at Large, TC Parker continues as Washington State NFAA Director, and Steve Love will take over as District 1 Trustee.

Our event schedule for 2019 will be as follows:
19-20 JAN - Bucks and Bulls 3D
16-17 FEB - Rainforest Safari (Safari and Marked 3D)
16-17 MAR - Zombie Shoot Safari
13-14 APR - Clam Shoot Safari
18-19 MAY - WSAA Safari Championship
24 AUG - National Shooting Sports Open House

We'll start our Indoor Multi-Color League in December. If you are also shooting the WSAA Multi-Color Mail-In, send in your registration (address is on the registration form). MUST register no later than 15 December, can shoot scores after 1 December. Blank scorecards are on a clipboard in the clubhouse.

Our annual Awards Party (potluck dinner at the clubhouse) will be on Saturday 12 January. Awards will be presented for the 2018 MC and BF leagues, and the GHB Hunting Awards. Make sure any 2018 bowhunting success is reported to the GHB Secretary (you can email to [email protected]). If you are in contention for Bowhunter of the Year (usually if you got more than one big game, or one big and multiple small game animals) fill out the application form.

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