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Is the range open for use? I’m going to pay my yearly dues just wanted to check on the ranges status at the moment.
As is normal, there was to be a scheduled work party on April 4, 2020 at 9am-12pm. Due to the social distancing/stay-at-home order, there will not be an organized work party. However, if you would like to get out in the fresh air you are welcome to come to the range to work. Please still maintain your social distance from others in an effort to abide by the current social distancing order. Please bring any tools you think you might need. There is always weed-eating and trail clearing to do, plus the grass will soon be growing like crazy! If you do decided to work on the course, please place the "Range Closed" sign at the beginning of the course to prevent shooters while working. The order also affects our regular Club Meeting on Tuesday, April 7, 2020. It is cancelled. Our next scheduled meeting will take place on May 5, 2020 at 6:30 pm. We look forward to the orders being lifted so we can see you at the Clam Shoot on May 16-17, 2020.
Like other clubs we continue to monitor the status of the covid-19 virus. That being said, we are hopeful and still moving toward having our Clam Shoot May 16-17, 2020. Available for raffle this year will be a handmade quilt assembled by Colleen Hull and Long-arm quilted by Susan Raush of Quilt Harbor in Aberdeen, Wa. Raffle tickets will be $5 each. Tickets will be available at registration. The drawing will take place at the award ceremony. You do not have to be present to win. Again we are hopeful and looking forward to seeing you all!
Reminder, there is a Club Meeting tomorrow night, Tuesday, March 3, 2020 at 6:30 pm. It will be followed by a work party on Saturday, March 7, 2020 at 9 am.
Such an amazing fun time. Thanks for making us feel so welcome!
Thankyou grays harbor for putting on a great shoot
Hey, I just paid my new membership dues online, wondering if anyone is going to be at the range tomorrow that I could pick up keys from. If someone will be there I’d like to shoot tomorrow. I know it’s last minute so understandable if it doesn’t work out. Thanks, Let me know! -Chris
Confirming that tomorrow, October 1 will be the club meeting at 6:30pm? Thank you
For Christmas we got my daughter an cheapo generic kids bow. She has shown enough interest and respect for it to possibly move up to a higher quality bow does anyone have one their child has outgrown or can lead us in the proper direction in purchasing one?
Will we have a work party on the first Saturday of February - 2 February? I can announce it to the Group if someone will confirm it is ON.
It's been a long 3D season for Angela n I, peaking with both winning a National championship earlier this month🥇! Thinking back, we think of our experience at your club that was a turning point in our strategies of looking at courses! We'd like to thank y'all on the hospitality as well as a great course! Looking forward to our trip down there next season. Finally using the mugs!🇨🇦
It's been a long 3D season for Angela n I, peaking with both winning a National championship earlier this month🥇! Thinking back, we think of our experience at your club that was a turning point in our strategies of looking at courses! We'd like to thank y'all on the hospitality as well as a great course! Looking forward to our trip down there next season. Finally using the mugs!🇨🇦

Grays Harbor Bowmen Archery Club is located in Aberdeen, Washington along the beautiful Grays Harbor bay. Come and join the fun! We are a member-based club, open to members at any time. Open to visitors only during public events.

To highlight the info for any who might not have heard ...

The Grays Harbor Bowman Clam Shoot which had been scheduled for 16-17 May has been cancelled.

[04/30/20]   Governor Inslee announced that the stay at home order has been extended. Due to this extension we will be unable to have our regularly scheduled meeting and shoot.

Therefore, our Meeting May 5, 2020 and Clam Shoot May 16-17, 2020 are now officially cancelled. At this time there are no plans to reschedule either the Zombie Shoot or the Clam Shoot. We will look forward to holding these events next year.

May 5, 2020 brings a small lift to the stay at home order with use of some state parks, hunting, fishing and golf courses. However, the request is that we still abide by social distancing and not travel very far from our homes. This allows us to get out of our homes a little bit and hit the trails in our local area.

Although we aren't able to have any organized events or work parties, the outdoor course and practice range will remain open. Please limit your use of the club house and indoor range. Again, we request that you continue to maintain social distance from others while you try to take in the sport of archery, getting exercise and fresh air.

Although our plans have changed yet again, we will continue to try to make the best of the situation. The Washington State Archery Association web-site still has other shoots scheduled for later in the season that will hopefully still take place. They also have a page that may be more up to date as far as their calendar goes. So stay tuned there for updates on all those shoots.

To make sure we all see this at least once!

Like other clubs we continue to monitor the status of the covid-19 virus. That being said, we are hopeful and still moving toward having our Clam Shoot May 16-17, 2020.

Available for raffle this year will be a handmade quilt assembled by Colleen Hull and Long-arm quilted by Susan Raush of Quilt Harbor in Aberdeen, Wa. Raffle tickets will be $5 each. Tickets will be available at registration. The drawing will take place at the award ceremony. You do not have to be present to win.

Again we are hopeful and looking forward to seeing you all!

Due to the new regulations put in place by the state to lessen the chance of spreading the Covid-19 virus, we feel the best thing to do for everyone is to cancel the Zombie shoot safari this weekend. We are hoping to postpone it to a later date, to be determined.

Awards for the Zombie Safari!

Had fun creating these custom awards. They look even more awesome in the sunlight!

[03/04/20]   Grays Harbor Bowmen had our monthly meeting at the clubhouse on Tuesday 3 March 2020.

Like to remind all of a work party scheduled for Saturday 7 March at 9 AM until about noon.

We'll be working on the range and trails to help get ready for the Zombie Shoot which is coming up on 21-22 March.

Hope to see you there!

[03/04/20]   Coming up, March 28, 2020, the Grays Harbor County 4H Club will be hosting a 4H Event. They will be utilizing the club house, outdoor practice range and approximately 13 targets of the trail system.

This event will take place:
March 28, 2020 - 9 am - 2 pm, plus setup and tear down.

Please plan your shooting time around this event.

Thank you,
Colleen Hull

GHB People.

I know some of you want to support the NASP Washington State Championship but can't travel or give entire day.

I will appreciate help with putting labels on scorecards, sorting name tags, and assembling the coach packages.

Teresa helped me with this last year. We've got about 150 more archers this year than last year!

At GHB range Saturday 1 February 10:00 AM would work for me if I can get some helpers. Should be about 2-3 hours.

Email [email protected] or pm Linda Parker.

Washington State Archery Association

I talked with our friend Rick from Traditional Bowhunters of Washington. They found out today that most of thier 3D targets have been stolen some time this month. The container was broken into and only the new targets were taken. They have a good inventory of the targets but this is a big blow before the Rock shoot. The theft took place in Grant county. More details will be forth coming soon such as a list of what is missing and case #

Here is how you can help
1 Share this post
2 Look for targets for sale. Screen shot the ads and go visit the seller. Craigslist, and FB market place are the first places to check

by GraysHarborBowmen

We have some GHB logo items for sale. Made to order. Find them here:

Thanks for all who braved the weather! We had a great turnout!

Good Morning! It's a great for Archery!

[02/05/20]   We have scheduled a couple additional work parties in preparation for the upcoming Rainforest Safari Shoot (15 and 16 February 2020).
- Saturday, 8 February 2020, 9 am - 12 pm Work party to clear trails and improve walkways.
- Thursday, 13 February 2020, 6 pm, target assembly. We will be affixing the targets to the cardboard backings.
- Friday, 14 February 2020, 3 pm, placing targets for shoot.
- Saturday and Sunday, 15-16 February 2020, Rainforest Safari Shoot Registration begins at 8 am
- Sunday, February 16, 2020, retrieval of 3D Targets, about 2 pm.

We look forward to seeing you.

[02/03/20]   GHB Members (and prospects) ...
Monthly Meeting
Tuesday 4 February.
6:30 PM at the Clubhouse.

Thanks to everyone who attended our Bucks and Bulls 3D. Although it was soggy, we loved the great turnout.

[01/08/20]   It's time to renew if you have not already!

We will be changing the keys/locks over for 2020 this weekend (Saturday the 11th of January) So if you do not yet have a new key and you have paid for this year, you can pick up a key on up on Saturday between 5pm and 8pm at the Banquet. If you have not renewed, please go to the website and either send in your payment with the form or use our quick online payment system.

GHB Annual Potluck and Awards Saturday, January 11th at 5:30 pm

Bring a dish! If you caught it, shot it, pick it or grew it, bring it ready to serve. Otherwise, bring anything! Dinner will start around 5:30 to 6:00 pm so get here early so you don't miss out!

After dinner we will present out awards for the past years events and contests.

[01/05/20]   Hate to be bearer of bad news ...

30-Yard Bale on Practice Flat is DOWN again!

[12/22/19]   Heads up to the members ...
We visited the range this morning and found the 30 yard bale on the practice flat is leaning backwards, and the 40 yard bale is laying flat on its back (bale house tipped over.

Maybe the legs needed to be set deeper into the ground.

If it stays nice like supposed to I'll try to walk the range Monday or Tuesday and see if there are trees down.

[12/14/19]   Here's a reminder that all membership dues expire on 31 December. Our annual membership is $100, which is a family membership covering up to two adults and any children under 18 in the household. A membership gives you a key to the gate and range so you can use the facilities on your own schedule.

We will be changing the locks and issuing new keys on the date of the work party - see below. Please bring your old key to turn in for recycling.

Our next monthly meeting will be Tuesday 7 January 2020, at the Clubhouse at 6:30 PM.

We will have a work party on Saturday 11 January starting at 9 AM and usually runs 2-3 hours. We'll also have a potluck "real party" that evening in the Clubhouse.

WSAA Multi-Color Mail-In starts 1 December.

Who in GHB is going to shoot the Mail-In, and who wants to shoot just the Club league?

Registration deadline for WSAA is 15 December. Each archer is responsible for submitting their own WSAA registration.

I'll bring a sign-up sheet to the next Club Meeting for those who want to shoot Club league.

What day / time will archers be shooting their scores? We used to do it on Tuesday evenings but recent years have chosen some other slots. It's more fun (and more realistic / fair) to shoot with a group.

[11/22/19]   Grays Harbor Bowmen's next meeting will be on Tuesday 3 December, in the Clubhouse at 6:30 PM>

On the Agenda is election of officers for 2020, plus review of some proposed amendments to our Constitution and By-Laws.

We will have a work party on Saturday 7 December.

Do you still need hours for dues reduction credit? You could split firewood, split cedar for kindling, bring in some of the wood from outside.

OR we have some backstop netting piled on top of the riding lawnmower. This was donated several years ago by Boeing Archers. I'd like to see backstops on all of the top five targets, like we already have on #1 and #5. Sure, that net won't stop a carbon arrow at 300 FPS, but those guys don't miss much anyway right? I'm interested in helping out the beginners and kids.

[11/07/19]   Grays Harbor Bowmen had our regular monthly meeting on Tuesday.

One of the items of business was several suggested amendments to our Constitution and By-Laws. Mostly house-keeping issues to clarify items or correct inconsistencies.

Those items will be presented again for second reading at the December meeting, so please plan to attend. Then we'll vote to approve the changes at the January meeting. (edited to show vote in January instead of December).

Also on Agenda for the December meeting is the election of officers for 2020. The slate has one nominee for each position, but there will be a run-off for the Trustees as we have several volunteers and need to elect three of them.

The next work party will be on Saturday 7 December.

Do you have your needed work hours in to get the reduced dues next year? If you can be at the work party, great. Otherwise, some things that can be done:

Split some of the cedar wood (stacked near the 20-yard line in the range) small for kindling

Split some of the firewood stacked inside the range into smaller pieces that will fit into the wood stove

And maybe the Range Captain has additional suggestions.

[10/28/19]   Grays Harbor Bowmen Members ...

Our monthly meeting is coming up on Tuesday 5 Nov!

[10/22/19]   Anyone going to the range in the next few days - be aware a fairly large tree came down onto the highway from the bank beside the road. The highway department pushed it clear of the roadway, but there is still some debris on the shoulder, where most of us use it as a right-turn-lane.

High winds and rain may have brought down trees on the range, haven't walked the course.

The target faces on the practice butts are rather soggy so I put some fresh ones on the counter - if anyone is shooting the practice flat you can put them up.

Grays Harbor Bowmen have some lightly used Pacific Bow Butts bales we'd like to sell. These are the approximately 2' x 4' straw bales. Some have burlap cover, some have white poly cover.

Asking $50 for one, $80 for two. You pick up at our range. Photos below show two of each kind. we have about 6-8 of each. First come first served your choice.

Message us to arrange day / time.

PS also have a pallet of LARGE cardboard FREE. It is a little thin for outdoor targets, but you can cut down for about 6 indoor targets per sheet.

[10/02/19]   We had our regular GHB club meeting Tuesday 1 October.

One of the main topics was our search for Equipment and Property insurance - it hasn't been easy as we haven't found a company yet willing to cover our facility.

We nominated officers for the coming year (2020). The slate of nominations will be reviewed at the November meeting, and elections are at the December meeting. If you are interested in serving the Club, please let us know.

There will be a work party this Saturday (5 October) starting at 9 AM. We'll try to buzz through the trails, as vegetation slows growing this will probably be the last time it is needed this year.

Steve has finished re-setting the practice range with new bale houses and butts at 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 yards to be shot from under cover of the new roof.

We have some old lightly used Pacific Bow Butts bales (the approximately 2' x 4' size). We'll sell them for $50 each or two for $80. You pick up at the range. First come first served. Some are covered with burlap, some with white poly fabric. Message us if interested.

Our Open House on Saturday 24 August was a bit of a bust. We only had two youngsters for the beginner range.

On a positive note, we had a bunch of workers and a lot of tasks got done in the clubhouse and indoor range.

Remember we have no meeting in September - wishing the hunters good luck and happy, safe experience.

[08/19/19]   Open House this Saturday 8/24

Remember we have the National Shooting Sports Month Open House scheduled for Saturday 8/24.

TC and Linda have started working to prepare the facilities for the event. We have weed-eated around the targets on the practice flat, around the clubhouse entrance, and the driveway / highway apron. Also working on the long grass and encroaching blackberries on targets 2-3. Will be nice if someone can mow the beginner area before Friday, and maybe the practice flat too, although it isn't long, remember more than usual archers will be missing the bales and looking for arrows.

Several of you have offered to help, so THANKS. I'll setup the range and put out fresh target faces on Friday, and we'll need some final touches on Saturday morning. Open House hours are 10 AM to 3 PM, so helpers please arrive by 9 AM on Saturday. No telling how busy we'll be, so bring your bow if you want, or a book or game in case there is idle time.

On the Open House date, we'll have the special beginner range setup on the area between the clubhouse and the road, so sorry no broadheads until after 3 PM that day.

We'll also use the practice flat and targets 1-5 of the walk-thru range, so please give the visitors priority on that part of the course. If you are not among the helpers, you CAN use the indoor range or the lower part of the walk-thru. Please do NOT use the shortcut road from target 24 which rises into the practice flat!

[08/19/19]   GRAYS HARBOR: Improvements and Plans
We at Grays Harbor Bowmen are always working to maintain our facilities and to make additions / improvements.
Two projects have come to fruition recently. One is a LONG AWAITED broadhead pit, which has been under discussion and planning for several years. We built a tall and wide plywood backstop and in front placed a three-sided enclosure made of telephone poles stacked log-cabin style. The pit was filled with fine sand and is ready for use by hunters sighting in their broadheads for the current seasons. There is a Zombie Bear for your shooting pleasure, or bring your own suitable target.
The second project is a covered shooting line. The structure has been erected with a clear corrugated plastic roof so it is light and airy. Still need to move the bales to adjust to accurate yardage and to remove the old bow rack and partial fence, then we’ll be able to shoot 20 yards to 60 yards under cover this winter.
GHB club meeting in August had a couple big topics. One was a break-in / theft at the range. Someone removed part of the metal siding to enter the indoor range, and made off with a quad which belongs to one of our members and was on loan to the club for some range work. As typical, we reviewed club policy and insurance coverage after the fact and found we’ve got liability coverage only - so reimbursement to the member will come from our bank account and from some future income! Other clubs might be advised to check their insurance also.
The other big topic at the meeting was deciding the shoots we will conduct in 2020, and selecting our preferred dates. Here’s what that will look like: Bucks and Bulls 3D in January, Rainforest Safari in February, Zombie Safari in March, Clam Shoot in MAY, and the Grizzly Shoot 3D in June.
Hope to see you at one or several of our events!

Calendar Forms /Policies and Convention - Google Drive

Hi GHB members

Something to look at before Tuesday's meeting!

Linda Parker
GHB reporter

Reminder our regular monthly meeting (First Tuesday of each month) is coming up on Tuesday 6 August at 6:30 PM in the clubhouse. Planned Calendar shoots for next year will be a main topic.

Also, reminder that GHB will host an Open House in recognition of National Shooting Sports month. Date is 24 August, 10 AM to 3 PM. We'll be setting up the special beginner range and also using the practice range and the top five targets on the walk-through. Help will be appreciated. No idea how many participants we'll attract. If few, you can use the time for your own practice, or read or pick berries. If busy, you can escort groups around the five targets or supervise the "effective range" determination on the practice range.

I'll attach the flyer.

CPR/First Aid Training Certification- GHC Main Campus

This sounds like a good course!

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