The Briscoe Building

The Briscoe Building



It’s spring of 2018. I have been a transfer student at NSU for one semester and was completely alone. I didn’t know anyone in the town and couldn’t seem to make friends at school. I make sure to be the first person to arrive to Botany class so I wasn’t the one that had to decide to sit next to a stranger who might be trying to save that seat for their friend. I’m sitting there alone getting out my supplies when I hear a kind voice say “hello” and I look up and its this stylish skater looking guy who definitely doesn't look like he grew up in Aberdeen, SD. Being caught off guard (because who says hello to strangers? No one in my experience) I make sure he’s actually talking to me and I reply “hey”. That begins our journey of adventure and romance.

Botany is intense and professor Oak says the only way we can pass this class is to find the golden (A)vocado. I look to my handsome lab partner and our mission begins. We hop on Corolla, white stallion by day, pizza delivery contraption by night. Fast forward through treacherous travels involving speeding, running, no sleep, and many bathroom breaks, we arrive in South East Asia. The only word we know? “Sawadee ka”- “hello”- just like the first word he spoke to me. Our mission to the golden avocado continues through jungles, ruins, and creatures. In the jungle we have to conquer the heat demons. In the ruins we narrowly escape the tangled fingers of tree people and the guardians don’t let us pass without eating spiders. As we get closer to the golden avocado, we have to use our minds to turn a pebble into an adorable kitten in order to pass through the sacred gates of Sofi. After days of walking and still fighting the heat demons from taking the last of our energy, we find the golden avocado. It’s disguised as a coral... and we have to defeat a ferocious punkfish.

We win! We got the golden avocado! We travel back to professor Oak and our journey to find the golden avocado is done… but the journey of my lab partner and I isn’t. Just like the plants we’ve been studying in botany, our love grows for each other and we realize that together, we create our own golden avocado.

I hope you enjoyed this weirdness! 😂
Valentine's Day Origin Story:
This isn't an Origin story but it is one of love.

I see this lovely old man every week. Before making the long drive to and from Redfield everyday to see his wife who is in a home. Wednesdays he comes in purchases a pastry for him and his wife and a cup of coffee.
This week we introduce ourselves finally and he shares with me that he has "contemplated killing himself". "I want her home", he says to me. "I can take care of her". "Everytime I walk into her room she burts into tears".

What do you say to a stranger you see weekly who loves his wife so much it hurts so bad that they can't be together that he wants to take his own life? The only thing I could think of was," she needs you" and "I would miss seeing him here every week". He leaves asking me my name and I asking his. I go she'd some tears and wonder where and who I can share this with. To be loved so much by somebody like that and to love somebody so much you can barely exist without them close by is........ unspeakable.

Holistic Mental Health Healing Have you stopped by lately. We have a new resident!!! So - to tally up the inhabitants of this AMAZING building:
Moxies Salon - run by Hair Artist extraordinair Chandler Leigh who specializes in Hair Color, Men's Cuts AND hair extensions

Profiling Beauty - a retail store dedicated to Toxin free personal care.

Think your skin care or hair care is natural - you'd be surprised. with 1300 chemicals banned in Europe compared to just 11 in the United States - you'll see why they go through all the trouble to import REAL healthy skin and hair care. Featuring a full Spa with non toxic facials, manicures, body treatments and pedicures. Unlike any spa in town - we use products that are COMPLETELY preservative free and customized for 9 different skin types

Barre Class and Buti Yoga classes - In a non heated studio (complete with tin ceiling from 1910) you will receive a really fun fitness class that is based off of the latest information on the physiology that promotes weight loss and toning

Hot Yoga, Hot Barre and Hot Restorative Yoga -- The heated studio provides benefits ALL around - fitness, stress relief, flexibility training, strength training and more. A full schedule featuring 12 varied Yoga teachers from multiple disciplines

SHOWERS and locker rooms -- Just get done with Hot Yoga or Barre and need to get ready for work or a night out? no worries - two Full shower facilities and make up station are at your disposal - forget your shampoo? Try a toxin free sample from Profiling Beauty

Arrow Boutique - a fun and unique clothing and jewelry store for women of all ages sharing space with our other tenant Rustic Roots

Rustic Roots - love succulents? Love the creativity that comes from making old things new again. Check this plant boutique out for unique gift ideas and home decor

CJ's Patisserie - who would have thought that Aberdeen would host its own French Bakery? Featuring Financiers, Freshly made baguettes, croissants and Brioche as well as many other tasty treats. Their coffee, teas and cocoas are hand made by trained baristas. LOOKING FOR A WEDDING CAKE - just check out CJ's instagram account for some unique and gorgeous wedding cake ideas

Awakenings - OUR NEWEST NEIGHBOR! WIth years of holistic counseling experience, Deb Olsen offers sessions that can help you deal with past anxieties, old habits and help forge new possibilities in health and wellness

Operating as usual


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Yogathon 2021

Five Medals to win this year (and remember you do not have to go for a medal to participate -- you can go to one- two - even three classes and donate what you want!!!)


$50 Minimum AND You Must Sign a Waiver at the Studio

Yogathon 5K - Do two classes in a Row on Friday January 29th (Classes Staggered Running 5:15-8:15PM) sign up here:

Yogathon - Do 6 Hours of Yoga Straight on Saturday January 30th 8:45-2:45PM sign up here:

UltraYogathon -Do the 6 Hours Yoga PLUS a BONUS UltraYogathon Challenge class for 7.5 Hours Straight of Classes sign up here:

Spiritual Gangsta Yogathon Challenge - Do the Yogathon 5K January 29th AND the Full Yogathon January 30th sign up here

Spiritual Gangsta UltraYogathon Challenge - Do the Yogathon 5K January 29th and the UltraYogathon January 30th sign up here:


Advanced Wellness School

Last weekend we celebrated a huge milestone! We officially turned four years old.

We've had so many amazing yoga teachers go through our school, we are positive that one of your favorites was trained by us 🙂. Our school has evolved so much over the years, but one thing remains the same, we are here to serve you, not to serve any other purpose but to find what type of yoga you are going to connect with and to let you shine as brightly as you can.

Several of our yoga teacher graduates have gone on to open their own studios, and it's so amazing seeing the communities that they are forming around their practice, and their study.
Every single person involved in the school, believes in the idea of giving you as much information as possible, finding ways to help you find your path, and give the most to your training.
#YTT #yogateachertraining #yogastudioaberdeen #hifromsd #happyholidays


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the Briscoe Building
Brittany Hall Massage
Wellness Garden Foot Zoning
Fit and Fire Studios
Advanced Wellness School
Salt Cellar
Profiling Beauty Health and Wellness Center
Profiling Beauty Laboratory
Rustic Roots
CJ's Patisserie

So Grateful for all you do to support these and other small businesses across the community


The Briscoe Building


It's finals week at Hogwarts!
It's time to cram for finals. This is the last week to get points during this month of magic. but there are still lots of points to be had.
at profiling beauty health and wellness center We have a limited stock of Harry Potter themed personal care items, including dragons blood lotion, dragons blood scrub, dragons blood shower gel, and unicorn blood soap... all are vegan... Don't ask, it's magic.
at CJ's patisserie otherwise known as Honey dukes you will find not only a coloring contest, but also Harry Potter themed treats They are open Wednesday through Saturday.
at pin that workshop you can make a broom, a sign, and a wand, all worth big points
at Erin's photography You can get your patronus photo session, again worth lots of points
check out danger von Dempsey's pizzas this week, and see which house will get the feature pizza
alevity is home to the try wizard tournament, complete the scavenger hunt for big points.
Harry Potter trivia night is going on at colorful creations on October 29th at 6:30 It's $8 and worth a lot of points. there is also a pumpkin painting contest, be sure to submit your pumpkin before October 31st.
karisma boutique has scarves available for purchase and a butterbeer latte both are worth big points!
Be sure to bring your Marauders map to every location so the points can be added. all points must be submitted by Monday the 2nd, and the winner will be announced November 7th!


here's your school updates..
hot yoga escape from Askaban this Friday at 5:30 p.m. for adults only, big points to be had and you'll actually get a certificate of insanity should you attend, remember all classes are adjustable, but you have to be a little insane to go to this one, lol
The entire family is welcome in the infrared studio, studio 2, at noon on Saturday for spell casting Harry Potter yoga class. It will be fun for all ages!
colorful creations is still holding a kids camp on the 23rd, and trivia on the 23rd and the 29th at 6:30 p.m. Make sure you paint a pumpkin for the pumpkin painting contest for big points
karisma AKA madam malkins continues to carry Harry Potter themed scarves and a butter latte
Slytherin dungeons otherwise known as unravel escape room is offering a citywide scatter for your hunt and also in the dungeons you have an escape that you can do with your entire family
CJ's otherwise known as honeydukes, is continuing to offer Harry Potter themed treats throughout the month, I have it on great authority that you have a licorice wand that can be purchased this week.
remember you do not need to pay anything to participate in this contest, you can volunteer time, especially out at the Aberdeen area humane society or donate supplies to help the shelter run
Erin's photography otherwise known as platform 9 and 3/4 is doing patronus themed photography sessions
allevity is where our tri wizard tournament is going on... Make sure you stop there to add big points to your total.
Dempsey's is going to feature a different house pizza each week, this week it is godric's and it is absolutely delicious!
Slackers also known as the three broomsticks offers Harry Potter themed potions that are delicious and worth points for your total.
finally at quality quidditch supplies otherwise known as pinned workshop, make your own broom, sign, or wand, and be fully decked out for this month of magic


Tomorrow is a huge point day for the month of Magic! At noon go to Central Park to participate in a quidditch game. Anyone that participates will receive points and the winners will receive bigger points. Right after at 2pm, right next door to the park at Hogwarts, is the aerial broomstick flying class. Please sign up ahead of time so we make sure we have enough flying apparatus for everyone.
Please remember we are still under the pandemic known as voldemort's virus, the muggles call at the coronavirus, we will have masks and save social distancing activities throughout the month.
On October 12th, Monday is the kid camp at flourish and bots, the muggles colored colorful creations. Also there will throughout the month of October be a pumpkin painting contest And on October 23rd and 29th at 6:30 there is a Harry Potter trivia contest.
Stop by madam malkin's also known as Karisma by the muggles, They are selling house scarves and drinks like the butter beer latte. Any purchase will give you points
slytherin's dungeons also known as unravel escape room, is hosting a citywide scatfinger hunt, and also has a month of magic themed escape room, big points to be had there!
Honey dukes also known as CJ patisserie, is putting out the most amazing treats, Mandrake roots, Harry Potter cookies, macarons, and so many new treats coming out every day
Stop by Erin's photography also known as platform 9 and 3/4 for a special patronus photography session
The try wizard tournament will be held at Allevity this year, stop by for a scavenger hunt to earn points.
At the leaky cauldron otherwise known as Dempsey's, you will have the opportunity to purchase house pizzas, you don't necessarily have to only eat the pizza from your house, you can join in solidarity with other houses and have a wonderful meal!
The three broomsticks, otherwise known as slackers will be selling potions all throughout the month that will also be worth points.
And if you stop by quality quidditch supplies, also known as pinned workshop, you will be able to create a broom, assign, and even your own wand. Remember it's the wand that chooses the wizard!


Downtown Month of Magic Aberdeen, SD

Can you sneak into the dungeon and retrieve the broom? Find out and book your room now at Unravel: Aberdeen Escape Room


#absddowntownmagic #aberdeenmagic2020 #monthofmagic #downtownaberdeen #aberdeenescaperoom #unravelaberdeen


We officially kick off the Aberdeen month of Magic

Harry Potter month of magic is officially kicked off! Multiple opportunities across Aberdeen to earn points to win an amazing grand prize this year as well as a prize for the highest point score in each house. Your first step is to get sorted, get your Marauders map. And the first opportunity to earn big points during an event is this Saturday at noon at cat yoga at fit and Fire studios. #aberdeenmagic2020

during the month of October multiple businesses across Aberdeen participate in the Aberdeen month of Magic. Businesses are magically transformed into themed businesses…


The Briscoe Building's cover photo


Strange Magical Things are Taking Shape Across the Building -- Wizards, Witches and Muggles - BE PREPARED!!!!


Virtual tour of some of the artwork at the Briscoe building. All are for sale in this video. And the great thing about purchasing art from local artists is you know you're going to make them extremely happy


Contest on the Fit and Fire Page

CONTEST!! To celebrate our birthday month we will be asking you questions once a week to see how much you know about our little studio ;) Guessing is TOTALLY allowed!!!

The PRIZE this week:
ONE Free 45 Minutes Salt Session
ONE Free Suja Immunity Wellness Shot
ONE Free Linea Dolcezza Moisturizing Facial Spray (perfect for after a salt session)

The Question:
How many people attended the very first Hot Yoga class July 11th 2013 at 6:30PM? Comment below

If more than one person guesses correctly their name will go into a drawing. Winner announce Tuesday July 21st


The Briscoe building used to be an old candy factory. Because it was such a fun place to be, fairies of course decided to make their home here. In our main hallway, you will find 12 fairy doors. They are going to be hidden in different places. Please don't try to open them, take them off, or try to coax the fairies out. The fairies learned long ago that all humans do is stick them in jars, and they're not going to have any of that! Instead you can knock on the door and think happy thoughts to the fairies. Maybe even make a wish.
So the next time you're playing in the park, going to yoga, going to aerial yoga, buying organic skin care products, organic personal care products, and Ayurvedic supplements from profiling beauty...picking up a gorgeous arrangement or piece of art from rustic roots. Maybe getting foot zone therapy from wellness gardens. Going for a salt session at the salt cellar, or picking up a tasty treat at CJ's patisserie... Be sure to stop by and try to say hi and try to find all 12 fairy doors


Fit and Fire Studios with Lean Body Barre and Hot Yoga

Thank you!!! Look for your name! If you don't see it, let me know I will write it on the banner. I kind of got writers cramp. Lol

Looking back at the past month and a half, my heart is overflowing. With 1000's of online video subscriptions available, with fitness stars with awesome makeup artists (and abs, lol), with production values much higher than ours, our customers chose us. And I don't even know how to express my love and gratitude to each and everyone of you. From the very beginning, we knew we were different, we knew that we were here not to "bless you with our knowledge", but to serve you. To change what we do and what we offer to meet your needs. Each of you created this studio, and over the next few weeks, we plan on doing things too show our gratitude


Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga with Candace -- Themed on the story You Are Here for a Reason

Our kids yoga is always themed to create a fun and dynamic way to learn yoga and have fun while doing it!


Fit and Fire Studios with Lean Body Barre and Hot Yoga

New to the store along the lines of our Ayurvedic treatment ..Garshana Gloves. The perfect anti-aging solution for dry brushing your skin..
Benefits of Dry Brushing
It's Exfoliating.
It Increases Circulation.
It's Invigorating and Energizing.
Stimulate the Lymphatic System.
Eliminate Toxins or Detoxify the Body.
Aid Digestion.
Improve Cellulite or Balance Fat Deposits

people that have been around Candace a while know that she doesn't particular like the rough brush shown on the right for average skin (you can skill purchase the brush to the right for $5 - but this should only be used for thick skin that has already lost a lot of collagen)
The Raw Silk Garshana Gloves are perfect for dry brushing even the most delicate skin - AND - small silk peptides can actually have an antiaging effect :)
Order Here:


Want a great - social distancing - fun thing to do this weekend ?? Check out this scavenger Hunt -- its already started and I've been seeing people seriously studying where I work ;)

Are you ready for some F U N Aberdeen?!?
We wanted to bring you an escape room type experience that you can participate in from the comfort of your vehicle!

The Great Hub City Escape is a driving scavenger hunt around the great city of Aberdeen, SD and features some of our most beloved local businesses! 🥰

All clues can be easily viewed from your car and all you need is paper and a pencil!

Click Book Now 👆🏻 above or visit our website to book and receive your digital download link for hunt materials! (The booking time doesn’t matter as you can begin the hunt any time you like - due to the limits of our booking website we had to assign times. So just pick any available time.)

Keep track of your confirmation number and time so you can submit it for bragging rights on our virtual leaderboard! 👊🏻

Tag us in a picture #thegreathubcityescape @aberdeenescaperoom and we’ll draw one lucky twist cone gift card winner in May! 🎁

Happy Hunting Aberdeen!!

**Please be responsible and only hunt with members of your immediate household and obey all traffic laws.**


Fit and Fire Studios with Lean Body Barre and Hot Yoga

Introducing our new Prop Rental Program...
Here's how it will work. You can pay for the rental of our sterilized equipment and keep it with you during the shutdown. Half will be rental, Half the price will be deposit, so when you return the equipment you will get half the rental price back - we are charging less than the actual purchase of new equipment, so we would truly appreciate their return when we reopen.
Hand weights. available in 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8 pounds (limited supply of 6 and 8 pound weights) $10
Balls in Sock (myofascial Yoga tool) $5
Resistance Bands - available in extra light, light, medium, heavy stregnth and extra heavy strength. $5
Pilates Circle - $10
Yoga Block - $7
Waker Balls - $10
Myofascial Barbell Massager $5

Click here to rent yours


Aberdeen Area Chamber of Commerce

Today is launch day! 🚀
The store is open online here:
Please help support our local Chamber members by buying gift cards to their businesses through April 17.
Bonus: the first four people to buy at least $100 in gift cards will get a free box of chocolates from Palm Garden Cafe & Chocolate Shoppe!
Please share this in your networks.
Together, we can make a big impact!
Small Act - Big Impact ABR
#livelocal57401 #SupportSoDak #VisitAberdeenSD

Economy Meat Market
Geffdog Design & Apparel
Gelling's Auto Service
Graham Tire Company - South Dakota & Nebraska
Hair Addictions
Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Aberdeen, SD
Heart and Sole Foot Zone Therapy
Heiser's Jewelry
Hepper's Sport Center
Hitch'n Post
Hub City Harley-Davidson
Interior Design Concepts Inc.
Jimmy's Pizza of Aberdeen
JLM Golf
Karisma Boutique
Karl's TV Audio Appliance & Furniture
Ken's SuperFair Foods
Lily's Aberdeen
Love to Travel - Becah Fliehs
Macks Auto Body
Mainstream Boutique of Aberdeen, SD
Mattress By Appointment Hub City
Mavericks Steak & Cocktails
Minervas Restaurant & Bar Aberdeen, SD
Mo's Cakes
My Place Hotels
Natural Abundance Food Co+op
One Legged Pheasant
Oz Motorz
Parkview Nursery
PEMF Pulse Advantage LLC
Photo-X-Press and Portrait Studio
Pierson Ford-Lincoln
Pinned Workshop Aberdeen
Profile by Sanford
Profiling Beauty Health and Wellness Center
Quality Inn Aberdeen
Quality Quick Print

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224 1st Ave SE
Aberdeen, SD

Opening Hours

Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 17:00
Thursday 09:00 - 17:00
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