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I’ve tried multiple times to post a recommendation but doesn’t seem to post 🥴 I was in the area for a short time and stumbled across this gym! I was truly impressed with the facility! Tons of options and extremely clean 😳 Ryan and I are late goers and occasionally ran into people at 3-4am. Those we came across were extremely friendly. Thanks Josh for the laughs! It was a pleasure speaking with you, until next time! Will definitely be coming back when I’m in the area. -You’re traveling friends
When I thought Icon closing was the end of late night workouts, I was blessed with Firehouse Fitness. Loving the cleanliness and great equipment. Thanks FF!
Hey Josh Rader how is the creek between us?
Looking good. So very proud of allf you. Love and God Bless--Gran
As seen at Steamboat 10K. 💪🏼🏃🏻‍♀️🏅 Firehouse representing!!
Zumba with Nita Johnson Brewer at Firehouse Fitness on South 7th at 5:30 pm Monday thru Thursday. Join the party!
Check out my website. Zumba at Firehouse Fitness on South 7th Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 5:30 pm Also, if you are interested in Zumba wear, enter my Affiliate code Nita1351 to get a 10% discount on your purchases.
Oh yeah lets get crazy and burn some super bowl calories. It all starts at 7pm.
Let's do some TurboKick @noon today. Oh yeah, a great way to boost some energy to finish your day.
Thank you, Tim Smith!
Come join the fun.
O my gosh,those who didn't come to Troy Steele cardio kickboxing this morning u missed a damn good butt burning sweat dripping workout👊🏻💪🏻

Abilene's Upscale Neighborhood Fitness Center. 24/7 Access, Free Weights, Cardio, Group Fitness, Personal Training, Healthy Meals. Abilene's only neighborhood, non-franchised gym offering 24/7 access to members.

We have brand new cardio, curcuit, and free weight equipment. We have a unique, outdoor lifting & exercise area and offer a variety of classes-Zumba, Yoga, and a cross-fit style class called H.O.T. (hardcore outdoor training). For more information visit our website at :

Operating as usual

Our member of the month for October is Ryan Nutt!

Son of the world renowned Bob Nutt, Ryan gets the edge up on his dad by benching more than him 💪

Ryan has been with Firehouse for the past couple of years, and we have gotten to see him grow up in front of our eyes.

Remember when life inevitably changes, the gym is always a constant! 🙌

#liftlocal #memberofthemonth #fitness #strength #local #gym #lifehappens #benchpress #lessstressmorebenchpress

What’s that Wednesday?

We have many specialty bars, and none catch the eye quite like the Football bar!

This is a highly versatile bar, but is rarely used 😞

Try out some of Kaleb’s exercise variations next time you’re in the gym, and let us know what y’all think! 💪

1 year ago today, September 28th 2019. Large weights were lifted, among many friends, with no masks, and there wasn’t even corona on tap because Sockdolager is a quality establishment.

We are excited to get back to this in 2 weeks!!! 💪

The first West Texas Open was more successful than we even imagined 🤯

We were astounded by the amount of people that turned out with their support. Suffice to say, Sockdolager was packed.

All of the 40+ lifters competed so well and made this meet entertaining and action packed.
We are extremely proud of everyone from the Firehouse family that competed 🚒

A BIG thank you to @sockdolagerbc for hosting this meet and @texasstrengthsystems for providing the equipment, judges, and making this meet what it was.

We are eternally grateful for the support from the community and the help from everyone involved. 💙

We can’t wait for the next one! We know it will be even better.
🔥🚒🔥🚒🔥 @ Firehouse Fitness

Tag a local business that should be at our meet! 🏷

We have limited spots for vendors at the West Texas Open, and want to show some love to our fellow local businesses ❤️

If you have a local business, don’t hesitate to contact us 👊

If you can think of someone who should see this, make sure to tag them in the comments!

#liftlocal #localbusiness #vendor #powerlifting #meet #abilene #abilenetx #momandpop

What’s that Wednesday?

We have some of our equipment spread out between the two locations. So if you only stay at 7th, make sure to go check out bgap, and visa versa!

We want to highlight our Hack Squat 🦵

This machine is heavier than one might expect, so ease into it ⚠️

Here we have Kaleb demonstrating a few different variations for y’all to try out on your next leg day!

#liftlocal #squat #strength #fitness

Some of y’all may have seen some new faces around the gym, so we want to officially welcome them to the family!

Please join us in welcoming 3 new trainers to Firehouse, Tyler, Charles, and Andrew (pictured in order)

If y’all see these guys around the gym, make sure to say “hi!”

#liftlocal #trainers #family #growingfamily #community #gainz #strength #fitness

#fbf to last year’s West Texas Open at @sockdolagerbc ! It was an incredible turn out, and a fantastic day 🙌

We have been getting a great amount of support for this year’s meet, and we deeply appreciate the love! ❤️

If y’all want to compete, simply just contact us to sign up 💪

#liftlocal #drinklocal #brewery #usapl #powerlifting #strength #fitness #westtexasopen #fitness

We had our doubts, but thankfully we are making it happen!

Sign ups for the 2nd West Texas Open are live 🙌

We are super excited to partner with @sockdolagerbc and be hosted by Materra Gardens, on October 17th!

Contact us to sign up, all you need is your USAPL membership number 👍

Message us on social media, email us at [email protected], or call us at (325)-232-7500

We had such a blast last year, and can’t wait to do it again 💪

#liftlocal #usapl #powerlifting #meet #powerliftingmeet #strength #fitness #octbroberfest

Which gym has the most beef? 🥩

We have been loving the partnership with Cory Family Farms, @coryfamilyfarms , as they continue to bring y’all the best in locally sourced, non-GMO, Grass-Fed Beeeeef 💪

Swing by our S7th location to pick out your next meal!

#liftlocal #eatlocal #shoplocal #beeflocal #grassfed #localbeef #nongmo #gains #protein #steak

It’s hard to believe 19 years have passed. We all remember where we were when we heard the news.

At this time, we want to remember the brave men and women who risked their lives to help save others.

#neverforget #911 #19years #liftlocal #emergencyservices #firstresponders

WAP t-shirts are available NOW 👕

This will be a limited run shirt, so get yours while you can, Okurrrrrr!

Available on the levrets ink website 🔥

#liftlocal #weightsandprotein #wap #cardib #megantheestallion #strength #fitness #tshirts #mechandise #fun

Huuuuge shoutout to @lonestardrygoods for these sweeeeet hats.

We have all different styles to choose from. Come by and get yours today! We will also GLADLY ship these beautiful sombreros to you.

#gymlife #tuesdaymotivation #hats #richardsonhats #liftlocal #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocal #supportthosewhosupportyou

Happy 1 year anniversary to our friends @firecycleabilene 🎂 🎉

If you still haven’t tried them, you’re missing out!

Come and try a ride with the best, and most fun, people you could ask for 🚴‍♀️

#liftlocal #spinlocal #spinclass #anniversary #community #spinclass #balloonart #fitness #hiphopspin #classicspin #endurance

Stop the spread of false information 🛑

If y’all love the gym, make sure to go over to Facebook, google, help, etc, and leave us a review!

#liftlocal #falseinformation #thepeoplesgym #review #fitness #strength #community

Stop the spread of false information 🛑

If y’all love the gym, make sure to go over to Facebook, google, yelp, etc, and leave us a review!

#liftlocal #falseinformation #thepeoplesgym #review #fitness #strength #community

2 years, and still going strong! 💪

We cannot thank y’all enough for the love and support we receive every day ❤️

The environment and community of the Firehouse family is all we hoped it would be, and more 🙌

Here’s to the years to come! 🥂

#liftlocal #gym #abilene #community #fitness #strength #together #anniversary

We want to thank everyone for showing amazing support this past Saturday at Strength For Brunch!

It was great to see so many people come out, lift some things, eat some food, and enjoy some company 🙌

For those wondering about the membership raffle, watch Dessire pull the winner!

A big shoutout to our friends ... for being a part of the event, and we hope to do more with y’all in the future 👊

Some of y’all would’ve seen this from following our event page, but for those who aren’t following yet... what are you waiting for! Go check it out!

Strength For Brunch will be running from 9-12 on Saturday morning, before the good ol’ Texas heat sets in 🔥

It doesn’t cost anything to show up and support, but there will be various opportunities for donations 👍

Here is a list of each small business involved, and we appreciate everyone who has worked with us!

@strengthforlifeabilene will have a merchandise table available 👕

We will have a raffle for a 3 month gym membership. Also, a Farmer’s Carry Challenge!

@firecycleabilene will have 2 spin classes available, at 9:15 & 10:30 🚴

@thetoastedtraveler will have some delicious brunch options 😋

@foxcoffee.abilene will bring everyone’s favorite lifeline ☕️

If y’all have any requests for tailgate games, let us know! We are trying to have as fun a setup as possible 🙌

#liftlocal #strengthforbrunch #brunch #spinclass #food #fitness #strength #coffee #foodtruck #cinnamonrolls @ Firehouse Fitness

This week we really wanted to highlight Strength For Life 💪 Take a couple of minutes to hear about this fantastic program 🙌

Not only are we highlighting this great cause, but ALL proceeds from new memberships this week will be donated to Strength For Life!

Bring your friends in and get them signed up!

This week will also culminate in our Strength For Brunch event on Saturday morning, from 9-12, in the South 7th parking lot!

Stay tuned for more from Strength For Life this week 👊

#liftlocal #strength #strengthforlife #wellness #fitness #thebestrehab

And the winners are....

Winner 1: Tara Nelson
Winner 2: Sarah Fambrough
Winner 3: Donna Wilson Alexander
Winner 4: Corey Goulet

You have until NEXT FRIDAY to claim your gift cards. Congrats!

We know this can be a stressful time of year! Getting into the routine of exercising regularly can make that easier 💪

We have our teacher discounts available, so stop by either location to talk to us about it!

Also, don’t forget to go back and tag your favorite teacher in our previous post. You will be entering them in with a chance to win 1 of 3 $50 visa gift cards 💰The draw for these will be done on Friday!

#liftlocal #teachers #teacherappreciation #abilene #abilenetx #abileneteachers #backtoschool #discounts

It’s that time of year, back to school is upon us! 📚

With this in mind, we wanted to show our love, support, and appreciation to all our teachers out there! ❤️

As a thank you for all y’all do, we are giving away 3 x $50 visa gift cards! 🎁

To enter your favorite teacher in with a chance to win, tag them in the comments section 🏷

Winners will be announced on Friday 🎉

#liftlocal #abileneteachers #teachers #abilene #abilenetx #aisd #wisd #local #localteachers #favoriteteacher

What is the exercise y’all couldn’t live without? Or at least enjoy the most 😅

We certainly have our bias towards the big 3 powerlifting movements, buuuuuut getting a sick bicep pump always makes us feel great! 💪

Part of the longevity with health and fitness is finding things you enjoy doing. Individuals that stop coming to the gym usually haven’t found what they like yet.

Let us know what y’all love to do the most!

#liftlocal #strength #training #fitness #motivation #lessstressmorebenchpress #powerlifting #bodybuilding #longevity #consistency

Y’all asked, we are delivering! Patch hats are inbound 🧢

Through @lonestardrygoods we are bringing y’all some really cool designs with out patch hats!

We still want y’all input on these, what color combinations would y’all like? And what style hats do y’all prefer?

Let us know what designs y’all want to see, and we might just make it happen!

#liftlocal #patchhats #hats #swag #stuffweallget #truckerhats #snapbackhats @ Firehouse Fitness

Where’s the beef? ...that’s right, South 7th!

We are glad to be partnering with Cory Family Farms to bring y’all premium, grass-fed, American beef 🥩

Come and check out the selection we have in the freezer at our S7th location!

#liftlocal #eatlocal #farmlocal #beef #meat #dinnerisserved #nogmo #organic #grassfed #grassfedbeef #americanbeef @ Firehouse Fitness

We all have the handful of songs we go-to for certain workouts, so let’s hear which are y’all’s! 🎶

Whether it’s for a PR, getting through your cardio, pumping you up, or just to get you through 💪

If y’all enlighten us to some new music, we will add it to our playlists at the gym!

#liftlocal #gymmusic #gymhype #prsong #community #communitymusic #cardino #cardiomusic #gymsong #pumpupthejam #pumpupmusic

What’s that Wednesday?

No, these giant wagon wheels are not just for show!

You may have seen these wagon wheels in the gym and not known what they are for, so Andrea is here to demonstrate 🏋️‍♀️

They mimic a block pull, but are much easier to load up the weight with! Instead of having to struggle on with the extra 45s that all you strong people like to lift 💪

Yes, they can be pretty loud, but y’know what....that’s what the back room is for 😱 🔔

Try these out in your next workout, and let us know what you think!

#liftlocal #shame #gameofthrones #deadlifts #blockpulls #titan #titanfitness #yeahbuddy #fitness #strength #powerlifting

Say hello to our member of the month Brandon!

Brandon has been a long time member at Firehouse, and is one of our most consistent members.

He is currently training for Strongman, and hopes to do a Strongman meet when they start back up 💪

If you see Brandon around the gym, which is any day that ends in -y, make sure to say “hi!” 👋

#liftlocal #fitness #community #strength #training #strongman #memberofthemonth

It’s about time we did something fun, right?

Checkout our event page on Facebook for “Strength For Brunch”

On August 29th we will be hosting our event to benefit the @strengthforlifeabilene foundation 💪

It will be a tailgate style, brunch event from 9am-Noon, and we are happy to let y’all know that @thetoastedtraveler will be there!

@firecycleabilene will also be offering special rides that morning 🚴

We will have our farmer’s carry setup in the parking lot, for those wishing to attempt and get on our record boards!

If all of that’s not enough, it will also be @sephelps0608 ‘s birthday! 🎂

Make sure to mark the date, and come show your support!

#liftlocal #supportlocal #strengthforlife #fitness #tailgate #brunch #cinnamonrolls

Shirts are in!

If you pre-ordered a shirt or tank top, swing by S7th to pick it up.

If you missed out on pre-orders, we have some limited stock of both styles, in white and grey 👍

Also, let’s thank our resident @repp_sports model @shawn_sheppard_model for making the new tanks look even better 👌💪

#liftlocal #sunsoutgunsout #apparel #tank #tshirts #fitness #tyedye #strength

For those wondering what the magical secret recipe is, for most people, to build a good immune system... Here it is!

Try these “tricks” and see how your body responds.

Sleep 7-9 hours a night 😴

Don’t sweat the small things, and take time for yourself each day 💆‍♂️

Eat a variety of nutritious foods, and stay adequately hydrated! 🥘 💧

Exercise strenuously 3-5 times a week 🏋️‍♂️

Do all of these things consistently, and let us know how you feel within a couple of weeks!

#liftlocal #immunesupport #immunesystem #eatsleeprepeat #hydration #stress #stressmanagement #strength #fitness #health

We’re back in the water! 🏊‍♂️

The Dive Spot will start up with open swim again this week.

Let us know if y’all have any questions about the pool!

#liftlocal #swimlocal #pool #hotsummer #swimming #swim #cardio

What’s That Wednesday?

This week we are looking at our leg slider!

For those of y’all that haven’t tried this cool skateboard, you’re missing out 🛹

Here we have Kaleb demonstrating a couple of different, and challenging, ways to utilize the leg slider 🦵

Try these out in your next workout, and let us know what you think!

#liftlocal #legslider #fitness #strength #legday #humpday

Thanks to all of y’all that got your pre-orders in for your Firehouse Summer shirts!

For those that didn’t get your order in, we will have some extras available in limited stock.

We will also have tank tops available in limited stock, so swing by and #sunsoutgunsout

#liftlocal #summer #armday #fitness #strength #abilenetx
@ Firehouse Fitness

To finish out RJ’s trainer week, we wanted to highlight something other than his accent 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

He came over and played 4 years of D1 golf at ACU, and continues to play at a competitive amateur level ⛳️

We want to wish him luck this week at the West Texas Open in San Angelo! ☘️

Much like Cy’s guitar playing, let RJ serenade you with some sweet swings 🏌️

#liftlocal #trainerweek #trainertakeover #golf #fitness #strength #personaltrainer #ncaa @texasgolfassociation

Our Story

Firehouse Fitness is Abilene’s premier neighborhood gym. Since we are a locally owned gym, we have the flexibility to to utilize our center as we see fit. We are unique in that we cater to the general gym go-er, the bodybuilder, the powerlifter, and the strongman. Our equipment selection is top-notch to allow our members to reach their fitness goals in a safe, fun, versatile way. The best thing about our gym, though, are the members. We pride ourselves in creating a welcoming, friendly atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable WHILE getting incredible results.

Upon opening in 2011, we were immediately recognized in the fitness community as being “not your average mom and pop gym”. Since then, we have evolved into a world renowned fitness facility. Online you will find an assortment of publications giving us accolades such as “top 10 gyms in that nation” and “bucket list gyms to train at”.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Abilene?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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And the winners are....




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Abilene, TX
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