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Mission: Full Circle Combatives is dedicated to providing top quality training to you. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, Instructor, or school owner we can help! We offer numerous classes, workshops, and seminars in Hand to Hand combat, stick and knife, counter-terrorism and active shooting, Womens Self Defense, Rape prevention, and Kickboxing. FCC a method of fighting with the sole purpose of defeating or escaping from one’s enemy by whatever means necessary. This method studies all ranges of combat: handheld weapons, kicking range, punching range, trapping range, standing grappling, takedowns and ground fighting.

come join us Tuesday’s 8 PM
Street Combatives
Learn to defend yourself against any attacker.. knowledge is power!
(All skill levels, beginner to advanced)
Full Circle Martial Arts

[04/30/19]   CKM-Abington
Tuesdays 8 PM
Krav Maga/ proactive Self Defense

Tonight 7:30pm

[03/22/18]   Fight Club, tonight at 8:30pm

Full Circle Integrated Martial Arts Academy

Thank you to everyone Who was able to make it out for Full Circle Martial Arts annual Christmas party... also a big shout out to Santa for finding time in his busy schedule to stop by and say hi...

[11/10/17]   •••The Reality of a street attack•••
Fight Club CKM-Abington
Thursday 8:30pm
-Scenario training
-getting off the ground
-2 on 1
-with and without weapons
-knowing the threat
-Understanding the objective
-getting to your tools
-weapon retention

Great job training tonight!
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John Harris is the Chief Instructor at Full Circle Integrated Martial Arts Academy. John’s love for the martial arts started in the early 80’s and he has studied a variety of Fighting Systems and Martial Arts including sport, Combative, Traditional, and Healing.

From the early 80’s to the mid 90’s Master Harris tried many Arts including boxing, wrestling, Judo, and Muay Tai but it wasn’t until 1994 when he began his formal training in the Art of Tang Soo Do under the tutelage of Master William Ott. In 1999, he received his Black Belt from the International Tang Soo Do Federation, USA under Master Fredderick Scott. He currently holds a 5th degree Black Belt in Song Do Kwan Kong Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do and Tang Soo Do, Level 4 Instructor in Unarmed Close Quarter Combatives and is actively studying Jeet Kune Do, American Kempo Bujutsu and various Combative Arts including Kali and Penchak Silat. John is also is a Belt Holder in Aiki-Jitsu, Hapkido, Aikido and Judo.

Mr. Harris has competed in numerous tournaments over his Martial Arts career. He is a two time International Grand Champion, five times International Champion, 7 time National Champion and earned a bronze medal in A.A.U. competitions.

He is a NAFMA Hall Of Fame Inductee, Legends of the Martial Arts (school of the year) and awarded WKU "Master of the Year" Hall of Fame, 2010 & Self Defense Master of the year 2012.

John has also trained numerous students to the level of black belt in Tang Soo Do. Many of these students tested under John’s supervision and he has consistently sat on the belt testing board, assisted in testing and promoting students.

John teaches our Standard Black Belt Program classes as well as classes and seminars in C.Q.C.,Krav Maga, and Jeet Kune Do. He also teaches classes in Kick Boxing, Boxing and Self Defense, and is a certified Level 4 Shiatsu Practitioner.

•Founder Full Circle Combatives
•President (WCSU) Worldwide Combatives Science Union
•Co-Owner FCIMAA
•Chief Instructor FCIMAA
•Instructor under Jim McCann www.Xtremefreestyle.com

•Apprentice Instructor under Keith Allan combativeartsgroup.com

•Jeet Kune Do Concepts and Filipinio Martial Arts
•5th Dan Tang Soo Do- Joe L. Parrish/ GM Chang N. Park
•5th Dan Kong Soo Do/ Song do Kwan-John Crudup www.usdka.weebly.com
•4th Dan TKD
•4th Dan GTFI (TKD)- Dato' Dr. Sabree Salleh
•CQC Instructor under Hock Hochheim Licensed and •Certified under Cobra Krav Maga (CKM) Worldwide, Krav Solutions
•Board of Examiners
•JKD/CQC/MMA under Jim McCann/ Tim Tackett‪ ‬

2015 The Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society Hall of Fame
2012 Self Defense Master of the year (WKU Hall of Fame)
2011 inducted Black Belt Hall Of Fame (North America Martial Arts)
2011 Legends on the Martial Arts Hall of Fame (School of the year)
2010 Master of the year, WKU Hall of Fame
2010 NAFMA Hall of Fame inductee
GNPRBFI- Recognized Reality Fighting Instructor

-Level 4 Shiatsu Practitioner ISS (International School of Shiatsu)

-Featured in Jim McCann’s Essence of ground fighting DVD

1128 Easton rd
Roslyn Pa 19001

Full Circle Combatives

Tonight 8:30 PM #fightclub #fullcircle

Fight Club

[09/10/17]   •3 rules dealing with violence•

1-Awareness and Prevention
(90% of ALL violence can be avoided here)

2- De-escalation
(unable to avoid and now potential violence)

3-Fight to win, not just survive (violence is inevitable)

[09/01/17]   It wouldn't be Fight Club without a little blood, sweat, and a few beers!
Great job at Fight Club last night. Everyone worked extremely hard...
And a BIG THANK YOU TO JOSE for bringing the tasty IPAs for the Fight Club After-Party!

Full Circle Combatives's cover photo

[08/11/17]   Very proud of all my guys and girls. Trained hard tonight and they've all come along way. Testing will be and of September beginning of October for Krav/ Combatives. Good luck!
We still have a some space for those who might be interested in joining. Hit me up...

Cold Stone John Harris

Tonight 8:30 PM #fightclub #fullcircle

Combatives tonight at 8:30 PM..
This variation comes from O Goshi (basic hip throw), the progression will make Harai Goshi (sweeping hip throw) easier to learn.. fingers crossed

Full Circle Combatives

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Feel confident in knowing you have the skill to defend your family. Try a class for free

Full Circle Krav Maga
Youth and adult Programs coming soon!

Not bad for the first try. #HomemadeTrainingKnives

Second attempt at making my own training knives. It's getting there #woodworking #trainingknives

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First attempt at carving wood. Not too shabby #karambit #knife

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Stick sparring tonight

No experience needed. Come check us out! Every Thursday 8:30pm.

[09/16/16]   “If everyone’s keeping it simple, then what makes my simple better than your simple? The fact that I can get complex. Now, if I can make my complex simple, then my simple is going to be better than your simple.”- Doug Marcaida


There's only ONE way to become the King of Catch and the road starts here! Be sure to register at http://nacwa.weebly.com/registration.html there's still a few days to save some $$$!!!

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Full Circle Combatives has recently formed a Worldwide Alliance for Combative groups.
With the invent of the Internet and social media, we can train together and maintain quality instruction even though water and land separates us
USA,Brazil, France, Germany, and now Poland.
We are excited to welcome Dariusz Gurgul and COBRA Combatives to the Full Circle Family.
This Alliance was formed to guarantee quality training while allowing us to expand and grow as an elite force in the Martial Arts.

Combative shirts $18, still have M,L,XL

Come sweat it out... Kickboxing
Tonight at 7 PM

Summer kickboxing special!!

4 months of kickboxing for $150! (Only $37.50/month) This deal must be purchased by July 1, 2016 and must be redeemed within 1 year from the date of purchase.'

Kickboxing is held twice a week at Full Circle Integrated Martial Arts located at 1128 Easton Rd. Roslyn, PA, 19001. Classes are on Friday 7-8 pm and Sunday 2-3 pm. Offer is for 4 consecutive months and may not be broken up.

Full Circle Integrated Martial Arts Academy

Summer kickboxing special!!

4 months of kickboxing for $150! (Only $37.50/month) This deal must be purchased by July 1, 2016 and must be redeemed within 1 year from the date of purchase.'

Kickboxing is held twice a week at Full Circle Integrated Martial Arts located at 1128 Easton Rd. Roslyn, PA, 19001. Classes are on Friday 7-8 pm and Sunday 2-3 pm. Offer is for 4 consecutive months and may not be broken up.

Great workout on the mat tonight...

A little Dirty boxing from class today 6/12/2016

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Full Circle Combatives

Full Circle Combatives
Beginner to advance classes available...

* Self Defense
* Close quarters Combat
* Kickboxing
* Ground Fighting

What is your goal?
* Social activity
* Defend yourself
* Competition
* Rank
Start today...
and reach your potential!


I have practice karambits for sale $20 each. We will be studying the school for the next couple months #Fullcirclecombatives #karambit #silat

[04/15/16]   If you pull a knife in self defense, you need to be 110% committed to using it, quickly and violently. If you are not, do not pull out the knife.

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1128 Easton Rd
Abington, PA

Opening Hours

Monday 18:00 - 21:00
Tuesday 18:00 - 21:00
Wednesday 18:00 - 21:00
Thursday 18:00 - 22:00
Friday 19:00 - 21:00
Sunday 12:00 - 14:00
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Full Circle Integrated Martial Arts Academy Full Circle Integrated Martial Arts Academy
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Abington, 19001