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Surge 25th Anniversary Party and Best Buddies Tournament coming in June 2020 you do not want to miss this

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[10/23/20]   Subject: BREAKING NEWS

October 22, 2020

Power Play Hockey League would like to inform all of our members that we have just learned that Governor Baker (through the office of Health and Human Services) has ordered the stoppage of all on-ice hockey and skating activities in Massachusetts for a period of time beginning at 5:00PM on October 23rd, and ending at 12:01AM on November 7, 2020.
We fully anticipate a return to our regularly scheduled league activities at that time. We will communicate our plans to adjust for the stoppage in future communications. All information will be distributed through our website, pages, and our member email databases.
We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate through these uncertain times and new developments. We are ALL in this together.

Shawn Connors
Power Play Hockey League

[10/23/20]   From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Sent: 2020-10-22 11:40:05 PM

October 22, 2020

Power Play Hockey League would like to inform all of our members that we have just learned that Governor Baker (through the office of Health and Human Services) has ordered the stoppage of all on-ice hockey and skating activities in Massachusetts for a period of time beginning at 5:00PM on October 23rd, and ending at 12:01AM on November 7, 2020.
We fully anticipate a return to our regularly scheduled league activities at that time. We will communicate our plans to adjust for the stoppage in future communications. All information will be distributed through our website, pages, and our member email databases.
We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate through these uncertain times and new developments. We are ALL in this together.

Shawn Connors
Power Play Hockey League

Scrimmage Hockey Every Friday night at Thayer Arena being conducted by our league the PPHL. SEVERAL SURGE PLAYERS are playing including goalie Gregg Jenner. They are averaging 14 skaters and could use more. Anyone looking for a pick up hour are welcome to skate 9pm Friday night Thayer.

[10/09/20]   Greetings from the PPHL!
We wanted to take a moment and update everyone on the current status of referees and scorekeepers as it pertains to this PPHL season. We have a number of referees and scorekeepers who are currently not working due to their concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic. PPHL and our partners at Seacoast Hockey Officials are united in their support of our teammates to prioritize their health in this situation. We all hope for a time in the near future when everyone can get back to their normal routines around hockey.

That being said we know that there have been instances where we have not been able to provide 2 referees and a scorekeeper at games in some of our leagues. Both of our organizations want to recognize that while it is certainly not intentional, we still take responsibility for the times that this has happened and we have been, and will continue to work diligently to minimize and eliminate these occurrences as much as it is possible.
On that note - we are sending this email out as an open invitation to join the ranks of all the people who currently work at Seacoast Hockey Officials (the "S.H.O.") as scorekeepers and referees. It can be a great way to get (or stay) connected to hockey - the best sport on the planet! Due to the recent and rapid growth of the PPHL, SHO has immediate opportunities available for both refs and scorekeepers. These opportunities are in addition to the anticipation of ALL of our current officials returning to our team as soon as they feel ready. We are GROWING! The chance to watch some exciting hockey action and get paid to do it?? Where do you sign up? I'm glad you asked!!

Anyone who is interested in joining, or wants more information about becoming a referee can email [email protected] today to get started.
Want to be a scorekeeper instead? Send an email to [email protected].

With games being played weekly at over 35 rinks in Mass and NH, there is definitely an opportunity for you to be part of something special. Email us today - we'd love to hear from you!!

[10/08/20]   Update COVID Team Surge Thursday October 8th ..First...Surge South game is still on for tonight nice and early 10:30 in Rockland. As for the COVID Fall out on Surge Metro..2 players tested positive earlier this week for Covid presumably after the Surge game last Thursday. A 3rd player is still awaiting results but experienced all the symptoms this week along with his family. Presumed he and his family are positive. All other Surge Metro players were tested and have been cleared or are still awaiting results with no symptoms. If you played last Thursday for Metro Surge and have not been tested please go get a test. You could be A symptomatic meaning no symptoms but positive for Covid. Having gone through it this week having covid is just like having the flu. Chills fever runny nose body aches sore throat cough. It lasts about 3 days then you start feeling better. It takes 7-10 days before you feel like yourself. Most of us are in pretty good shape after all we are warrior hockey players however some of our teammates have underlying conditions for example the 2 players who tested positive have medical conditions that could have gotten much worse from Covid so as tough as we think we are its important to remember to consider your teammates and their families. Please take the requested precautions moving forward at the rink. Wear a mask. Socially distance in the locker room and the parking lot. No sharing water bottles or anything else. We seem to have lucked out and only 3 of our teammates suffered the worst of it. Good luck to Surge tonight and all of us send our best wishes to the 3 players and their families.

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[09/08/20]   Surge Hockey Returns
Surge South vs Beavers tomorrow night 8:00 at Pilgrim A vs Beavers. Are you in?

Surge is starting up. Details to follow. Who is ready to skate. Brian Agnew Bob Phillips Zach Macintosh Ryan MacIntosh Richard J. Hartel Joe Ficociello Fran Rizzitano Dom Rizzitano if I have forgotten anyone please tag them.

[08/18/20]   2020 winter season update...Guidelines (posted above) received through the Mass Hockey Association.

All Participants must show NO COVID-19 symptoms for 14 days!

Face mask (Neck Gators Recommended)
All players will be required to wear face masks in and out of the facilities at all times.
A face mask will be required while on benches (Neck Gators would be best solution).
Face masks will be required during face-offs for the centers and wingers (not documented but discussed on the call).
NO face masks are required during play.
As of today, these are requirements for face masks. The task force and Mass Hockey Association are working with the state to try and relieve some of these restrictions but as of now, this is the requirement.

We recommend that everyone just get neck gaiters to make it easy to slip them up and down when needed.

Locker Rooms
Locker rooms must be at 50% capacity and will be labeled on benches inside. This is required by all rinks so please only use seats marked by rinks. or the number of players allowed in each locker room on the door.
No showers are allowed.
If need be we can separate teams into 2 locker rooms to allow for more room.
15-20 minutes allowed after games to get undressed and out of the facility

These restrictions can easily be accommodated in adult hockey as our roster's numbers are usually much lower than youth hockey. However, teams that have more players, the team will be able to separate into two locker rooms. No hanging out and socializing in the locker rooms after the games.

While on the bench you will be required to have a mask on (neck gator).
The benches will be marked for social distancing in between players, the overflow will be available in seats to either side of the benches.
Water bottles per individual not to be shared.
Mass Hockey Association is working to loosen some restrictions but for now, this is the standard.

Spectators / Team count
There will be NO spectators allowed for players 21 and under.
Team counts are not effected in adult hockey.
No more than 25 players on the ice at one time.

Again, these restrictions can easily be overcome in adult hockey as we usually only allow a max of 15 per team. In a situation where both teams go over the 25 people on the ice at one time for warm ups, we ask that a couple of players swap out for warm ups to keep this number at 25 players. The players waiting can remain on the bench until the swap happens.


Rinks and the League will be required to send ALL rosters for contact tracing if any player has a positive COVID-19 Test.
For insurance purposes, and State guidelines, we need to track every player at every event.
This is a MANDATORY and no one may play without being registered as a full-time player or sub.

Team Surge's cover photo

Team Surge's cover photo

Happy 4th of July from Team Surge!!!!


Dear WIA Families,

The day has finally come! WE ARE BACK! What does that mean? Please read below, as even though we are back, there are restrictions that need to be made to follow the phase 2 reopening protocols by the CDC and state officials. Please read the information below!


What programs are allowed to run?

Programs included in phase 2 reopening are supervised youth (under 18) programs only.

Will all guests & participants be required to wear masks?

All guests will be required to wear a mask upon entry into the facility. Participants will be required to wear a mask until they get onto the ice. Spectators must keep their masks on at all times.

Will locker rooms be open?

Locker Rooms will not be open during phase 2. Public bathrooms on level 2 and 3 will be open with proper distancing guidelines and reduced occupancy.

Are Bruins practices open to the public?

Bruins practices are closed to the public until further notice.

Where can I store my belongings?

We ask that participants come ready to play with as little other belongings as possible. Please see “On-Ice Protocols” section below.

Will parents be able to watch their children on the ice?

Spectators will be limited to 1 parent/guardian per participant. We ask that the parent do not bring other children to the arena unless necessary. All spectators will be asked to social distance while watching their child.

Are non-essential visitors allowed?

All non-essential visitors will not be allowed in the arena during phase 2. If you have questions or are looking to purchase merchandise, please call the arena and speak to a staff member.

Will garage parking be available?

Yes, garage parking will still be available with normal validation. For drop-offs, please use the Guest Street Entrance.

Will concessions be open?

Concessions will be closed during phase 2. Water fountains will also be closed, including the water filling station. Vending machines will be open.

What extra precautions and cleaning protocols will be taken?

Current cleaning procedures have been updated to follow CDC guidelines. Facility staff have been trained to conduct regular building cleaning rounds, with additional cleaning in high traffic areas. Additional cleaning equipment has been purchased and added to the daily cleaning regiment.

You will also notice some other changes to the arena, including directional signage at all entry points and throughout the facility outlining rules, regulations, and distancing protocols. Doors will be propped open where possible. Certain areas of the arena will be off limits and extra hand sanitizing and wipe stations have been added throughout the facility. Plexiglass shields have been set up where staff/guest interaction is common.

How will on-ice protocols change?

The dasher boards will have 6 foot markers around the entire sheet to help participants more easily follow distancing protocols while on the ice. All benches will have 6 foot markers to keep participants spaced appropriately.

Shared water bottles will not be available. All participants must bring their own water bottle, clearly labeled with first and last name.

Participants will not have to wear masks on the ice, but when they get off the ice, they will be required to put a mask on. Please send participants with a mask and a baggy clearly labeled with their name. They will store their mask with their belongings.

There will be separate entrance and exit points on the ice.

Please label the front of the participants helmet with their name to allow for coaches to easily read names while keeping 6 foot distancing.

Coaches will not be required to wear masks on the ice, but will be asked to have one available at all times. If they are unable to keep proper distance, they will be required to put their mask on.

Download a PDF Version


WIA Development Program

Starting in July- We are tapping into our hockey network to bring together some of the best hockey minds in Boston to help your son or daughter reach their full potential. We will focus on skating, puck control, shooting, passing, and decision-making through a series of specially designed drills, personalized instruction, and small area games.


Youth Hockey Camps

June 6/22 – 6/26

(on ice only)

July 7/20 – 7/24

August 8/10 – 8/14

Learn to Skate &

Learn to Play Hockey

Learn to Play Hockey &

Learn to Skate sessions will

resume the week of July 6th.

Links coming soon, so stay tuned!

All user groups and guests:

Please read the following document to create your DASH account!

DASH Instructions

Questions about anything

Time to spruce up the Surge trophy case !!

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Come on Surge Nation help Alexx fill the fantasy football league. He needs 12 more.

Attention team surge it is time to sign up for the annual fantasy football league here is the league Id and password if you would like to join

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[05/13/20]   Paul and Lisa

First of all from all of us in Team Surge Nation, thank you both for 40 awesome years. You gave all of us so many great memories so many great times and because of you so many of us became life long friends and a family forever. The hockey community is a very close knit group and its because of people like you and lisa who have solidified that bond. Words cant even begin to express our appreciation to you both for everything you did for all of New England for all the guys who have ever played for Team Surge and all of our hockey families. Thank you both so much.

It's kind of devistating to be honest with you. The NESHL has been a big part of our lives for 40 years. We started playing in your league sunday mornings in pembroke when you started Early 1980's. We have scheduled our weddings around your games. Our birthday anniversary and graduation parties all scheduled around your games. We had babies and then jumped in the car to arrive at the rink just in time for that 1030 game. The Bostonfest was the annual bonding event where we all got to hang out with and got to know the guys we play against all season.

I'm really going to miss that ......

We are all so sorry about this Paul. You and Lisa will always be part of our family. We will always be indebted to you both. Thanks for 40 awesome years and for your sacrifices.

Team Surge

Paul Laubenstein, President Lisa Laubenstein, Vice President 49 Elmwood Rd - PO Box 57 Swampscott, MA 01907
May 12, 2020
RE: Closure of the New England Senior Hockey League, Inc.
It is with deep sadness that we announce the closure of the New England Senior Hockey League (NESHL), after nearly 40 years as one of the Boston area’s biggest and best adult hockey leagues. We extend our thanks to all those who have played in, and worked for, the league over the last 40 years and we wish you all well.
A combination of factors has gone into the decision to close the league permanently, but the primary reason is the already precarious financial status of the league, which has been worsened by the Covid-19 crisis and the related closures & uncertainty. After a complete review of the situation and the numbers, we’ve determined that the amount needed to meet existing financial obligations, get the company solvent, and maintain that status until a ‘reopen’ date, would be in excess of $1,000,000. This figure includes debts to vendors, rinks, and workers, as well as the significant amount of future ‘game credits’ that the league had offered to existing customers for the remainder of the 2019-2020 winter season. In short, the league is unable to pay its outstanding debts and therefore, unable to continue to operate.
A combination of flawed pricing models, an overdependence on credit, and other factors, had already put
the league in a financially unstable position. The nature of this particular type of business contributed as well; rinks expect payment after each month, but customers/teams often don’t fully pay for their season until at or near the end of the season. The resultant sporadic cash flow leads to a need to rely on credit to meet expenses and the necessity of using ‘new season’ money to help clear ‘previous season’ expenses. Over the last several years, expenses have grown significantly, while our pricing model has not altered sufficiently to accommodate the increased costs of running the league, and the league has grown further and further behind. The introduction of Covid-19, rink closures and uncertainty about the future, was the final straw.
We sought assistance from outside lenders and the federal government’s SBA, but the amount necessary is not something the league can obtain, nor would it have any hope of repaying. NESHL faced the potential for no sales income at all for 3 or even 6+ months, while continuing to carry a large existing debt load, defend any ongoing or future legal proceedings, and maintain insurance, technology and other expense. When we factor in the amount of the anticipated 2020 summer and 2020-2021 winter season ‘credits’ offered to teams from the last season, the anticipated income from future seasons is so drastically reduced, that it would be significantly below the expenses for those seasons, leaving the league even further in debt.
Therefore, we have determined that there is simply no way the league can afford to run a summer or winter season, and there is no way the league can meet its existing financial obligations. We apologize wholeheartedly to the rinks, contract workers and other vendors to whom the league still owes money, and to the teams to whom we had offered ‘future credit’. We know everyone is struggling during this unprecedented crisis; we realize that the league’s inability to pay its debts represents a loss for many individuals and companies, and we are deeply sorry to have placed anyone in this unfortunate situation.
Paul Laubenstein President, NESHL Inc.

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