Skydive Lodi Parachute Center

Tandem jump for $100 at 13,000 feet above wine country. Add $75 for video and still photos.
Experienced Jumpers pay
We are open EVERY DAY!

A family drop zone committed to sharing the skydiving experience since 1964, is one of the largest and oldest in the United States. We host the largest and fastest aircraft in Northern California for your comfort, speed, and safety. We utilize the newest state of the art equipment and some of the most experienced, fun Tandem Masters and Video crew in the industry.


Tandem Jump $125
RockStar Package Tandem with Video & Stills $199
Weight Limit Tandem 300lbs ($1 per pound over 200)
Weight Limit AFF 260lbs
Min age 16yrs with Parent permission on site with waiver
Disabilities are generally not a problem, please call ahead with queries.
Buy your Ticket to Skydive:

Open 9-3 - Booking 9-3 - Must be there BEFORE 3pm

You can count on a speedy, friendly and fun time for your very first skydive. Make sure to get the RockStar Video and Stills Package to show off and remember your first Skydive for ONLY $199 No place in the world beats that! Large groups are always welcome. We try to keep groups together as much as possible.

Like your jump? Learn to jump on your own. Authorized independent instructors offer a full choice of training programs for the first timer as well as advanced training and team training for your continuing Skydiving needs and activities. We cater to every discipline in Skydiving. From first jump, through certification along with RW, Freefly, Sitfly, CRW, Style and Accuracy etc.

Student (AFF) Weight Limit 260 lbs

For experienced jumpers:

jump prices are:
Hop N Pops 3,000 feet $5
Full Altitude 13,000 Feet $15
Gear Rental & jump $35

For Airplanes we have 3 Super Otters We look forward to seeing and jumping with you soon!

Tent camping available at the DZ on first come first serve basis.
Nearby Hotels: Make sure to ask for skydiver discount. Some give it, some don't.

Motel 6 209-334-6422 DISCOUNT
Hampton Inn and Suites 209-369-2700
Hilton Garden Inn 916-691-1900
Best Western Lodi 209-369-8484

Independent business operators whose business is to serve the skydiving community, will often bring their businesses to and operate their business at the Parachute Center, offering their services to new and experienced
skydivers. While the services offered by independent business operators vary, they may include tandem skydiving Instruction, certification instruction, and instruction relative to the various disciplines within the sport of skydiving. Other independent business operators offer videography, photography and parachute packing services at the Parachute Center.

This year we will be open for Christmas and we We will be celebrating with some skydiving. Come join us for our Holliday special- $100 skydives!


Here is some footage of our own Lodi local and Squirrel athlete Daniel Ristow, flying his new Squirrel wingsuit in Utah during the Turkey boogie! Great job Daniel!
#DFR #flysquirrel #skydivelodi

Daniel Ristow and his AURA 3 at Dragon’s Nest, shot by VerJan FPV.

Super Twin Otter loads on a Tuesday! Come out for a jump

Come out for a jump today for only $100.

13,000 Foot tandem skydives for only $100!

Beautiful day for skydiving today!

Load next, 15 minute call!

Wingsuit Pilot Soars So Close To The Ground — Joins RTM

Right This Minute did an interview with Daniel Ristow, a Skydive Lodi local and Squirrel athlete. Here he is tearing it up Wingsuit B.A.S.E. Jumping in Moab Utah!

#FlySquirrel #TurkeyBoogie #BASEjumping #DFR

Para Alpinist Daniel Ristow lives for the sport of wingsuit flying. Jumping from the highest point possible and flying along the vast valleys below is his bread and butter, but that doesn't mean it's not hard work too. Daniel uses the latest tech and a lot of prep time to make sure his flight is as....

Come out for a jump!

A belated happy thanksgiving to everyone from The Parachute Center family!
📸 Andy Raul

Ben Celebrating his 400th jump!

A smokey 16 way RW jump here in Lodi.
📸 Tom Stokley

Valley Springs World War II Vet Now Oldest Person To Skydive

Earlier this year, In celebration of his 97th birthday, we took Delton Walling on a Skydive. He is both a WWII & Pearl Harbor Survivor. And for that we thank him. Happy Veterans day!
#ThankYouForYourService A Pearl Harbor survivor from Valley Springs set a world record as the oldest person to jump out of a plane.

Happy 85th birthday Frank!

Sunday funday!

Come see what it feels like to jump out of a perfectly good airplane from over two miles above California.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Come get some air!

If your friends jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, would you?

Come jump with us 7 days a week for only $100!

[10/01/18]   Tired of jumping with some stranger strapped to your back? Learn how to skydive with us for $1000. Afterwards jump tickets to 13,000 feet are only $15! Come get some air!

Come fly with us 7 days a week!
Joakim Vedin

Tracking is a key step towards flying Wingsuits. Photographed here are Niko and Dani showing us their tracking suits before taking them on a 13,000 foot skydive.
#phoenixfly #skydiveLodi #trackingsuits

Night jumps with the Lodi Fun Jumper Family.
Big thanks to Michelle and Ronnie for putting everything together!
📸 Anastasia Kopylova
#Nightjumps #SkydiveLodi #Lodi

If your friends jumped out of a perfectly good airplane would you?

📸 Todd Davis

13,000 feet of air with pictures and video for $175!
#freefallphotographer #outsidecamera #marksallen

At Skydive Lodi Parachute Center we do tandem skydiving seven days a week for only $100! No need to call and you're not required to book in advance. Just show up any day of the week between 9AM-3PM.

#skydiving #LargestDZinNorCal

Skydiving can change your life! Come see what it's all about.

The only $15 jump ticket to 13,000 feet. Come get some air!

Come jump with us 7 days a week!
Joseph Puricelli

Stockton Skydiver Pt. 2

Here is wingsuit champion and NorCal skydiver Chris Geiler being interviewed on Good Day Sacramento.

#squirrel #gooddaysacramento #skydive A Stockton skydiver is heading to the Wingsuit Flying World Championships in the Czech Republic next week and Linda Mumma is still at Skydive California in Tracy to get a closer look!

Are you ready to learn how to skydive solo? Our AFF program will get you in the sky in no time!

$1000- AFF (7 jumps)
$100-Tandem Skydive from 13,000'
$15- Solo Skydive from 13,000'
$5- Solo Skydive from 3,000'

The ONLY skydiving center open seven days a week 365 days a year!
Call now or show up between 9AM-3PM

U.S. Army

Let's show support of our troops by celebratating and recognizing today as National Airborne Day!


Thank you Paratroopers.

National Airborne Day honors #USArmy Airborne Soldiers around the world. Did you know that Aug. 16, 1940, marked the date of the first official Army parachute jump at Fort Benning, Ga?

The proverbial pre jump handshakes.

Kerwin Rae

Change your life! Skydive. What happens behind the curtain of your own mind?

Skydiving changed my life in too many ways to mention.

It was the greatest form of therapy to treat fear I found anywhere.

#Skydiving #Rants


Firsthand footage of wingsuit pilot Steph Davis flying over Lodi. After the main parachute is deployed it develops a line twist malfunction. She cuts it away deploys the reserve parachute and lands safely!

Back in the day Steph Davis had a rowdy wingsuit jump with some buds and got some cutaway practice. She's cool, calm and collected with nice reserve ride back to the DZ. #FutureKAVUDaysFromThePast #Stuckit

Come in today to skydive and jump with our free fall photographers. Capture everything on video with photos for only $75! We are Open seven days a week from 9AM to 3PM.

Photograph by Brian Folmar

See California from 13,000 feet and go skydiving today!

Want to see what it's like jumping from a perfectly good airplane? Come jump today for only $100!

It's hump day! Come out for a jump today for only $100!

Do you have 200+ skydives?
Are you ready to fly Wingsuits?
Do you wanna fly like an eagle?

If so then check out world Champion and local athlete Cruza AKA Chris Geiler and book your First Flight Course today. Here he is at the Parachute Center with student Oli Dominguez.
Congratulations on your first wingsuit jump Oli!

#squirrel #flywithcruza #TheParachuteCenter

New Wingsuiter, new Sigma Merit!
Spent the day showing Oli Dominguez that there's much more to Wingsuiting than just cruising around the skies..!
Good work buddy, keep charging! 🤘 #earnyourmerit #flysquirrel #nextlevelflight #ausfittorsionbars #poweredbysunpath #flycookie #vigilaad #dekunu #wingsuit #coaching #lodi #parachute #center #skydiving

Are you ready to learn how to skydive solo? Our AFF program will get you in the sky in no time!

$1000- AFF (7 jumps)
$100-Tandem Skydive from 13,000'
$15- Solo Skydive from 13,000'
$5- Solo Skydive from 3,000'

The ONLY skydiving center open seven days a week 365 days a year!
Call now or show up between 9AM-3PM

A Wingsuit rodeo with David Jasper.

Where were you today?

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