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Private consultation and training in small groups or individually in the areas of nutrition and fitness.

Shane has over 20 years of experience as a fitness and nutrition professional. She is certified in both personal training and group fitness, and is a Registered Dietitian. She has been teaching, training, and consulting in the metro-west area for over 20 years, with regular classes and a loyal following. Clients range in age from children, where she is currently running a program in the Acton School district to seniors and all ages in between and of varying fitness levels. She specializes in health and fitness techniques which include: TRX, kettle bell, body resistance, HIIT, other forms of strength training, such as free weight and machines, in addition to group instruction and nutrition education including weight loss programming.

There’s so much being circulated about healthy eating around the holidays. It is true that the average person gains 5 pounds give or take around this season, which over time can mean a lot of weight gain and subsequent dieting to try to lose post celebrations. That’s so stressful!! To this is say....
Ideally you should be aiming for healthy weight and food intake throughout the year so the extra pound or two naturally falls off when you are back to routine, but this isn’t often the case because it can become a slippery slope of adding weight over the years. During the holidays you can certainly enjoy foods you love, but you should still be mindful of choices and portions. The real celebrating is about friends and family so let food add to it not be the focus. Get moving too. Most people have more free time over the next couple of weeks so get a jump on the New Year and sweat and lift!! Bottom line is certainly to enjoy yourself but do so in moderation and move your body, then take that and run without thought the year! Happy Holidays! See you in 2020! Empower! 💪🏻💞 #dietitiansofinstagram #fitmom #healthylifestyle #fitholidays #happyholidays #fitforlife #strong

What to do with fit club before we break for vacation!? Good ole backyard play! Sometimes it’s just about movement and fun! Empower! 💞💪🏻 #fitkids #fitnessisfun #fitclub #healthykids #schoolvacationvibes #rjgrey #rjgreyjhs

When my daughter was in junior high (she’s a senior now 🤪), I started a fit club there so kids could get exposed to formalized exercise training which included strength training and cardio circuits. Over the years fit club has grown I’m proud to say, and now it includes some before school classes for the elementary kids. The littles don’t do much strength training, but we do a lot of moving around and disguising exercise with “playing”. We talk about healthy eating a bit and my goal is to plant the seed of the importance of all of it. Bonus is the teachers love it because these kids are tired after and better able to focus! This is so important and something kids of all ages need to learn. I’m so honored that I get to do it in town. I even got probably 5 hugs from a 6 year old this morning so that’s a win for me! Haha
Start Em young! Empower! 💪🏻💞 #healthylifestyle #fitkids #fitclub #nevertooyoung #healthykids #healthyeating #strongkids

Soups and stews are a great way to get some healthy nutrition in a delicious and easy way. I love soup and most especially in the cold weather. This recipe has a little kick with fresh jalapeños, so you may want to adjust the quantity if you don’t like spicy. You can also add more veggies too like zucchini, cauliflower, or whatever you like really. It’s a great make ahead meal too for a busy week. Healthy eating should not feel like a punishment. Food can be healthy and delicious! Empower! 💪🏻💞

Saturday morning education corner! Please read!!!!

Although I do subscribe to the idea that something is better than nothing, it is very difficult to reach peak fitness and health goals in 30 minutes or less. Believe me I wish it wasn’t!!! Though again 30 min programming or a quick run is not pointless because you will burn calories, (especially if your heart rate is at 55-80% max sustained for at least 20-30 min), that alone is not the most effective way to lose weight and maximize fitness and health. Sorry!!! Don’t hate me!

If you workout with me or even glance at my posts, you know that none of my workouts for myself, or my clients don’t include strength training. My workouts are all about intensity and strength, both with cardio and real lifting. A more efficient body cardiovascularly will be better equipped to lift and a stronger body will be more able to endure higher intensity cardio. It is very much a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Can’t have one without the other. My sessions are 1 hour and even after that I still feel like I needed just a little more time to really get that tricep or glute or chest pumped for my clients. Haha
You may be thinking that you don’t have time but my response is there is always time for your health. Carve it out. Set it aside. Build it in. Make it a priority.

I do like the fitness classes of the world for the general population because they get heart rates up and move the muscles, but they do not focus for the most part on pure muscle isolation and strength. Most use many compound movements with light weights and long repetitions that do give you a burn but not in the same way a progressive overload lifting routine will.

A great exercise program for weight loss, strength, and health will include isolated progressive strength training as well as cardio vascular exercise.

What do I mean by strength training? A series of repetitions and sets under constant tension using resistance methods like weight machines, resistance bands, dumbbells, or a user’s own body weight to build muscle and strength. In short pushing or pulling heavy things.

Strength training is a key component to weight loss for many reasons:

1) Muscles at rest require calories, while fat cells at rest do not, so the greater your lean body mass, the more calories you will burn throughout the day, including when you are sleeping. Each pound of muscle you put on can help your body burn an extra 30-50 calories per day!

2) The body will burn more calories in the 24 hours after a strength training workout than a cardio one, so while the calories burned during exercise might not be as much as a good cardio workout, you’ll continue to burn calories after you stop working out.

3) Strong muscles will help you be more efficient with your cardio workouts, and in everyday life, increasing your caloric burn for both.

So the take home message is.....

something is better than nothing and while cardio training helps to create a caloric deficit, and is also fundamental; strength training helps to build muscle which not only provides shape to the muscles, but also has the ability to increase your base metabolic rate. Strength training can give you an edge in weight loss for that very reason. Give your body a one- two punch, cardio and strength together will make you an unstoppable machine.

Thanks for reading and hope that makes you think about your routine and goals!! Empower! 💪🏻💞 #healthylifestyle #strength #fitnessgoals #weightloss #strength #strengthtraining #fitness #health #personaltraining #lifting #workoutintensity

Ok me again with another request from a client! I have a client at 6:30 AM who is looking for a partner on Thursdays. And this is not some 30 minute thing it’s a full hour of real strength and cardio. She wants to see me twice a week and this is one way for her to budget. 1 day 1/1 and a second small group. I pride myself in making my sessions reasonably priced so I can help as many people as I can. I don’t think I’ve ever raised my fees. Haha

If you think you could handle starting the day with me (or ending it with a 5:30 PM) and my lovely clients, please message me! Fun. Effective. Educational. All fitness levels! Empower! 💪🏻💞

Look at the transformation of this beauty!! This is a client of mine who has successfully lost over 10 pounds in 2 months and kept it off through following my nutrition programming consistently. Her motivation is inspiring, and she has done it despite her hectic work and mom schedule. It is possible!! My program is easy, healthy, and effective, you just have to be committed to improving your health! Contact me for more information. Empower! 💪🏻💞 #dietitians #dietitiansofinstagram #registereddietitian #fitmom #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #over40andfabulous #nutrition #personaltrainer #strongwomen #inspiration #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney

5:30 small group has an anticipated opening. I cap my groups at 3 so this is an affordable way to get customized personal training with me for an hour. We do strength, cardio, and body weight resistance training as well as laugh and have some fun. It’s so important to learn how to properly train and this is a great way to do it! This is for all ages (14 plus) and any fitness level. I often have teens mixed in with some more mature ladies and it’s a lot of fun! Message me if it might be something you’d like to try! And please spread the word! I grow from word of mouth mostly and my clients stick with me for a long time. I’m blessed!

If this doesn’t fit your schedule I am happy to discuss other options.

If nutrition programming is of interest, I am always happy to take on more clients with that. Nutrition is 80% of the game! Empower!💪🏻💞

It’s definitely winter in New England. So many people are sore and tired from shoveling snow. Remember this! If that was the most strenuous activity you’ve had in a long time and you’re sore and tired from it then it should be a wake up call! The whole reason to be fit and healthy is so you can do activities of daily living! Shoveling is not exercise, it’s activity! We need to be in shape so that we can sustain these daily living activities in life. If you’ve been stuck inside and haven’t exercised then you need to be on a routine most days of your life so that these days are just a day off or something different. It may be cold outside but it’s warm and welcoming in my gym! Come workout with me! I’m always looking for new clients to join my small groups or train 1/1. Don’t let your fitness fall by the wayside no matter what is happening outside! Empower! 💪🏻💞 #healthyliving #winterworkouts #dietitians #registereddietitian #personaltraining #fitmom #livingwell

The average person gains 5 pounds during the holiday season and doesn’t lose it! That’s quite the accumulation over the years! Be mindful this season. Don’t eat your holiday meal starving. Curb your appetite with a little bit before. Don’t over fill your plate. Recognize and be aware of your hunger cues. If you are still really hungry then take seconds. Make most of your plate high fiber foods like veggies and if you’re going somewhere bring a healthy side that you know you will eat. Choose the lean parts of the turkey. Eat slowly. Drink in moderation because alcohol is a large contributor to weight gain, this time of year especially. AND get moving. I like to exercise before my meal so I can enjoy and relax. Taking a post meal walk is also really nice with family and friends you are celebrating with. Make your holidays about the people you love and less about how much you eat! Eat to live and less living to eat. Happy holidays! Empower! 💪🏻💞


The Zen of Weight Lifting


nytimes.com Chop wood, carry water and other lessons that apply far beyond the gym.

My schedule for fitness training gets pretty busy with fabulous clients, but I always have room for more amazing nutrition customers who really need the education, and sometimes more importantly the accountability! I’ve been perfecting my virtual training for a long time now and learn more with each person I work with. As a registered dietitian and personal fitness trainer I can offer what you really need to get the best results. Nutrition AND fitness. We all know this but do we all do this? And even more so do we do it right?! I LOVE helping people change their lifestyle. It’s what I do! I call myself coach. They might call me other things. 🤪😂🙊 Empower! 💪🏻💞

Happy October!

46 years young, 3 kids 24x7, including a junior in high school, and a senior about to hit send to college applications. Working to grow a small business and give 💯 to my beloved client friends, maintain my personal life and my sanity! I’m not saying this at all as a shout out to myself if you know me at all. I’m saying this because I get a lot of comments about time and availability in terms of eating right and exercising. No one understands time constraints more than me. This is not about finding time, it’s about your priorities. For some reason our own health seems to fall way way down on the list of priorities. To that I say STOP. Your health should be number 1! You have seen me or heard me say this before. You are far better off to everything and everyone short term and long if you take care of yourself. Carve out some time in your day. Find a way to make your schedule set aside an hour or 2 for exercise. Spend some minutes planning your food intake so it is balanced and healthy. If you don’t know how to do this, ASK someone to help you. That’s what I do every day of my life for myself and others. No excuses. Take charge of your health so that you can properly take charge of your life for years to come!! Empower! 💞💪🏻

Happy daughters day to my one and only. Oh how much I love you! And to all of the other daughters I say be the empowered strong women that you are! Empower! 💪🏻💞 @_emmaperkins_ #motherdaughter #nationaldaughtersday #strongwomen #strongwomenraisingstrongwomen

Labor Day weekend closes out the summer and it’s all downhill from here. #summerdontgo. Haha just kidding. It may be downhill for the warm weather but it can be uphill for your fitness journey. There’s no better way to learn how than with small private training and/or nutrition consultation and programming from an experienced and educated professional. You should know how to workout and eat properly because knowledge is power! Customized specialized training is the ultimate in long term success. If you rely on a class schedule, what do you do without it!? Be dependent on yourself, not on that! The more you know! Empower! 💪🏻💞

How did your summer shape up? Did you have high hopes of getting into your best shape? Did you do a little too much enjoying? Did you get into the rhythm just to get interrupted by a vacation or now the start of school and a new schedule? Well it’s never too late and there is no excuse not to put yourself first. Your health is not a seasonal thing so get going! Empower! 💪🏻💞

Fall into fitness!!! With summer winding down (booooooo), a new routine begins for many, and that means an opportunity to reach health and fitness goals. There are many ways to tackle it, but in my over 25 years of experience, I know that there is only one real effective way to do it. I’ve taken and taught many classes over my lifetime, and as I’ve said before, they are helpful but they are not the ultimate way to achieve an advanced level of fitness. By advanced I don’t mean elite either, I mean the MOST effective. Proper instruction comes from learning how and what to do with age, injury, or prevention of, and progression. That’s not as possible in a fast paced large group environment. I pride myself on pushing my clients and educating them on the how and why with an intensity that is tough but appropriate for all fitness levels. Not all exercises are created equal and with private training, you get personalized and customized safe routines. If you want to target your arms, legs, abs, you can do that much more effectively in private training vs group. My clients range in age from 70-13! I teach at the junior high as well so these kids can start early!
That’s only half the battle though! As an RD, I can help you tackle the other part that may be more critical even. NUTRITION! You can never out train a bad diet as you’ve heard and only a registered dietitian is truly qualified to help you. Food is a powerful thing and elimination diets can be adverse to your health in some cases and difficult to adhere to. I teach lifestyle change and not a diet, and make you accountable. I am ALWAYS taking on nutrition clients. If you’re unsure of what to do and how, you feel like you have no real direction, reach out to me. I have a private amazing space and I love what I do. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than helping people change their lifestyle. Let’s do this! Empower! 💪🏻💞


Lifting Weights As You Age Cuts Your Risk Of Early Death By 46%


menshealth.com Discover the science of how strength training keeps you young

Hump day humor. Empower! 💪🏻💞😂

Post vacation status.....not much changed, I actually think I lost a couple pounds due to more daily activity in the heat. Modified my workout schedule a bit, but still hit the gym (that’s a must for me no matter where I go). I enjoyed some amazing meals, but I didn’t over indulge or eat unhealthily, aside from a sweet here and there. I know my body and I know how to eat anywhere I am. This isn’t some gift, it’s years of learning and living it. Consistency is key and understanding how to adapt while off routine, yet still enjoying time away. Don’t use vacation as a time to let it all go, use vacation as a welcomed change of scenery, a chance to relax and reboot, and an opportunity to get different kinds of activities like hiking or swimming. Fitness, wellness, and health don’t ever need a vacation! Empower! 💪🏻💞

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