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Follow me for information on personal training, locally offered classes, innovative fitness exercises, useful nutrition tips and fun! Ripped by Jules is the Boston area and MetroWest’s premier physical trainer and boot camp instructor, pushing you in full body workouts that deliver real results in a fun but challenging environment.

Our high-intensity workouts incorporate free weights, kettlebells, ropes, medicine balls, suspension trainers, dynamic training and many innovative ways to increase strength, tone muscle, and boost your metabolism. We constantly change workouts to keep things fresh and challenge your body in new ways, all while providing accountability and motivation. Personal training sessions can be done in our studio or in your home. There is no long-term commitment, contract, or enrollment fee required. If you are ready to make serious changes for life, Ripped is the welcoming but intense environment you need!

Operating as usual

Full body Friday! Today it’s with a KB. Dumbbells can be subbed in, but the KB definitely helps engage the core slightly more.
The sixth slide, the table top KB renegade row is a super challenge- be careful!

Bonded together. Core focused band moves. Adding the mini band to mid section moves we already know about brings a whole new challenge!

Bonded together. Core focused band moves. Adding the mini band to mid section moves we already know about brings a whole new challenge!

Full body Friday! CRAZY 8s!

This one is no joke:
8 reps of each

Atomic push ups
Man makers
Ball throw box jump burpees
Leg climbers (8 each side)
Plank walk out
Full hanging clean
Weighted windmill
Kang squat with wide row
Unstable shrimp squat

Pushing the push up game!
Push ups are my favorite exercise; once you master the standard, try these variations to amp up the arm and ab game!

Full body Friday!

Here’s the format:
Do each exercise for 2 minutes with a :20 break between each.
Do each exercise for 1:30 with a :20 break between each.
Do each exercise for 1 minute with a :15 break between each.
Do each exercise for :30 with a :10 break between each.

Core from your crib! All around and with zero equipment! Enjoy!

Can we talk about how PERFECT this new welcome mat for Ripped is?

Thank you, Jess!

8 min AMRAP!

Working in pairs here, guys. Alternating between 2 moves. 10R of each move alternating for 8 minutes.
Pair 1: alternating snatch and standing press
Pair 2: pausing dead lift and kB burpee row
Pair 3: windshield wipers and spider p/u
Pair 4: thruster and kB swing
Pair 5: roll outs and under overs

Go! Go now! 👍🏼👏🏼💪🏼

CRAZY 8s! I LOVE this format but it’s not for the faint of heart. Go heavy and stay at pace.
8 moves
8 reps of each
8 rounds

*dead lift
*dead ball
*press with crunch
*slam ball
*push press
*OH walking lunges (8 each side)
*push up with cricket

Keen on core and upper body today!
:45/:12, 3 rounds!
-static bicep hold w alternating rotating presses
-seated OH press
-bent over fly into shoulder rotation
-half Turkish get up
-plank with heavy DB pass (don’t drag it!)
-renegade row to thruster
-curl to kickback
-front cross to side bend
-push up with mr/mrs T
-own it! 😇

SNEAK ATTACK! This one looks benign but was a sufficient butt kick!

12 moves

Timing is :45/:15

3 rounds of:
Full release push ups
Banded tap outs
Hollow hold pulses

3 full rounds of:
Battle ropes
Knee to elbow BOSU plank
Squat curl

3 full rounds of:
KB swing push out
Hanging clean
TRX pike with knee to elbow touch

3 full rounds of:
Single leg dead lift with row into lunge
Other side
Frogger swings

Please join my sister Samantha tomorrow to learn about these impressive and clean products!


This was a tough one; if you work fast, leave yourselves 45 minutes. If you’re a bit slower paced, take an hour.

Here’s how it works:
5 pairs of exercises
Each round does move A in the pair for 10 reps, then move B for 10. Then move A for 8 reps, move B for 8. Move A for 5, move B for 5. Then back to 8 and then 10. Once complete, move to the next pair.

Pairs are placed back to back in the video:
(Wo)man makers and reverse crunch
Handstand shoulder taps and wall ball
Box jump burpee and heavy squat
Pike pull in/reverse OH lunges
Squat w upright row and ball pass.

Go be a beast! 💪🏼💪🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼😘

I have always loved TRX but they’ve proven especially useful over the last few months.
I have lost significant strength since March but getting back on these felt good and hopeful; and very accommodating to where I’m at right now.
Full body TRX comin’ atcha!

The Band is Back! Got a long band? Here is a full body firecracker with just a band! It’s not easy!

Bodyweight beast mode! Check these out! The first and last ones are KILLER! 🙌🏼💪🏼✌🏼✌🏼

Dumbbell only legs, core and back! 👍🏼💪🏼

Who says bodyweight isn’t badass?! Try these on for a sizeable sweat!

[05/12/20]   Reasons to try something new:

Learn about yourself
Expose yourself to new ideas
Breaks up the routine
Alleviates boredom
Grow as a person and athlete
Boost your overall confidence level
Experience= knowledge
Win $!

Okay, I’m sort of kidding with that last one but it DID help sweeten the deal knowing that I accepted this challenge by @richardgrannon, succeeded, and was the first one to succeed properly for him to see, earning me a small and unexpected windfall!

AC/DC song thunderstruck.
High plank for the duration.
Push up every single time they say the word, “thunder”.
Hear me drop at least 4 F bombs throughout.

Try! 🙌🏼❤️👍🏼


ZOOM! Friday, 5/8 at 11:15. Sign up now to watch LIVE or to watch LATER at! Ripped by Jules is the Boston area and MetroWest’s premier studio, pushing you in full body workouts that deliver real results in a fun but challenging environment. Personal training studio and classes are located in Acton, MA.

Got a kettlebell or two? This

series is TOUGH. Ten moves. Ten reps of each. Can you make ten rounds?!? 👏🏼🙌🏼👊🏼

Accidental selfie when I was saying goodbye to my ZOOM class this morning!

I think I’m saying, “WHEW, IM SO SWEATY!” and here’s the proof.

Looking to sweat, stay strong, stay healthy, get moving? Sign up for my live or orderable Zoom classes at for a solid kick in the ass!

Masks go OVER the nose, people! 😡🙄

Five and Dime Home Workout!
5 minute time blocks.
2 exercises in each.
Alternating each move for 10 reps each for the full 5 minutes.

1️⃣ dumbbell skiiers and plank to wall walk handstand
2️⃣ monkey lunge R and monkey lunge L
3️⃣ forward lunges with OH hold (10 each side) and table top bird dog (10 each side)
4️⃣ tricep push up and full hand release push up into box jump
5️⃣ DB dead lift into goblet squat and sprinter hold for a ten second count, alternate legs
6️⃣ hollow hold variation and surrenders with shoulder press

This is a goodie, y’all!

What do I eat? A lot of protein and a lot of fat with clean carbs. And wine. And tequila.

Last night for dinner it was this:
QUINOA BOWL with salmon, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted cauliflower, roasted Brussels sprouts, diced carrots, diced red pepper, baby arugula, roasted beets, and avocado. I could eat it every night; but for now 3 nights a week works!

What’s in your bowl?

Think bodyweight workouts are easy? NO WAY! Check out this bodyweight workouts for some killer moves.


All band home workout!

"...when you no longer live together and your parents are old and enfeebled, or perhaps already gone, petals fallen from that same wilted flower, you will have each other in a way that is different than you will ever have anyone else. The lives you have made, and the people you will become, will emerge in part from your secret hours together, lost in a fort of your own making or laughing as you tell jokes long after your bedtime as your giggles merge with your dreams. The intensity of your bond can sustain you through anything, and I wish for you to remain close, more than anything else I can ever wish for you...". *wish for my siblings and for my beautiful children. stay close.

Happy siblings day! I miss you girls. Xox
@lizaf24 @ninaf44 @hframz how the hell does Lauren not have IG? ❤️




Here’s the thing. We’ve all lost a little control right now. We watch. We wait. We wash. We wonder. We pray. And pace. And hopefully we all take the urgency and seriousness of what’s happening right now responsibly.
My responsibility (and joy) is giving you safe ways to move your body. This isn’t about weight, looks, overweight, underweight. Today- ESPECIALLY today- this is about your physical health, your mental health, your determination to be strong and healthy and capable. That has always been and continues to be my goal for you (and for myself)!
*pulse push up
*mr/mrs T
*press to OH hold sit up
*dead lift to goblet *hopping DB pick ups
*tabletop shoulder/knee touches *reverse lunge to toe touch *half split squat with front raise
*squat to double DB snatch
*pulsing 3/4 squat with static bicep

Don’t forget to hit and purchase live or online full length videos! ❤️

I’m SO PROUD of my online classes; either live in real time or to order for you to watch when you’re ready.

We are kicking ASS at home and with minimal equipment.

Get your sweat on with me today by going to and signing up NOW OR by messaging me through the website.

Corona doesn’t mean you have to go it alone-a! 💪🏼👍🏼🙏🏼😘

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