Swords of Chivalry

Swords of Chivalry is a swordsmanship school in Acton Massachusetts for high school and middle school youth taught by Scott Ferguson. Swords of Chivalry is run by Scott Ferguson.

Scott's day job is as a math teacher to students with special emotional needs, such as autism and anxiety. Scott spent most of his college years working as a tutor in the disability services office, and has spent the last ten years continuing that work at a high school specifically aimed at students with emotional challenges. Scott started studying HEMA in 2006, after a friend commented that he was "off to swords class" after a roleplaying game session. "Swords class?" Scott asked. "Can I come, too?" Scott never looked back. Scott's experience with children goes back a long way, including having taken over the nursery at his parents' church at age 12. The children were well taken care of, and Scott didn't have to sit still for an hour during the church service... and could still hear the singing from the nursery below.

Swords of Chivalry is a youth European martial arts program for children grades 3 and up that has been operating in the Acton area since 2012. Here, students are taught a martial art focusing on the medieval sword, complete with the chivalric code that followed the sword through the centuries. Each class teaches students about fitness, safety, focus, discipline, maturity, and history. Contact us today for more information!

Mission: Making sword-fighting into a safe hobby for children since 2012!

[04/13/20]   Thank you to those students who attended our first video class today.

I hope that I will see those of you who were not able to attend next week. If you were not invited, please let me know and I will send you the invite. (This is open to all past and current students. New students... Talk to me, and we'll see what we can figure out.)


Roxi Horror 💀🌸 on Twitter

• difficult & time consuming
• makes you feel vulnerable

• fast & easy
• you will NOT feel vulnerable
• someone might see you & think "who is the cool person with the sword? I'd like to buy them chicken nuggets in a romantic setting"


twitter.com “FINDING A VALENTINE • difficult & time consuming • makes you feel vulnerable BUYING A NEW SWORD • fast & easy • you will NOT feel vulnerable • someone might see you & think "who is the cool person with the sword? I'd like to buy them chicken nuggets in a romantic setting"”


You DONT do your system. YOU do YOU!

Don't try to fight like me, or even like Mair or Lichtenauer. Fight like you.


I do me inspired by Fiores works. And you do you, inspired by your chosen works. Here’s why. And here’s how to accept that, but still stay true to your chose...

[12/17/19]   For the next few weeks, we will be doing a little bit of Ringen, working from Paulus Hector Mair's manual on grappling.



How Diversity and Inclusion Support Good HEMA


practiceandart.wordpress.com I just got back from Swordsquatch 2019. I arrived with almost no gear, with the goals of teaching my class, taking classes, and meeting West Coast HEMA people. I advise people to try attending even…

[07/03/19]   If you haven't signed up with Tidy Club yet, please check your email. Even if you already paid for July, please click the link for "I already paid for June and July!"

[06/28/19]   If you are a parent who was thinking of signing your child up for the classes through the Peter Pan Center, please contact me. Even though my classes at The Peter Pan Center have been canceled for the summer, I still run my regular classes.

[04/22/19]   I am in the process of designing t-shirts for swords of chivalry. What should I put on the t-shirt other than the new logo?

[01/17/19]   Despite the holiday, Swords of Chivalry *will* be holding classes on Monday, January 21.

Also, please join us at Arisia this weekend, where Swords of Chivalry will be running four events.

[12/10/18]   Congratulations to Cameron, our assistant instructor, on making it to the elimination round at the Cambridge Assault of Arms broadsword tournament!

[11/23/18]   After the successful first week, Swords of Chivalry will be expanding its 5-7 year old class a few minutes early, so that there is now time for the little ones to have a snack.

Lesson learned: A sword class is one of the few times when you want a 5 year old to be FULL of sugar.

So, in order to make things work: 4:45 is snack time, and 5:00 is time to start moving.

[10/29/18]   Swords of Chivalry is happy to announce that, starting on Monday, November 19, there will be a class for 5-7 year old students!

The class will start at 5 pm on Monday nights, running for 45 minutes each night. Students will run, stretch, and of course sword-fight in a format consistent with their cognitive development.

We hope to see your child there!

[10/26/18]   Swords of Chivalry will be running a number of events at Arisia this year, as we have for over a decade at this point, since before we were Swords of Chivalry. For the past decade, this has been uncontroversial.

This year, due to allegations of misconduct against the president of the president of Arisia, it is controversial, and many of the swordsmanship programs have pulled out of Arisia. I respect their decisions to do so. I agree that allegations of any sort of misconduct are important, should be followed up, and should be taken seriously.

But Arisia is not about an unpaid board of directors to me. Arisia is a convention where fans get together and talk about nerdy things and hit each other with swords.

The children who attend Swords of Chivalry's programming at Arisia will be safer in the room that I run than they would be elsewhere, if I were not present. This is especially true for the teenagers, who don't look like children anymore, but many of whom I have been teaching since they were in diapers, barely old enough to hold one of my foam daggers.

Swords of Chivalry will continue to run children's programming at Arisia until it is determined that doing so will be unsafe for the children in our care, or until I can no longer lift a sword.

The Illustrated Ringeck

Sigmund Ringeck is one of two secondary sources we have for Lichtenauer's Zettel, and this kind group has illustrated it with pictures of themselves! Sweet!

A project to produce photographic illustrations for all the plays in Ringeck's gloss.


Splitting Bullets with Butter Knives: Penn & Teller Tell a Lie

Wow. Apparently you can cut a bullet with a sword. Or a butter knife.


In this clip Penn and Teller look to see if you can split a bullet with a butter knife. We go behind the science of why this could be possible and we ask the...

[10/24/17]   The thing about martial arts is that it works even when your opponent is bigger than you. Tonight, a 10 year old threw a 17 year old to the ground during a dagger drill.

It works!

[10/02/17]   A student just received a second stripe for Skill with Weapons, after taking the Silver Medal at the Iron Gate Exhibition this weekend. Congrats, CO!

[08/01/17]   For the third year in a row, Swords of Chivalry has been able to lower its prices with the coming of the new school year. Hurray!

[06/03/17]   Today's open house was a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone who came and hit me with swords.

A special thank you to Crystal for taking pictures.

I hope to see you all (and hit you all with swords) again on Monday night!


Meet Scott Ferguson of Swords of Chivalry - Boston Voyager Magazine | Boston City Guide

Hey! I got interviewed in a newspaper! http://bostonvoyager.com/interview/meet-scott-ferguson-swords-chivalry-metro-west-acton/

bostonvoyager.com Today we’d like to introduce you to Scott Ferguson. Scott, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today. No one ever found me when I was little and put a sword in my hand, and when I found a sword, no one […]


Obstacle Run in Armour - a short film by Daniel Jaquet

This is amazing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAzI1UvlQqw

"A firefighter and a soldier in full gear bear the same load as a medieval armoured fighter. Which one will perform best on the run?" Displayed in the exhibi...

Dead Era

I also would have been interested to see a katana strapped down, and watch katana vs. katana and long sword versus katana.

The historical records include numerous stories about Japanese swords breaking and European swords bending under similar circumstances, so I find it interesting to see the opposite in this video: the katana is bending and the arming sword is breaking.

☠️ Dead Era ☠️

[11/22/16]   Thank you to Forte Swordplay for putting together a regional New England Sword Gathering 2016 #1 for the first time since before Swords of Chivalry was founded. It was great to get to fight so many people again, and so many people for the first time.

[11/18/15]   We had an amazing night last night, working with a Cub Scout pack. We worked with den after den of kids with swords in their hands. It was an amazing sight to see.

[11/03/15]   Limited time offer! Receive $20 OFF Your First 1-2 Months Of Classes! Click here to claim this offer: https://goo.gl/a0M5D2

[06/10/15]   I just got back from a weekend in Wisconsin, for personal reasons. While there, I got to train with people from two different swords schools, and I have a boatload of new drills that I am really excited to share with class next week!

The fact that there is so little cross-pollination between Massachusetts and Wisconsin is a sad thing. Someone invent a wormhole to Wisconsin so we can fix this!

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