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[12/30/19]   We will be open from 9 am - 4 pm tomorrow and closed on New Year’s Day. Happy New Year!

The Lowell store is decorated for the holidays! Vote for Marx!!

[11/27/19]   Good luck to everyone running the Concord and Acton Turkey Trots! The Acton store will be closed for Thanksgiving and open on Friday from 10 am - 7 pm with some special sales! 15% off full priced shoes and 20% off full priced apparel!

Marx Mobile Gait Analysis traveled to Colorado over the weekend! Thank you to the staff at Orangetheory Fitness Louisville Lafayette, and a special thank you to Megan, Melissa, and coach Heather for all of your help!

This shoe store is out of step with others

Our Lowell location is open once again at 118 Merrimack street. We’re equipped with a second video gait analysis system and look forward to providing the area with the same service we’ve been providing in Acton for 13 years. Stop in at either location for your free gait analysis! Along the walls of Marx Running and Fitness at 118 Merrimack St., in Lowell, one can see old photos and newspapers clippings of owner Mark Coddaire alongside fellow runners and friends. Older fella…

Don't change my shoe! This is something we hear often from customers, and we feel the same way! Scroll down for a good read!

Don't Change My Shoe!

The best thing that can happen to a runner is finding a shoe that they love. The worst thing is learning that their favorite shoe is changing.
Footwear companies are in fierce competition with each other. Today’s hot products land in tomorrow’s bargain bin when trendy colors, construction, and materials sway consumer preferences and drive how businesses market and manufacture their new lines. Sometimes runners welcome these changes. Sometimes they don’t.
Take the midsole. It’s the foundation of a shoe. Even the tiniest tweak in construction or materials can throw off a runner’s gait and increase their risk of injury. The midsole supports a runner’s weight one stride at a time while absorbing a great amount of force while keeping muscles, tendons, and ligaments properly balanced and in sync. It’s no wonder that when runners find a shoe that works perfectly for them, they want it to stay that way forever.
Change is a constant in any industry, including athletic footwear. But that doesn’t mean that change can’t be reversed.
Mark Coddaire, owner of Marx Running and Fitness in Acton, Mass., convinced a little-known footwear company to reintroduce a discontinued shoe with a surprising cult following—a shoe that had helped Mark rapidly recover from a back injury.
In the spring of 2016, a sales rep introduced Mark to a brand he’d never heard of—361 Degrees. Mark accepted an evaluation pair of 361 shoes but had no intention of running in them (and no interest working with what he thought was a start-up). The rep called weekly to ask how the evaluation was going, and Mark explained each time that he wasn’t interested in adding the shoes to his store’s mix. But while watching the 2016 Olympic summer games, Mark noticed 361 everywhere: on shoes, swim caps, banners, and sponsored athletes.
After a bit of research, he discovered 361 was no start-up—it was a major Chinese footwear brand with a US division led by a former Asics executive. Mark ordered a small quantity of one model, the Voltar, and the shoes started selling well in his store.
By winter of 2017, 361 released the Sensation 2, a shoe with the same midsole as the Voltar but with a slightly different upper. Mark had hurt his back in January and started running again in February, giving a pair of Sensation 2’s a try. He fell in love with the shoe’s support, and by April he was back to running up to 50 miles a week, crediting the Sensation 2’s to his speedy recovery.
When Mark compared the Sensation 2 with his former favorite, the Brooks Defyance, he found that the new shoes gave him the same stability as the Brooks but were lighter and had a softer touch.
By spring, the Sensation 2’s were flying out the door, and very few local retailers were carrying 361 products—both great things for Mark and his store. But good things don’t always last. Mark found out that 361 was planning to restyle the Sensation 2, renaming it as the Sensation 3 and replacing much of what made the shoe work for him. Mark contacted 361 to better understand the changes and see if there was any chance of keeping the Sensation 2 in production, as the shoe gained a rabid fanbase, and he bought up as much inventory as he could to keep the shoe on his shelves.
In the winter of 2018, 361 asked Mark to partner with them for the upcoming Boston Marathon Expo. During the expo, Mark stressed how much he wanted to see the Sensation 2’s stay in production, and by October he had bought all of the remaining inventory in the US. He had also hired a doctorate physical therapy student out of UMass Lowell to assist him with gait analysis and shoe evaluation, and together they developed an evaluation system to capture the Sensation 2’s benefits to his customers.
His persistence paid off. In December, 361 told Mark that their European division had decided to fuse the most important part of the Sensation 2—the mid-sole—with a slightly wider upper. They’d call this new model the Nemesis, and they handed Mark exclusive US rights to carry the shoe. Sometimes a change can be a good thing.
Mark still has a limited inventory of Sensation 2’s (and plenty of Nemesis) along with a full suite of 361 and other major brands.

This past Tuesday, Mark and his gait analysis system took a trip to Maragal Medical where Mark spoke to staff about ever-changing running shoe technology and how it affects the medical and therapeutic fields. Stop by the store for a free video gait analysis!

Any locals running Ragnar Reach The Beach this weekend? Good luck!!!

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Where are your favorite local runs? One of ours is right around the corner from our Acton store... NARA Park and Acton Town Forest!

Has cross country season training begun? Come in for all of your training and race needs.

[08/13/19]   Big News!
The Grand Reopening of our Lowell store!
Stay tuned for more details and exact dates.

Marx Running and Fitness Cener - Acton Ma.

How do you know if your shoes are putting you at risk for injury? Come in for our free gait analysis and find out!

Who’s on vacay this week?! One of our favorite vacation beach runs is the Marginal Way in Ogunquit Maine. Comment below with your favorite vacation run!

Today is the last day of the tent sale - Don’t miss out on the great deals!

Be sure to stop by the tent sale and blood drive today until 6pm! The tent sale will be up through the weekend, but shop early for the best selection! 😉

Marx Running and Fitness Cener - Acton Ma.

Rain rain go away... I want to go for a run today!
How hardcore are you? Do you skip running outside when it's raining?– Prep for your next sunny day and stop by Marx Running today to see all our new gear! Welcome to Marx Running & Fitness Center. We have everything you need from running to fitness and more.

5k — Unified

Who's running the Unified Health & Performance 5K this weekend? Stop by our store for any pre-race needs. Marx Running will be at the race - We look forward to seeing you!

#running #runhappy #getfit The Scholarship program funds programs for adaptive athletes and disability service agencies, middle and high school athletes who can’t afford a membership, and an annual scholarship for a high school volunteer who has been instrumental in helping our adaptive fitness programs exist.

[05/25/19]   Who’s kicking off this beautiful Memorial Day weekend with a run? The weather is exactly what we’ve been waiting for! 🇺🇸 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏾‍♂️ 🇺🇸

[05/16/19]   Where do you run/walk most often?
If you answered outside - track, street or trail? (comment below)

[05/08/19]   Race season is here. Which race are you looking forward to the most?! 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏾‍♂️

An over due congratulations to our April sneaker giveaway winner Joanna Levine! Enjoy your new kicks!

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[04/21/19]   Happy Easter! Who's heading out for a run this morning?

Get your entry in before midnight tonight for your chance to win! See below for details.

WIN FREE SNEAKERS! This is NOT and April fools joke!

Marx Running wants your feedback...

Leave a comment below by April 15 about their Gait Analysis process or the footwear they fit for you and win a pair of shoes!

All comments and feedback must be received by April 15. The winner will be drawn at random and announced no later than April 17.

Visit our website to shop the latest styles

Wishing our good friend Sarah Crouch of the 361 family and everyone running the best of luck in the marathon today!


See below for details.

WIN FREE SNEAKERS! This is NOT and April fools joke!

Marx Running wants your feedback...

Leave a comment below by April 15 about their Gait Analysis process or the footwear they fit for you and win a pair of shoes!

All comments and feedback must be received by April 15. The winner will be drawn at random and announced no later than April 17.

Visit our website to shop the latest styles

WIN FREE SNEAKERS! This is NOT and April fools joke!

Marx Running wants your feedback...

Leave a comment below by April 15 about their Gait Analysis process or the footwear they fit for you and win a pair of shoes!

All comments and feedback must be received by April 15. The winner will be drawn at random and announced no later than April 17.

Visit our website to shop the latest styles

Marx Running & Fitness

Spring is upon us - do you have the latest gear?! Come in and grab a pair of these limited edition 361 Sensation 2's... Made only for Marx Running! Get them while they last!

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Our Sunday staff and big Patriots fans (The Roffman twins) always had to deal with bits of game information they didn't want until they got home to watch the game on DVR. They won't have to deal with that today! Go Pats!

We're happy to partner with Orange Theory Leominster for their 1st annual 5K April 7th Doyle Field Leominster. Register at

Our best & most popular shoe, the 361 Sensation 2, is now on sale for just $90! If you’re already in it, might be time for a new pair and if you’re not, you really need to get to Marx Running to try it!

Cushioned support shoe

Over pronation in a "cushioned" supportive shoe

Sensation 2

Corrected gait with the 361 Sensation 2

The 361 Sensation 2 difference

Can a shoe really make a difference? Watch how the 361 Sensation 2 (on the right) corrects the runner's pronation

Our best & most popular shoe, the 361 Sensation 2, is now on sale for just $90! If you’re already in it, might be time for a new pair and if you’re not, you really need to get to Marx Running to try it!

Mark presenting at Connection Physical Therapy in Sudbury on the ever changing footwear technology and gait analysis. Great turnout! Thank you Connections Physical Therapy - Sudbury

[03/19/18]   Congratulations to everyone who ran the New Bedford Half Marathon over the weekend. A special shout out" to our customers who ran:

Michael Narcisi, Mike Luebeck, Matt Story, Bethany Knoettner, Kristine Borrero, Maureen Pellegrini, Kevin Cuomo, Sarah Moseley, Stephanie Bishop, Sharon Cotnam, Meghan Striepe, Lori McInerney, Brett Swygart, Frank Raggiero, Nicole Arpiarian, Tim Whitney, Jill Lohmeier, Tracy & Rick Harding, Frank Lombardo, Manny Camara, Ray Phillips, Liane Pancoast, Barbara Kendall, Tobey Hartman, Sam Farnsworth & Raaj Mohaan

Apologize in advance to anyone who I missed. Great job everyone!

Happy to announce that we now carry the Honey Stinger brand of energy gels & chews. Both their classic & organic versions are available in a variety of flavors. Stop in this weekend and give them a try!

Recent marathoner that was in need of some help, we think the shoe on the right did the trick

Mobile Gait Analysis at Orange Theory

Our Gait Analysis has gone mobile. Here we are at Orange Theory of Westford and Concord. We were happy to have helped many! Come see us soon or maybe we'll come see you!

[12/24/17]   Open noon to 4pm Christmas eve day

Saturday November 25 is Shop Small Saturday! Please support us and all local independent retailers

[10/24/17]   The old adage of "Great running weather is bad spectator weather & great spectator weather is bad running weather" held true this past weekend for the Baystate Marathon & Half Marathon. A relatively comfortable temperature at the start rose quickly making for a difficult second half of the race. None the less, the Marx Running customers were out in huge numbers and did a great job! Everyone should be very proud of themselves and we at Marx congratulate you all. With 1300+ marathons and more then 1000 half marathoners, I surely missed some customer names...sorry.

Marathon finishers:
Michael Narcisi, Mark Engerman, Yong Xue, Diana Chivakos, Jon Schoenberg, Eric Despres, Vincent Zinssner, Ying Tao, Felicia O'Brien, Mark Carlson, Roger Dooley, Frank Row, Christopher Cooper, Frank Ruggiero, Josh Moore, Nicole Arpiarian, Phoebe Selzer, Jill Lohmeire, Jessica & Julia Berger, Ann Marie Damiani, Jen Solomon, Jason Rydberg, Robert Fiore, Jason Parent, Mary Reese, Lindsey Lerit & Funan Shi

Half Marathon Finishers:
Nathan Cabot, Phil Coddaire, Emily Norman, Ed Fox, James Sommer, Arghya Mukherjee, Keith Walsh, Anna Quirbach, Bruce Blumberg, Meg Striepe, Megan Muzilla, Gretchen Duduc, Greg Friedman, Sean Ruhmann, Jeremy Robichaud, Lauren Ciccarelli, Bill O'Donnell, Kaitlin Rondeau, Cori Gillen, Jen Sullivan, Morgan Walworth, Steve Synan, Rick Kilpatrick, Christne Millett, Melissa Robbins, Carl Hohenstein, Raelyn Carlyle, Arzu LeBlanc, Mary Wolke, Brad Gilbreth, Gustavo Carrera, Cheri Keith, Bailey Ditcham, Rama Ramani, Karen Francisco, Julie Ottesen, Maria Curtin, Allison Morgan, Marc Rosenblum, KaitlynCicale & Sally Eastman


[10/04/17]   This past weekend was a big one for many of our customers, the Smuttynose Half Marathon in Hampton Beach NH & the Cranberry Harvest Half in Harwich MA. Congratulations to all, hope you had a great race.

Smuttynose finishers: Christine Davis (8th female finisher & former Marx employees), Pete Desforge, Robert Perry, Tom Hartley, William Gontarz, Mark Seaburg, Lee Drown, Andy Kettering, Linda Ahern, Chayanin Thaxter, Erica McDonald, Sue Hanley, Lindsey Ahearn, Emily Wilson, Sara Salamone, Sarah Antononi, Lesley Knight, Lila Pemberton, Linda & Laura Jeffries, Bill Auger, Ann Marie Asadoorian, Meg Lahti, Erin Lovett (good luck @ Hartford Marathon!), Patricia Crossland, Stacy Veo, David Price & Jessica Cameron.

Cranberry finishers: Meg & Julie Nero, Susan Pardus, Michaela Quinlan, Kevin & Dan O'Leary, Sophie & Dave Parker, Steph & Alexandra Garrett

Apologizes to anyone I may have missed. Keep running!

Back in March, we brought in a new brand of running shoe called "361" and in a very short time, it has become our best seller. With its balance of firm yet cushioned midsole, the shoe has appealed to a wide range of customers, from the higher mileage marathoner to the more recreational runner and even the "boot camp/Crossfit" crowd. Come visit us at either our Acton or Lowell store and give them a try! Hope to see ya soon and always keep runn'en!

GU Energy Gels, Roctane & Chews fully stocked in lots of flavors just in time for your race or long training run this weekend. Hope to see you soon at Marx Running & Fitness

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Cushioned support shoe
Sensation 2
The 361 Sensation 2 difference
Mobile Gait Analysis at Orange Theory




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