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BostonLax All-Decade Team (2010-2019) – ISL Midfield - BostonLax

Congrats to the former Clams named to the BostonLax ISL All-Decade Team!

1st Team:
'16 Johnny Hincks (Belmont Hill/Williams)

HM Team:
'15 Angus O'Rourke (St. Sebastian's/Williams)
'12 Conor Helfrich (Lawrence Academy/Tufts)
'14 Nick Desisto (Rivers/Loyola/Umass)
'14 Parker McKee (Nobles/Michigan)
'17 Trevor Ballantyne (Rivers/Dartmouth)
'15 Will Richardson (Groton/Brown) With the assistance of select coaches, media representatives, and the BostonLax staff we continue our All-Decade teams for both the MIAA and ISL, featuring the ISL Midfielders today. The players must have played at least one season of high school lacrosse in the 2010-2019 decade. While we are sure t...

Clams '20 vs CT Valley 2020 Blue

Watch the 2019 PrimeTime Shootout Championship (2020s) Live👇 #blubblub🇺🇸

2019 PrimeTime Shootout Championship (2020s)

IL's Senior Sendoff: William Peace's Tre Galligan

Former Clam Tre Galligan (Brewster/OWU/William Peace) featured by Inside Lacrosse! (Photo courtesy of Tre Galligan) Editor's Note: Over the next weeks and months, IL will be spotlighting the seniors who've made the

The Top Gun Fighting Clams are happy to announce that 2021 defenseman Andrew Busch (Portsmouth Abbey) has committed to Denison. Andrew becomes the 16th Clam in the 2021 class to announce his commitment, and the 5th player to choose to play at a DII/DIII institution. He is also the 7th Clam to head down to the Ohio based program in Clams history, the first since 2016 Clam goaltender Stephen Paras (Barrington HS, RI), who started as a freshman and led the Big Red to an extraordinary 18-1 record. The Clam with the most success for the Big Red is none other than 2010 Clam defenseman Tommy Harrison (Kimball Union). Harrison was a four-time All-NCAC selection and earned USILA All-American and USILA North/South Senior All-Star honors in 2014.
Andrew’s commitment is extra special to me for a couple reasons, one personal, and the other due to the larger meaning to the club.

First, the personal. Andrew is committing to my alma mater, and program near and dear to my heart. Furthermore, even though it was over two decades ago, Andrew will be going on to play for a man that meant so much to me personally, Hall of Famer Michael Caravana. A four-time All-American at the University of Virginia, Caravana has gone on to own a stellar .762 winning percentage and amass 308 wins (and counting). He has coached 75 All-Americans, has been named United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association NCAA Coach of the Year, and has coached the US National Team. There is very little that “Coach C.” hasn’t accomplished in the sport of lacrosse. But still he’s at it! It is my sincere hope – and expectation – that Andrew will be affected by Coach Caravana in some of the same ways I was. He remains an inspiration to me, and left an indelible mark on my life that will always remain.

Andrew’s commitment also marks a moment-in-time milestone for the Clams program. In this chaotic time, the fact that Andrew represents our 16th commitment puts us in a tie for the most commitments in the 2021 class in New England. In these times, I’d assumed that the credibility of organizations would be disproportionately important. The way things appear to be progressing indicates that the assumption was spot on. And in these times, to be at the front end of the pack serves as tremendous motivation to keep on going, and pushing on behalf of all members of the 2021 class, and indeed the program as a whole.

Andrew being commitment #16 in the 2021 class is fitting in so many ways, and speaks to how the Clam program has evolved and expanded, yet stayed very tight and true to its roots. Standout long stick midfielder Will Crowley, a 2020 Clam who eventually chose the hockey route after years of excelling for us in the orange and blue, steered Andrew our way. When he came to Portsmouth Abbey from Illinois and was looking for a more geographically fitting club to align with given his high school, Will recommended the Clams – apparently quite highly. There were a couple additional checkpoints from there before working him into the fold, but needless to say, when a former Clam says we should want a guy, it goes a long way. When its someone with the accumulated credibility of Will C., it goes even further.

Andrew joined us at a couple local tournaments this past November, and immediately made his mark. It was clear he would rapidly ascend our ranks, and in an already exceptional strong Clam defensive class (those with knowledge of Clam history have argued it may be our best ever), Andrew was yet another extremely valuable addition. I know when we resume play, he'll make us better, and we’ll make him better!

It's also something extra special to be the first defensive commit in a college class, especially at a program as strong as Denison. It’s more special still to have a coaching staff show a willingness to put so much faith in a player amidst a pandemic. As an alum, I’ve maintained close ties with Coach Caravana. But without their extremely high opinion of Andrew as a player, there wouldn’t have been a sufficient foundation upon which to build with persistent advocacy. In other words, the Denison program trusts the Clam program, but they believe in Andrew, and we just played our role in orchestrating the final phase of his process.

Please join us in congratulating Andrew and the Busch family on a great commitment, and please join us in thanking Will Crowley in being yet another member of the Clam family that brought another very talented player our way. Amidst this period of great uncertainty, to know that the bonds forged in years past remain strong – with former players and former coaches – provides to me some reassurance we’ll make it through this, and the bonds will be even stronger on the other side.

IL's 2020 DIII All-Freshman Team

Former Clams Jake Erickson (Acton Boxboro HS/Ithaca) and Ethan Barnard (Deerfield/Bowdoin) named to IL's 2020 DIII All-Freshman Team! #blubblub (Photo Courtesy of Ursinus Athletics) The 2020 DIII IL All-Freshman team was a blast to put together. Through a typical season, the list

"You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take." Wayne Gretzky #goaliegoals @mikenassif10 #blubblub🇺🇸 #2020clamscommittedgame

BostonLax All-Decade Team (2010-2019) – MIAA Midfielders - BostonLax

Congrats to the former Clams named to the BostonLax All-Decade Team (2010-2019) – MIAA Midfielders! #blubblub

Brooks Tyrrell (Marblehead HS/Notre Dame)
Drew O'Connell (St. John's Prep/Princeton)
Jake Erickson (Acton-Boxboro HS/Ithaca)
Jimmy O'Connell (St. John's Prep/Trinity)
John Fitzgerald (Rivers/Hingham HS/Syracuse)
JT Kelly (Acton-Boxboro HS/RPI)
Kyle Soroka (Acton-Boxboro HS/Middlebury)
Tom Stanton (Catholic Memorial HS/Union)
Will Abbott (Hopkinton HS/Quinnipiac)
Elliott Burr (Hamilton-Wenham HS/BU) While we continue to wait “patiently” for the start of the 2020 Massachusetts High School lacrosse season, (May 4th – as of March 30th’s meeting of the MIAA Board of Directors) wanted to reflect on the past ten years by highlighting some of the talented student-athletes who exc...

Fighting Clams Alumni Senior Spotlight: @ohiostatemlax Senior Captain @luke.buckley7 #blubblub🇺🇸 @xaverian_lacrosse

1. What are your thoughts on your season and career at OSU?
There are so many directions with which I could take this question because OSU Men’s Lacrosse has had such a profound impact on my life in every facet. I think looking at my season and career from a bird’s eye view, the wins, losses, points, and everything in between have been incredible to be apart of. I have had the privilege to play for a National Championship on the same field I watched TB12 throw touchdowns on since I was four years old, but I’ve also had the opportunity to experience what’s it like to watch the selection show and never hear your team’s name called. In a nutshell, the peaks and valleys I’ve experienced will be memories I cherish forever, however, the notion that I will forever guard and protect is my place in a family that is so much bigger than myself. In other words, the relationships I’ve built with over 50 guys and their families across the entire United States is what made this experience so special. I truly believe the guys I’ve had the privilege to compete with, and grow closer to will be my best friends for life. And that’s what I will remember about my time as an Ohio State Men’s Lacrosse player.

2. Your response to having it end abruptly? Any special memories?
Having the season ripped out from under us was extremely gut wrenching. You work your entire life to have the opportunity to compete at the highest level of the sport you care so deeply about, only to have it pulled away from you at a moments notice. I think no one can deny the fact that this was the right move in the context of such a global crisis, however, my heart stills go out to athletes that experienced this sudden end to a lifetime of commitment and work. With that being said, I am extremely thankful for the way I was able to end my career as a Buckeye. The last day I was able to have with an OSU practice jersey on was spent laughing, practicing, and working alongside my best friends. I was able to spend those last minutes doing what makes OSU Men’s Lacrosse such a special brotherhood, competing as hard as I could while simultaneously just enjoying the presence of my teammates and friends. And at the end of the day, that’s what my time here was all about; the relationships and culture I was able to help build versus the wins and losses.

3. What are you plans for next year?
As of a few days ago, I accepted a job an as Investment Banking analyst back in Boston. I am extremely excited and humbled to join Needham and Co as the newest member of their team, and I look forward to applying the skills I learned as a student athlete at OSU to their organization.

4. Advice for Clams who want to play at the next level?
I think the value of hard work and dedication cannot be stressed enough in the context of playing lacrosse at the next level. Stick skills, faceoff techniques, and offensive schematics are all great attributes to have mastered before coming into collegiate lacrosse, however, the real stars are defined by their elite mindset and ability to outwork those around them. If you pride yourself on your work ethic, your ability to serve your teammates, and your never-ending hunger to become a better version of yourself every day, there is no doubt in my mind each Clam can find success at the next level.

Commits: Wakefield's Petittos will go separate ways

2021 Clam defensemen Mike and Matt Petitto featured by NELJ! #blubblub🇺🇸 Twin brothers Mike and Matt Petitto of Wakefield, Mass., are excited about their recent Division 1 college commits, even as they go their separate ways.

Love seeing @looccah get his reps in from across the globe! #blubblub #reps @spsboyslacrosse @hkmenslax

Proud of you guys! #blubblub🇺🇸 #proudprogram @johnnyhincks @jakehaase_ @ephs_lacrosse @belmonthillschool @ Williams College

Inspired by mom, St. John's Prep senior organizes a winner

2020 Clam attackman Brian Souza featured by NELJ! #blubblub🇺🇸 #proudprogram Inspired by his mom, a nurse, St. John's Prep senior Brian Souza organized a drive that delivered masks and other critical supplies to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

The Top Gun Fighting Clams are happy to announce that 2021 Clam midfielder Pressly Mead (Westford Academy HS) has committed to Sacred Heart. Pressly becomes the 14th Clam in program history to commit to becoming a member of the Pioneers, and is the 11th Clam in the 2021 Class to commit to a Division I institution. Pressly will join an army of Clams who are down in Fairfield, at what appears to be a great time in program history. The list of Clams that have matriculated or will matriculate to Sacred Heart includes current 2021 Clam teammate and defenseman Michael Pettito, current Pioneer goaltender Colton King (’16 Algonquin HS), Alex Weiss (’17 midfielder, Brewster/Westminster), Logan Liljeberg (’17 midfielder, La Salle), David Bartkus (’18 midfielder, Bedford HS/Brewster), Jack Dillon ('19 midfielder, Dover-Sherborn HS) and incoming freshman Zach Frank (’20 midfielder, Hopkinton HS/Pomfret).

When adversity arises, it seems relationships tighten, loosen, or even reform after multi-year hiatuses (how many of us have heard from people we haven’t heard from in months or even years since our current situation took hold).

Things are no different with club relationships and their ramifications on recruitment. In the case of all but one of the six commitments in recent weeks, we have very strong bonds that we’ve developed in recent years. And in the one case where the relationship hasn’t fully matured, recent correspondences indicate that’s going to change quickly. In other words, it seems many of our relationships are tightening.

Our relationship with Coach Basti has transcended his multiple different coaching stints. It began with his brief stints at Fairfield and Lafayette in his early years, but really proliferated during his time at Hartford. It was there where we developed a particularly strong bond, made stronger by his extremely supportive relationship with former Clams who would go on to excel at the collegiate level, and in a number of cases give back by becoming Clam coaches. No one did Coach Basti grow closer with than Littleneck Owner and Longtime Senior member of the Clam Staff Tim Fallon. Under Basti’s tutelage, Tim flourished, breaking records, garnering national accolades like no other Hartford player that’d come before, and in the process showing just how exemplary a coach and mentor Coach Basti was, and is, as Jon enjoyed and deserved his share of Fallon’s success (a fact Coach Fallon, I know, would corroborate).

By my count, Coach Basti has coached 23 Clams at the collegiate level. In all those years, a few clear trends emerge. Perhaps most notable: Coach Basti loves his big, strong and tough midfielders. From Chris Ajemian at Fairfield (Duxbury HS, Clam Class of ’06), to Justin Bearse (Barnstable HS, Clam Class of ’06), Tim Fallon (Lowell HS, Clam Class of ’07), Alec Brown (Wakefield HS, Clams Class of ’13), Conor Van Duzer (Rivers/Army, Clam Class of ’12), Brendan Gates (Rivers, Clam Class of ’14) at Hartford, all the way through current Sacred Heart standout Alex Weiss (Brewster, Clam Clams of ’17), Coach Basti seems to have a type, at least as it pertains to the majority of those who have succeeded coming out of our program.

So sets the stage for Pressly Mead. An extremely strong and powerful middie with one of the harder shots of any Clam in recent memory, I have told Coach Basti all along that Pressly reminds me so much of the aforementioned Alex Weiss, who as of the 2020 season’s conclusion had been Sacred Heart’s leading midfielder in scoring. And while he immediately saw the comparison as accurate as well, his recruitment of Pressly moved a little slower, in accordance with a strategic approach Basti has informed me was inclined to employ with the ’21 class.

But when everything around us falls into disarray, we’re left with our relationships and reputations. All those “we’ll-watch-him-in-the-spring’s” suddenly morphed into “all right, I’m ready to listen…how exactly can he help us.” And with 23 players as a foundation upon which comparisons can be drawn, those conversations carried a unique amount of credibility and weight.

Pressly will do great at Sacred Heart. I’ve believed it throughout, and after multiple viewings, Coach Basti and his staff have believed it too. Solidifying this belief for all involved came with his recent decision to attend Hill Academy, a lacrosse finishing school or sorts that is about as good at what they do as anyone else in North America. If they succeed in polishing the edges, Pressly will emerge ready to help the Pioneers on day one. And I know from experience that Coach Basti is the right guy to take it from there.

Please join us in congratulating Pressly and the Mead family on an outstanding placement at a local program near and dear to our hearts, now more than ever!

Congrats @klyne9 😤💪🥍🚨🎯😎 #welldeserved #blubblub🇺🇸
Congratulations to our 2020 IL Media All Americans:
Ed Winters - Defense
Jimmy Connelly - Defensive Midfielder
Kerry Lyne - Attack

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