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Operating as usual


Emi may just sleep through her 1st round of golf at the Eccentric Duffer golf course. This beautiful baby is the daughter of Madison & Dalton Wolfe & is 2 weeks old.


Where was this kind of weather this summer? Beautiful day for golf at the Eccentric Duffer golf course in Ada Oklahoma. Come see us.
We keep our prices low so that anyone can afford to play!!


We’ve had several calls asking if we’re open on Labor Day. The answer is YES. The Eccentric Duffer will open at 8:00 a.m. barring thunderstorms, heavy rain, or oversleeping!!! It was a beautiful day for golf after the shower this morning & hopefully it will be all day tomorrow. Come see us and remember we only take cash, Cash App or Venmo.


The Eccentric Duffer will be closed 7/18/2022 due to the forecasted extreme heat.


Unfortunately we have some sad news, there was a death during the last thunderstorm that we had that - our credit card machine died. We are now accepting Venmo and Cash App and cash (of course). Our prices are still extremely reasonable and after the nice rains that we had, the grass is beautiful and the greens are in great shape. Come see us


Please be aware of the fact that there was a death during the last electric storm that we had - our credit card machine died😰. As a result, we accepting cash (of course), Venmo and Cash App. The course is open 7 days a week, unless dictated otherwise by the weather. It is in great shape after the great rains! Come see us.


The Duffer is now accepting the following payments:
Cash (of course)
Cash App
Beginning July 1, we will no longer be accepting credit cards (before that date is our card machine dies again!
Thanks for your patience & understanding.
Come see us! The course is in super shape.


Saturday 3/5. We’re open until it rains or whatever today. Better take advantage of a break in this crazy March weather.


The Eccentric Duffer announces winter hours, beginning 12/21/2021
Monday - Friday, we will be CLOSED
Saturday and Sunday, we will open at 9:00 a.m. and close 1 1/2 hours before sunset.
Questions, call 580-332-4950.

Thanks for your support of our course and
MERRY CHRISTMAS & Happy New Year to all of you
Kenneth & Elizabeth


It looks like we have about 5 or 6 more days of gorgeous golf weather! Since it is DECEMBER, better take advantage of it. Come see us . WARNING. The greens are slick.


We will be closed Thanksgiving day so we be with family & thankful that we didn’t pinch their heads off when they were kids!


Sometimes I get a little behind on this website, so I apologize. We’re well into November, with Thanksgiving approaching. We’re closing between 4:30 & 5:00, since the sun deserts us early. Lovely golf weather - come see us.


Hello golfing buddies! Just a note to let you know that the armadillos have waged war on us and we will be closed from 9/19/21 at 3:00 until 8:00 on 9/30/21! Keep us on your calendar and pray that all armadillos go away!!!
Come see us on the 30th and afterwards! Ken & Elizabeth


Sept 5, 2021. Sorry, I’ve been mowing most of the time & forget about our FB page. We are closed today - it is really wet, FINALLY some much needed rain. I’ll try to remember to post tomorrow. You can always call!!


Just 2 more days of $5.00 per 9 holes greens fee! Take advantage of our 25 year celebration and come play. Great temps and the course is in super shape. Come see us!


Now, the facts:

In celebration of our 25th year anniversary, The Eccentric Duffer is sponsoring a 5-5-25. For five (5) days, beginning on July 20, 2021, the fee for a 9 hole round of golf will the same as the day we opened 25 years ago - $5.00. You can play as many 9 hole rounds as you like during the week of July 20-24, 2021, for $5.00 each round. Carts are not included. With all of the rain we have had, the course is in great shape. Last daily tee time will be 6:00 p.m. Our contact numbers are 580-332-4950, 580-235-3824 and 580-235-1011. Please follow us on FaceBook. Ken & Elizabeth Hobbs


Get ready. 5-5-25 is coming!!! Watch for it.

Course is really pretty following all the rain we have had, so come see us.


We are open. The fairways and greens are LOADED with grass and we have been mowing, mowing, mowing.

Please pass the word - the driving range is no longer in operation.

Come see us!!


Saturday, June 12: We plan to open at 1:00 today. Need to give the course time to dry after last nights rain. Thanks for checking.


We are open for play 6/9/21!!!


The course is not in tip-top shape, but it is playable. We will open for play tomorrow (6/4/31). Thanks for your patience during and post the rain. Everything still be pretty when & if it dries.


Ken, granddaughter Laramie & I mowed 7hrs. Thursday & Ken & I mowed 5hrs. Saturday and about 4 yesterday, trying to get things open for today. Several areas are still not playable. We’d love to have you here if & when it dries out!!!

Looks like it will be a little while until it starts to dry. A friend texted me that she tried mowing and had to stop because the lawn was like a wet sponge. That is precisely what we are running into.

We appreciate our loyal golfers wanting to play, but until we have several days of sunshine - and MORE MOWING - we just won't be open!


We are soooo sorry, but we have been unable to get everything mowed due to the very wet conditions on the course. We're trying, but it just keeps raining. Although we NEVER turn down rain (someone said, Oklahoma is only 2 weeks away from a drought), we would sure like to see it spread out over the next few months. Please be patient (which we aren't). We do appreciate your loyalty!
Ken & Elizabeth Hobbs


Rain, rain and more rain. From the looks of things (and the weather predictions), we're in for another full week of WET!

Although we'd love to be open for play, there is just NO WAY! As soon as it stops raining, and dries enough for us to mow, we'll be back in business. Meanwhile, we're just wishing that Mother Nature would spread this stuff out a little - like all the way to August when we'll probably need it.

Sorry. I'll try to keep something posted on FB and will definitely provide information when we are open!


Sunday, May 16. Sitting here listening to the rain bombarding our roof. We'll definitely have to find a drier week for our 5-5-25 celebration!! Keep checking - we'll post it a few days ahead of time.


May 13: We are open. Grass is a tiny bit high (6 ft or more - LOL) because of the beautiful rain, but we will be open as long as it's not raining AGAIN. Come see us.

Watch for info on 5-5-25. It'll be interesting.


Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers. You have a beautiful day - if you golf, drag your kids out for a round! Don't forget, it's Sunday, so we will close the gate at 5:30 p.m.

Remember to watch for 5-5-25 - coming soon!


Saturday, May 8, 2021. We are FINALLY open! A couple of areas still a little damp, but the course is lovely.

Watch for 5-5-25 coming the 3rd week in May (17-21). More details will appear on this page!


FINALLY! We will be open tomorrow 5/7; however, it will be walking only unless otherwise noted. The area around #5 and #6 just won't dry out! Come see us!


May 3. We are open today. Walking only.


Watch for 5 for 5 for 25!


May 1. When I was a child, we would pick flowers, make a little paper-woven basket as a container, hang them on someone's doorknob, ring the doorbell and hide. Too bad more of that isn't done these days.

We are known (today) as The Eccentric Duffer water & mud park. There is still water standing on the fairways and we have been unable to mow. We'd like to say we'll open on Monday, but if it rains tomorrow (as predicted), heaven only knows when we'll be able to open.

The voice mail on 580-332-4950 will also have "open/closed" info.

Please don't give up on us and stay posted for opening.


4/28. Sorry - closed today & tomorrow, at least. Needed the rain, but wish it would spread out over a few weeks. E could film “A River Runs Through It” on the course today.


4/25/21 looks like It will be a super nice day. We will open at noon - giving the course a little extra time to dry out!


Due to the storms making loud noises (and Elizabeth doesn’t like lightening), we are closed for the remainder of the day. Fried golfers don’t help the grass!

Check back to see how the course will be for tomorrow if we get significant rain!!!


Little on the chilly side today, but I still managed to mow the #1 fairway before ANOTHER flat tire!!!!!!!
We are open!


April 21! 30° this morning, but - Oklahoma weather takes over AGAIN - it is already 50°. Go figure. We're open! So come on out!


Oh! What a beautiful morning! from the stage play/movie "Oklahoma" is perfect for today! A little nippy, but with the bright sunshine, we'll get warmer. Supposed to be VERY cold tomorrow, but we're definitely open today.


We will open at 1:00 today (4/18/21). May just be walking, depending on how much we continue to dry! Nice day for golf!


Snowing in Oklahoma - no, not in Ada (yet!)!! The sun is shining and the wind is HIGH! After the additional rain, we are NOT open today. Have a great weekend and check back for additional information!


We delighted to have the rain, but will miss our golfers. It is muddy. We're closed today!





13205 County Road 1550
Ada, OK

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Monday 8am - 7pm
Tuesday 8am - 7pm
Wednesday 8am - 7pm
Thursday 8am - 7pm
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Saturday 8am - 7pm
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