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Bricktown throw down 2021 highlights :

I did it and didn’t die
We didn’t finish last 🤪
I Pr’d my clean and jerk by 10 lbs
I swung from a bar
I lifted a 75lb sandbag 24 times
I stepped on a box with a weighted 20 lb ball 60 times AND sprinted after 700 meters and more.
6 wods in 24 hours time 😆

But mostly ....
I laughed with my friends
Was encouraged by my gym, team and family
Had my hubby and oldest son cheering me on

Got to experience this with my middle son who did his first comp in a pro division because the RX was full. I couldn’t be more proud of him for what he has put into this the last several months and thankful to those who encouraged him along the way.

Don’t want to compete ? That’s ok, but find something and some people who will push you out of your comfort zone and help you do hard things. The rewards outweigh the work! I promise!

Proud of you crew at 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven for having an outstanding group of competitors in a stacked competition.

In 48 hours I’ll be doing my 3rd crossfit comp.

Why do I do Crossfit and an even better question, why do I compete?
Its intense training mixed with anxiety, pushing past comfort zones and mental work to push past comfort zones.

The answer lies in what it is.

Doing something that pushes me, the love of competing, doing something hard being one of the older ones partnering with girls 10 years or more younger than me. Learning skills and watching progress. Be encouraged by and being able to encourage other women. Seeing what my 46 year old body is capable of, being part of a community of men and women who build eachother up, no jealousy, no drama, and lots of fun, and staying out of my comfort zone keeps me aware of my own insecurities, weakness's and inabilities while also giving me strength, confidence and joy.

I don't do CrossFit to be skinny. My body is not perfect but it's perfectly mine with a C-section pooch that only surgery can remove. I do it to be strong, to feel good, to set an example of good health and take care of the body God gave me. What started as a visit for physical therapy has resulted in 8 years of working and things I never thought I was capable of. Bonus, I get to work out with my boy Jarron Christian.

If you haven't stepped foot in a gym in awhile I encourage you to find your thing no matter your age. Do it for you, do it for your family, and do it for your kids. The first step is the hardest but the reward is waiting for you on the other side. Life is about becoming the best version of yOu!

Ps if you live in Ada, join me at 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven

Have you ever met someone that every time you ran into them it was as if you were running into a really close friend. Someone that was encouraging, funny, happy, and lifted your spirit even without a lot of conversation. Someone who takes you as you are and is good with it. This was how Cabo was to me. My only regret is that I didn’t get to know him more! If you know someone like this love them more, spend more time with them, & try to be more like them. Love you all!!
Our 2021 Buddy Challenge final task was to share our “WHY WE come to the gym“ post.
I have been pondering on this for the last 24 hours while reading all the other inspiring posts from my gym family.
About 7 years ago maybe 8, I was suffering from severe shoulder pain That I just could not seem to get better. I have always worked out, enjoyed running and cardio, wome weightlifting, played sports etc but had only admired crossfit athletes. Cheyenne did it first and had always encouraged me to, but I was scared of getting to big or bulky muscle wise 😂. When Dr. Heimer finally decided after a clear MRI that we needee a new plan he sent me to Sarah Elizabeth Heimer. I Did not know her from adam only of her. We started Pt on my shoulder and private training 3 days a week. Within 6 months I was able to hang from the bar and probably within a year or two doing that one handed hand stand hold.

My time has evolved at 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven Gym Page. I realized I needed an outlet to not work and just doing something for me that I enjoy. I love women, in the sense that I feel like God wants me to love and encourage women that are like me and different than me, some have walked harder paths than I have, sometimes have different beliefs than me,some just need to be encouraged in life and Its a blessing to do that. I am honored to be called on if someone needs prayers.
Its easy to stay in a comfortable bubble of people we think are just like us, live like us , look like us. Its highly rewarding to just be with people and love them where they are . These girls encourage me in return. They build me up in ways they do not realize. They push me beyond what I think I am capable of.

I have had the pure joy of working out with my son.
I have made special friendships unique in their own ways including my buddy challenge partner Nicole Smith who also encouraged me to do the competition.

I am blessed with more than one tribe of people, one through my business and one being my gym family.

So why do I keep going?
Its routine I need and love.
I want to be strong physically for myself and my family. 💙
I am very competitive and it fills that need 🤣
I want to be in places that make me better , and places where God can also use me in someone elses life. One hour a day, 5 days a week its 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven

Sarah, I must tell you how proud I am watching you grow all these years. Growth as a business owner, a woman of God, a wife, a leader, a mom. It has been fun to be on the sidelines to witness it all and I am in Awe of how you love your gym family so well. Well done sister.
YALL.... THIS SPEAKS VOLUMES!!! Please please please remember this!! You maybe the reason some woman keeps moving not because she wants to beat you but because she has overcome something she's been fighting for!! We are all in this gym for the same reason to be better versions of ourselves!! 💪💙👊
Like literally everything else I bring into the gym, i forgot my jump rope there and couldn’t find it yesterday. It may or may not be in a little bag. I’m pretty sure it’s green with blue handles, but that also is debatable. All I know is, Cody won it when he and Krystal Gregory won 580 barbell games, so if anyone sees it, or basically any random one because i can’t remember, please let me know.
Last minute-ish! They KILLED it! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
First minute-ish!

[email protected]

Operating as usual

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2nd & 3rd workouts done! Thanks for coming out today! It was a blast and we are so very blessed!
1 workout or all 3, everyone killed it today 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Photos from 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven's post 09/23/2023

First workout is underway!
Mini Murph and giveaways going down!
Don’t miss the action…come at 10am & 11am!

Photos from 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven's post 09/21/2023

Your one stop shop for all things health & fitness!

Lots & lots of goodies in the Flex Fuel fridge at 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven!

We also have Protein Pastries, Protein Energy Balls, Fat Burner Teas available!

Come see us at 1001 N Mississippi
5:30AM-7PM on weekdays ☺️


What a great Saturday in the gym!

Photos from 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven's post 09/12/2023

There is a chill in the air, so you know what that means…
Pre Orders are being taken until Monday, September 25th 👏🏼

Women’s Crop Hoodie $38

Unisex Hoodie $34
Colors-Oxford/Vintage Heather Red/Military Green

Women’s Thin Crop Hoodie $34

Unisex Zip Up Hoodie $35
(Front pocket print only)

Joggers $39

Please feel free to comment or message with your styles, colors, & sizes 👊🏼

Let’s rock the new season with some killer gym gear!

Photos from 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven's post 09/11/2023

This weekend she competed in her very first powerlifting meet and walked away with 1st place in her class!
Hard work pays off 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼


Come check out what’s in the 580 Flex Fuel fridge!

In the Flex Fuel fridge today!
580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven
1001 N Mississippi

Come grab some goodies or sit down and have a meal ☺️


Saturdays are the best days!
Workout ✅


9AM…that’s what time!
See you guys at the 580 for an EPIC Card Game this morning! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼


Shake Flavor of the Day…
Swing by the 580 for all your Hydration, Nutrition, & 580 Flex Fuel needs 😎


It’s PARTY TIME at the 580!
580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven will be hosting an OLD SKOOL BLOCK PARTY on Saturday, September 23rd!
What can you expect?! (Besides FUN😝)
🔆Workouts on the hour
We will do a WOD at 9, 10, & 11! Join us for 1, or ALL 3!
We will have some door prizes & special giveaways, so don’t miss dropping by to sign up for your chance to WIN!
🔆Yummy Food
We will have donuts & snacks in the AM & we will bring out the lunch grub at 11!
🔆Membership Deals
Stay tuned for some sweet deals on memberships for NEW or Returning Members!

We would love to see you all and can’t wait to sweat, visit, and have fun with everyone!


5:30AM Class starting the day with a bang! The best way to make sure nothing interferes with your workout is to do it before the rest of the world is awake! 😝💪🏼


Come try our “Shake of the Day”

Photos from 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven's post 09/05/2023

580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven class times, hours, & membership rates 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Photos from 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven's post 09/04/2023

What a killer holiday workout! We celebrated Labor Day with the hero WOD “Whitten”!


Come join us at CrossFit Unforgiven for one of our epic holiday workouts!
Member, visitor, friend, or family…all are welcome!
Labor Day at 9am 🕘
580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven
1001 N Mississippi 🇺🇸


A little note from Coach …

“Why do you workout?
Finding your “why” is so important. On the days that you feel tired, overwhelmed, or are just tempted to skip the gym…your “why” can help you push through and keep taking steps towards your goals.
One of my biggest “whys” is to be able to go on adventures until the end of my days. I want to swim, climb, hike, explore, and play. Being physically fit helps me do all those things, and getting in good nutrition gives me the energy to do them from before sun up to after the sun goes down.
What is your “why”?!”


Set your goals, work toward your goals, smash your goals!
And don’t forget to cheer for other people making their goals a priority!


One of the BEST parts of a CrossFit Gym is finding that crew you never knew you needed!
The community and support are like no other!
Walking through those gym doors gives you an immediate support system, cheering section, and accountability partners.
Come see what it’s all about!


We know a place! 😝💪🏼


Come join us tomorrow, Saturday, at 9AM for our epically fun card game class!
It’s a perfect mixture of cardio, strength, and sweaty goodness!
Use it as a calorie burn, active recovery, or a warm up for lifting!
Hope to see you all there 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Photos from 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven's post 08/25/2023

580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven has some exciting NEWS!
🚨Starting after Labor Day, we will be OPEN ALL DAY!
Beginning September 5th!
5:30AM-7PM on weekdays, Saturday 8AM-10AM, Sunday 10:30AM-12PM. We are super excited to be able to offer fitness and nutrition more hours of the day!
🚨We have tweaked our class times just a bit to make it easier for you to make it to the gym! Morning class will be at 5:30AM to give you an extra time cushion to make it to work and our last class of the evening will begin at 6PM to make sure we get you out and home to relax and spend quality time with loved ones!
🚨We have a New Class option! MWF at 4:15PM will be a Boot Camp Class led by Coach Sarah!
Boot camp class will consist of high intensity, core based movements, isolated body targeting, conditioning, and more!
Boot Camp Class is included in your Full Membership or can be used as one of your classes with a 2 or 3 day membership!

Again, this schedule change will begin the first day after Labor Day. September 5th!
We will maintain our current schedule until then 👊🏼
Please let us know if you have any questions 😊



580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven has some of the BEST membership rates around!
Memberships include customized daily programming, an experienced & accredited coaching staff, a class setting with detailed movement mechanics, and the most amazing gym family out there!
Your first class is FREE to try!
Come see what all the hype is about! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼


Good morning guys!
We just wanted to let you all know that we are doing some fun cosmetic work & a few little renovations at the gym in the coming weeks!
We are currently working on the front and will move to the back once done. Please excuse our mess while we work ☺️
We will make sure to keep it contained so that you are still able to come in, grab a shake or tea, relax and hang out!
We hope you have the happiest of Hump Days!


We’ve let all our amazing members know and now it’s time to let the public in on the BIG NEWS!

“Hey guys!
We’ve got some news and want you all to be the first to know!

As you all probably know…Will is getting married this weekend! I think I can speak for us all when I say that his gym family is so proud for him and Kenzie to begin to build a beautiful life together.♥️
Will is so excited to dive into being a husband, provider, and some day, father. Being available to his wife and future family is at the top of his priority list. That’s a pretty tall order as a business owner. I’m sure you all know just how much time and energy can be required of you when self employed. With that being said, Will has made the most difficult decision to pass the baton of ownership of the gym back.
We are so incredibly proud of him. This is a big decision that was not made lightly. A 20 year old should not possess the ability to manage, weigh, and understand the grandeur of this magnitude…but Will does. He is wise beyond his years and just an amazing human.

So what does this mean for you guys?

We will make this transition as easy and painless as possible!
We are going to answer some questions that I know you will all have 😉
But if we don’t answer yours, please feel free to comment or reach out!

•Of course Coach Will will still be at the gym! His knowledge and level of care is top notch. He is gym family and always will be.
•You will need to stop by the front counter to fill out a new waiver and auto draft form. We will have them ready so it’s quick and easy 👊🏼
•We will handle all charge account transfers. So if you currently have a credit, you still do and if you currently have a tab balance, you still will.
•If you are somewhere in the middle of your monthly membership, it is still good for the same amount of time. So if you paid your membership on the 15th, you are good until the 15th of next month.
•Any current membership rates you have will be honored. Example…family plans, etc.
•We don’t plan to make any big changes in the immediate future, however, we will be updating the gym and giving our girl a little facelift! A little paint here, some new equipment there. So get excited!

A little note from Coach Sarah…
The past 8 months have been an eye opener of an experience. I got to be an employee and member of the gym I’ve loved for over 13 years. Getting to see it from a different perspective has been invaluable. Hearing from members as a fellow member, instead of an owner, was something I’m so happy I got to experience. It also gave me time to reflect on the past 13 years, and really attain a deep understanding of my God given purpose. My true purpose is to give of myself to others and it is wildly apparent that the way I am meant to do that is through the gym. I’ve got a new, revived sense of determination and drive. I’m really excited, and a little nervous even, to step back into the role of ownership. It is my goal and my promise to you to make it everything you all deserve in a gym and to foster an environment that continues to create the most amazing gym family ever! Love you guys ♥️💪🏼♥️

A little note from Coach Will…
This past year has been one of the craziest and best years of my life. I started off the year by taking over this amazing gym, then I got engaged and in just a few short days I will be getting married! All that being said I have had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life, I am going to be taking a step back from ownership of the gym. I am thankful for the opportunity to run the gym this past year and I am even more thankful for the amazing family we have here that has supported me and Kinzie the entire way. We will still be in the gym coaching classes and Kinzie will still be here with her beautiful smile making you guys some delicious protein shakes whenever you want one! I am truly thankful for all of you and the positive impact you have had on our lives.

The 580 Gym family is something so very special! No matter who’s name is listed as owner, the members inside these walls are what makes it so amazing! We love you all and can’t wait to continue to grow with 💪🏼

Photos from 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven's post 08/21/2023

Get your orders placed by September 15th!


Card game this Saturday ❤️♠️♦️♣️

Come join us a 9AM for a fun filled workout with lots to f sweat and even more awesome people💪🏼👊🏼

Photos from 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven's post 08/16/2023

‼️Ensuring the health of your family is of paramount importance as it directly impacts their overall well-being and quality of life. A healthy family fosters strong relationships, promotes emotional and mental well-being, and enhances the ability to tackle challenges together. Physical health ensures everyone can lead an active and fulfilling life.
Prioritizing health within the family unit not only can prevent medical issues but it also sets a positive example for healthy habits, encouraging future generations to make better choices‼️

👉🏼Not only do we want to create healthy and active individuals in the gym but we want to create healthy and active FAMILIES!!! We have created 3 family packs to help encourage and reward families that have taken that step into a healthier life style!

👋🏼 If you have any questions on the family packs or you just want to get some more information on how you can create a healthy and active life style, come by and visit with one of our coaches or you can message us directly through Facebook Messenger

Photos from 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven's post 08/15/2023

With cooler weather right around the corner it’s time to get your order placed for new hoodies, sweats or joggers!

There is two different color options, please specify which one you are wanting.

We will be taking pre-orders from now until September 15th. There will be a 2 week turn around time.

Payment Forms: Cash, Card, or Venmo.
Venmo: cfu_580

PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS POST WITH YOUR ORDER. (Do not comment on a shared post, etc, or there is a risk of not getting your order placed because we did not see it) 😁

Hoodies: 💲40 💲
Sweats/ Joggers 💲25 💲


Happy Tuesday you beautiful people! In order to ensure you have a great day, make sure you start it out with a nice healthy breakfast! Oh, you didn’t have time to make breakfast this morning?! Don’t worry about it, come stop by this morning and get a delicious protein shake or grab your self a ghost and get ready to attack the rest of your morning

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