580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven

580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven


Have you ever met someone that every time you ran into them it was as if you were running into a really close friend. Someone that was encouraging, funny, happy, and lifted your spirit even without a lot of conversation. Someone who takes you as you are and is good with it. This was how Cabo was to me. My only regret is that I didn’t get to know him more! If you know someone like this love them more, spend more time with them, & try to be more like them. Love you all!!
YALL.... THIS SPEAKS VOLUMES!!! Please please please remember this!! You maybe the reason some woman keeps moving not because she wants to beat you but because she has overcome something she's been fighting for!! We are all in this gym for the same reason to be better versions of ourselves!! 💪💙👊
Like literally everything else I bring into the gym, i forgot my jump rope there and couldn’t find it yesterday. It may or may not be in a little bag. I’m pretty sure it’s green with blue handles, but that also is debatable. All I know is, Cody won it when he and Krystal Gregory won 580 barbell games, so if anyone sees it, or basically any random one because i can’t remember, please let me know.
Last minute-ish! They KILLED it! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
First minute-ish!
I have the shirts and I'm out delivering!!! Message me if you want me to drop it off or I'll also be at the gym this evening!!
Just your friendly reminder that the money for these shirts is due by Monday!! $15
As most of you know our fearless leaders... Sarah Elizabeth Heimer & Dr. Heimer will be competing in a gym owners competition on Saturday December 14th!! Emily Faulkner has put this awesome shirt design together in honor of the Comp! We thought it would be awesome to all have matching shirts to wear on the day of! The shirt will be $15... printed only on black with white writing! If you would like to purchase please let me know on here or in person!
I will be taking orders until Monday Nov. 25th
These 2 have traveled and supported so many of us in competitions and I think it would be awesome if we had a BIG turn out for this event!!
*if you are unable to attend and would still like a shirt that is just fine** 😁
I feel attacked.....
Proud of the girls and guys this weekend at the Bricktown Throwdown, oh yeah and flying Will!!!

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Operating as usual

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Something really amazing happens in just 3 days...OUR 12 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 💥💥💥
On January 15th, 2010 the gym opened its doors for its Grand Opening 💪🏼
Since that day, we have grown, moved to a larger location, expanded our training, knocked down walls to make our bigger location even bigger, added new equipment, added an amazing staff of trainers, put on competitions, competed all over the place, and so much more!
We’ve got the best community and gym family around 💪🏼
From now until Saturday(January 15th) YOU can join the 580 for only $12!
That’s right...your first month is only $12!
This deal is good for any new members or past members who have been missing out on the gym!
We just want to celebrate with you! ♥️
Come see what the hype is all about!
Nervous about starting?
We’ve got a great “Jumpstart to CrossFit” Class just for you!

*$12 membership offer is good for any of our membership options. There are no contracts or sign up fees. Set up for auto draft required.


Getcha a gang that cheers for you, motivates you, and pushes you to be the best possible version of yourself!
At the 580, we’ve got a ready made support system to keep you on track, great coaches to make sure you are making progress correctly, and an environment that keeps you coming back for more!
Make today the day!

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Make TODAY the DAY!
Let us welcome you back or for the first time!
So many options to help meet your goals!
Let us know how we can help 💪🏼


580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven has a resolution!
We are putting in a recycling bin to help reduce the negative impact we have on our planet!
Please join us in our efforts by dropping your bottles in the bin instead of the trash 💪🏼
From all of us at the 580, we wish you many blessings and a healthy life in 2022!
We will see you tomorrow at our New Years Day WOD! 9AM!


Come join us for a HOLIDAY WOD!
New Years Day at 9AM!
Start 2022 off with a sweaty good time! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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It’s almost a NEW YEAR and the 580 Gym Fam is ready to make it a great one with motivation, a new class schedule to better serve our members, and a new opportunity to jump into CrossFit and shake up your fitness!
We’ve heard your suggestions and we are listening!
Check out our schedule and new class time!
We will also be offering our BRAND NEW “Jumpstart to CrossFit” Class!

What is Jumpstart?
Jumpstart is a 6 week program whose main focus is to teach correct movement mechanics on all CrossFit movements, familiarize you with the lingo, and help you understand pace, load, and intended stimulus.
Who is Jumpstart for?
New to CrossFit or working out in general.
Past CrossFitters who have taken a break and want to get back into the swing of things.
Current CrossFitters with a desire to sharpen movement mechanics and improve their overall performance.
How does Jumpstart work?
Each workout, your Coach will address movement mechanics for specific movements, what works best for each body type, and how to chose appropriate weights and loads. Each class will end with a cardiovascular stimulating portion to help build stamina, burn calories and increase work capacity.
When is Jumpstart?
Tues/Thurs with the option to attend Saturday class.
How much is it?
$99/6 weeks
(Jumpstart classes are an option to attend for any of our current members as one of your weekly classes)
You can start any time! There is no need to wait! Jumpstart runs on a 6 week reoccurring cycle so no matter when you start, you will hit all the movements!
Learn something new every class while getting a great workout!
“Jumpstart to CrossFit” and our NEW schedule will begin January 1st!
Let’s make 2022 awesome!

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Is your gym closed for the Holidays?!
Come join the 580 gym family for a workout!
We will be operating on our regular schedule through Thursday and will have a FUN Holiday WOD on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day!
We would love to have you!


Come join us for 1 or all 3!
Current member that needs to work off that holiday pie?
In town for a few days for the holiday?
Live here but your gym is closed for the holiday season?
ALL are welcome to come join us for the FUN!
#580barbellclub #gymfam #crossfitcommunity #holidaywods #happyholidays


One of the most common fears about joining a gym is not knowing what to do once you get there.
How do I use the equipment?
What does the class consist of?
What if I do something wrong?
What if I’m not in shape enough to workout?
We totally understand these fears and want you to know that everyone feels them to some extent.
We want to set your fears at ease!
With our amazing coaching staff, you will never feel alone, out of place, or uninformed.
Our coaches communicate throughout every aspect of class. They address the correct mechanics of each movement, help you choose the perfect equipment for you, and explain modifications for each exercise.
They are trained in accommodating for past injuries, lack of mobility, and any fitness level.
They can answer all your questions and make sure that you have fun!
Come give it a try!
@krystalgregory @will_bailey02 @drbradh @jackson_jami @sarah_elizabeth_heimer jaedenward


A crew-a group of like minded individuals that push you, challenge you, and encourage you to be better, do better, live better.
AKA...the 580 CREW!
Support systems are key when sticking to your plan and smashing your goals!

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Photos from 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven's post

Photos from 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven's post 09/11/2021

Photos from 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven's post

Photos from 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven's post 09/11/2021

Photos from 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven's post

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Labor Day Hero WOD 🇺🇸


Don’t miss our on our Hero WOD tomorrow at 9am!

Come join us for our Labor Day Holiday WOD!


Come join us for our Labor Day Holiday WOD!


The 580 has a huge weekend coming up at Battle at the Base!
The gym will be closed this Saturday as we travel to OKC to compete and cheer on our athletes!
Good luck to...
Roudee & Tina
Krystal & Sarah
Journey & Jaeden
Michael & Casey
Will & Brandon
Saus & Hailey
Tammie & Taloa
Jose & Tackett
Tyler & Johnnie
Dawn & Felicia
Cody & Jarron
First wod starts at 7am!
Let’s go have some FUN!



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Just uploaded some awesome comp photos from Brocktown Throwdown on the gym page!
Check it out!

Photos from 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven's post 07/26/2021

Bricktown Throwdown 2021

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Good luck to all our teams competing in @bricktowntd this weekend!
You’ve all worked super hard, now go have FUN!


🇺🇸580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven🇺🇸
Holiday WOD Schedule!
Sunday July 4th-8AM
Monday July 5th-9AM
Mark your calendars!
#independancedaywod #crossfithero #crossfitcommunity #580gymfamily


YOU are capable of so much more than YOU know! Keep chasing those goals!
Way to go @roudeehumphers Your gym fam is proud of you!


What an amazing day for Murph! Thank you, to everyone who came out in support!
#murph #murph2021 #crossfitcommunity #580barbellclub #gymfam #sacrifice


Murph 2021 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
#murph #murphchallenge #murph2021 #crossfitcommunity @murphchallenge #sacrifice #thankyou


Interested in joining 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven?!
Check out the prerequisites in this video by Coach @sarah_elizabeth_heimer 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼
#whatareyouwaitingfor #justdoit #crossfitcommunity #gymfam @crossfit #comejoinus #saveyourownlife #havefun #anyonecandoit #everyonecancrossfit

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580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven has your @momentumgear2.0 custom gym Speed Rope fix!
You choose your Handles AND Rope for only $40!
Regular and XL handles available!
Take your Jump Rope & Double Under game to the next level!
#crossfit #crossfitgear #speedrope @cam.bro @cambroapparel


580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven will be closed tomorrow, Saturday April 17th for the funeral of our gym family member and friend, Daniel Cabo.


Congratulations to Dr. Brad Heimer for finishing 2nd overall in Test 4 of the CrossFit Games Quarterfinals! 450 pounds for a 4 Rep Max Front Squat!
@crossfit @crossfitgames #test4 @roguefitness #frontsquat #crossfitgames #crossfit #crossfitdoctor #580barbellclub @drbradh

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Big Congrats to Dr. Heimer, Coach @will_bailey02 Coach @ethan.presgrove & Coach @sarah_elizabeth_heimer for qualifying for the CrossFit Games Quarterfinals! Official email invites have been received, floor layouts have been released, and the workout announcement is set for tomorrow!
Let the fun begin!
Get ready to cheer on your crew, 580 FAM!!!


Coach Jaeden, the encourager! She won’t let you slack or give up on yourself! Whether it’s a hug or a just the right words to keep you going, she’s got you covered!
Thanks for your compassion, Coach!


If you need a dose of “never give up”, Coach @ethan.presgrove has you covered! He not only tells you that you CAN, he leads by example!
Thanks Coach!


Who can say you kept going because Coach @will_bailey02 was yelling for you?! Coach Will has just as much passion for everyone else’s performance as he does his own!
Thanks for all you do, Coach!

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Just a bit of our amazing CFU gym fam! We sure do love our crew! Best support system & cheering section out there! #best...
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Come getcha some Strongman Training at 580 Barbell Club! Your looking at girls, teenage boys, and men from all different...
Can you say amazing?! Wow...we have an awesome, strong, motivated group of teens at the Club! Here is just a few of them...
Ricky Smith with a 515lb Squat today!
A couple more PRs from our Teens!BJ with 285lbs and Nikki with 215lbs! We've got some strong kids! 💪
This...this right here! You are looking at a 14 year old Jr High girl who is squatting 225lbs! Let that awesomeness sink...






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