580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven

580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven


Bricktown throw down 2021 highlights :

I did it and didn’t die
We didn’t finish last 🤪
I Pr’d my clean and jerk by 10 lbs
I swung from a bar
I lifted a 75lb sandbag 24 times
I stepped on a box with a weighted 20 lb ball 60 times AND sprinted after 700 meters and more.
6 wods in 24 hours time 😆

But mostly ....
I laughed with my friends
Was encouraged by my gym, team and family
Had my hubby and oldest son cheering me on

Got to experience this with my middle son who did his first comp in a pro division because the RX was full. I couldn’t be more proud of him for what he has put into this the last several months and thankful to those who encouraged him along the way.

Don’t want to compete ? That’s ok, but find something and some people who will push you out of your comfort zone and help you do hard things. The rewards outweigh the work! I promise!

Proud of you crew at 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven for having an outstanding group of competitors in a stacked competition.

In 48 hours I’ll be doing my 3rd crossfit comp.

Why do I do Crossfit and an even better question, why do I compete?
Its intense training mixed with anxiety, pushing past comfort zones and mental work to push past comfort zones.

The answer lies in what it is.

Doing something that pushes me, the love of competing, doing something hard being one of the older ones partnering with girls 10 years or more younger than me. Learning skills and watching progress. Be encouraged by and being able to encourage other women. Seeing what my 46 year old body is capable of, being part of a community of men and women who build eachother up, no jealousy, no drama, and lots of fun, and staying out of my comfort zone keeps me aware of my own insecurities, weakness's and inabilities while also giving me strength, confidence and joy.

I don't do CrossFit to be skinny. My body is not perfect but it's perfectly mine with a C-section pooch that only surgery can remove. I do it to be strong, to feel good, to set an example of good health and take care of the body God gave me. What started as a visit for physical therapy has resulted in 8 years of working and things I never thought I was capable of. Bonus, I get to work out with my boy Jarron Christian.

If you haven't stepped foot in a gym in awhile I encourage you to find your thing no matter your age. Do it for you, do it for your family, and do it for your kids. The first step is the hardest but the reward is waiting for you on the other side. Life is about becoming the best version of yOu!

Ps if you live in Ada, join me at 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven

Have you ever met someone that every time you ran into them it was as if you were running into a really close friend. Someone that was encouraging, funny, happy, and lifted your spirit even without a lot of conversation. Someone who takes you as you are and is good with it. This was how Cabo was to me. My only regret is that I didn’t get to know him more! If you know someone like this love them more, spend more time with them, & try to be more like them. Love you all!!
Our 2021 Buddy Challenge final task was to share our “WHY WE come to the gym“ post.
I have been pondering on this for the last 24 hours while reading all the other inspiring posts from my gym family.
About 7 years ago maybe 8, I was suffering from severe shoulder pain That I just could not seem to get better. I have always worked out, enjoyed running and cardio, wome weightlifting, played sports etc but had only admired crossfit athletes. Cheyenne did it first and had always encouraged me to, but I was scared of getting to big or bulky muscle wise 😂. When Dr. Heimer finally decided after a clear MRI that we needee a new plan he sent me to Sarah Elizabeth Heimer. I Did not know her from adam only of her. We started Pt on my shoulder and private training 3 days a week. Within 6 months I was able to hang from the bar and probably within a year or two doing that one handed hand stand hold.

My time has evolved at 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven Gym Page. I realized I needed an outlet to not work and just doing something for me that I enjoy. I love women, in the sense that I feel like God wants me to love and encourage women that are like me and different than me, some have walked harder paths than I have, sometimes have different beliefs than me,some just need to be encouraged in life and Its a blessing to do that. I am honored to be called on if someone needs prayers.
Its easy to stay in a comfortable bubble of people we think are just like us, live like us , look like us. Its highly rewarding to just be with people and love them where they are . These girls encourage me in return. They build me up in ways they do not realize. They push me beyond what I think I am capable of.

I have had the pure joy of working out with my son.
I have made special friendships unique in their own ways including my buddy challenge partner Nicole Smith who also encouraged me to do the competition.

I am blessed with more than one tribe of people, one through my business and one being my gym family.

So why do I keep going?
Its routine I need and love.
I want to be strong physically for myself and my family. 💙
I am very competitive and it fills that need 🤣
I want to be in places that make me better , and places where God can also use me in someone elses life. One hour a day, 5 days a week its 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven

Sarah, I must tell you how proud I am watching you grow all these years. Growth as a business owner, a woman of God, a wife, a leader, a mom. It has been fun to be on the sidelines to witness it all and I am in Awe of how you love your gym family so well. Well done sister.
YALL.... THIS SPEAKS VOLUMES!!! Please please please remember this!! You maybe the reason some woman keeps moving not because she wants to beat you but because she has overcome something she's been fighting for!! We are all in this gym for the same reason to be better versions of ourselves!! 💪💙👊
Like literally everything else I bring into the gym, i forgot my jump rope there and couldn’t find it yesterday. It may or may not be in a little bag. I’m pretty sure it’s green with blue handles, but that also is debatable. All I know is, Cody won it when he and Krystal Gregory won 580 barbell games, so if anyone sees it, or basically any random one because i can’t remember, please let me know.
Last minute-ish! They KILLED it! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
First minute-ish!

[email protected]

Operating as usual


We love our Ignite Crew!

We will be closed on 5/30/22 for Memorial Day, but want to invite everyone out to do Murph with us at 580 Barbell Club & CrossFit Unforgiven!!

They are an Official Host Site for the 2022 Murph Challenge and we have joined them for several years now to pay tribute to our fallen soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. There will be scalable options so that everyone can participate.

Ignite crew, let’s continue to step out and challenge ourselves!

The event link below! Hope to see you there!



We’ve got 9 hours until Athlete Check!

Here is a few things to remember today…
🦬Hydrate! It’s going to be beautiful and sunshiny outside, so make sure to drink lots of fluids! Seth Wadley will be providing bottle water for our athletes & volunteers. Bangs, propels, body armors, and life waters will be available for purchase at the 580 Beverage Tent!
🦬Bring sunscreen!
🦬Athlete Tent City will be on the lot so make sure to bring something to weigh down your tent legs!
🦬Athlete check in is from 4-5:30. ALL athletes must check in, get your team number on your arm, and sign a waiver to get in the competition floor!
🦬Food Trucks will be at the Bison Games Friday and Saturday for all your food needs!
🦬Be kind to your volunteers! Comps can’t be great without great volunteers. Please treat the Bison Games crew with kindness and respect.
🦬Have fun!


We’ve got great NEWS!
There will be a specific ”Athlete Only” parking in the lot behind your “Athlete Tent City”!
Your drop off lane crew will direct you to your designated parking!
Spectators will still be parking in the Seth Wadley Used Car Lot!
See you all soon!!!


Comp floor transformation about to go down!
Bison Games happening in T minus 27 hours!


2 days until The Bison Games competition weekend!!!

What workout are you most looking forward to?!

We are pretty pumped to see some PR’s from The Unforgiven Total at Friday Night Lights!

Spectators…you don’t want to miss it!


🦬The Bison Games Venue Layout🦬

*Athletes will be able to drive thru the Equipment Drop Off Lane and unload before parking in the Seth Wadley Used Car Lot on the opposite side of the Seth Wadley Building.
There is also secondary parking 1/4 mile down in the shopping center if the used car lot fills up.

*The entire venue is on pavement so if you are bringing a tent, we would advise bringing something to weigh down the legs in case of wind.

*There is a small chance of rain, so plan accordingly.

*There will be a Food Truck Alley with delicious food available and the 580 Drink Tent for all your hydration and preworkout needs!

*Come ready to have fun, lift heavy, and breath hard! We can’t wait to experience The Bison Games with you all!


Attention ATHLETES!

All movement standards have been emailed to you!

Please take a moment to read over the rules and standards for each workout!

Our goal is to put on a FUN but FAIR competition!

Please let us know if you have any questions or need clarification on any workout!



I hope you guys are as excited as we are!
Volunteer assignments just went out, so let us know if you have any questions or didn’t receive your duty.
The Bison Games would like to take a sec to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all our VOLUNTEERS!
Competitions are great because of great volunteers…and we have the best helping us put on an amazing show for everyone!


The 580 is so much more than just a gym…we are family through and through. Last year, we lost one of our own. Cabo was our encourager, motivator, joke maker, and so much more. Not a single soul started the gym without hearing his comical retelling of his first workout there. He was a shoulder to lean on and gave the best advice.
Today, we celebrated his life for the second time. It’s been a year, but he is still so close to our hearts.
Here’s to Cabo and his loving impact on all our lives!
We miss you and we love you ♥️💪🏼♥️


Happy 2 weeks until Competition Weekend!!!
Shirts are printed and ready to go!
We can’t wait to host all 180 amazing athletes!

What to expect in the next 2 weeks👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Volunteers will be receiving an email or message about what duties you are and aren’t comfortable with, specific schedules, movement standards manual, and all info Bison Games!

Athletes will be receiving an email no later than May 11th with your movement standards manual & heat schedules!

So that you can plan your trip, work schedules, and sitters, the event schedule is as follows…
Athlete Check In
First Heat begins at 6PM
Friday Night Lights
Saturday Competition Begins at 7AM
Our goal is to have our podium announced and CASH & PRIZES awarded by 4PM!

We are so looking forward to seeing all your hard work on that competition floor!


4 more days until we get to celebrate the life and influence of our dear friend, Cabo

As hard as it’s been to spend a year without our Cabo, it will be an honor to celebrate his life and impact again.
On Sunday, May 1st at 8am we will be honoring our friend with the Daniel “Cabo” Hero WOD.
Cabo was our encourager, motivator, supporter, and always there for a hug. He set the bar for many on how to be gym family. His influence will stay in our hearts forever.
Please join us as we pay tribute to this amazing man!


As hard as it’s been to spend a year without our Cabo, it will be an honor to celebrate his life and impact again.
On Sunday, May 1st at 8am we will be honoring our friend with the Daniel “Cabo” Hero WOD.
Cabo was our encourager, motivator, supporter, and always there for a hug. He set the bar for many on how to be gym family. His influence will stay in our hearts forever.
Please join us as we pay tribute to this amazing man!


Wishing good luck to Coach and Madison as they travel to Redline to compete today!
You girls are going to rock it!

Photos from The Bison Games's post 04/09/2022

Photos from The Bison Games's post


Here is your Bison Games WOD Teaser!
Have fun playing with this one!

All Finalized workouts will be released this Friday!

The Bison Games are officially SOLD OUT and your BG Team is hard at work to make this an unforgettable weekend in Ada!

If you or your gym buddies would like to help volunteer, please message the BG Page or use the link below to sign up!
We will have an awesome comp shirt and yummy food for all our volunteers and judges!



The Bison Games are SOLD OUT!

Athletes…please log into your competition corner account and make sure that your shirts styles and sizes are selected so that we can make sure to get the correct one to you on comp day!

As a celebration to our SOLD OUT status, we will be dropping a practice WOD today!!!
Keep a lookout 👀👀👀

Our finalized competition WODs will be announced THIS FRIDAY!

Link for updating shirt sizes👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼



Will you be traveling to Ada for The Bison Games?!

Hampton Inn & Suites has committed a block of rooms to our competitors, including a nice little discount!

Standard room
Regular rate $159
Bison Games Rate $124

Regular rate $169
Bison Games rate $144

Discount available to the first 20 rooms booked!
Call and book your room with Hampton Inn & Suites at…

+1 (580) 436-4040

Have you registered your team yet?
We’ve got 2 Rx Female spots left up for grabs!
Registration closes at 8pm tonight!
If those spots haven’t been taken, we will contact our waitlist teams!
Get on that waitlist!


Photos from The Bison Games's post 04/05/2022

Registration for The BISON GAMES will close tonight at 8PM!!!
We currently have 2 Rx females spots left open!
If those 2 spots are not filled by tonight, we will fill them with our WAITLIST, so make sure to message us to hold your waitlist spot!
We can’t wait to host you all for an amazing competition!

Be looking out for ALL the details soon!
Finalized Games Times
Workout Releases
Cash Prize Announcements
Standard Videos

Register below👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼



Congratulations to Coach , Ethan, Dr. Heimer, and Coach on qualifying for the CrossFit Individual Quarterfinals and Age Group Qualifier!

Photos from The Bison Games's post 02/19/2022

Photos from The Bison Games's post


The standards are out and registration is LIVE for The Bison Games!

Same s*x Teams of 3

Rx & Scaled

Cash Prizes, Food Truck Alley, Vendor Village, Live Music, Fun in the Sun

Register your team today! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼


Photos from The Bison Games's post 02/13/2022

Special Announcement from The Bison Games Crew!


Happy Saturday, CrossFit Fam!

The Bison Games is officially 3 months away and we couldn’t be more excited!

Sunshine ☀️
Vendor Village 👚
Food Truck Alley 🌮
Music 🎶
Cash Prizes 💰

Grab your team mates for this same s*x teams of 3 comp and get registered below! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼


Photos from The Bison Games's post 02/09/2022

Front Rack Coffee Co & Freak Athlete Apparel will be setting up shop at The Bison Games!

Front Rack is a single source coffee with zero additives. Every bean is sourced from the same farm in Guatemala, then roasted and packaged at their facilities. It’s truly from the farm, to our roaster, to you.

Freak Athlete is a brand about going for it and giving it your all. Smash that workout! Be a Freak!

Vendor Village at The Bison Games is going to be EPIC!

Have you registered your team yet?! Follow the link to get it done! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼



We want to show off your team!

🦬The Bison Games Team Showcase🦬

We are so PROUD to have you and we want to showcase your team!

Send us a pic of you and your teammates, your division, and a little about your team so we can show you off!

Haven’t registered yet? Follow the link below👇🏼



Motivation Monday!

Motivation Monday!

What better way to stay motivated than setting a goal to compete at The Bison Games?!

Round up your same s*x team of 3 and get registered 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼


Photos from The Bison Games's post 02/06/2022

Welcome to the Bison The Bison Games, Ignite Fitness!


Only 3 short months away! Get to training, athletes!

The Inaugural Bison Games 🦬 is happening in just 3 short months and we couldn’t be more excited!

We are bringing the combined experience of over a dozen successful competitions to this epic 2 day event!

Athletes will compete in a Friday Night Lights portion and then return to the competition floor for a full day of CrossFit on Saturday!

Athletes & Spectators can spend the weekend shopping in our Vendor Village, hanging out in the Food Truck Alley, listening to great Music, and checking out some nice rides in the New Car Show!

Same s*x teams of 3-Rx & Scaled

Get registered today! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼



Sunshine and The Bison Games coming at ya in May!
Registration is LIVE!
Get your teams ready!

Rise and shine on this fine Saturday morning and…


There is snow on the ground today, but sunshine forecasted for May!

Let’s have fun in the SUN with…
☀️Food Truck Alley
☀️Vendor Village
☀️Music Jams
☀️Cash Prizes

Get your same s*x teams of 3 together and hit that REGISTER BUTTON!



Have you seen all the videos?!
These are great, guys!
There is STILL TIME to do your Bison Games Snow’d In Challenge while there is snow on the ground!
Get your videos posted and we will take a final total tomorrow night at 7pm before announcing our winner!

The video with the most likes and comments wins…

Filled with goodies to help you make it through comp weekend as an athlete, volunteer, or spectator!


Go out in the snow and perform…

The more random the objects, the better, lol!

1. Post your video
2. Tag The Bison Games Page
3. Tag 3 Friends

The video with the most LIKES & COMMENTS wins!

Get creative! Have fun! Win prizes!

Share the comp registration link with your video!

Don’t forget to get your teams registered for The Bison Games…


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