Premier 5 race OLR series that awards the most consistent performers. This will be a working series

Operating as usual


Finally got everything working again. Took them 25 miles yesterday. There are still some chip issues. I noticed the 1st bird through didn't show on the online report so I checked the # (WACO 317). I ran it back across the scanner, but it still didn't record. So I have some work to do replacing chips. Rick, you have at least one more bird than those on the list.
Thanks for your patience


Toss on Tuesday was not the greatest but it wasn't a disaster. The majority of the birds overflew the loft but the hot spot quit on us after reporting 39 birds. There were 60+ birds in the clock yesterday mid- morning when I talked to Larry . He tested positive for covid on Wednesday so I have been avoiding going out there to try to correct the problem. He was fully vaccinated, but he was sick for 4 or 5 days late last week. Couldn't taste or smell anything so he decided to get tested. It was the Delta variant. Sorry for the equipment failure and thanks for your support.


We had rain or strong winds every day last week, but it looks like the weather is going to cooperate this week. We will most likely get them out to 40/50 miles. Birds have all completed their head and body molt and look great! Hawks are still a problem, and one took one of my personal birds as it was trying to make the landing board with me standing 8 feet from the board Sunday morning.
Have a great week!


Had some trouble with the clock so we missed posting a couple of training tosses @ 5 miles. But I got it fixed and the last couple of trainers posted. Too much rain here to train again until Monday. We will be stretching them out now and expect to have the qualifying race in about 3 weeks.


All the birds were kept in the loft this week… we had a couple spectators in the form of hawks watching closely. No birds were lost and we want to keep it that way so we will resume training as soon as everything dies down.


I set up a release yesterday before I went to work. The weather turned bad (thunderstorms and heavy rain)so Larry never let them out. Will try again today. I did a head count last weekend and I got 6 more than the 110 that show to have clocked. Will catch them all again this weekend and see which ones have a bad chip. Hope you all have a good weekend!


Birds are looking well and flying for a couple of hours every time they are out. Starting to get in the upper 90's every day, so they go up for a while, come down and rest, up again far a bit etc. Have had some hawk predation (Coopers Hawks fledging) and unfortunately lost a couple this past week. These young hawks are starving so they will come through the trap to get a meal if they can. Constant surveillance is the only reliable deterrent. Road training will start in 3 of 4 weeks so things will get interesting then.
Richard & Larry
Ada, OK 74820


Some of the birds looking happy and healthy.

Good luck to everyone


Birds are looking good and getting out most days in spite of the rain. We have had rain (a little or a lot) every day for the last two weeks. Came hope last weekend to find 6 Cananian geese swimming around in my back yard. Ordered chips and more vaccine last week and should receive them early this coming week. Will get all the birds chipped and give them a PMV booster at the same time. Will then do a live clocking (loft training) so you can see your birds clock. Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day enjoying your family and honoring our vets!
PS - If anyone has any extra bands, I would like to band a round for a couple of new fliers and could use any amount you might have. Let me know and I will send $.


Good luck to Bobby Chau in LA.


Still have several more commitments for this year's entries. Weather has been really wet for the last two weeks with rain nearly every day, but the bird's health continues to be good. Remember, if you decide to send a few more, the price break on perch fees applies to the total number of birds that you have entered. So, if for example, you have 3 here already and paid $300, you can send an additional 3 for only $150, or if you want to send an additional 5 birds for a total of 8, you will only owe an additional $100 in perch fees.


8 more from Godair Loft 

good luck 👍


Some new arrivals. Still time left to send your bird’s ... this race series is going to be a good one.🐦


1st group beginning to circle for 20/30 minutes. 2nd group out in settling cage every afternoon. No issues with health. Good luck to everyone.


Good luck to Hawkeye loft in Ohio 👍


Everything about the new website now seems to be working! We are anticipating a GREAT year this year. Have about 65 birds in the loft with at least another 100 committed. I have a few to enter that we received this weekend. Birds are all looking healthy and are beginning to get out and exercise a little. Send your best to us and we will give them the most challenging race series in the country. Check out our video on youtube (usopen one loft race) to get an insight on our philosophy. We are excited about handling your birds!!! Tell your friends and club mates.
Larry & Richard


There is still time to send your birds...
Message us if you have any questions.


More birds coming in... and everyone is happy and healthy👍


Some more arrivals from Texas

Good luck!!


Good luck! Rick Poteet


Still time to send a race team... check out our website for information on how to do so.


We are beyond excited about this year‘s race... we discussed the future and what we wanted it to be

we decided we wanted people to feel American pride when they are apart of this race... so here you have it folks the U.S. Open one loft race

1 Loft managers that treat your birds just like they are their own

2 loft managers that push your birds to reach their fullest potential

3 loft managers that realized you  are spending your hard-earned money for a good and fair race

these three things equal success and American pride

We look forward to handling your birds for you.


Birds arriving from Texas... Big thanks to Mammoth loft... good luck to everyone.


Happy Easter to all! I have had some conversations with several folks who would like to enter our race but they feel their situation is just too tenuous during this time of uncertainty to do it right now. In view of this, we are inviting all who are interested to go ahead and send your birds and take up to July 15th to send your perch fee. For all of you who have already sent your birds and fees, please feel free to send a few more and wait if you need to send your additional perch fees. We all need to stick together during these time and trust in each other!!! As always, you can use Pay Pal or send a check. Thanks T&J Loft.
God Bless you all, stay healthy and thank you for your support!!!!
Richard & Larry


Things moving along. getting more and more birds in. Some big names have signed up and sent their birds in. Don't miss out on the fun! We will have a great race series this fall!


We are getting more entries. Don't miss out on the fun!


Birds are coming in!! Don't be left out! Get on line and reserve your perches. come join the fun!!!


Loft is beginning to fill - get on the site and sign up. We are going to have a great series and a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!!


Come join our premier OLR here in Ada OK. It will be a working 5 race series into moderate head winds. Our goal is to provide a final 350 mile race with the birds on the wing for about 8 hours. If your birds perform here, they will perform anywhere!!!!!!!!!! Get more info at We are also on wincompanion.

Come join the fun!!!

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Some new arrivals. Still time left to send your bird’s ... this race series is going to be a good one.🐦
Some new arrivals. Still time left to send your bird’s ... this race series is going to be a good one.🐦





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